If you were going to write a post-apocalyptic fantasy, what would you name it?


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The Exchange

100 Names for a Post Apocylyptic Fantasy novel you yould write.

1. 'Salt' I know there are like three or four post-apocalyptic fantasy novels called 'Salt' out there but I'm thinking this is a good name for a story about merchants who have control of an uncontaminated source and they export to places in need of Salt as a Preservative for keeping food over the non-food producing periods as well as mummification of nobles.

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a man's book

Shadow Lodge

3) It was a Bright and Shiny Day...

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

What if...Sarah Palin Were Elected President

The Secret Diaries of Snarf

6. Cough-a-roach-ia!

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7) Things Couldn't Possible get any Worse...

Liberty's Edge

8)Twilight of the Tire People

Unraveling of the Wherewoof

"One if by Bush, Two if by Obama"

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

11) Oil

Saturday Night of the Cosmos

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13) Saturday Night Undead!

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14) How Much for Just the Planet?

Short story:

15) "Will the Last One Out Please Turn Off the Lights?"

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The Day the Thread Stood Still

Forgotten Rifts

And Hell Broke Loose.

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yoda8myhead wrote:
What if...Sarah Palin Were Elected President

What if...Obama won a second term?

yoda8myhead wrote:
What if...Sarah Palin Were Elected President

If only... Obama Hadn't Been Elected President.

End of Days. Though I think that's taken.

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The Last Man On Earth...Makes That Hot Chick Eat Her Words And Then Some.

It's a Romantic Comedy.

You forgot to flush.

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Or if its about a Vampire based apocalypse 'Dusk'

16) Clean Water - I have it, you don't.

A Preponderance of Ash

Parade of the Damned

Welcome to Scotland: A visitor's guide

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Friday's with Jason.

About a Pip-Boy

Cider with Muties

I Know Why the Caged Bird's Feathers Fall Off and It Dies Screaming and Coughing Up Blood

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Or on a more serious note, "The Rise and Fall of the Human Race."

See, I Told You So.

Shall I carve? - A post-apocolypic cannibal's guide to having the family for dinner

Phantasy Star IV.

Looking for "Mr Pretty Mouth"

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This Is Why Political Debates Are Bad

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History of the World: 1999-2010

(the world ended but we didn't even notice)

Lenarior wrote:
Phantasy Star IV.


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32) Things just got Worse...

33) Okay, who said Tiamat was a Kobold in drag(on)?

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

The World of Synnabarr: The Musical.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Final Night

Shadow Lodge

36) "I divide by Zero."

37) "Ceiling Cat is watching you Nuke yourself."

Google "Ceiling Cat" if you don't get the reference.

The Final Place of Pi

Tough call. I'd go with either "Waiting for Heathansson" or "Dinner with Sebastian"

Mark Thomas wrote:
Final Night

Gaming with Drunk Tim.

The Exchange

The final hours of Norm Brubaker.

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Black Dow wrote:
Shall I carve?

That's got promise! Good job.

...In A Handbasket

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The 4ast and the 4urious.

Vin Diesel lands on a planet filled with Vin Diesels and promptly gets capured...by Vin Diesel!

Vin Diesel struggles to survive in a world inhabited entirely by him, and stumbles upon a horrible secret...it's Earth!

Now Vin Diesel must challenge all the other Vin Diesels to illegal street races to save the planet.

Who will win?

Only...Vin Diesel!

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