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Another goblin propaganda scenario


Another scenario who sole purpose seems to be setting up goblins to be good for pathfinder 2. Nice story otherwise.

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Decent ending to a bad series.


I liked this ending but the good ending was completely overshadowed by the first two parts of this series. Nothing is gonna wash the taste of those outta my mouth.

The combats and lore provided was interesting.

The boon for completing the 3 part arc is so underwhelming. One would think that having to sit through 8-10 hours of absolutely horrid first two parts to get to this ending that you would get a better boon that there is.

Having played this first, I would not run this for a group ever.

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Elevator, flooding, traps, oh my....


I never really got how all this fit together. Just kinda like some random rooms thrown together with the elevator gimmick. Played this a few weeks ago and can't even remember it......

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I hated this scenario. About 2/3 of the module is "short flavor test" and then take some absolutely unavoidable damage. You then heal with you wand (requiring 3-5 charges each time). Repeat until the CLW wands are exhausted.

No lie our group used almost 3 full CLW wands for this scenario and part of a 4th.

I got so bored I got on the FLGS's free wifi and watched college football, ocasionally paying attention so I could pay the healing resource tax to continue to the next part.



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Great concept with abysmal executions


I have really been looking forward to this module both for its theme and the new Advanced Character Guide Pregens. I was not let down by the Osirion theme, that part was fabulous.

That said, the encounters in this module are poorly chosen and their tactics are poorly written or nonexistent. When run as written with the pregens only a TPK is a high possibility.

I have come to expect much more from Paizo. Worst of the free rpg day offerings.