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So. I've discovered that fire is certainly the dominate element in pathfinder. Hands down. And it makes sense!!! Everyone wants to throw fireballs and blow **** up, everyone has to do it at least once! I'm not interested in exercising my secret pyro side though, I want to make an Ice Mage!

So far I have a rough build as xblood sorc 1/admix wiz x, picking up some of the cold spells from 3.5. It seems legit to me, but I was wondering if anyone had some crazy sweet concept or idea for the character. We are playing in a home brew campaign that basically comes down to dwarves vs Orcs and friends. My party consists of an unchained summoner, a ranger (who has fav enemy orc and orc bane bow so you can imagine), and a two weapon fighter who may or may not actually play. So, we obviously need control, but our group is more or less a kill everything before it kills us type of group...there's not a ton of synergy between players/characters.

So yes, I am just putting it out there to see if anyone has anything other than what I have that would pile on the hurt while having some control aspects. And I refuse to use dazing fireballs admixed to cold. That's cheap and dull.

Homebrew is open, as well as 3p and anything else within reason.