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Cruise ship mayhem


Playing this the week after getting off an actual cruise ship that did a Halloween cruise was a great experience, and the author really nailed the 'vibe'- especially of what would go wrong if...everything went spectacularly wrong.

Combats were interesting
The initial investigation was well put together.
The subsequent 'second half' on the Revelry was very good.

only downside - spoilers:

It never occurred to us to loot the personal items of the dead, as ultimately why would you take someones items when you were off to see if you could rescue them - there was little foreshadowing that they would be needed, and it sort of rewarded the 'I loot EVERYTHING' crowd at the expense of those who refrain from blatant (expected) grave robbing

A solid ghost story that lends itself to a bit of space-horror that would reward GMs who like to prep, and I hope we see more of this stuff in the Society.

Good map - odd scale.


Those streets and lanes are about half the width they probably should be - the average lane is about 12' wide, yet these are only 5' wide - I assume in the future people must be riding Vespas.

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Calling Tarantino.


I write this review after playing (only) - but I would love to GM this at some point.

Prep - There is a LOT going on in this scenario and it is clearly setting the stage for next season. It draws on plenty of lore, and those who have experienced past seasons will bump into some familiar faces - so this scenario is one that should be read through carefully, it would not be one you could 'cuff'

Run time - this ran long. There is so much tasty RP opportunity in this that you will run to an easy 4 hours-ish, longer if you go full Tarantino/Guy Ritchie (It's beautiful, beautiful cinema).

Combat - The combats were certainly interesting and seemed quite reasonable.

Non-combat - Plenty of 'shine' opportunity for social butterflies, as well as your cloak and dagger people.

Summary - I liked this a lot, and if this is the tone of Season 6 I look forward to this season in a big way.

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Some sleuthing, some dungeon crawling


This was an enjoyable and fairly straightforward scenario.

There is a bit of a funky mechanic involving an NPC and GMs should read this carefully to understand how it should play out, but then the rest of the scenario is fairly traditional.

The combats were pretty reasonable, and the use of traps (and in logical places) made this feel akin to a classic (small) dungeon crawl.

In the end the player ended up with a lot more questions than answers and I am hoping this is just setting the stage for a sequel.

Run time was a comfy 2.5 hours.

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Another 'Starfinder gone bad' scenario (is this organisation truly that inept?) and the content warning is well deserved.

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A fitting sequel


This scenario has plenty of options for fun roleplay, some interesting combat, a fun 'whodunnit', and then swaps in for some mech combat.

It was fun to see a designer do something a little bit fresh and not just run what is now becoming formulaic 'social combat', but instead get the players themselves having to think and come up with what they think happened and how they feel about that.

The mech combat was nice to see, but this is where we bogged a bit as the rules are not really well understood although the cheat sheets really helped.

It took us about 5 hours when we normally take about 3.5 hours per scenario, so it may run long.

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Too hard to review without spoilers...but...

Hard to run 'on the fly', you'll need to read it, then read it again.

I produced a simple schematic of the ship to aid understanding.

The mechanical parts can be a bit janky, and people can get hung up on self inflicted red herrings.


With that said, excellent and unique adventure - totally recommend.

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If this was the pilot then I want the whole series!


A great change of pace from yet-another-skitter adventure.

This was a relatively short and snappy adventure with a memorable enemy and likable pre-gen characters.

From a GM perspective, it was a pretty easy to follow adventure and the encounters felt 'about right', and was easy to keep the thing going at an 'action movie' pace without having any funky mechanics or other issues to make it bog down.

The players all appeared to have fun, and the pregens had enough hooks in their backstories people were able to read through and get straight into it without any 'what is my motivation?' issues. The players quite liked the characters and they even kept the copies of the sheets I had printed out as souvenirs.

I hope to see the Starfinder Four again in upcoming releases.

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A giant epic


Haven't had this much fun with giants since G1-3 in 1984.

My experience of this one was as a player, and I look forward to running it some time soon.

As a player, there were good roleplay opportunities, some decent problem-solving activities (where it felt everyone had something to contribute), and some solid combats where the opposition packs a punch and present credible threats to a party.

I find that Jess always provides the GM with an interesting and memorable scenario with some great ideas, and enough weight to them that you can really show off your GM chops.

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Oh what a tale!


...if only we could tell.

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A dungeon crawl with a moral quandary


*GM perspective

Enjoyed this one. A 'dungeon crawl' that manages to put a bit of tragedy and a moral quandary in. I like the fact that Jessica has once again given us a scenario where the players may have to make some actual choices that have a bit of gravitas about them.

The scenario proposition is fairly straightforward, Take X person to do Y thing, but when you get there Y thing occurs, but you also have Z to contemplate.

The NPC's are fun, there is enough to work with as a GM, and you can really play up some of the 'ick' where required, or tug some serious heartstrings if required.

Combats are pretty reasonable, and the boss encounter has enough punch to actually trouble the party with.

I'll be looking out for more of Jessica's scenarios in future!

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There's a lot going on here!


(Player perspective)

The premise was very interesting (pretty much what the description says on the synopsis) and there's a fair bit of player interest that can be built around what will happen when the climax occurs - will it be a light show? Will Cthulhu come out of a portal and devour the universe? Don't know 0 but we will be ringside when it happens!

The scenario was a 'diplomancer' heavy scenario where you are ultimately in the game of building new friendships with a range of stakeholders, but there are options other than just making Diplomacy checks, so everyone can contribute.

Playing a Morlamaw my only disappointment was that all the action seemed to happen above the waves, despite those great attractive expanses of water, and the whole time I had to resist the urge of deciding to swim off and look beneath the waves around the area the game takes place in. With that said, it is a sign of how invested you can get as a player as you come across some of the history and mystery of the place.

From the outside looking in, it appears the GM has a fair bit of work to do in reading this one and making sure they understand not only the features of the map, but also the NPC's, their motivations, and how they are supposed to play out.

It'd be worth putting on a bit of background music featuring rough seas and storm to remind the players they aren't just down the beach.

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Solidly written


Full credit to the writer.

A well put together scenario with some of the better 'social encounter' dynamics seen in a scenario, and NPCs you can actually feel invested in. They are three dimensional and they 'made sense'.

Really worthwhile.

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A trip to Season 5 PFS (in space)


This scenario is an interesting piece that was really reminiscent of season 5 PFS (Demon).

I found the story to be interesting and engaging, and there was enough 'meat' and atmospherics for a GM to work with and deliver a nice little lite-horror gaming.

There was a good level of compromise in the 'the environment is the enemy' and I found that a refreshing change from how it seems to normally pop up as an arbitrary resource spend to recover from being pointlessly pounded - in fact, I specifically came here to make a post to THANK the writer (THANKS TWICE!) for having thought the players may have brought not only vehicles but enough to fit the party. It was a welcome and refreshing change to assuming players always walked everywhere.

Anyhow, this scenario seemed to have a fair bit of good lore in it and I think it would make part of an interesting ongoing storyline - I'm hoping that this isn't the whole story and we get an arc out of this.

Thanks again for delivering a bit of 'horror' themed Starfinder, please can we have some more?

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If you 'Yolo', you die.


Good idea, some interesting puzzles to solve, could have been a gem.

This had the basis of a good scenario, and the players got right into the fun of trying to do the 'break-out' piece, but there were a few overly enthusiastic types that may have been overkeen, triggering a bit too much at once.

The combats are quite tough, and the party got rag-dolled several times by encounters that were 'a bit rough'.

Overall I thought this was going to be a bit more Shadowrun/Cyberpunk rather than an 'escape room with really angry office furniture'.

We enjoyed it, we had fun, but I can see how easily people could come to grief in this scenario.

End encounter tactics didn't really make sense, so GMs will have to ponder that a bit.

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Another gem


I think most of the reviews thus far have already shed a light on what this scenario is about, and my take on it was that I was completely delighted when prepping this gem.

Bring your big kid pants:
I loved this thing - it was terrific, and it had just the right level of foreboding and terror that I liked. Prior to running this I would recommend that the GM thinks back to slasher horror flicks and remembers to load this thing with mean and menace. As BNW says, this thing should have some lead in clues that things are not what they appear - and although they aren't explicitly box text'd, as a GM you can lay a few breadcrumbs - I threw a few to the party (eg a missed skillchceck to ID it, even though the number was pretty good for tier, and then the first time someone got hit...) but the connections were made after a few people decided to give Jason Voorhees their best crack.

There was a certain level of delight as a GM when the first player had the penny drop and realise what the deal was, and then it was a trepidation filled voyage of discovery with heavy and menacing atmosphere.

For those of us who used to love running horror genre games (especially Call of Cthulhu) this was just a tender morsel to chew upon with delight.

Prep it, think about what you want the horror level to be, amp up the menace, and really let this thing deliver. You don't have to rush in and massacre the party, delight in roasting them slowly - delight in them watching every shadow, hoping that Freddy doesn't come back.

This was a love letter from Tom Phillips, and I will look for more.

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The more you prep and read, the better this becomes


This scenario was easy to follow, but as a GM it really pays to prep by having a solid read and paying attention to the way the whole thing comes together.

It's a bit of a mystery/whodunnit type caper and it plays well to the sort of group who are keen to gather information and get to the bottom of what has taken place.

This offers a 'first contact' adventure with some fun twists, and some interesting combats (that don't feel bolted on).

Thanks to the author for coming up with a fresh bit of content that was tasty and fun!

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Total crowd pleaser


An excellent scenario that was well written and have enough material and 'meat' for a GM to really work with and create a memorable scenario for their players.

Honestly, if you had the leisure of some lead time (I was prepping for Halloween) you could really go to town on this one and turn the scenario into a heck of an event.
Take the time to really prep this to achieve full effect - totally worth it.

I also appreciated that this scenario can be played as as a bit campy or played for real horror.

I'd happily run this one again and again, and it would have to be a top 5 scenario for my list.

BYO Pumpkin.

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More Science-Fantasy


This scenario was another S6 gem in the science fantasy theme.

It seemed quite short, and I can't see it running long at a table.

The NPC's were quite unusual and the storyline was refreshingly different - the main BBEG having a clear and understandable motivation that made sense and lent credibility to the encounters, and set the stage for a fun finale that gave more options than simply stand and bash.

To be honest I am still getting my head around the tech in game, but for those right into their gadgets, lasers, and tech weapons - you will have a blast (literally!)

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fast and furious!


This was a great follow on from Part 1, and had a lot of interesting and novel encounters and experiences. The party I ran this for thoroughly enjoyed it.

I agree with the others that it was short, and we ran it back to back with Part 1 - it took about 2 hours in its own right as the party was pretty much able to just pick up and go once the first session was finished without any delays.

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Slick and entertaining


*I have only played this scenario.

From a players perspective, this scenario felt well polished and well produced.

There were a variety of activities, from social interactions (that involved more than 'Dice down and Diplomacy check it') to use of survival and knowledge skills, and onwards to combat.

I liked some of the extra mechanics in play that suggest your party really keeps moving, and yes I felt we were up against the clock - which in my mind is a long overdue concept - the bad guys aren't playing tiddlywinks waiting for you... you snooze you lose - literally.

A great start that had me eagerly awaiting Part 2 and the unfolding of the storyline.

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Interesting ideas


Wasn't sure what to expect with Season 6, and was happy that this balanced out 'tech' and 'fantasy'. Overall a pretty routine scenario with a few new tech additions, was fun enough and worth picking up.

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Great if you'd been at it since S3.


The comments above are quite accurate in that even with players who were paying attention and (mostly) getting things done in a timely fashion, the scenario was loooooong. You couldn't do it at a normal con slot (at least in 10-11 where we were).

Now to the good news.

The guys that finished this were a group that started all the way back in the Blackros Museum and had been following the story arc here through S3 , S4, and the events of S5 through a cherry picked story arc.
For those veteran players they had the joy of watching about 10 or more scenarios small details and story arcs all unfold with a final defining encounter and that epic feeling of what can be summed up as a campaign style game in the truest sense of the word.

For other players I can see getting to the end being met with a 'what was all THAT about?' and a sense of bewilderment with what appear to be a lot of random features.

So for the capstone to an amazing chain of scenarios I can only say its a thriller and a total barn-burner.

I can see where the low review might be coming from though.

There is a lot going on in this scenario, and not one you can just pick up and run. Likewise without a lot of prep a GM will find themselves effectively playing librarian looking up a bajillion different things whilst fielding way too many NPC's and spell effects simultaneously. Not fun. I'd recommend a second GM to play some of the NPC's. It was really hard work to run and fried my mind.

Really really happy though and thrilled to have delivered this for my players, but wouldn't run it again for love nor money.

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Leave the gun, take the canoli.


A mixed bag.

The adventure was well put together, it was fun, it had a good range of encounters and gave the feeling of continuously being stuck in a horrible place with us being eroded away slowly.

From a story perspective, and encounter perspective, it was fresh and interesting and I thought the whole thing fit together very well.

The initial encounter could very easily turn into a TPK, if not making an early night for at least one or two players, this might cause a degree of upset, and I thought (personally) it was a bit harsh.

We were playing up (with a 4 pers adjust) and as a Pre-gen Valeros (L7) there was really no way to contribute to this adventure other than to simply absorb damage while the rest of the party did the heavy lifting, and our Cleric (also L7 pregen) didn't last the first attack. So my message there would be to simply abstain from a pre-gen if playing the 10-11 tier as it wont be productive in any of the encounters - you just wont have the chops.

Overall though, I did like this scenario, I had a great time with a fun crew and would rate the experience well - I just had to take a star back because of the opener and the arbitrary curb-stomp it opens with.

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