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*Asks to hear all of IHIYC and LSoY-S's definitions again. Proposes yet another which somehow has nothing to do with any of them.*

Are you sure about that?

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Asks Cthulwho? to repeat all of that


Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Good job. I feel delightfully properly mansplained.

Well, actually...

And off he blunders... for now.


Wait, there's popcorn?

*Steps on Darth Terrigan, oblivious to his presence, as he pokes around looking for someone to explain what's going on*



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There's a Whig in this election?

Raining down in pieces, not all of which are burned. Slowly- almost as slowly as his brain works- the Troll begins to stir.

Blunders across the previous series of posts, constructing a reply that somehow links vegans, corn smut, and banhammers to the absurd price of movie theater popcorn, all in the form of one particularly stupid question.

Asks, at length, for explanations of what is meant by "ageism,""Mimesplaining," and then clumsily or maliciously, who can say, asks for clarification on several group-referencing three-letter acronyms he may or may not already know the meaning of.

Waffles?! WHERE?!

Clicks the link, doesn't get it, shares it elsewhere, polluting other threads in his search for an explanation.

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Still confused, decides to just blindly support Sissyl without bothering to read anything being addressed.

Oh, is this still going on? I'm not sure I understand...

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Mogloth wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
I bet someone gets amnesia. :-)
Wait. What?

That's my line!

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Heeeeeeey, a snack can!

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But why?

"What do you mean, 'social justice warrior'?"

I'm not sure I understood that last part- could you go over it again?

"Huh? Explain."

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"Wait, what?"

*demands detailed recap of entire thread thus far.*