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Elder Mythos Cultist can too

1) She could totally underestimate the importance of subtlety and strategy. She could tend to "bullrush" at enemies simply because she's powerful. (I'm way stronger than those goons, there's no need to complicate things.)

2) She could be very stubborn refusing even his allies advices if he believe it's ideas are better. (ehi, it always worked for me!)

3) She could be slow to cope with reality when things finally go south, falling in confusion. (What....? This can't be true...)

Nature fang has the advantage of get a bonus from Studied Target on his class abilities DCs, i guess it also applies to druid spells.
The ranged part of a Nature Fang druid could be his spells and not his bow to avoid some overlap with your ranger.

Talonhawke wrote:
I think we need the CRB "Corgi rules Book."

I smell a possible 1 April free download goodie

By class design decision, generally multiclassing in pathfinder is suboptimal, with 100% martial classes (monk, fighter...) being more lenient on it.
That said, Eldritch Scion magus archetype could help with your character concept, mixing Magus and Sorcerer and diminishing MAD (Cha casting, not Int).
Eldritch Heritage feat tree could also help you with what you want to nab from sorceror, except spellcasting (that you'd lose aniway multiclassing).

Catfolks also have luck related racials (cat's luck), feat (Black cat) and high level spell (Nine lives, cler/orac/witch).
An half-orc with racial heritage can also "steal" the last 2 of those.

4) Fast cards - Player handles what he summons aiding himself with fast cards he created outside game-time. Each fast card has stats for HP, CA, Saves, Movement speeds, Attacks and special abilities of a single creature. If game gets slowed down because of summons, a cap on max number of creature summoned at the same time may apply (GM discretion).

Jurassic Pratt wrote:
Nymor wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
First bit of advice is that these two archetypes don't legally stack
Yes they do. There's nothing changed by both.
ChessPwn is actually right. Both archetypes alter Magus Arcana even though Hexcrafter doesn't explicitly say it. Blade Bound replaces the arcana gained at 3rd level and Hexcrafter adds a new Arcana to the list of ones you can take while also allowing you to take hexes in place of them.

Hex Arcana does not modify nor replace Magus Arcana. It's simply another feature giving you broader OPTIONS that you are not compelled to use on a specified level.

"All other class features of the base class that aren’t mentioned among the alternate class features remain unchanged and are acquired normally when the character reaches the appropriate level, unless noted otherwise." and magus arcana is never mentioned as modified.

From the rules on archetype stacking faqed on qinggong monk but valid for any archetype about optional trades:
"Can a qinggong monk take a second archetype if the character doesn’t swap out abilities the second archetype requires?

Yes. However, the other archetype takes priority over the various abilities granted at each level, and the character can’t delay taking an ability that the other archetype replaces—he must allow the second archetype to replace the standard ability at the standard class level."

Chess Pwn wrote:
First bit of advice is that these two archetypes don't legally stack

Yes they do. There's nothing changed by both.

Davor wrote:

The reason people don't get excited about Terrakineticist is because, in a fair number of situations, it actively nerfs you.

Odds are, if you're attuned to an environment, the beings of that environment are specifically adapated to resist it. Out in the tundra? Your cold blasts will likely be meeting a lot of cold resistance. Volcano or Plane of Fire? Fire resist and immunity for days.

It's a really cool archetype, but requires careful playing around to be effective in any situation.

That's surely true for energy blasts, but not for physical ones. The only element to draw the short stick in this situation is fire, but it is the only one that can work around resistances. With careful planning, it can only suffer against non fire-subtype enemies with a natural immunity to fire.

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Any idea about how does it interact with Greater elemental whispers (Horror Adventures pg. 57)?

"You gain your choice of a wysp or Small elemental of your primary element as an improved familiar, without needing to meet any of the usual prerequisites for gaining such a familiar."

Does the familiar chance subtype along with its master's element?

Is the familiar fixed to the element of the day it was summoned for the first time?

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From Greater Elemental Whispers (Horror Adventures pg. 57):
"You gain your choice of a wysp or Small elemental of your primary element as an improved familiar, without needing to meet any of the usual prerequisites for gaining such a familiar."

What does it means for a Terrakineticist that has a variable primary element?

Does the familiar chance subtype along with its master's element?

Does the familiar is fixed to the element of the day it was summoned for the first time?

Possible ideas:
- Use it to kill a number or evil outsiders (and maybe trade some of its enchants for Holy or Bane (evil outsiders) )
- Use it to deal X total nonlethal damage to nongood creatures (and maybe trade some of its enchants for Merciful)
- Wield it while repeatedly casting [good] or healing spells, to expose it to the upper planes energies slowly cleansing it (maybe trade some of its enchants for Conductive?)

Better yet, your players could choose for themselves which task to undertake (probably more than one of those is needed) and tailor their new sentient sword powers upon their tastes.

You could even divide the tasks in "tiers" so that they need to complete some low tier task/power before trying for a difficult one (like killing evil outsiders).

Sacred Fist Warpriest, the more different resource points to manage, the better :D

I would also check mesmerist, the class has many tricks to bluff, sneak or disguise your way into social acceptance. It's may more debuff focused than bard.

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Don't forget the Elohim from Bestiary 4, its concept is 100% genesis/worlds creation inspired

I don't know very well the organizations, but i'd like to point you to the Kirin Style talent tree :D you receive bonuses thanks to your knowledge about your enemy! I don't know how is it from a power point of view, but it's really nice "fluff"

What about an Alchemist with Preservationist archetype? You can also add Vivisectionist if you'd rather have sneak attack in place of bombs.

Int caster, so can be a VERY rational thinker.

Both Wish spells and Tomes give inherent bonus, so they shouldn't stack, and this bonus' cap is +5 (not +12 as you considered). Except for this, very interesting post :)

- About the "magic classes in a nonmagical world":
You said that everybody will have to learn magic from scratch. How about restricting also obtainable magic from your PCs? I'd say "no more than X (2? 3?) spell levels will be avaible for the first campaign." Paladins, rangers and maibe even 6th spell level half casters will still be played. From story's point of view, full casters could be shut indoor all together trying to develop again what little arcane/divine knowledge they can remember or "retroengineer" for others from themselves. The second campaign could unlock other 2-3 spell levels and so on. To gain again 8th-9th level spells could be a world changing event and it also gives back a way to come back home...if they still want to.

- Here it is a really good manga with "starting again from scratch" theme: http://www.mangahere.co/manga/jisatsutou/

Naturalist summoner swaps summon monster for a subset of summon natural ally

Catfolks can do it with a racial weapon http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/weapons/weapon-descriptions/claw- blades

With these, you could also gain additional attacks from TWF feats

I think this should be moved in houserules

Shub-Niggurath's cousin Al wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
I think an Investigator would be perfect for this.
I really like the investigator, but I have a hard time understanding how a construct could chug an extract.

Magic oils ;)

For praticity's sake i'd suggest to conform the guide to the "usual" color code used in about 90% of the others

Can i add HALLUCINOGEN toad?

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Here it is a new one about the Investigator, just found on the forum:
http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2rl8v?Being-Sherlock-Holmes-A-Gentlemans-Guide- to

maibe not half orc/half demon, but you could be a tiefling (half human/half demon)

You could use a Broken Soul (Bestiary 4, pag 24) npc, it could be a previous victim of slenderman, now working with him under coercition/after becoming crazy. If done nicely, it could spook your party with in character discussions about if it's better to try to kill him/her or try to save him/her. This can be done from really low levels and gives you the broader personalization possible if you have the right character in mind.

Dark folks of any kind (for example Dark Caller, Bestiary 4, pag 42) could be of use.

I second kikidmonkey's suggestion about evil feys.

Hungry Flesh (B4, pag 152) is low level and between upsetting and disgusting!

On a second thought, bestiary 4 has a lot of creepy/evil themed monsters :p

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Here it is a new guide for Warpriest! http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2ri77?Warpriest-guide-Fight-for-your-god
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fAITTzF0hu2mCB-_5vSJGw697JGdSXIOWy9VMp5 wyzY/pub

Please remove Improved Unarmed Strike from Sacred fist's feat selection. It gains it for free at level 1.

Very nice guide, i enjoyed it :D

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I like really much Akroma from Magic the Gathering: A really powerful mage has his woman killed before him in battle, goes partially nuts and subconsciously recreates an idealized (and angelic...no, really, wings and all) version of her to always be with him.

Claxon wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
OTOH it would be a bit odd for Power Attack to work differently for the warpriest depending on when he took it (normal feat or bonus feat), which is one reason an official ruling might go against me. :)

Personally this is the reason I'm inclined to say no. The complexity of having some feats function differently for you because you took them with your bonus combat feats rather than your regular feats would be extremely confusing to players, and highly irregualr compared to how it works for every other class I can think of. It's too far out of the norm for me to accept that it is the intention without it be clarified to be more explicit (if that is there intention).

I strongly feel that if this is ever directly addressed by the Dev team it is unlikely to function that way.

Isn't monk's two weapon fighting (a.k.a. Flurry of blows) just what you're describing? (a talent -even if a fixed one- that makes you perform as if your bab is = to your class level)

If a warpriest takes Critical Versatility using one of his "special bonus feats", can he choose which feats to "copy" with his class level as both bab and fighter level?

For example, if a warpriest takes both critical versatility and tiring critical with his bonus feats, can he copy exhausting critical at level 15?

Can we have an official answer please? I just found this http://paizo.com/paizo/faq/v5748nruor1fm#v5748eaic9qto and it seems to say the opposite, Scavion

Don't forget to talk about the Beast-bonded WitchArchetype: it can give feats to his familiar and until he or his pet is alive, the other one is functionally immortal

REALLY bump for FAQ...it's as much confusing as it can be!

Reading Base Attack Bonus definition from srd:

A base attack bonus is an attack roll bonus derived from character class and level or creature type and Hit Dice (or combination's thereof). Base attack bonuses increase at different rates for different character classes and creature types. A second attack is gained when a base attack bonus reaches +6, a third with a base attack bonus of +11 or higher, and a fourth with a base attack bonus of +16 or higher. Base attack bonuses gained from different sources, such as when a character is a multiclass character, stack.

I'd say the BAB is simply the first number, that every 6 points gives you an additional attack (not an additional bab)

From Warpriest:
Bonus Feats: At 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter, a warpriest gains a bonus feat in addition to those gained from normal advancement. These bonus feats must be selected from those listed as combat feats. The warpriest must meet the prerequisites for these feats, but he treats his warpriest level as his base attack bonus for these feats (in addition to base attack bonuses gained from other classes and racial Hit Dice). Finally, for the purposes of these feats, the warpriest can select feats that have a minimum number of fighter levels as a prerequisite, treating his warpriest level as his fighter level.

From Staggering Critical:
Benefit: Whenever you score a critical hit, your opponent becomes staggered for 1d4+1 rounds. A successful Fortitude save reduces the duration to 1 round. The DC of this Fortitude save is equal to 10 + your base attack bonus. The effects of this feat do not stack. Additional hits instead add to the duration.

Is it safe to assume that a warpriest can use his class level to calculate Staggering's DC? The bonus feat description says exactly "he treats his warpriest level as his base attack bonus for these feats"

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From extra rogue talent: "Prerequisite: Rogue talent class feature."

One of slayer's options for "Slayer talents" is called exactly "Rogue talent".

If a slayer take a Rogue talent (it has a restricted list of rogue choices), can he take the feat "Extra rogue talent" and choose from rogue's full list?

I'd guess yes, but i'm not 100% sure because it's a class feature (rogue talent) vs a subset (rogue talent) of a class feature (slayer talent)

Xavram5 wrote:

Ah, okay, so his gear is gone, which is a big deal.

I was thinking, "Wow, he'll use this every time there's a big fight that will be melee heavy, 6 more AC, weapon does more damage, etc, etc". Thanks for clarifying this, now its not so overwhelming!

If you want a polymorph that let you retain your equipment, there are already the giant, undead and monstrous humanoid ones

You could even be a summoner and "shape" your eidolon to be as close to a t-rex as it can. This could give you more space for customization

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Dark Immortal wrote:
With that logic then the any cleric PC or necromancer PC has a higher cr under those conditions and skews the relative difficulty.

Player characters invest a portion of their wealth for raising, but the same gold could be used to buy better equipment. Thank to this the cr should be more or less the same.

Yes, but from the spell itself there are 2 examples out of 3 regarding templated creatures, so it's confusing at best

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Can we have an official answer on this spell? Can it allow shapes with templates or not? If yes, even non humanoid but humanoid shaped monsters like many outsiders?

Thank you very much :)

If i remember well, the 3 Kirin stile feats are appliable to ranged attacks.
Many talents like Clustered Shots and Snap Shot are ranged attack only or even bow only.

If you have access to polymorph school spells, you can polymorph in a tiny monstrous humanoid or undead, take a big bonus to your to hit, ac and ref and still do normal damage (ranged weapons come back to their normal dimensions after being shooted)

What about abilities with intelligent as prereq? Spellcasting?

Can we have an official answer for this? Pretty please? =P

Can anyone confirm the 1)?

Just give a wand to a party member with UMD or the spell on his class spellist

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