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Sunday PFS at All About Games GM Supplies

(16 items)

This is a list of items I plan to procure for the Sunday Pathfinder Society at All About Games (Overland) sessions. The hope is, through player donations, to acquire a full set of hardback copies of the PFS rulebooks, as well as a selection of maps, game aids, and relevant softcover books.

Players and GMs who wish to purchase books or game aids outright for the GM library can do so either at All About Games or through this wishlist. If you buy the book for GMs to use at a store instead of from this online wishlist, please contact me so that I know a copy of the item in question has been procured, and can update my notes as appropriate.

Giantslayer 5E GO!

(7 items)


Best of the Akiton Thread

(44 items)

What it says on the tin: the best, most useful bits from the Totally Awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea Thread. Game rules, NPCs, critters, cities, vehicles, and more, plus fluffy bits on same.

Organized as follows:

NPCs (by CR)
Critters (by CR)
Optional Rules
Campaign Outline

PFS Scenarios to Get

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