Looking for Help With a Ranged (Maybe) Build


So first off, i'm not trying to find the most optimal build per say. I'm not trying to find a 'kill everything while you go make some hot pockets and ignore roll playing' build/character idea.

That being said, I am however looking for a strong build, that can perform but also that I can have fun with. I was thinking generally about a ranged character...seeing as our party thus far consists of a melee cleric planning for hellknight, and a rogue going assassin, and then whoever else joins up within the next few weeks of planning.

So as you can see, i'm not necessarily looking at any melee builds (although I do have a Fighter1 Monk2 Sorc2 -> Dragon Disciple character made on backup), but at the same time i'm not going to be the last piece of our party. We're probably going to be picking up 1 or 2 others, who can fill what's needed if needed.

Anyways so i'm looking preferably for a ranged build, and I really like the idea of going Arcane Archer3, for essentially perma-enchanted arrows, however I don't like the popular ideas for how to get there and where to go afterwards (mainly due to the major optimization blab...I mean really can't I just be a really strong character that I can always have fun with whether we're role playing or fighting =|) So basically i'm open to any suggestions. Powerful builds, flat out fun builds, whatever. Please take it away.

(P.s. this is only my 2nd character i'll be playing in pathfinder, the first being a character i'm currently playing that we just started a few weeks ago, so i'm by far not anywhere near experienced, but at the same time i've played 2e D&D for a while, and also got into Edge of the Empire, and a bit of 4e D&D; so i'm not necessarily a noob.)

I'm kind of a picky and somewhat indecisive player when it comes to making pathfinder characters, so just throw out whatever comes to mind!

(p.s p.s this is my first post on this site...... pretty exciting ^_^ )

And extra p.s. sorry for the whole block of text.

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You could take a look at the Myrmidarch archetype for a Magus. Ranged spellstrike is pretty cool and you can eventually shoot out multiple rays. Plus the Arcane Archer is pretty weak.

Edit: Alternatively you could talk with your GM and let him use my Arcane Archer archetype found here Of course these are meant to replace the PrC so you can't take an archetype and the PrC.

I was looking at it before but I guess I just don't really understand how it works. I mean I played a bladesinger in 2e which is basically a Magus, but that was melee and there were a lot less factors involved lol.

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It's not that difficult. Play an elf for the elven curved blade proficiency and don't even worry about spell combat. Only use spell strike with your two-handed sword or bow as needed. Until level 4 you'll probably just be a run of the mill archer and if an enemy happens to get within melee range take them down with spellstrike.

If you're sticking to the intended parameters of the Magus class - sword in one hand, spell in the other, no kicking, biting, or growing extra arms - it's fairly easy to grok.

For an interesting Arcane Archer, I like Fighter 1/Wizard (Scrying diviner) 1/Eldritch Knight 5/Arcane Archer. Or go with that Arcane Archer archetype that was linked above.

You can also do an interesting archer character with a Bard or Ranger.

The Ranged Spellstrike ability of the Myrmidarch sounds cool, bus is actually a trap.

Hmmmm interesting. Yeah I didn't quite understand the point of going with that magus archetype when it really doesn't even give me anything...i'd be better off being a reg magus or caster or fighter archer.

and also, how are you getting Eldritch Knight at level 3? I know that ability you get for being a Scryer functions as a 3rd level spell but does it actually allow you to meet the EK prereq?

Never mind I just looked at the FAQs and confirmed that I can take EK at 3, I could even take it at 2 if I chose Aasimar or a similar race. EK/AA here I come !

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