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Yes that's what I meant with my title lol. Referring to both WoW frost mages and also Diablo frost mages.

I like the frost nova idea, my gm was actually sad that there was no frost nova type spell so i'm sure he would be happy about that.

So I think that it's mostly settled then at using Rime Spell on everything and control blast everything!

I was looking at VMC oracle for freezing spell but I really hate the execution of the VMC system itself. Talk about giving up more than what you gain.

Last thing,,,does anyone have some ideas to modify the 3.5 frost mage prestige to have those situational/region dependant features actually be useful? I really like the idea of the class as a whole, but it does assume that the campaign is taking place in the north lands or somewhere where it's mostly snowy and cold.

Oh that's a neat trick. Anyone else have any tricks and or tips? I've heard using ice spears creatively could yield good results

and I'm not super into the witch.. I was looking forward to running wizard for the role play flavor and also damage potential. Yeah I kind of figured I'm in a good spot already and don't need to make any huge changes... I guess I was looking for some whipped cream and cherry on top. Maybe an ice focused prestige or something, I don't know. The whole resistance thing is not really going to be a huge deal... I'm literally fighting mostly Orcs and giants of various classes. And if I run into something that does have immunity I can just change it because its not going to come up often enough to build around

Cool cool. Yeah I was definitely planning on using time for sure! I've also looked at frostburn and plan on taking piercing cold later on with Sr will start becoming common. As for the xblooded dip, its for the damage, the +2 damage per die really adds up and #1 gives much more longevity to lower level spells and #2 makes blasting with damage spells worth it (along with the rime+any added effects). I saw the winter oracle but I feel the above trumps 1 rd of slow. Might just be me though.

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So. I've discovered that fire is certainly the dominate element in pathfinder. Hands down. And it makes sense!!! Everyone wants to throw fireballs and blow **** up, everyone has to do it at least once! I'm not interested in exercising my secret pyro side though, I want to make an Ice Mage!

So far I have a rough build as xblood sorc 1/admix wiz x, picking up some of the cold spells from 3.5. It seems legit to me, but I was wondering if anyone had some crazy sweet concept or idea for the character. We are playing in a home brew campaign that basically comes down to dwarves vs Orcs and friends. My party consists of an unchained summoner, a ranger (who has fav enemy orc and orc bane bow so you can imagine), and a two weapon fighter who may or may not actually play. So, we obviously need control, but our group is more or less a kill everything before it kills us type of group...there's not a ton of synergy between players/characters.

So yes, I am just putting it out there to see if anyone has anything other than what I have that would pile on the hurt while having some control aspects. And I refuse to use dazing fireballs admixed to cold. That's cheap and dull.

Homebrew is open, as well as 3p and anything else within reason.

Thanks for the suggestions. I can appreciate that someone made a totem shaman but that's not really what i'm looking for. I still want to have spells for the versatility, preferred full caster.

Would it be too overpowered to give something along the lines of a spellstrike to a druid as an archetype replacing wild shape? I really like the druid feel, because I think it's the closest to the WoW shaman.

I'm pretty much looking for a way to make an elemental-focused magus/druid mix. With just blasty spells to simulate the lightning bolts and such and also the shocks.

Hello all, firstly thanks for reading!

So I'm starting up a campaign and basically its dwarves vs Orcs. I want to be a dwarf. That's pretty concrete =] but I want to have this hammer wielding elementalist type of character mostly with the feel of am echance shammy from wow (wildhammers). Basically I'm thinking something like a cross between druid without wildshape and a magus. I am playing a magus in the campaign I'm in now so that crosses off reflavoring magus.

3pp is open and home brew is mostly do-able in reason (the campaign is home brew mostly). Any suggestions would be awesome!!!

In short- dwarf. Two weapon fighting hammers. (unchained action economy) elemental (probably earth)

Its probably right in front of me I'm just too blind to see lol. Anyways thanks a lot for any response given!

Thanks everyone who posted so far. I apologize I should have clarified a bit more about what I was looking for. So as of now, I have a dex-based cha magus (gm allowed me to be a spontaneous caster with progressions as a bard). In the party is a cleric necromancer set to become a lich and be the main villain in an upcoming home brew campaign. We also have a gunslinger who just kills everything and anything. So here I am, a magus, filling the role of a pseudo tank/not like anything survives long enough to hurt me/ and not your traditional shocking grasp burst everything. I have magical lineage and I use corrosive touch with it as my go-to (dm has acid damage do half its damage dealt the beginning of next round). I also pick up inflict spells at appropriate levels as bonus spells and I have negative energy affinity. Lastly I have my own mini- deathstrike thing going via arcane pool points to heal similar to vampiric touch ( without the damage).

That said, I am looking for something: Maybe something to emulate spreading diseases/ something like a deathcoil/ or maybe even something like a howling blast. (all wow dk terms) I don't know exactly what it is in looking for, I just feel like there's something missing and I'm not sure what to stick in to make it complete.

I'm not looking for a pet, I'm not looking to control undead. I am looking more for some aoe disease/howling blast or some deathcoil type thing and especially some kind of fear inducing stuff. I mean I can certainly make it work with what I have now, but with the cleric going deep and openly necromancer...i kind of wanted something that would be fully capable of captaining that.

I'm not looking for an anti-paladin (which is pretty much what I feel like that template is). I'm looking for a way to make my magus feel much more like a death knight in combat. I don't want to command undead and stuff,,,,our cleric has that well taken care of and I don't want to impose on her character's focus. I do want to be somewhat of the scary lead of said undead crew and basically be a big nasty guy who strikes fear in the hearts of many =D haha.

In short, i'm not looking for a commander of undead per-say. I am looking for something with the flavor and scariness of the death knight to bake into my magus.

So I'm in skull and shackles campaign currently at the end of 2nd book and our necro-cleric kindly killed half our crew to renimate into undead. So I decided if I'm going to be captaining this ship, I want to take this all the way! I'm really digging the idea of a death knight-ish type of character and I'm locked into the magus, though I feel the magus is mot a bad start at all. Our GM is very open to home brew and taking, its just I don't know exactly how this character should look. I feel like everywhere I look there is just one small thing missing to make me feel like a bad ass death knight. We are currently at level 7 and I'm able to retrain most of what I have. Any ideas would be awesome!

About to start a Carrion Crown this week, and I'm not sure which domain to take D=

I'm weapon-sworn, so I don't get the bonus spells, just the 2 domain powers, i'm stuck between Rage(Destruction) and Demon(Chaos).

Any advice?

Also: I am an angel-blooded aasimar:
18 str
13 dex
16 con
14 int
15 wis
17 cha

I'll pretty much be the tank, and since I get full BAB and fighter bonus feats, it's very doable. (Basically I'm a channeling fighter with a domain) I'll be using greatsword.

What do you guys think about going bards then at some point take a single level in sorc, taking crossblooded- undead and impossible?

Arcane duelist archetype?

So I think I want to go with a ranged bard. The only problem is that I have never played a bard, ever. So I kind of have no idea how to go about making one lol.

I want to be ranged for sure, and want to be able to buff the party on demand, but still be able to do decent dmg of my own.

We were able to roll stats, and I ended up with:


So nice stats. I'm thinking of going Aasimar? But idk. Suggestions?

I like the idea of summoning more goons. I also like the idea of blasting fools, but I think we have enough damage... The bard idea is cool. But we have another melee joining, so the melee bard wouldn't be ideal with 4 melee and 2 range.

So we're going to be starting up a carrion crown ap soon, and I have no idea what to play. Normally, I play the rogue/sneaky type. But i'm wanting to branch out. The players i'll be with are not the most experienced, in fact out of them I will have the most experience...

Nothing is set in stone yet but it looks like:

Sword and Board TWF Fighter
Corpse-hunter Archer Ranger
Ninja-flavored Two-hander rogue (1st time playing any RP)
Some caster cleric

then me. I can see the usefulness to the party if I were some utility, but at the same time I would like to be somebody who would lead the party in game, and out of game. All material is available. I am totally looking for something really fun to role play as, while maintaining high viability in combat.

Open to all suggestions. Go at it

Never mind I just looked at the FAQs and confirmed that I can take EK at 3, I could even take it at 2 if I chose Aasimar or a similar race. EK/AA here I come !

Hmmmm interesting. Yeah I didn't quite understand the point of going with that magus archetype when it really doesn't even give me anything...i'd be better off being a reg magus or caster or fighter archer.

and also, how are you getting Eldritch Knight at level 3? I know that ability you get for being a Scryer functions as a 3rd level spell but does it actually allow you to meet the EK prereq?

I was looking at it before but I guess I just don't really understand how it works. I mean I played a bladesinger in 2e which is basically a Magus, but that was melee and there were a lot less factors involved lol.

And extra p.s. sorry for the whole block of text.

So first off, i'm not trying to find the most optimal build per say. I'm not trying to find a 'kill everything while you go make some hot pockets and ignore roll playing' build/character idea.

That being said, I am however looking for a strong build, that can perform but also that I can have fun with. I was thinking generally about a ranged character...seeing as our party thus far consists of a melee cleric planning for hellknight, and a rogue going assassin, and then whoever else joins up within the next few weeks of planning.

So as you can see, i'm not necessarily looking at any melee builds (although I do have a Fighter1 Monk2 Sorc2 -> Dragon Disciple character made on backup), but at the same time i'm not going to be the last piece of our party. We're probably going to be picking up 1 or 2 others, who can fill what's needed if needed.

Anyways so i'm looking preferably for a ranged build, and I really like the idea of going Arcane Archer3, for essentially perma-enchanted arrows, however I don't like the popular ideas for how to get there and where to go afterwards (mainly due to the major optimization blab...I mean really can't I just be a really strong character that I can always have fun with whether we're role playing or fighting =|) So basically i'm open to any suggestions. Powerful builds, flat out fun builds, whatever. Please take it away.

(P.s. this is only my 2nd character i'll be playing in pathfinder, the first being a character i'm currently playing that we just started a few weeks ago, so i'm by far not anywhere near experienced, but at the same time i've played 2e D&D for a while, and also got into Edge of the Empire, and a bit of 4e D&D; so i'm not necessarily a noob.)

I'm kind of a picky and somewhat indecisive player when it comes to making pathfinder characters, so just throw out whatever comes to mind!

(p.s p.s this is my first post on this site...... pretty exciting ^_^ )