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Hmm... Now I'm glad that I had the foresight to buy a combat-trained mount. =P

What kind of work would it take to train the other horses?

You're absolutely right, and I think I'm partly to blame.

Some of the delays have been my doing. Heck, it's taken me over a week to finish up a post about Tainesh preparing spells, a scene I've had in mind for a year and a half! My procrastination, my inability to sit down and hammer out a post to keep up with you guys, has certainly held the game back a few times.

I too have enjoyed this game. Sparks is awesome, Cath has potential, Umros is fascinating, and even Langblade has captured my fancy. I love how well our characters meshed together. The story we told was great, but I think the play-by-post schedule makes it too easy to procrastinate.

If we're going to continue this, I recommend we nail down a day we all have free and get together on Skype. Faster, simpler, and we don't get held up when one player wanders off for a week or five.

Funny thing is, I was talking to Isaac two years ago, maybe three, and the topic of play-by-post vs kitchen table came up. He said that the kitchen table was preferable because it goes faster. The progression of The Legend Of The Silver Scale from Port Elam to the temple in the mountains would have taken a single session instead of six months. I said that PbP was better because it offered more opportunity to roleplay.

Having had sufficient time to ponder the question, my answer has changed. Roleplay is all well and good, but there needs to be a better sense of plot progression. And if we can't get together IRL for a game because one of us lives halfway across the country, a Skype session will do.

If not, it's been a pleasure playing with y'all. My heart lept for joy when I got the opportunity to play alongside you guys, and I'm sorry that it has come to such an end.

We get back to the game, that's what we do!

*Sees that Netherfire has ninja'd me*

Henry's got some small talk he could make, but we could move on if everybody else wants to.

Nah. Scorching ray is single-user and not all that versatile. Flaming Sphere hits multiple times and sets things on fire. Web immobilizes enemies and denies passage through portions of the battlefield. And it can be set on fire.

Out of town, won't be able to reply much.

HP: +6
Fort: +1

Feat: Arcane Strike. Tainesh can enchant her weapon for one round as a swift action.

Favored class bonus: one skill point

Add one point to:
Disable device
Knowledge (arcana)
Knowledge (engineering)
Knowledge (local)
Knowledge (religion)
Spell craft
Use Magic Device.

I am not sure which spell to take. Web sounds useful and thematic, but Flaming Sphere sounds like it would terrify Sparks.

Henry Southgard is keeping none of the weapons.

So, the haul comes out to...

x12 studded armor (150 gp)
x11 falchions (412.5 gp)
x3 masterwork javelins (451.5 gp)
x1 masterwork shortspears (151.5 gp)
x15 javelins (7.5 gp)

3.36 gp in coins.

(Note: Prices above reflect what we'll get selling them for half of their buying price)

Appraise: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10 Silver rings
Appraise: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16 Gold rings
Appraise: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8 Ring with the gemstone

I'm currently going through Henry Southgard's profile, adding up his current wealth.

Ragashingo wrote:
Henry, make a death saving throw...

Henry Southgard should know better than to sleep off a concussion.


SMOD 2016.

Should we seek lodging from Flori and call it a night?

Roll numbers by reversing the brackets of the following sequence.

You can change the name, and write in how many dice you like with as many sides as you want. Ergo..

Example: 5d931 ⇒ (146, 867, 24, 24, 819) = 1880

So, go ahead and roll that HP again.

Well, it's tricky. For one thing, I thought it was late evening, not broad daylight. I wasn't expecting the street to be full of witnesses.

Also, I think we left Tulden behind to deal with the innkeeper on his lonesome. Oops. We may be sleeping in a hay loft tonight.

Well, Henry had been unwilling to consider anything short of straight-up murdering Nik a few moments ago, but now that the streets are full of witnesses, I think I'll change his mind.

Running to the guards doesn't sound good to him because of his wounded pride and because Micheal is suffering right now. I'm going to press the attack, but soften the witnesses up first.

Plix wrote:
Hello, I would like to join your game!! Ideas for characters?

Hey! I'd recommend PMing the DM and working things out with him, but it would be great to have another player. As for characters... well, a town guardsman would be nice at this juncture. =P

This should be interesting. We've pushed Henry way beyond his comfort zone, and the repercussions could get messy.

When he first offered to buy all the beggars dinner, he was offering in earnest. They had information he needed, and he thought that well-cooked food was the best way to pay for it and gain their compliance.

After the events in the haberdashery cellar, Henry was worried that the Drow's allies would come after the Scale. If they come for the Scale, they'd have to search Redstone high and low to learn what happened to their acolyte, and they'd likely retaliate against the Redstone guard for their role in the scuffle. Coming from a family of watchmen, Henry Southgard doesn't want that to happen.

So the dinner took on a new role. Henry Southgard intended to impress the beggars with a show of generosity, take the full credit for the Drow's death, and then mislead the beggars as to where Team Crit is going next. With any luck, the Drow would encounter the rumors and lose Team Crit's trail.

Then Nik showed up. Henry could have left the alley, but he feels responsible for the beggars. What's more, Nik's mere existence pisses him off. He's a petty tyrant who doesn't seem to do anything for the beggars he lords over aside from taking their money and beating them. Henry has an idealized notion of the contract between rulers and their people, and Nik is in violation of it.

Also, Henry is drunk and tired. That's affected his decision making process considerably.

Now that Nik and his thugs are dragging off someone Henry feels personally responsible for, we're about to see him do something he wouldn't normally do:

Chase someone fleeing through the streets of a civilized city, shooting them with a crossbow.

Wow. Good luck, man.


Tulden Talees wrote:

Tulden stares down the man in front of him through his shroud. He whips his sword out at the thug.

[dice=Attack] 1d20+1+1
[dice=Attack] 1d20+1+1 Use just in case of critical. Ignore if I made a mistake.
[dice=Damage] 1d6+1

"You ought to find a better line of work. One less hazardous."

[dice=Intimidate] 1d20+2

Go Team Crit!

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The 5-part (so far) ICN report is worth reading itself.

Good to have you in the game, brother!

I was looking over Tulden Talees' profile, and we forgot to add the Chain Shirt to his armor. Probably because we copied the format off of Tainesh's profile, and she doesn't wear armor. Oops.

Anyhow, I added it up and your equipment costs only 183gp, 6sp. You have 816.4 gp left to play around with, so I'd recommend upgrading that scimitar to masterwork, which costs 300gp.

After that, um... I dunno. What do people spend their money on around here?

I haven't talked to my brother yet, so I have no idea what he'd like to play. Therefore, I'm kind of worried about selling a masterwork rapier and shield that he might be able to use.

Will talk to him in a few hours, and deliver the good news tonight.

Well, um... yeah.

My problems aren't nearly as serious as Silva's seem to be. In fact, my decreased participation here and over in the other game may be a sign that certain aspects of my life are improving.

Last summer, this game helped me live with a horrible job. I was stuck in the wrong side of a corn processing line on graveyard shift with a boss who didn't care and a bunch of coworkers who I could barely stand. Plotting Henry's backstory and planning posts for the game kept me sane, along with a little bit of stargazing. Then, just under a year ago, I switched jobs. The pay was better, my co-workers were better, but the work was still mind-numbingly dull. I had nothing to do but think.

Now I've been promoted to the point where I'm doing detailed, technical work, which allows little room for daydreaming and leaves me dog-tired at the end of the day. Picking up Borderlands didn't help either.

I'm still in love with Henry Southgard and Tainesh Ludor, and I'm not ready to leave the Kingdom of Vyren yet. I'll commit to posting every other day.

If you want to open this up to new players, I know of two who might be interested in joining. But if you have someone in mind, go ahead and invite them. You're the DM, so you know better than I do.

Ragashingo wrote:
What was wrong with Halo Wars anyway? (I couldn't find the topic...)

Wait for my megapost. I'll send you a link.

Ever see someone do that spinning plates trick?

He can spin a plate and balance it on a long metal rod, and it'll stay there for a minute or so until it slows down, wobbles and falls off. So while that plate is going, he can spin up another plate. While those two are going, he has spare time to get more plates going.

Eventually, the performer has so many plates going that all his time is spent spinning them back up. Between these four PbP games I'm in and hanging out at HBO and Spacebattles and working, I was spending all my time keeping those plates going.

Then, over on HBO, Davidfuchs asks me what I think was wrong with Halo Wars. Talk about starting a snowslip with a snowball, right? And while I'm busy with that, someone let me take a hit of Borderlands without telling me how addictive it is. And then Grizzlei complained about how nobody speculates about Halo anymore, which prompted an analysis of why there's nothing in Halo that inspires speculation. And then she dragged out that holier-than-thou political correctness stuff, which demanded another, detailed response.

A wise entertainer knows to only work with as many plates as he can handle. A smart entertainer knows that if he bites off more than he can chew, he ought to grab the most expensive plates first. I am neither wise nor smart, and will stand there gawking as the plates spin out of control and smash upon the floor unless someone gives me a solid poke in the ribs.

Also, it feels so weird to be called "Ben" on the internet. It's been "Quirel" or "Rasq'" or "Rasq'uire'laskar" for so long.

Out of curiosity, would Henry Southgard be able to repair the armor, since he has the tools to do so?

GM Netherfire wrote:

Good thing paladin is a martial class!

And speaking of Channeling Energy:

Near the beginning of the game, I mentioned that I would count most foes as dead as soon as they reach negative hp. The only time I will track negative hp for enemies is if they are "bosses" or otherwise important to the story. I thought it helpful to remind you of this now, before some post-combat healing pulses bring a big bad guy back to positive hp for round two.

Or before the cleric negates all the damage you've done to the giant centipede. =P

GM Diaspora wrote:
As for your post, consider having it end with Tainesh going on her watch, rather than ending her watch. After all, we don't know if something will happen while she's up and about yet!

Right. Sorry for jumoing the gun.

Sounds good.

I've been living on 6-7 hours for the past few months, and I wouldn't be able to make it without near-lethal doses of tea and sugar and coffee-like drinks*. I guess everyone's different.

*I put so much milk and sweetener in my coffee that I can't call it 'coffee' with a straight face.

I'll post next.

Ragashingo wrote:
GM Diaspora wrote:
House of Wolves.
Well, less gaming and more... uh... gaming! :p

Here, allow me.

*Clears throat*

Chewie, you're playing two games. One with three-player co-op, the other with four players to a fireteam. Four is bigger than three, so the latter game is obviously better than the former one and you should spend more time playing it.


In the Thalaniel Throne game, Netherfire roleplayed Chewbaccawakka's character while he was busy with real-life stuff. If you think you could return to the game later, we might be able to arrange things. Or we could park Gwath somewhere handy where he can rejoin the group when you do.


(Dramatic roll of thunder)



Quick and I have moved our characters accordingly.

I'm quite certain that Gwath claimed the cold iron longsword, and Quick ended up with the scrolls, the potions, and the cutlery.

I'm not certain, but willing to bet hard cash that Gorim ended up with the statue.

I couldn't really think of anything either. Probably should have drawn my Tanglefoot bags and readied a throw if someone with the Elf subtype came charging out of the store.

At a guess, I think that Sheog is going to try to run instead of turning this into a boss fight. Tripping her as part of a charge might work... which can't be a prepared action. Hmm.

When in doubt, just ready an attack against anything that comes in range. =P

Ragashingo wrote:
Careful with the "nice hat" value hats... people told that tend to get sniped by "The Man They Call Jayyyyyyyyne" aka: "The Hero of Canton" after hearing such a compliment.

That's what I figured that the seven-layer weave helmet liner would look like, though Halda may be a better knitter than Mama Cobb.

Also, obligatory NIZE HAT!

Don't forget that he survived the July Plot. That's got to be, what, Improved Evasion? How would a Bard go about getting that?

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19: Is from a different latitude entirely, and will often complain about how the weather is too cold. If they're not complaining, they're wearing warm garb in the autumn. Or it's winter, and they're expressing astonishment that snow can pile deeper than an inch.

19B: In the winter months, hires prostitutes when the party stays in town for bedwarming duty rather than entertainment.

20: Composes battle hymns and poetry. Will often state WIP lines out loud to get a feel for the meter, or ask fellow party members if they know a three-syllable synonym for 'strength'.

21: Is an accomplished chef, and will cook up any monster the party kills for dinner. Absolutely anything, short of humanoids or otyughs.

Arturius Fischer wrote:

Yeah.... I just... man.

It's rare that I see what seems to be hyperbole on the internet ("He is a misogynist of horrific proportions"), only for it to be understatement.

I know. Hell, him being called a misogynist actually increased my surprise when I read what he was writing. It pretty much went "Eh, he was probably quoted out of context... HOLY S@!~!"

Arturius Fischer wrote:
I completely agree with your stance, though. Mind you, his detractors here are quite reasonable, so I've nothing against them in particular.

Oh, no, of course not. We've got a pretty good group around here.

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Arturius Fischer wrote:

I could easily tear into the false accusations and outright slander by that first site. It's hilarious how much hate they have for him. All it seems they are doing is accusing him of exactly what they themselves are saying about him. The only 'moral high ground' they might have is that he said something first, but then they squander it with all the hated and false accusations they spew.

That bigot scale above? I stand by it, and don't see it being much of a problem. Your comments on 'horrific misogyny'? Yeah... You're right. Full 5 out of 5, assuming the scale doesn't blow up.

Welcome to the wonderful, wonderful world of Ted Beale, where the guy's a [Profanity-laced tirade omitted for polite company] with his head [Let's not go there either] and so are his detractors. You can't stick up for him because he's indefensible, but you have a hard time siding with the critics because you got to comb through their blog posts to sort out the facts from the hyperbole.

What's the guy's fiction like? I don't know, haven't bothered reading what he's written. Only now he's made the ballot, so I have to read it so I can judge it fairly. This'll be interesting.

I guess we're ready to move on.

Further reading:

Will Shelterly's take

Kary English's take

Larry Correia, on why he turned down his nomination

And, Hell, more Larry Correia on Sad Puppies

LazarX wrote:
My only surprise is that it took this long for something like this to happen. That someone would finally take advantage of the gaping loopholes in the Hugo award process was not a matter of "if" but "when".

What gaping loopholes are we talking about?

Is it the fact that people are ponying up something like $50 to vote which Science Fiction/Fantasy books should get a prestigious award? Should that entry fee be bumped up to $500 to keep out the riffraff? Should the democratic election be changed to a closed jury selected by an elite few?

Is it the fact that authors are totally free to suggest Hugo nominations to their fans, have been totally free to do so and *gasp* the wrong people are doing it now? Should there be a ban on anyone, absolutely anyone who received promotion from getting a Hugo nomination?

Sad Puppies is a good thing, because it's getting more people involved in the Hugos and Worldcon. Better yet, the inevitable counterreaction is going to draw even more people. That means that this type of cliquish territorial pissing contest will hopefully disappear as there are too many fans involved for politics to sway things one way or the other.

The Sad Puppies campaign didn't just get me to get involved, it got me to buy a Worldcon membership so I could attend when it visits my state this summer. I signed up too late for the nomination process (And wouldn't have followed the Sad Puppies slate. Unless Kevin J. Anderson has significantly improved in the years since I read his books, he just doesn't merit one) but it's nice to see more than a few books I'd read on the ballot.

Yeah, as much as Henry may dislike doing it, we may have to split up. One group waits for Halda, the other goes in search of the man (Woman?) in charge of the town watch.

I suspect we're looking for a cynical, hard-drinking man in the company of a rather slimy kleptomaniac, a Troll who used to be a bouncer, and a six-foot-tall man who thinks he's a Dwarf.

Sorry for the delay, but I'm in a bit of a bind here.

We're walking into a haberdashery, and the Jägermonster accent just isn't coming.

Neither are the TF2 jokes.

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Um... all I see is an old guy fiddling with some sort of control booth.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
What was the thread?

The Many Things Adventurers Do that Are Really Weird.

I think I got one in that thread that hit 9 likes, but it's not my best. That distinction goes to this gem right here:

You Know You're In Trouble When You Get To The Table And...


So, I guess this would be a bad time for commissions as well? It can wait.

Really? CRB says that Wizards don't get a bonus feat until fifth level.

I rolled a 4, but I guess I never got around to posting the post I rolled it in. Also forgot about the FCB, so I should add that.

Dex skills will be fixed, thanks!

Going to wait for the results on Netherfire's action before I post.

GM Netherfire wrote:
Correct. Quirel, if Silver Scale wants to do something like that, and accomplish in hours what might take a week or two in "board-time", I'd be open to it. We can talk about that more in TSS Discussion.

I'd be happy to. Next month, my work schedule is changing to a 12-hour shift where I work three days on, four days off, four days on, three days off. If everyone else is up for it, and the schedule hasn't driven me stark slavering buggo, I'd like to try that.

I am confused. Was that a summary of a encounter carried out on Skype?

Just to make things clear, Henry Southgard is ready to move on now.

Chewbaccawakka wrote:
Hey, just checking to make sure no one else was interested either? If not no worries, just wanted to give y'all the option! :D

Opportunity knocks but once.

Deal me in. My work schedule has changed a little bit, and you guys look like a fun bunch to be around.

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