'Transaction Declined' - but charges are going through?

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Hi. I tried calling the customer service number, but it seems that line is currently inoperative until the pandemic is over.

My subscription order for Book of the Dead was supposed to ship this morning, but instead I'm looking at 'transaction declined' three times.

My bank account shows three pending charges for the amount, so the transaction was not in fact declined.

I'm serious concerned about - A, getting triple-charged for this, and B, not getting my book or pdf on time, as I subscribed well ahead of time in order to make sure I got it ASAP.

Can anyone assist?

The phone number has not been active for some time. Suggest you send an email to customer.service@paizo.com; this will create a ticket that they will follow up.

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I did, but they haven't responded, and a search showed that they don't respond 'for a few weeks'.

There are now over two hundred dollars of funds on hold because of this, and my bank has confirmed they did *not* decline these charges.

I need to get in touch with someone ASAP.

Customer Service Representative


I responded to your CS ticket this morning.

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Logan Harper She/Her wrote:


I responded to your CS ticket this morning.

Thank you!

I came within $10 of hitting overdraft fees because of this, I was worried since I'm at the end of a pay period and just made some major purchases.

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