I'm stumped what to play as for CC


So we're going to be starting up a carrion crown ap soon, and I have no idea what to play. Normally, I play the rogue/sneaky type. But i'm wanting to branch out. The players i'll be with are not the most experienced, in fact out of them I will have the most experience...

Nothing is set in stone yet but it looks like:

Sword and Board TWF Fighter
Corpse-hunter Archer Ranger
Ninja-flavored Two-hander rogue (1st time playing any RP)
Some caster cleric

then me. I can see the usefulness to the party if I were some utility, but at the same time I would like to be somebody who would lead the party in game, and out of game. All material is available. I am totally looking for something really fun to role play as, while maintaining high viability in combat.

Open to all suggestions. Go at it

You're missing an arcane caster, so I'd go with sorcerer or bard to be able to face as well. Summoner could fit as well, but that might cause problems in an unexperienced group.

Maybe a melee Bard? Dervish of Dawn, Archeologist or Arcane Duelist?

Bard would relly make all those martials shine (in case you keep inspire courage), especially those with lots of attacks (archer/TWF Fighter).

Sorcerer would be more raw power but less skills, even though you should be able to cover the most important ones. Pala/Sorc/DD could be viable as well.

On the other hand if you dont care for arcane casting, the inquisitor might be a good fit too - great utility, can be the face (conversion inquisition) and is strong in combat.

Magus.....Arcane casting and some healing.

Sorcerer, focused on conjuration

You can be the face quite easy, you can summon additional tanks, you can cast a wide array of CC spells.

perfect fit for your party

I like the idea of summoning more goons. I also like the idea of blasting fools, but I think we have enough damage... The bard idea is cool. But we have another melee joining, so the melee bard wouldn't be ideal with 4 melee and 2 range.

Witch, Wizard, or Sorcerer can both do great battlefield control. And with that many Martials, a few buffs here and there wouldn't hurt (Haste e.g.), which Wizard or Sorcerer can also do.

You could also do a ranged bard.

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Everyone will love your bard if you are buffing their attacks, debuffing the enemy, and providing healing assistance in between. You could be the leader like you want too. Oh and bardic knowledge is super handy in the AP. Bard is pure win here.

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Dark tapestry Oracle

Switch sides later on in AP!!!

I don't want to spoil anything for you but, with what you'll be facing in Carrion Crown (which is my favorite AP by the way), an extra cleric would not be a bad idea. Inquisitor would be another good choice. A cleric/wizard/mystic theurge with the right spells would be phenomenal in this campaign. Just my opinion.

So I think I want to go with a ranged bard. The only problem is that I have never played a bard, ever. So I kind of have no idea how to go about making one lol.

I want to be ranged for sure, and want to be able to buff the party on demand, but still be able to do decent dmg of my own.

We were able to roll stats, and I ended up with:


So nice stats. I'm thinking of going Aasimar? But idk. Suggestions?

Arcane duelist archetype?

I'm playing this ap right now (only in book 1). I would not give up bardic knowledge, knowledge rolls are incredibly important in the ap,though there is a masterpiece that makes replacing it can work, though I don't think you can get it at 1st. But since you've never played a bard before, I'd suggest just going core bard. Most of the archetypes give up at least something worthwhile. You'll have shortbow prof, so I'd suggest you use that which only takes away a bit of damage and range. I'd focus my spell selection on buffing since archers require feat investment which means you likely won't be able to pick up spell focus. I also suggest buffing because it allows you to lower your charisma in favor of dexterity and strength. Your stats are pretty great and I'd likely go str 17, dex 18, con 16, int 14, wis 13, cha 14. I'd choose a varisian human and start with point blank and precise shot, probably put the +2 stat into dex, though you could do cha. As for feat progression, you'd want to get rapid shout, deadly aim, possibly arcane strike, improved precise shot (just because when you would qualify for it, monster acs will be very strong), and clustered shot (dr sucks for archers). I'd put one level up into strength then the rest into dex.

If you make a melee pc be sure to include some option to hurt incorporeal because there are some early on and you will not find enough magic weapons.

I had to sit by and watch all the major fights in the first parts because I was not the one to get the only magic weapon we found.

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Actually, stick with what you love, but go Inquisitor.

Inquisitor straight up rocks Carrion Crown.

RichardisaLion wrote:
I like the idea of summoning more goons. I also like the idea of blasting fools, but I think we have enough damage... The bard idea is cool. But we have another melee joining, so the melee bard wouldn't be ideal with 4 melee and 2 range.

Alchemist - with a drug habit (uppers, downers n all rounders)

play the extracts delivery as needles, snuff etc (freak out n amuse the newbies - alchemist good for that).

Ease of Faith trait for diplomacy.

Int based class with 4 skill points per level = skill laden.

Bombs (blast fools)

Melee possibilities (buffs and AC up the wazzoo with alchemical allocation and some 20th level potions bought like barkskin etc).

Preservationist (Archetype) for at will allies (summon goons)
-combine extracts means 2 summon spells = 1 action.
-infusion means you can use extract on others.. like whole party uses actions to cast 2 summoning spells each!

-infusion also means you can buff others without using your actions (invaluable).

Has perception, sleight of hand

and alchemists play more like rogue types than casters needing wit and cunning instead of pressing a trigger non-stop.

Has healings n restoration n remove blind/deaf/disease/curse to assist with carrion crown clericy needs.

Freedom of Movement and Death Ward

General presence and impressiveness a bard cannot match if seeking to be party BOSS not 'a singing follower' with 'face' duties.

Basically ticks all boxes mentioned.

I'm GM'ing Carrion Crown. We are about halfway through book 1 and I've read the whole AP. I'm not trying to spoil the AP for you, but if you play a bard, don't give up Bardic Knowledge. Knowledge skills (all of them) and Diplomacy are very important in this campaign.

I'm a player in a CC campaign, and we're on book 5. Up until now our party has consisted of a Paladin, a Rogue, a Ranger, an Inquisitor, and myself as a Conjurer Wizard, but my Wizard got put out of commission last session. I have to say though, between all the knowledge ranks, the crafting feats, and the ability to summon celestial creatures, my wizard was perhaps making the AP a little too easy. I second recommendations for Bard, but if you REALLY want to rock the campaign combat-wise, play a Champion of Irori.

Some fairly typical feats for an archer Bard would be something like:

Point Blank Shot (prereq for everything)
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Arcane Strike
Deadly Aim

That's not in any order, really. I'd be tempted to go Human for the flexibile stat bonus and bonus feat. Highest stat is in Dex (+racial), with decent Con, Cha and Str. You don't need sky-high Charisma as you're mainly buffing instead of throwing save-based spells. I'd also suggest no archetype, as the versatility you get from the standard Bard is great. With versatile performance Oratory and Comedy cover all the social skills, and with the statline you've rolled you should have plenty of skillpoints for Knowledges.

Spend the first two turns getting Inspire Courage up, chuck out a couple of buffs and from turn 3 onward pepper things with arrows. Arcane Strike, Deadly Aim and a Composite Bow will ensure your arrows hit hard, and you might want to consider Clustered Shots to help beat DR. Make a knowledge check just about every time you fight something and then yell any weaknesses to the party. Get Saving Finale and love it - this will stop many nasty effects that would otherwise mess the party up.

*Edit* With the bard you can quite easily get away with being a solid buffer/support without additional feat investment, which is why I suggested offensive archery feats.

What do you guys think about going bards then at some point take a single level in sorc, taking crossblooded- undead and impossible?

If you want to effect undead you might consider going Dirge Bard instead of dipping.

Int damage on holy water vs undead is pretty good I've heard.

H.P. Makelovecraft wrote:


Int damage on holy water vs undead is pretty good I've heard.

Water patron witch 1/alchemist x with false focus for free holy water with int to damage. Sadly it will not keep up in the higher levels.

Don't multi-class alchemist.

Don't dip unless you really want something from that class.

And being a bard is about enabling others, not doing DPR. Of course, what the others do more because of your aid, is basically yours.

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Carrion Crown has a good amount of undead in it all the way through. Remember that when picking something.

Conjuration wizard or a summoner is a really good pick.

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