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Ergh! ARGH!

Grr. I am drippy and undead ...

Not for long hopefully ...

Some are relevant for only a brief span of time ...

yoda8myhead wrote:
What if...Sarah Palin Were Elected President

What if...Obama won a second term?

LtCol Smokedraven wrote:
Navy Corpseman wrote:
I pity da fool!
at least you are not the face of the group, we'd have clerics left and right trying to turn us.....speaking of which turn around and drop and give me 20

Drops and does pushups. Reattaches left limb when it breaks off with roll of duct tape.

I pity da fool!

I see you shiver with antici ... (SAY IT!) ... pation

Capt. Tight Pants wrote:
At ease? At ease? There is no at ease in this army! You will remail stiff...and your stature!!

I am stiff. Rock hard. The rigor mortis, you see...

Snaps off several fingers and waggles them at Capt. Tight Pants

LTJG Tubbs McBarnacle reporting for duty!