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Add me to the pile of 'I agree it is ambiguous', and also am OK with it being used.

I think it's worth an errata/FAQ.

Thanks GM! Sheet looks good - no changes for me.

Boon 1d20 ⇒ 8

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It would be awesome to see this replayable!

Dot and delete does trigger the process yes :)

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Chat with the local Venture Officer.

Online reviews of people and GM's are just a really weak way of making a complaint - the GM doesn't get to make any rebuttal, and that review sticks around forever - and it's all based on your subjective opinion based on a couple of hours of interaction at best.

I wouldn't support any system that put my GMs into a 'Yelp for gaming'.

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Bob Jonquet wrote:

You have to consider that GMs at conventions are likely earning many more AcP than a local gameday because they are running multiple sessions in a short period of time.

And yet you don’t apply that logic to ‘premier’ events, seems like massive hypocrisy to run a line “but at a con you can gm more” on one hand and then advocate the exact opposite viewpoint for a select group.

Once again, it’s another US centric ‘big con’ self serving pay on the back for you guys, just like the 5 nova rubric debacle.

Seriously testing the patience and understanding of the international audience.

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"Complete 3 observation games in the presence of a venturecaptain"

Cool - at about $1000 a go that is really not that awesome.

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Tonya Woldridge wrote:

Yujiro, our venture-lieutenant in Japan, is taking point on this adventure. The link to the event is here and has a contact email so you can get all your questions answered.

I clicked the links to their Website and although I have absolutely no idea what I am looking at, the LARP page looks wild - I'd rock up to that just to behold the spectacle.

It's so cool to see what people do around the world with the hobby.

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Reading all this makes me happy I am in Australia and attending conventions where this loose behaviour is quite rare, and when it does get questionable it gets handled quickly.

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I'd ask for feedback of my item Goblin Wolf Whistle but the day I posted it was the day my PC was crashing out and I never got a saved copy... as it was the thing got eaten and I had to quickly mock it back up and submit the item on the fly (and the submitted article was not as hot as it shoulda been!)


if you have the Goblin Wolf Whistle handy I'd love a short 'we didn't like XYZ"


Sigurd wrote:

The first might initiate a grapple but the remaining orcs are more likely to find Orc than Rogue. I think you end up with too many grapplers contributing chaos not grapple.

Sure, to some degree that is correct, however the weight of the pile is what ends up keeping you locked down - more bodies, more weight, and more hands to shove you down as you try move and escape:

Angry Orcs!

Makes little sense that you are breaking off against just one guy and manage to escape from being pulled down into that.
Worse, you can ignore breaking free - just kill the main grappler and even if they ALL aid another that round to prevent you breaking free you can walk out no worries.