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They aren't my questions, I care less for dragons. I just gave a tip to Dragon78 and the others that crave for more dragon fluff.

Maybe they could even start a blog after bestiary 6 is out, with every week another fluff story on the paizo blog about a dragon. If so many people want more fluff for dragons. (And some other creatures) Just a thought though.

Giving a little background info on the dragons isn't that too much different than the questions I see in the Question topic. They can atleast try, maybe somebody answers, just like they answered to my Karkadann vs Smilodon question in an awesome way. Asking for 4 pages for each of the 5 dragons isn't gonna work, they already know the answer to that. No.

Well i'm sure he's not gonna give fluff on the dragons before the book is even out, so they have to wait for the book to come out before asking the questions I suppose.

I don't ask such questions, I make up my own fluff.

I don't understand you guys, just ask JJ in his question topic if he's (or any other creator) is willing to share some more fluff on these dragons, i'm sure they will.

Skull Rippers are very unique in a lot of ways and very useful in a hardcover bestiary. It also is very nostalgic as it was one of the earlier pathfinder monsters. I don't understand what is so plot-based about a scorpion made from skulls, then every creature must be somewhat plot-based. I can see why some (like Havaro) unique-creatures are plot-based, but not the regular monsters.

Only 2 new monsters? (I don't really count the golden horse as monster)

Can somebody tell me anything about the Rabisu? What does it look like for a start? And what is its story?

So people now own it? Monsters list if you pleaseeeee!

Skeld wrote:

I hope the creatures from the Crimson throne hardcover bestiary are included in B6.


Can you name them? I don't own that book! Thanks

Milo v3 wrote:
Nightterror wrote:
I can't imagen if they again didn't include the Yara-Ma-Yha-Who. It is too unique to bite the dust.
Even Chronicles of Darkness got around to making Yara-Ma-Wha-Who's, and they're horrible when it comes to providing monster content.

What is Chronicles of Darkness? Can you link me? I can't find much about it?

I can't imagen if they again didn't include the Yara-Ma-Yha-Who. It is too unique to bite the dust.

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What Are the new monsters in this?

Some games like Diablo and everything other from Blizzard hype up their games YEARS before the game comes out, so I would really love to see some extra info on bestiary 6 as well to get hyped up until release.

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I hope they start soon with this show Liz had for us last time. The black pictures that go against each other in a race to the finish and the winner gets its stats reveiled. I hope this time more creatures participate in it so it takes longer.

I'm sure someone out there can replace Liz in this? Or do they have to wait till the Preorders? I hope not, it doesn't make any sense, this game/show should be long before that.

I just hope I see Kamaitachi, Empusa, Batibat and A Bao A Qu in this one, those are among my eldest wishes, so if I understand Adam, those are the ones with the most chance to appear.

Most of the time it weren't even his questions but from others, he just collected and remembered all the info JJ leaked...

Never mind, these are from 2016, not 2017. I havn't seen any of these artworks so I was confused.

They really need to use Procoptodon the giant kangaroo in this beatiary, the only megafauna I really still need. Most others will be just different sized monsters that are already in the book somewhere.

Asag is a demon, but in pathfinder it could also be a Div.

I wouldn't care less if no demons and devils are present, but there are still a couple Demons from mythology that deserve a chance. But i'm kinda sick of the red demons with bat wings, those we have more than enough.

Just like multi-headed dragons, 2 would have been enough.

I hope this bestiary becomes legendary and is the first bestiary that doesn't have the forced 5 dragons in it. Instead it just has a lot of unique dragons (not multi-headed, that is already done to death) in it.

I hope there will be more normal monsters again, and less deities and such unique things.

Selfish, if you don't have enough money you can buy the product later.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

Lol is that the only freaking news we are getting from the bestiary? Moved to november2017 is the next message

Ithink they will do that quiz again, but a week before release (for pre-releases) so Dragon78 already knows which monsters are there because he already owns the book.

They should start early januari with that lizz-without-lizz quiz.

I wanna see obscure mythology monsters unleased, Buggane, Abaia, Karkadann, Mngwa, Papinijuwana (or the meteor cyclops) and some others.

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That is why I never like the pathfinder dragons, they are just the same with some different abilities and colores.

I really liked the bestiary 2 dragons though, really awesome!

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Nighthorror888 wrote:
Honestly, I really hope the new dragons look radically different from each outer. It made sense with the imperial dragons, but the Occult and Outer dragons just being reskins is frustrating when there is so much potential there.

I agree, they were so much alike...

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Pure love, that is what we need in bestiary 6

Can anyone spoil to me all the artworks in this book? What monsters have artwork in this book? (so don't the bestiary, just the other artwork in this book, so heroes fighting against alraune maybe? or the Bandersnatch?) Which monsters have artwork?

Thanks for sharing.

I love Advanced Bestiary, too bad it didn't help one bit, as there are still templates in the bestiaries, which I actually hoped would never appeared again after the Advanced Bestiary, I kinda hoped Paizo would create their own book about templates, so I have less instant skip pages.

Dragon78 wrote:
There are many possibilities in this setting if you use your imagination.

Like Saltwater Drakes, Field Nymphs and Flowerhill Giants? Please...

I didn't bought third party products eighter, but Kobold Press is really good and I will buy all their large bestiaries.

Why are Destrachan (underground creature) at war with the Xill which live on the Ethereal plane?

What is the story behind this war and hate? And what chance does a 4 armed humanoid have against at creature that commands the very sounds?

Xills are good in making powerful enemies it seems, I wouldn't want to have Night Hags , Destrachan and Phase Spiders to be my enemies.

No, Rysky is a Succubus, nobody here comes even close to the best female D&D monster of all time named Marilith. That Wizards of the Coast let that perfect demon into the copyright instead of the boring Kuo-Toa or Githzerai is a miracle and a (un)holy blessing.

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People always take the easy way out. Redeem a Vrock, Destrachan or Hezrou and were talking. And it it needs to be a pretty girl at least use the Marilith

Dragon78 wrote:
A redeemed/enlightened soul template would be interesting. If they do make such a template they need to use a succubus or vampire as the base creature.

. Because it would make a boring pretty girl picture? No. They should take a very evil and ugly creature like a aboleth or vrock.

I also want to see something like the d&d hullathoin, a non-humanoid force of undead that creates undead outbreaks everywhere it goes, all that dies in its aura rise as suiting undead, all undead gain more power when the creature is near and fight with more ferocity. They are like Gods among the undead. Atropal could also work for this role.

I wished the creator of the mohrg would have been more creative with it. Instead of just a skeleton mass murderer how about this idea: the mohrg is actually a disease/corruption from the far realm that clings itself to extreme vile murderers, assassins and killers, it grows like a cancer with every kill the host makes until eventually it becomes so big it bursts out of its host and becomes its own creature, an cancerous mess that controlls the bones of its old murderous host. This turns the mohrg into an aberration though.

I hope this bestiary has an animated grimoire monster, a possessed spellbook of evil that absorbs creatures into its pages so it can summon its own copies of the creatures to fight/capture more other creatures with.

HOw can you even create an unique Tengu undead that isn't a Tengu Zombie or a Tengu Skeleton? A Tengu Mummy?

Nah, I hope to see more non-humanoid undead. Something like the Boneyard from D&D, the BEST undead monster like EVAH.

Generic Villain wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

The Cerberi is not a unique CR26+ magical beast, so it would not be a great choice for Cerberus.

The Drakania is not even close to Echidna. I see her as a part woman, part dragon, part serpant, and maybe some other creature traits. She would be a monstrous humanoid around CR28 and can spawn any type of magical beast, monstrous humanoid, and any non-true dragon. Her mate Typhon(or Typhonous) would be a CR30 monstrous humanoid.

Not even close? The Drakania is a high-CR female creature with a serpentine-like lower body who can mass-produce monstrous spawn (including any magical beast, monstrous humanoid, and any non-true dragon). She's not an identical clone of Echidna, but is quite similar and fills the "Mother of Monsters" niche.

She is not sexy enough for him probably ;-)

I love the Drakaina, good replacement for Echidna. I just think an unique Drakaina is called Echidna.

Dragon78 wrote:
I like the elemental/environmental drakes, golems, and giants. But to me it is too bad they are hooked on demons and devils.

I don't really care for more demons and devil too, but in this bestiary there are probably only lords. (hopefully, I never want to see the Wrath-Adventure path demons in a bestiary, those are instant skip pages.

memorax wrote:

I'm going to keep a open mind about the Bestiary. I just hope we get some unique monsters. I rather not see. Here is a Earth Giant. Followed by a Rock then Soil Giant. With no real variation between them. It makes for less new monsters and more filler. Less goofy monsters as well imo. I can't ever send say the monster from the 5th Bestiary I think it was a undead form of hair. My players would laugh their heads off even as a I TPK their characters. Nothing says scary like being attacked by undead hair.

Will we also get more playable races?

Too bad for us, they are hooked on the elemental and environmental drakes, golems and giants. Those will forever show up.

While I can somewhat come into the golem part, I think two bestiaries of environment/elemental giants would have been enough, 1 elemental drake bestiary would have covered that part for me, much better monsters (even drop bears and ravids) could go to their somewhat forced pages.


Brown Dragons made it to 3rd and 4th edition though, and the Yellow Dragon is replaced by the much cooler Sunwyrm, which can become solar energy.

So both havn't really been forgotten. Orange and Pink dragons on the other hand only appeared in 2nd edition, in some rare product, probably a dragon magazine.

You want forgotten monsters? Try the Zorbo.

The most mysterious monster of D&D history, I mean, for some reason Tome of Horrors didn't ask for the creature, or for some reason Wizards of the Coast never gave permission, but never used it anymore so that would be stupid from both sides.

Gorgimera to me is the perfect example of a monster that people put in manuals if they are out of imagination, they start to just put other monsters together and call it a new beast. They are fine, but more like the winter Chimera, a sub-species they use in a Adventure path for one time and not take in a precious page in the bestiary.

It is the last monster I hope they will ever use, after Dragonspawn of course.

I hope it isnt humanoid undead #10.000 coffer corpse for example are just boring undead without anything special. I hope it is the crimson death, I think vampiric mist is much too weak so a very powerful bloodmist monster is welcome.

Also found some VERY awesome D&D monsters in Dragon-manuals, one called the Hellchain Weaver, a giant monstrous spider that eats Kytons and which spins chains.

One of my monsters called the Raktavija has a D&D counterpart, my idea of using blood as a weapon IS used in D&D before without my knowledge! I love the Scabmettler from Dragon352 (February 2007) they rule and are awesome. Hope to see a monster with similar powers in Pathfinder one day.

All the best powers in D&D (Metalmaster, Zorbo, Gravorg and Scabmettlers) should be used in other monsters in pathfidner, those powers are just too awesome to miss! Jean Grey monster (with multiple powers including one of these) don't count, the creature should FOCUS only on the power in question.

Magnetic abilities, absorbing material it touches into skin, gravity control and blood control. Make it happen please!

The more I go through old Dungeon and Dragon magazines and 2nd edition material, the more monsters from pathfinder turn out to be not so unique, or at least not only in Pathfinder which I did think were 100% pathfinder, all mythology monsters from Bestiary 2 for example are one way or another in D&d as well, Water Leaper, Garuda, Grindylow, Alraune (as Venus Weed), Chupacabra, Springheel, Valkyrie, Brown Unicorn (Karkadann) and many more all turn up somewhere.

In that way only the Afanc must be used yet. That is the only mythology critter from D&D (called Adanc there as the Afanc is a big charybdis-like fish) that hasn't turned up in pathfinder yet, and probably because JJ finds that creature a joke (beaver/crocodile mix)

Fetch = Pretty much the Doppelganger.

I'm not excited at all to be honest. I hope this books suprises me, but I don't think that is possible, i'm not a fan of most of the creatures so far mentioned, i'm not a fan of unique boss-type creatures, i'm not a fan of boring real-world animals in monster books, i'm not a fan of SF monsters, i'm not a fan of lovecraft and i'm not a fan of templates and too much re-used creatures from other books. (ESPECIALLY when they have re-used artworks as well)

Seems this book has mostly such creatures, which makes me less hyped than for the previous books. The last bestiary didn't really cut it for me eighter, when I think about it, there are only like 30 creatures in the book I really like.

I really want them to go back to the Bestiary 2,3 and 4 times.

I really hope to see raiju, skrik nettle and the whirlmaw in this bestiary. The whirlmaw is much too cool for the inner sea bestiary

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