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Logan Harper She/Her wrote:


I responded to your CS ticket this morning.

Thank you!

I came within $10 of hitting overdraft fees because of this, I was worried since I'm at the end of a pay period and just made some major purchases.

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I did, but they haven't responded, and a search showed that they don't respond 'for a few weeks'.

There are now over two hundred dollars of funds on hold because of this, and my bank has confirmed they did *not* decline these charges.

I need to get in touch with someone ASAP.

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Yoshua wrote:

They moved to only emails a few months back and removed the forum.

Email CS, but the 'typical' answer to that issue is that your billing address in the system isn't identical to the banking information. The hold on the funds will typically roll off, but you are stuck until they do if it is actually holding the funds.

I have better luck with credit cards vs bank cards, but if that's not an option it I suggest making sure the billing address on the Paizo account is identical to whatever you have on your bank and Paizo can try to run it again if it really did not go through on their end.

I miss the customer support forum

That's wrong, though, because the addresses -are- correct.


So basically I'm screwed with getting my PDF on time, *and* on about $240 being stuck in hold until then? :(

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Hi. I tried calling the customer service number, but it seems that line is currently inoperative until the pandemic is over.

My subscription order for Book of the Dead was supposed to ship this morning, but instead I'm looking at 'transaction declined' three times.

My bank account shows three pending charges for the amount, so the transaction was not in fact declined.

I'm serious concerned about - A, getting triple-charged for this, and B, not getting my book or pdf on time, as I subscribed well ahead of time in order to make sure I got it ASAP.

Can anyone assist?

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So my order finally updated...

My account showed 'payment declined' three times and there's no option to try again, but my bank is showing three valid payments for the amount going through.

I sent an email to customer service but without any luck so far. Does anyone know what might be going on??

EDIT: And their customer service line apparently is down for COVID and they only answer emails. :/

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Does the Stabilize spell work on a dhampir or other character with negative healing?

It doesn't actually heal, it only removes the dying condition, but it does have the Healing and Positive traits, so we're uncertain how this interacts.

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> Arquebus (1st level)

> It begins with the same statistics as a level-0 common simple or martial weapon of your choice or another level-0 simple or
martial weapon to which you have access.

Does anyone know what this 'level' refers to when regards to weapons/items? I've never seen this before...

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My concern here is that it's hard to keep Spell Parry (and thus Capture Spell) up with the action economy.

If you're going to be using Striking Spell frequently, how often are you going to have an action to keep Spell Parry up?

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We've been putting up a lot of the concept art on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AetheraRPG/) for the moment; it's moving along well, though! I can assure you there's a hell of a lot of work going on, and it's looking -fantastic-.

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We're almost there, guys! Just one more push and we can make it.

I'm super hyped to show all of you the amazing stuff we've been working on.

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Quite possibly, CF! I've played M&M before, and she has briefly. :)

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North Austin, more's the pity.

I saw that there's a PFS group at the Dragon's Lair, but it seems completely full for the foreseeable future. I've always never played in a PFS campaign before, and shoving some poor level 1 into a steady group like that might be difficult. Any others that might be less full that you know of?

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Hey there, folks.

My wife and I recently moved to Austin, and it seems like a town like this has -got- to have a decent gaming community! Looking for any RPG groups in the area open to new players. Got to be some out there!

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I will add my questions here:

Rangers? Any love?

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I've got a simple question for the forums.

Can elementals use weapons? I'm not asking if they're proficient with them--that's answered by the type/subtype rules in the back of the Bestiary. But assuming that one was (via class levels, or via actually being an adventurer with Elemental Form I up, etc)... can they use weapons?

The art and fluff seems to indicate that they have /hands/ at the very least, so it seems possible, but are there any rules saying either way?

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There's also a belief amongst the elves of Golarion known as 'The Brightness'. There's even an entire PrC in the Elves of Golarion book, Brightness Seeker, that can channel past incarnations for things.

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Kierato wrote:
The gravewalker witch does not need to be evil, especially if you minimalized (not a real word) the animation of undead. I think the Enchantment patron would be ideal.


Totally a real word!

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Another possibility might be multiclassing into Witch. Take the Cauldron hex. That gets you brew potion, and could add in a bit of 'strange hedge mystic' feel that might work with the concept too.

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I played WoW since original beta, and while I've loved it for many years... it's been feeling kind of stale finally. Just played it for too long, I think.

So I've been trying out Rift, and I'm loving it. The soul system is fun to play around with, I'm -loving- the rifts and invasions. It's a fun and welcome change.

They just opened up 7-day trials, so if anyone wants to try it out (I'm Aiglos, on Plutonus shard) --

http://www.riftgame.com/en/products/ascend-a-friend/invite.php?voucher=QM72 J9JHPEZ62GDMRDLQ&utm_source=manual&utm_medium=social&utm_campai gn=ascend_invite

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A long time ago, in a shared campaign, there was a ruined city not far from the main setting city that was repeatedly raided for loot/monster killing/etc.

One of the primary races living in those ruins were kobolds.

One day, five kobolds with class levels decided to start raiding the PC's native city, sneaking in and stealing things from shops and all. It seemed only fair, after all. They kept getting away thanks to clever plans - having the sorcerer cast reduce person to slide down sewer pipes, setting up cunning traps that would delay the adventurers long enough to get away. They were a long-term menace that were often fought, sometimes defeated, but never killed.

Then the kobolds approached the PCs for help. Apparently, there was a dragon that was trying to take over their kinsman, and their 'master' had told them to ask for help.

So they went to meet with the master, figuring that an evil dragon controlling a tribe of kobolds was worse than the kobolds on their own. But aren't most kobolds fond of dragons? Normally, but the 'master' wasn't.

That's when they discovered that in a race that has a tendency to produce sorcerers occasionally, eventually /one/ of them will become a lich.

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The Book of Madness had a fleshshaper PrC if I recall correctly, all based around grafts and such.

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If your Eidolon has a natural armor bonus, too, you could always pick up Improved Natural Armor as a feat a couple times, if you really want AC.

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1) Under the Horizon Walker's Jungle Dominance power, it says that the charm monster ability can be used only on 'animals, magical beasts, and creatures primarily found in the jungle'. Since animals and magical beasts fall under 'creatures', should I take this to mean that the ability can be used on animals/beasts from -any- environment?

2) I'm curious as to how the same ability from multiple classes stacks. For example, take the Brightness Seeker PrC from Elves of Golarion. It gains the Wildshape ability, which stacks with levels of another class that grants Wildshape. However--what if that class -hasn't- granted that ability? For instance, say the character has 5 levels of Brightness Seeker, and finally takes one level of Druid. Is their effective Wildshape level Druid 6? Or does it remain at 5, locked, until the druid gains Wildshape normally, at which point all levels suddenly stack?

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QAlchemist wrote:
Magician bard archetype - Dweomercraft lets them grant +1 CL to all allies nearby, +1 more at 5th level and every six levels after that.

Whoops! After a re-read, the Dweomercraft only adds a +1 to caster level /checks/ - which is good for overcoming SR but little else. My mistake.

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If you're willing to have other people help, like the coven hex...

Arcane Subdomain (Grant +1 CL to all arcane spells within 15')

Magician bard archetype - Dweomercraft lets them grant +1 CL to all allies nearby, +1 more at 5th level and every six levels after that.

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I'm not sure about the Arrow of Slaying... it might work, though.

I'm fond of using it with the Vital Strike chain, personally.

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Yemeth wrote:

Sooo.... can you imbue the Arrow Eruption Spell into an arrow... thereby causing an infinite cascade of Arrow Eruptions for every creature killed?

It is technically a ranged AoE spell, and seems to meet the criteria for being imbued.


From the description of Arrow Eruption:

You create exact duplicates of the arrow or crossbow bolt you used to kill a creature in the previous round and launch one at... (etc)

Since the spell'd go off the same round as you fired the arrow, it'd have no effect.

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Ardenup wrote:

I'd dump two weapon defense, swap for Power Attack, (your eventual bab of 17 makes it worth it)

Get Conrugan smash- free intimidate check when you hit with PA.
You suffer when you move because you can't TWF. Swap the rogue Varient to scout, free SA when you move 10ft or charge (including mounted charges).

What's Conrugan Smash from? I'm not familiar with it; we're just using PF sources, if it's a 3.5 feat. I'd picked up the Thug variant because of the +1 round of shaken (since the build is based a lot around keeping the enemy shaken) but Scout could work too.

I'd also considered picking up Enforcer, and getting one head of his weapon enchanted Merciful - to get constant free intimidation checks.

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So, I was considering the best use of the 'Braggart' ability from the Cockatrice order of Cavaliers. It occurred to me that it might work well with Shatter Defenses, and thought I'd play around with a build based on that combo. The idea is to leave his opponents shaken, and then get as many SAs as possible in on them. I'm not the best min-maxer in the world, so if people'll tell me what they think, I'd appreciate it.

Flavour-wise, it works for one of those would-be knights that were more bandits than anything else. Possibly a half-orc that was a scavenger in an orcish horde, and stripped a dead knight of his gear and went off on his own.

Class: Cavalier (Order of the Cockatrice) 7 / Rogue (Thug Variant) 5
Race: Half-Orc

Attributes (High Fantasy 20pt spread)
Str 18
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 11
Cha 12

BAB: +10/+5

Special Abilities:
Darkvision 60’
+2 Racial Intimidation
Toothy (Alternate Orc trait – 1d4 bite attack)
Racial Weapon Proficiency
Brutal Beating
Uncanny Dodge
Sneak Attack +3d6
Rogue Talents (Minor Magic – Mage Hand, Major Magic – Vanish)
Challenge 3/Day
Tactician (Precise Strike)
Cavalier’s Charge
Expert Trainer
Order of the Cockatrice Abilities

Two Weapon Fighting
Intimidating Prowess
Weapon Focus – Orc Double Axe
Double Slice
Two-Weapon Defense
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Dazzling Display (Braggart Bonus)
Shatter Defenses
Precise Strike (Tactician Bonus)

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I did a search on the forums and couldn't find an answer here - apologies if this has been asked before or is a frequent subject!

Do sorcerer bloodline abilities apply to the spells of other classes? That is to say, for instance a Fey Sorcerer gets +2 to the DC of Compulsion spells. If he was a sorcerer/wizard or sorcerer/cleric, would that also apply to compulsion spells cast from the wizard or cleric slots?

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Is there somewhere that says what the level req's are for the Improved Familiars in the Bestiary 2?

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An additional question:

Does this 'treated as FE' bonus work for the purpose of Hunter's Bond (Companions)?

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As an alternative to Cinder Dance...

Go Barbarian 1 (for the +10ft speed) and then Oracle of the Heavens. Take Lure of the Heavens as your first revelation.

Yes, you're only going at 15' base speed - but st 5th level, you float up to six inches over the ground. So you can /swim through the air/ towards your enemies. Especially hilarious at 10th level when you can expand this to true flight.

Maybe not as /effective/ as Cinder Dance, but hella cool looking.

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So, I'm trying to figure out a fiddly bit of rules here - thought you all might be able to help me on it.

A net can be slashed through at 5 hp, escaped at a DC 20 Escape Artist check, or burst with a 25 DC strength check.

Now, what if you enchant it? For the purposes of the discussion, say it's a Net +2. Obviously it'd be +2 to hit, and the enhancement bonus to damage would do nothing, since it doesn't do damage. What about someone trying to break out of it? As per the rules, you cannot damage an enchanted weapon without a weapon with at least an equal enhancement bonus - so slashing through it, unless you have a +2 or better weapon, seems impossible. That's obvious. But what about /bursting/ the net? Does this bypass the usual near-indestructibility of magical weapons? Does it become un-burstable? Or does the act of 'bursting' a net not actually destroy it?

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I know that that Rage Prophet is generally considered a fairly weak PrC without some house-ruling, but it fits the concept of a campaign and character I'm currently working on, so I'm wondering if I might be able to make it work to some degree.

The plan I had was to go Oracle of the Waves, and take the Water Form revelation. Elemental Form (water) gives a bonus to Constitution while in it, which seems to synergize very well with the 'Add Con bonus to Spell DCs' ability of the Rage Prophet, especially as the RP's levels stack with Oracle for the purpose of advancing the Water Form revelation to larger elementals (and thus even higher Con bonuses). In combo with the Ice Armor revelation and a good shield, his AC might also get pretty ridiculously good.

We're on standard 15-point point buy, so MAD is going to be a PITA with this concept, but I'm still hoping I can make it work.

Any suggestions for ways to make it more effective, spells in particular that would work well after pumping their DC's this way, feats that would synergize well, et cetera, are welcome. We're limited to Core and APG.

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3.5, admittedly-- Eberron, to be specific.

T'aash the Mongoose, a half-orc paladin/rogue/master inquisitive that wore mithril chainmail beneath a heavy leather coat, and a broad-brimmed hat. When he wasn't fighting the forces of actual evil, he was roaming the undercity of Sharn helping the poor when someone victimized them.

That's right, he was a D&D private detective.

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So I'm wondering what could possibility be done to take best advantage of the 'Long Limbs' bloodline ability.

My current thought is a combination of touch-attack spells with multiple attacks (chill touch, elemental touch) and some mobility and AoO feats (combat reflexes, disruptive) to do AoOs on spellcasters and people moving at range, although I'm not sure how effective this could be.

Any other ideas or thoughts to take advantage of this ability?

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A character has a Maul of the Titans - which is a +3 Greatclub that does triple damage to inanimate objects.

The first question is - can this be used on a sunder? I don't see why not; unlike some other effects/items, it doesn't specify /unattended/ inanimate objects.

The second, and trickier question if that is true is... what if the character has the Greater Sunder feat? That feat allows you, if you do more damage to an item than it has, to apply the excess damage to the character being attacked. How would this resolve?

Say, you rolled 20 damage against a longsword (hardness 10, hp 5) - this damage is tripled, to 60, against the sword. Does the character then take 5 damage (the overrun from the original roll), or /45/ damage (due to the tripling)?

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Assuming that a character has a touch spell/attack - Chill Touch, Elemental Touch, etc - ready, could they use it for an AoO?

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My apologies if this has been gone over before - I couldn't find a reference to it by searching the forums!

Is it possible to combined unarmed strikes with weapon strikes? Setting the Monk's flurry situations aside, assuming just a character with Improved Unarmed Strike who wants, for whatever reason, to combine weapon strikes with punches in the same full attack action.

How would he go about doing this? Would the TWF rules work for it?