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So after reading over everything, it's starting to sound like spellcasters just don't exist on the high seas at all. Maybe I'll make that into a rule, no casters since anyone with 14 int or higher would know piracy is a dead end job.

Should that include alchemist's as they're technically casters?

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Opuk0 wrote:

This is my attempt at completely stopping somebody from getting away via nonmagical means during a capture mission, knocking out the target first then putting the following on them:

Broken Splint Mail, +3 AC, -14 ACP
Two (or more as needed) locked gauntlets with broken handles in them
Manacles and Fetters, barbed for his displeasure
A gag for those that are into that sort of thing

Anyone got anything to add to this?

I played a character in D&D 1e who would just break one of their legs to prevent them from going their own way.

Pretty sure if you sneezed on someone in 1e they'd die, let alone breaking their leg. That'd probably require true resurrection to bring them back.

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Just the pure massive amount of idea fodder

Spells, history, countries, races, there is just so much stuff to pick and choose from that you can easily craft your own story by throwing everything in a slow cooker and let it simmer.

There are a LOT of diamonds in the rough in pathfinder.

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I don't just mean in terms of amazing effects with little to no drawbacks -coughspellscough- but also in terms of the rules that govern them.

How easy is it to become addicted to something? Does it take only one hit and a bad save and you're hooked for life? Can you be a drug fiend using every day for a year and stay squeaky clean?

I've tried giving the drugs page on the pfsrd a read through but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it and would prefer to hear others experience with drugs or even just theorycrafting.

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We could definitely use a little more context here in terms of the party composition and also how experienced the players are.

If the rogue is an experienced player who knows how to build a character and has a good handle on the rules, then it's not that surprising for them to be soloing beginner zombies/skeletons. High initiative+sneak attack vs rigor mortis can make for an easy rogue challenge.

Meanwhile, if the rest of the group doesn't really know how to handle themselves or their characters and are prone to poor strategic choices (firing into melee without precise shot, casting in melee, etc) then yes, the rest of the party is going to feel useless.

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1. You grab the door to open it, the door grabs back. (Mimic)

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I was kinda interested in expanding and fleshing out Linguistics a little, so I wanted to find out what kind of documents would've existed in medieval times for the purposes of forgery, etc

Off the top of my head, I can imagine merchant ledgers and proof of pedigree/nobility being two such documents

Anything else?

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I want to design a castle for a dungeon idea to do one on one with a friend of mine to get them into Pathfinder.

I have no clue how to start out, all I know so far is that it's gonna have a moat, four turrets at the corners, and is gonna be like a noble's castle with a ballroom/banquet hall, huge kitchen, servants quarters, living quarters on the second floor, and a large wine cellar.

Once I design all that, I'll work on filling it with monsters/traps.

Does any know any modules or adventure paths that feature castles like this to get some ideas from?

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Cosmo wrote:
Moved thread from Rules Questions to Advice forum.

Thank you kindly!

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The 'here' is a hyperlink to another thread I made originally in the Path of War forum on here with all relevant information, I just posted on here cuz it wasn't getting much traction.

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Welcome to The Caster-Martial Disparity Bingo where every Wizard is Schrodinger and the Fighters don't matter.

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Glad to help! Hope you and your players are enjoying Pathfinder so far!

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To add on what Deighton said

You don't necessarily need to give numbers.

Just because a player asks if a monster has resistance to something, you don't have to say 'Yeah, it has Cold Resistance 20', you can make it a bit more wondrous if you'd like, for example 'The creature is naturally resistant against the cold, even the most biting blizzard does little to even slow them, let alone cause any sort of harm.'

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There's very few things that one usually needs to know about a monster

How can you kill it?
How can it kill you?

What this devolves to is basically asking what defenses it has and what attacks it has.

This can be very broad in both catagories. With defenses, you could say what it has DR against, if it's immune to anything, if it has spell resistance, etc. For attacks, this can be anything from natural attacks, to special abilities, to even spellcasting for certain creatures such as dragons.

The Knowledge rules that that for every 5 by which you beat the creatures DC (10+CR), you gain an additional piece of information regarding the creature, ontop of the piece of information for just beating the DC.

You can be incredibly pendantic about this, and say that each little thing is a bit of information, such as saying that it has DR 5 or that it's bypassed by silver, rather than saying DR 5/silver, or that it has a breath attack, but not what that breath attack does.

If your player invested into these knowledge ranks to be able to tell how to fight these creatures, then that's their reward. No need to cheapen it just because you don't like it.

Keep in mind there are certain creatures that have higher base DCs (15+CR) or just flat-out can't be knowledge checked due to obscurity or rarity.

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knightnday wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:
ok i didnt sleep in all night but i read the thread title as Magic Jar Jar
I definitely will ban that spell.

Darth Darth Binks confirmed.

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Raving has clearly been hackedpossessed and the perpetratorwitch has foolishly forgotten to log off the accountrelease her hold on them before posting this.


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I was actually looking up more about it and found an official answer from James Jacobs here.

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If only there were some way to physically quantify the qualities of a Paladin. To show us without shadow of a doubt if someone is or is not a Paladin.

Maybe some sort of count in their bloodstream...

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Hellfire can't melt adamantine beams.

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Just gonna go ahead and drop this here for people unhappy with diplomacy.

Edit: @Kalindlara+Pixie: Thank you kindly!

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Oh, another thing is the potion size debacle since someone just posted a thread about it.

Picture if you will, a pixie drinking a potion made for a giant.

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Chemlak wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Partizanski wrote:
Opuk0 wrote:
Neongelion wrote:
Ghosts can be damaged by mundane shields.
wait wut
Care to elaborate, because I dont see it.

I don't see how this is possible either and I'm curious to know this as well.

Can't wait to see how this gets past the following:

Incorporeal wrote:
It is immune to all nonmagical attack forms.

I just realized how sad it kind of is that we're so accustomed to such oversights in rules that we're more than willing to wait with baited breath for an explanation without even thinking of the possibility that someone's just trolling.

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Off topic, but I actually remember watching a video about how humming birds fly in the most crap conditions.

Amazing what an unmitigated urge for sugar can push you to accomplish!

I can relate oh tiny feathered mosquitos

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Nah, he's right, you should be giving out negative exp

To him

Seriously though, from what I know, Sarenraes whole deal is redemption for those that can be redeemable isn't it? Kinda hard for someone to take you up on that offer if you're being 200% hard-ass

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I would say start on the surface and make Swim checks

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I present to you

Exhibit A

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I was actually expecting something much different when I first heard the thread title:

"You have successfully used skills other than Climb and Swim more than once, therefore you lose all your bonus combat feats, weapon training, and armor training."

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Gotta love adversarial DMs getting a slap in the face like that

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Bandw2 wrote:
lemeres wrote:
Nathanael Love wrote:
I could almost buy this line of reasoning except that Dwarves, Gnomes, and Drow all have no problem smelting underground.
Well, I think this might have to do with underdark politics- ie- dwarves and drow are powerful enough to hold onto the huge caverns since they can fight in direct army on army warfare, and they can steam roll the other underdark denizens. Kobolds are more guerrilla fighters at best, and they need to stick to the small, often self created tunnel systems.
I think i read somewhere about kobolds actually causing "accidental" cave ins to link dwarven tunnels with their enemies'.

Kobolds of Golarion, they link sniverblin (I have no idea how to spell it) cities to dwarf cities and then let 'em have at it.

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Or just give all your kobolds the half-dragon template, thematic AND deadly!

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I would totally love to fight these optimized kobolds by the wave at level 1

Who doesn't love getting TPK'ed on their first session?


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. . . That could lead to some interesting applications

Lends a whole new meaning to talking out your butt as well XD

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I was imagining something more complex to be honest, I was also trying to look up medieval coffee pots and the like since that's likely what people on golarion would use.

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Sadly speak with dead requires the dead to physically speak.

In my experience that is pretty hard to do when one lacks a head.

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So a lot of items throughout the pathfinder books sadly lack a picture to go with them, and some could really use it (see thread title for example.)

So why not try and find an appropriate picture for all the wizmos and gizmos we look over to try and breathe some life into these odd tools that are so often skipped over for swords and axes and other shiny things.

For starters, what do you guys think the picture for a coffee pot should be? Here's the description:

"This tall, teapotlike device contains a small chamber for coffee grounds and a large chamber for water, connected by a small tube. Heating the pot forces boiling water through the tube and into the grounds. A glass knob at the top of the tube allows you to see the color of the brew and stop when it is sufficiently strong. It can brew up to 4 cups of coffee at a time. It can also be used to make tea, steep medicinal herbs, or just boil water."

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What was at stake between letting them kill the npc or give into the devils commands? If you give the PCs impossible choices, they're gonna respond in kind.

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Ross Byers wrote:
Stone to flesh can be used to get rid of stone doors or walls.

And maybe also emergency rations?

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So I wanted to try and build a clockwork assistant for a wizard character I have. While I consider myself well-enough read on most rules, golems and other such constructs are something I've never tackled before. What I would like help with is pricing this construct based on the stats and abilities I'll give in a moment, as well as what spells to use in terms of requirements. So first, a list of what I'm looking at in terms of abilities and stats

Medium size
Half bab
non-combat focused
Possibly pass for human, if not at least very humanoid looking
On that note, human personality and intelligence
Ability to help with crafting magic items
Possibly able to read scrolls and such

I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should use the bioconstruct modifications

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Okay, let me see if I get this straight

Initial DC is 5+Caster level

Caster level for handy haversack is 9, while I do not have to meet this caster level, it's also not a prerequisite to bypass by taking +5 to the DC instead

So current DC on spellcraft is 14

I do not have secret chest, but being a spell prerequisite, I can bypass it via taking a +5 to the DC

Current DC is now 19

The handy haversack costs 2000 gold, but I need only pay 1000 gold to pay for the materials to make it.

This takes one day per 1000 gold in the haversacks BASE price, not CRAFT price

Am I missing anything?

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Hi, meet AM BARBARIAN and his trusty friend Adamantine Earthbreaker, with co-star Power Attack

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Wait, so is the summoner still a 6 level caster?

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I recall a thread all about how it was totally okay to be a fighter and take the archmage mythic class to then use their special path ability and be able to cast any spell ever

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This pretty much sounds likes the perfect recipe to force players into getting ranks in craft and magic item creations feats

Exact same amount of time wasted, none of the frustration

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I was recently introduced to 4e, and after seeing its skill system, I honestly think it's leaps and bounds ahead of Pathfinders in terms of function and form.

Would you prefer to play in a PF game where this is the skill list rather than the list of 40 that PF has?

Acrobatics: Perform acrobatics stunts, balance, escape artist, reduce fall damage
Athletics: Climb, escape from grab, jump, swim
Bluff: Bluffing and disguise
Knowledge (Arcana)
-Combines with Spellcraft and UMD
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
Knowledge (Engineering)
-Combines with Disable Device
Knowledge (History)
Knowledge (Local)
Knowledge (Nature)
-Combines with Handle Animal and K. Geography
Knowledge (Nobility)
Knowledge (Planes)
Knowledge (Religion)
-Combines with Tracking
Sense Motive
Subterfuge: Sleight of Hand and Stealth

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I would check out 4e, it's pretty much what you're looking.

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Yes, yet another Rogue rework, it's like the class is so bad that anyone can rework them to actually be useful, fancy that. I'm not touting that mine is the end all be all of Rogue reworks, just another one for forum goers to go look over, see if they like or dislike it, and hopefully give some feed back on.

Quick disclaimer, some of these changes are from Lemmy's own rogue rework thread over on giantintheplayground

Lemmy's thread for reference

And here is the google docs for my own

Let me know if the link doesn't work as I have had trouble with it in the past.

The biggest goal in the rework is, first of all, making talents actually useable as I'm sure we all know Paizo often mistakes Rogue Talents for Rogue Nerfs, honest mistake really! Secondly, I wanted to try and make the Rogue more Rogueish so to speak. Often it seems that people feel the Rogue should either be an assassin of the night more akin to a ninja than necessary, or a social juggernaut that can schmooze his way into any social gathering. Personally, I prefer my Rogues as quick and opportunistic and flexible, able to adapt to most situations with a mixture of wits, skill, and a touch of luck that's helped them stay alive for so long.

I never like to say anything's finished, cuz it never really is, especially for an endeavor as big as a Rogue rework, so I'll be updating this on and off as I get feedback/new ideas

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Honestly, even without builds and actually fighting, the fact that a Fighter would need to spend half their WBL on scrolls to the point of not even looking like a Fighter any more to beat a Wizard just kinda proves the disparity between caster and martial.

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How do you guys handle players who constantly ask to cast spells quietly to not be detected? Or to make bluff checks to disguise their frantic hand movements by making other frantic hand movements...

Obviously going off the assumption they have neither Still or Silent spell

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Ironmuncher Goblins, the bane of all blacksmiths. Ironmuncher goblins gain a +4 to sunder attempts against metal based objects when made with bite attacks, and can ignore the first 5 points of hardness. This iron heavy diet gives them +2 constitution but -2 to dexterity from all that extra weight.

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The most forgotten rule that causes me the greatest annoyance is the move action/5 foot step thing

Everyone seems to think that if you take a 5 foot step, you don't get a move action at all, as opposed to it actually being that you can't move your character if you already took a 5 foot step

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