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SmiloDan wrote:

I'm going to be running a homebrew campaign in 5E that was originally going to be PF, but the group (and I) really like 5E. We're going through a 5E conversion of RotRL.

Nice! We're doing the exact same thing...

This looks great to me. I'd never allow it for player's but for GM use, I'm all about this.

Nice! I've got to start watching again. I loved seasons 1-5, everyone did but since then I've only watched the occasional episode here or there...

Nice! I've got to start watching again. I loved seasons 1-5, everyone did but since then I've only watched the occasional an episode here or there...

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Sweet! Just grabbed "Pirates Honor" for the Kindle when I read this! Been wanting to read that one for a while... :)

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All of you, GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

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This is a great show. I found it when I couldn't take any more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... having a toddler in the house, that's not going to end anytime soon but I digress.

I loved the episode where Dipper had to git rid of the ghost in the Northwest mansion and part of the exorsism ritual was the Ghostbusters line latin-ized... "I ain't afraid of no ghostis."



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Wow!!! I've never let psionics in my games before-- I've just never liked to Sci-Fi feel of them in my games...

This "feels" like fantasy... I can't wait for this.

Interesting point: They say (whom ever they are) that Tablets/ereaders/etc. are causing us to loose our tactile memory. That is memory and experience through feel.. i.e. feeling our way through hard copies of books and creating placement memory. Someone much smarter than I could probably explain the significance better but it does help give credence to the use of hard-copies of books...

Hey, just because you take a break doesn't mean it has to end. Most of my gaming group has taken a couple of years off here and there. I'm 42 and just now have my first child.So I'm having to take a break. The rest of the group have kids that are just now able to start gaming themselves, so it's a new day for them...

I had a DM/GM (this was for 3.0) rule based on what you rolled, not what your total was. If you rolled low, didn't matter if you passed the skill check, etc.

Right now I'm listening to Monday Night RAW...

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Can't we just agree you are all heretics at this point?

Okay, fine its because they keep out the rats.. really big rats...

The next poster knows what the red button is for!!!

My wife got me this for Christmas. I like it a lot. I had heard that the Force rules still needed a little work for the full release of the game later this spring... so there is no Force using character.. but to me it's the most promising version of the RPG yet... and I still have every version of the old WEG versions...

I'll say cautiously optimistic... I'm a little Star Wars-ed out... but FFG has a pretty good track record, as far as I'm concerned...

I'm moving to Texas this week... But I'm going for the "Sultan" myself...

The only good news is, if I keep reading stuff like this, I'll die of a heart attack long before 2014.

Jiggy wrote:
Pual wrote:
Whilst I am interested to see what 5e turns out like and I wish them well with it, do we really need yet another version of D&D?

Of course! Learning new rules is fun!

Or am I the only one who learns rules for fun?

Nope, not at all...

Well, I've been running 4th ed pretty regularly for the past few years. I, like others here have gotten into the habit of converting PF Adventure paths (specifically CC.) Recently, my group and I had decided to switch over to Pathfinder completely. Our first game is set for a week from today. Anyway, I'll be sticking with Pf for the foreseeable future, but it's not going to stop me from trying out the 5th Ed. Playtest. Who knows, I might get lucky and be pleasantly surprised.

What, this game is still going? Locke is banned for continuing this farce...

Sad, very sad...

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I would really prefer that Paizo put their efforts into anything but a book of Prestige Classes. I like the classes as they are. That being said I have no issue with them putting PrC in other material, I can't say I would buy a book of just PrC's.

idilippy wrote:

You don't need a book for that, the GMG has random tables for monsters based on location, and the excellent 3e Forgotten Realms DM screen has random tables for monsters of dungeon levels meant for characters from 1st-20th level. If you don't mind a little converting or replacing monsters from those tables you can use a random dungeon map generator combined with a roll of random monsters and have a fully random hack and slash completely non-ecology based dungeon in minutes.

For interesting Golarion based "dungeons" Lost Cities of Golarion hasa few that could each hold a campaign, and I believe a Dungeons of Golarion book is coming out soon. Also, I don't think hack and slash, kick in the door play is any less worthy of a game than the APs from Paizo, however I am glad that for the most part their APs stay far away from concentrating on this play style and offer more varied adventure opportunities.

Won't Dungeons of Golarion do that, at least a bit? derChronicles/v5748btpy8g78

TORG... so much fun. Another vote for Alternity. Teenagers from Outerspace was a great game to blow off steam. THe original Marvel Superheros FASRIP system...

Very mixed emotions about this.... leaning to nerd-rage for a thirty year+ comic collector.

Maddening fun.. can't wait...!

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Shouldn't this be titled, "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" ? Just sayin' is all...;)

Hero Games put out a great Celtic Setting book for Hero System 5th Ed.
called "Tuala Morn."

Fantastic book; you can get it in PDF. It is it's own setting but the back of the book has a huge list of Celtic Monsters with backgrounds and which Celtic nation they come from. Granted, you'd have to stat everyting yourself but again, the source material is great.

It's all DnD. I do tend to call 4th Ed, well, 4th Ed and Pathfinder DnD. I play in a game of each, each week. Though I do us GM and DM interchangeably.

niel wrote:

As far as I know, there are no seperate morale rules.

'Morale' is a type of bonus, like dodge, sacred, armor, or profane.
It is listed so that , when adding bonuses, you do not add two of the same type, which is prohibited except for dodge bonuses.

Cool, gotcha, thanks much!

Well, that tells me it is something to do with INT. Thanks, Aatea.

So example: p295 of the PCR says that Heroes' Feast give a +4 morale bonus against poisons and fear effects for 12 hours.

Ok, that I've got but what is Morale in Game Terms? Morale has something to do with Barbarians too, I guess...

LazarX wrote:
I'd look them up for you, but I'm too discouraged. :)

*chuckle* not the one I was looking for, but good answer;)

Dumb question...

Where are the morale rules? I've seen several references to it in the PCR but there is no entry in the index (I have the second printing.)

Yes, I'm probably staring right at them an just can't see^_^

Thanks for your help...

Does your husband work with him or work for him? You already said that you husband is ok with you just kicking him out or, as you said, not inviting him to the next game. Carrion Crown is very RP-centric (I'm running it now. on't ruin your fun and the rest of the group by letting this guy in.

Really, he seams happier to play his Nintindo DS (and he's how old..30..are you sure he's not 10?) Why ruin your fun?

Fully plan on picking these up, but how does this effect the Reaper Minis (if at all)?

So I'll assume it is todays blog announcement...

Very cool. Thank you, sir!

Today's (May 20th)Doonsbury said it best:

Not only do Tacos Rule, but they are totalitarian about it! Rise up! Over throw the Taco!!! Viva la Revolucion!!!

dmchucky69 wrote:
TheRedArmy wrote:

I agree with some of this, and disagree with some of it, honestly.

I agree with the stinky and the mooching - I get some McDonalds within walking distance before we start. As one of the few full-time workers in the group, I try not to.

However, I get calls from my g/f and she also texts me occasionally while we play, and it doesn't really disturb the group. I put my phone on silent when we start, and so I notice it but most others don't. I don't put the game on hold while I talk - I walk off into another room and let everyone continue. If it's combat, I pay enough attention so that when my turn comes I can swoop in and do my turn double-quick.

GMs can lie about dice rolls. Honestly, I fudge when I DM from time to time, both to make things interesting (if I'm rolling horribly for a fight I expected to be difficult, for example), and when a player would die when he really shouldn't (did everything right, and I just happen to roll a critical with that Scythe that was EXACTLY his HP - nah, just down to -7). I roll behind a screen for this very purpose.

Players should never lie about die rolls, though.

Honestly, yeah, if everybody is reasonable (sometimes that's a lot to ask of people), there should be no problem.

My tabletop group was RUINED by a player who received texts from his wife every 10 minutes or so. Then the Einstein had to share the jokes that she was sending him with the rest of the group. I tried to give him not so subtle hints that he was distracting the group, but he refused to take the hint. Finally, I told him that I would have to have him ask his wife to stop texting him unless it was an emergency.

He stopped answering my group emails or responding to calls when I would call him. He had also had a real problem with attendance (he only made about 30% of the games and when he was there, the phone was constantly ringing). Finally, I sent him an email a couple of months later that I was booting him from the group and he responded with a sarcastic email...

We had a similar experience a few years ago. A good friend's (actually a fraternity brother)wife decided that gaming was "stupid" and had decided to make it a point to interrupt our game by calling him at least 2-3 times each time we played- no, he wouldn't do anything about it. The group had been together for 10 years at this point, but she decide she didn't want him playing anymore. She apparently said this in front of my wife (who didn't play) and my other buddy's wife (who did.)Finally, it was my wife and my other buddy's wife that said something to her. My friend still "had" to drop out but it wasn't for a few months, and she was curiously quiet for that time...

I think it'd be a great thing to do. I'm sure they will have more on the Box at Paizo Con...

Jason Nelson wrote:

Heather Langenkamp

guest starred on
"18 Wheels of Justice"
Lucky Vanous

Had to ask my wife for this one:

Lucky Vanous was on "All My Children" with Susan Lucci...

Nice! I can get one for my god-son for his birthday! His parents won't like it but...hehe^_^

Dementrius wrote:

Do not EVER listen to Miley Cyrus doing a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Wow! Even the thought sound horrible.

Right now I'm listening to the half-time show on TNT for the Basketball play-offs. Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are making fun of each other and Ernie Johnson is just watching. Really I'm waiting for the Lakers/Mavs game...

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book (I'll probably write a full review.) The format is similar to the previous Essentials but does work for AEDU style too. I like how they seem to be tying a Players Options book to a Boxed set... in this case BoS with the forth coming box--:The Shadowfell:Gloomwrought and Beyond."

Dear Mr. Whedon,

Why does my dog keep eating grass? His appetite is fine and he doesn't get sick.... I just don't get it...

Also, would you apologize for actually using terms like "Whedon-verse" ?
I mean, really?

Lorm Dragonheart wrote:
Champions had a lot of adventures for 1st-3rd ed.(remember 1st-3rd was just the first three books) 4th also had adventures. As far as I know, Hero has not released in book form any adventures for 5th or 6th ed.

There is "Foxbat for President"


Shades of Black

both in Book and PDF form. But they are both for 5th Ed. Still easy to convert.

MisterSlanky wrote:
Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
Remember the fate of Charles I!

...Poor King Charles laid his head on the block - January 1649 -

Down came the axe, and in the silence that followed
The only sound that could be heard was the solitary giggle, of

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England
Born in 1599 and died in 1658 (September)...

Python... very nice;)

I for one am just tired of hearing about the wedding...

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