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So forgive me if I missed an errata on this, but I just started looking over Starfinder. I have the Core and First contact, and I noticed that the Sarcesian Operative has a couple major flaws.

1: as equipped, he cannot use trick attack, as he has no small arms, no operative melee weapons, and doesn't have the exploit to use sniper rifles for it.
2: he has grenades, but is not proficient in their use, so the +12 to attack is horribly wrong. More like +1 I think. (+5 dex -4 non-pro penalty)
3: his initiative modifier should be +7 not +5 (+5 dex +2 Operatives edge)
4: +10 to attack on a dueling sword? I can get him to +2, but that's all. (+0 STR + 2 from weapon focus (assume feat not listed))

Am I missing anything? I understand that the book was published before the core was complete, but if that was so they really nerfes the operative already...


Yeah, they really screwed up on the warpriest. there isn't any niche for them. The inquisitor makes a better warpriest, and there is nothing that sets them apart. The worst thing that bugs me about this class is the enhance weapon part of the sacred weapon. Its arguably worse than any other classes similar ability. Hell, the arcanist gets a hugely buffed up version of it. For the signature ability of the class (Sacred weapon) its horribly underpowered.

Chemlak said wrote:
From context, it's someone who gets divine spells from the entity (or who would if they levelled up enough to get the spells class feature (eg Paladin)).

Meh, I would rule followers a little looser than that. Anyone who worships the deity in question would be my ruling. So all the cultists following Lamashtu? go for broke. I wouldn't rule it as loosely as serving under if there was no actual worship.

both the devil and the wolf are correct on 1 and 2, but I think they missed your point on #3. Yes, if the attacker doesn't have improved unarmed strike and they try to finish the charge with an unarmed strike, and if you have combat reflexes, you will get a second AoO.

EDIT: to be clear, this is an AoO for making an unarmed attack, not for movement

As far as I can tell, sure. But, you will lose access to greater weapon focus (short sword) until you hit 14th lv and can swap greater WF SS for Greater WF LS.

Quantum Steve wrote:
Xaratherus wrote:
Out of curiosity, my understanding has always been that Spell Combat requires you to keep a hand open for the duration of the action - not simply until you've cast the spell. Is that explicitly spelled-out anywhere in the rules?

It's pretty clear in the Spell Combat description.,You need a free hand to use Spell Combat.

If you need a free hand to perform any action, you need it to be free for the entire action.

True, but this question isn't about spell combat. It's about SpellStrike. Two different things.

ciretose wrote:

I think what he was saying (and he can correct me if I'm wrong and I would take no offense) is that they don't want them firing that quickly without significant investment.

There is an item and a spell that gives free reload, after all.

I think the root issue of firearms was that they decided to make a goal for them to be viable primary weapons for all classes, rather than secondary weapons for all classes other than gunslingers due to issues like misfire and reload.

Advanced firearms is a whole other issue, one best left out of a high fantasy setting aside from as a near artifact level rare item, IMHO.

My suggestion then, and now, would be in the revision make guns very dangerous and difficult to use without training (accurate on both points when dealing with medieval firearms) and have the gunslinger class be based on receiving the training that makes them useful and potent.

Go that way and we aren't discussing free action reloads, since only gunslingers could do it and only after a specific level of training that is included in the class.

I think SKR is point out it isn't "just" the weapon cord issue. It is all of the various shenanigans people keep coming up with to abuse free actions, this being one of the biggest and most egregious.

Again as I said earlier, if explaining a act made up of a series of free actions requires a chart....maybe that wasn't as the devs intended.

The fix is coming up with an intermediate term for actions between free and swift.

But that ain't happening until edition/version change.

I think this is the best suggestion I've seen. Make the Gunslinger (and GS only) able to reload quickly enough to get his iteratives (and haste), and build in to rapid shot the ability to reload , and make it not possible for anyone else to do so, even if they take EWP: Early Firearms. Make GS a high training class, and be done with it.

Ahhh, good catch karosii

6 levels of anything, take 3 levels of Horizon Walker prestige class (If that is available in PFS) taking Astral terrain dominance then level through in fighter for the bonus feats and I think you can have all of them at 12th. So one level of play.

Whoops, sorry. I misread your post and thought you were referencing the old rules that said that you couldn't attack an adjacent target. disregard.


No, it was changed in UE.

Ultimate Equipment wrote:

Type exotic

A whip deals no damage to any creature with an armor bonus of +1 or higher or a natural armor bonus of +3 or higher. The whip is treated as a melee weapon with a 15-foot reach, though you don't threaten the area into which you can make an attack. In addition, unlike most other weapons with reach, you can use it against foes anywhere within your reach (including adjacent foes).

Using a whip provokes an attack of opportunity, just as if you had used a ranged weapon.

You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a whip sized for you, even though it isn't a light weapon. You can't wield a whip in two hands in order to apply 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier to damage rolls.

Well, the last question is because a plate torso piece is a breastplate, so its technically a full suit.

To my knowledge there are no hard and fast rules for which controls. Since piecemeal armor is an optional ruleset, if your DM allows it then you should use all the rules in it. If your DM doesn't allow piecemeal rules, then you have to default to the core.

A quarterling is half-Halfling and half gnome....

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chrids wrote:
Could always ban dervish dance. It's from a fluff source.

Best way to really turn a player off. You approved it at the beginning, you allow it to be run thru the entire camoaign. Banning a concept after the fact is garbage.

Well, you know, I didn't even think of that. Makes sense, in an odd sort of way. I guess the thought process is "lets make divine casters sort of MAD, and leave arcane casters alone, instead of really fixing the really MAD characters...

So I just noticed this: In the Advanced Race guide, the dwarf cleric archetype Forgemaster, the Runeforger archetype says the following:

PRD wrote:
Runeforger (Su): A forgemaster may inscribe mystical runes upon a suit of armor, shield, or weapon as full-round action, using this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Intelligence modifier. These runes last 1 round per cleric level, but inscribing the same rune twice on an item increases this duration to 1 minute per level, three times to 10 minutes per level, and four times to 1 hour per level. Erase affects runes as magical writing. A forgemaster learns forgemaster's blessing at 1st level and may learn one additional rune at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Only one type of rune marked with an asterisk () may be placed on an item at any given time. This ability replaces channel energy.

(emphasis added)

Am I the only one who thinks this should be WIS not INT for a cleric?


@tacticslion: 20 point buy.

10 16 10 16 10 10 before racial
10 18 08 18 10 10 after racial (in his example)

Thanks again. I'll head over to the hero lab forums. (issue is with the Black Blade, so I cant add abilities... its blocked out. I may play around with user created conferred abilities for the classes that can add abilities to weapons and see if I can make a patch.

Hmmnnn... I would say that if Archmage or Heirophant were the first path selected, then yes. Dual Path only says that you get the additional 1st tier ability and can pick from either list of path abilities. Since it doesn't say you give up any of the first path abilities, nor do you gain anything that is not specified, then dual path archmage / champion gets mythic spells, but champion / archmage does not (as written)

However, since the other classes don't have anything that compares to Mythic Spells that seems kind of wonky to me. it's not like there is a non - path champion ability that allows you to burn a mythic point to auto crit (for instance) x/day that would be comparable to the mythic spell feature that you would have to choose between to determing starting path...

That might actually be a way to balance it, though. Give each path a limited use mythic point burn to improve a class feature for 1 round or one use. Just off the top of my head:

Champion: Mythic Strike: auto-crit (and auto confirm) ignoring all dr a number of times per day equal to your mythic tier /2
Guardian: Mythic Dodge: you can completely ignore the effects of one attack (whether physical or magical) or you can grant this ability to any ally in sight a number of times per day equal to your mythic tier /2.
Trickster: Mythic Feint: You can spend 1 mythic point to automatically succeed on a feint maneuver as a free action a number of times per day equal to your mythic tier /2.
Marshal: Mythic Inspiration: You and all of your allies can ignore a targets SR and DR for their next attack a number of times per day equal to your mythic tier /2.


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"But being Lancelot means more than just tapping Guinevere like she's bonus mana"

I think I need a keyboard now due to the coffee i sent spraying across my desk... thanks...

I am stealing that line, though.. that was awesome...




Thanks so much for this! Because of your work here I decided to finally go ahead and buy HeroLab.

Due to my inexperience with the system, this may be a stupid question, but...

Is ther any way to add abilities to weapons on the fly? (Paladin, magus ability, Mythic arcane strike)I cant seem to figure it out.



Well, those numbers are all well and good, but you have to take into account the feat, mythic feat, and the path ability that the str based fighter would have spent as well.

Power attack, mythic power attack, and, say, precision to improve his hit chance. Now that str fighter is at an additional +16 (+18? not sure how that +50% works) to damage that doubles on a crit, and is hitting more often.

To be blunt, in my group AC doesn't matter at all. The difference between ac 18 and 21 is nothing when the monsters we fight are routinely hitting at a +15, and by 12th lv thats easily a +20.

When everyone has a +20 on initiative rolls an additional +6 is negligible as well.

+6 reflex saves is a decent situational boost, but AoE spells at 12lv? Rarely used because there are so many better spells for that kind of thing.

Yup. The devs have said over and over that:

1: Magical lineage does not reduce the spell below its original level. it doesn't reduce the spell, it lessens the increase. therefore, if the increase is 0 there is nothing to reduce.

2: Even if it did, preparing a first level spell in a 0 level slot doesn't make the spell a cantrip. it is still a first level spell. See the rules for preparing spells in higher level spell slots.

This has been beaten to death, do I will let you hone your google-fu and find the relevant dev statements yourself.


Fully customizable, auto calc excel sheet. It supports gestalting, all base and core classes, all core prestige classes. Does all the calculations for you, and you can add classes / races / gear etc.

Costs $20 a year for the sheet and forum access. upgrades added about monthly, and is pretty good about keeping up with the core books.

Yosarian wrote:
Hmm. If I'm reading the rules right, you could hold a rod in your off-hand, right? Assuming that works, Rod of Absorption could be potentially be pretty awesome.

As long as it's on a weapon cord. You can't otherwise cast with a rod in your hand.

JohnF wrote:
Rycaut wrote:

Two-weapon fighting w/rapier & "touch attack" - Rapier would still also be a spellstrike attack so again you would discharge potentially two "touches" of Chill Touch + one rapier attack (perhaps more than one)

continue until you run out of touch attacks.

Then repeat if necessary.

Nice thing about this type of tactic would be that if you get any AoO's you should still be able to take them with your rapier but also deliver a touch attack with each one (at least that is how I would rule Spellstrike as a GM and how I think it works even at a PFS table)

That's not how I would rule it.

For one thing you're only going to get one casting of "Chill Touch" a round, so I don't see how you get to deliver two spell effects.

You also don't get to cast a spell as part of an attack of opportunity.

The wording of "Spellstrike" could be clearer, but it doesn't say you get to cast the spell as part of a melee attack - it says you can choose to deliver the spell through a weapon (and get a free melee attack to do so).

So your normal per-round damage (before you get iteratives) would be one spell plus two melee attacks, and an attack of opportunity would be only a melee attack.

JohnF: That is actually correct once you are in higher levels and have multiple touches from a single casting. Any successful attack discharges another use of the spell until you run out.

one level dip in musketeer cavalier and twf rapier / pistol

Lokie wrote:
Pol Mordreth wrote:

Blasty caster or fire domain cleric. Ready an action to cast burning hands, fireball, etc. Ready condition is "when I see the gunslinger open his powder horn".

BOOM! No more gunslinger.

That'd be a houserule. Equipment on a character is protected vs spell effects unless they roll a nat. 1 on a save or the spell specifically states it targets equipment.

Really? I would have thought that the specific trumps general rule applies.

PRD wrote:
Exposure to fire, electricity, or a misfire explosion causes black powder to explode—a single keg that explodes in this manner deals 5d6 points of fire damage to anyone within a 20-foot burst (DC 15 Reflex half). Storing black powder in a powder horn protects the powder from explosion.
PRD wrote:
Powder Horn: Typically crafted from animal horn, but increasingly crafted from metal in a wide variety of shapes, a powder horn can hold up to 10 doses of black powder. A powder horn protects black powder stored within in it from exposure to fire, electricity, firearm misfires, and water.

Seeing as how the book lists a specific item that protects the powder from fire?

Blasty caster or fire domain cleric. Ready an action to cast burning hands, fireball, etc. Ready condition is "when I see the gunslinger open his powder horn".

BOOM! No more gunslinger.

Are wrote:
Captain Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:
I don't understand how using Elephant stop is a worse option than what you had?

The only reason to activate Elephant Stomp is if you want to attack the person.

But if you use Elephant Stomp, you first have to beat the overrun DC by 5 in order to do that, plus you only get to use a limited selection of weapons.

If you don't use Elephant Stomp, then you're able to attack without needing to beat any overrun DC, plus you can do so with any weapon.


I think that the original intent of Elephant Stomp might have been a very different one: If it was instead intended to let you have an attack as an immediate action if you failed the overrun attempt by 5 or less, then it would be a quite useful feat.

From the flavor text i think that the orginal intent of the feat was to allow an extra stomp attack as an immediate action if you successfully knocked them prone with an overrun.

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Nipin, no. As stated above it ends when your turn ends. therefore it doesn't count for AoO's.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

The Tail Terror feat grants them a tail attack.

RAW, it works fine.

If you are uncomfortable with it, houserule it out in your games.

No, it isn't even RAW. The racial heritage feat doesn't grant you a tail (or any physical changes) so no, you don't get tail attacks.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

Human, with Racial Heritage(Kobold) and the Tail Terror feat.

Use a Long Lash Kobold tail attachment with the Agile enchantment.

Now you can use all your Magus goodies, attack, and activate Metamagic Rods.

Also, 10ft reach. You can go Razored for 1d8 19–20/×2, but lose reach.

Sorry, humans don't have tails. Regardless of the racial heritage feat.

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Done and Done!

You guys are awesome!

heheh... I've noticed that, Jiggy... this just seems to be much more clear cut than many I have seen lately...

Ahh, I see. Thanks Grick.

This is even a question? It seems to me that if the designers wanted to have combat reflexes eliminate the flat footed condition it would say that.


I don't understand the question.

If you are flat footed, you cannot make attacks of opportunity.

If you take the Combat Reflexes feat, you can now make attacks of opportunity while flatfooted.

This is all black letter RAW, and the relevant quotes have been posted.

So, what is the question?

Baroh Steelcleave wrote:

What are columns B, F, J, N & R indicating? Total encounter XP for that difficulty? And everything in between would be the player's individual XP for the encounter or?

** spoiler omitted **

Your presentation is a bit confusing :(

If you look at the cells they are pulling the EXP for the appropriate CR monster. For example Cell B2 = EXP!D6. If you go to the EXP sheet cell D6 is the total exp for a CR 1/8 monster.

@Krowbar, your labels do need a bit of work. I like the idea, though.

20 bucks a year, and the sheet is amazing. Fully customizable excel (macro driven) sheet.

2 cubic feet per minute isn't very fast at all, when you consider that a 10 x 10 x 10 pit is 1000 cubic feet. so, one person is going to spend over 8 hours digging one useful pit.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Cpt. Caboodle wrote:
The main benefit would be that you could move double your speed and still attack.
The other main benefit of charging is that you don't provoke attacks of opportunity from the thing you're charging at, even if they've got reach.

Ummm... no. If they have reach you still provoke on a charge. As the chart says, the action itself doesn't provoke, but the movement still does.

I still say that's a great Major Hex.

Well, these are SU abilities not spell like abilities. And, 'Cannot Move' refers to leaving the square. Nowhere in Battle Dance does it require that you move any distance to use the ability (unlike some of the abilities for Mobile Fighter, for example).

As long as a dervish dancer isn't prevented from taking a free action, his dance doesn't stop.

Very well done. Hook, line and sinker...


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Vicon, I'm assuming that you are either young or not a native english speaker. Everyone has sphincter muscles. The most well known is the anal sphincter, or anus. (Others include the ocular sphincters in the iris, etc) So, searching for Fiendish Sphincter will generate images of, well, a$$holes. Mostly inflamed or otherwise aberrant.

Yes, Mazlith is winding you up.

BlackBloodTroll's first response was right on the money. Otherwise there is no such thing as Fiendish Sphincter, but as I said earlier I may have to make that into a custom witch hex... heh.

Hope this helps,

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I think I'm going to have to make that a witch hex....

Nope. Multiple penalties from the same spell use the highest penalty. They do not stack, but you count their durations differently. (if one runs out then the other one takes effect until it runs out)

PRD wrote:

Stacking Effects: Spells that provide bonuses or penalties on attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and other attributes usually do not stack with themselves. More generally, two bonuses of the same type don't stack even if they come from different spells (or from effects other than spells; see Bonus Types, above).

Different Bonus Types: The bonuses or penalties from two different spells stack if the modifiers are of different types. A bonus that doesn't have a type stacks with any bonus.

Same Effect More than Once in Different Strengths: In cases when two or more identical spells are operating in the same area or on the same target, but at different strengths, only the one with the highest strength applies.

Hope this helps,


Thanks so much for weighing in! I appreciate it!


Thats what I'm seeing too, but since you can't qualify for the feats that it calls out in the "Display Weapon Prowess" ability unless you drop out and back to fighter, I'm wondering if that was what was intended.

Paths of Prestige, P#5 wrote:
Display Weapon Prowess (Ex): At 2nd level, an Aldori swordlord adds a bonus equal to 1/2 his class level on Intimidate checks made while using Dazzling Display with an Aldori dueling sword. He also gains a +1 competence bonus on these Intimidate checks for each of the following feats he possesses with the Aldori dueling sword: Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, Improved Critical, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization.

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