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Mmm.. you gonna eat that?

You gonna eat that?

MMMM ... corpseflesh ..

gnaws on Joren's arm

Hmm. Last thing I ate had a date of 1725...

yellowdingo wrote:

you cant have it but if you lick it a few times it will provide you with the necessary brainboost so you can go without brains for longer.

There are laws about licking hallucinogenic brains I believe.

I say, fresh brains? How delightful! Where do I sign up?

Aberzombie wrote:
I'm confused.

Aren't you immune to that?

Zaphod beeblebrox

In a far corner of the Dreamlands, a ghoul looks out onto the pastel fields of the upper Dreamlands.

Would that I could regain my life and join the heroes he thinks silently. He slouches off to rejoin his king and the Court of Corruption.

At the labrynth, a hunched figure awaits

Lady, you have found your friend. If you desire I will guide you through the Maze.

The ghoul nods again

I must return to my labrynth and my king. Bring thy friend hither once thou hast found her. I will show thee the way back. Ware the whispers and the false counsel of the Zoogs, and look to feline counsel if thou canst find it.

The ghoul retreats back into the darkness

The purplish ghoul inclines his head

Follow me lady, and I will show thee the way. The Zoogs are a race of dream creatures that trade souls of the Dreamlost with the Gugs and the Black Shadows of Dread N'Granek. They are weak, but their nets of dreamweb are dangerous to be entangled in.

He leads LJ down through the maze. The darkened corners are filled with whisperings and meepings. after a long distance and many confusing turns, the ghoul brings her out onto a darkened plain with a dark menacing forest in front of them.

Behold the Forest of the Zoogs He says

lynora-Jill wrote:

"I am searching for Alaina, the Fire Flower, and Herald of Sunny Godhead. She was driven from her body by the attack of an enemy, and I wish to bring her back."

I saw a shade of a woman pass here heading to the Forest of the Zoogs. She was flame haired, but pale and wraithlike. Thou wilt need someone to show thee the way. I will come with thee if thou wilt.

lynora-Jill wrote:
"I am Lynora-Jill, the Star Song. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Pickman. I do not mean to rush you, but my time in this realm is limited and I must find my friend while I still can. How can I gain the permission of your king to pass through this place?"

Pickman nods

I can speak for him, and grant thee safe passage. First, though, I must know of thy errand. Who dost thou search for?

The ghoul meeps

Lady, the way is fraught with danger. The Black Shadows lurk about, whispering of Dread N'Granek and the bone hills. Zoogs stand ready to snare your soul with their dreamwebs.

The ghoul c0cks his bald head.

You seem to be a Power. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Richard Pickman, Herald of the Ghoul King. You will need his approval to go further.