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All of Starfinder society season 2 is missing in my digital content page. I don't know if this is the right forum for it, so move it if it isn't.

This is kinda neat. I like the flat pack, snap up part.

My only other question would be: Is this going to be a PFS reroll item?

Any Suggestions for this build?

Dwarf, Urgosh two weapon fighter build.

Str 16 (+1 at 8th)
Dex 16 (+1 at 4th)
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 5

1 Weapon Focus (Urgosh)
2 Double Slice
3 power attack
4 weap special (urgosh)
5 combat reflexes
6 Improved TWF
7 iron will
8 Greater weapon focus(Urgosh)
9 ??
10 ??
11 ??
12 Greater weapon spec (urgosh)

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Has there ever been a faq or thread response from a Paizo rules genie on whether alchemist bombs affect incorporeal creatures?

Do they?

Full Damage?

Half Damage?

Sail right through to do nothing?

Thoughts? FAQ candidate?

Scarab Sages

I'm starting to put together a core only dwarven urgosh fighter for a con this weekend. Here is what I have so far, any suggestions

I'm set on the TWF schtick, I know it's not optimal, but I want to play it.

str 16
dex 16
con 17
int 9
wis 10
cha 5

ability increases

4 +1 dex
8 +1 dex
12 ??

1 Two Weapon Fighter
1 Weapon Focus (Urgosh)
2 Double Slice
3 Power Attack
4 Weapon Spec (Urgosh)
5 Blind Fighting
6 Improved Two Weapon Fighter
7 ???
8 Greater Weapon Focus
9 ???
10 ???
11 Greater Two Weapon Figheter

Dark Archive

Any suggestions on what to do with 12k gold for my pfs snow elf conjurer? He is 8th level with 35 fame.


Snowball focused, rime, intensified, ect.


Spell focus (conj)
Spell specialization (snowball)
improved init
elemental spell: electricity


magical lineage (snowball)
warrior of old (+2 init)


cloak resistance +1
ring of protection +2
Head band Int +2
amulet natural armor +1
wand lesser acid
3 pearls of power 1st level spell

I'm fairly good at damage, etc.

I could use some defensive boost, so.....

upgrade cloak to +2?
buy belt of con +2??
upgrade headband to +4???

any suggestions

Grand Lodge

Is there anyway we can get an update on the Golem Sale orders in general instead of addressing only the people that complain.

For example, last friday we were working on Oct 2nd orders. Are we up to the 3rd? the 4th? the 5th? Can we please get an update that shows us some kind of progress is being made in the general sense.....

So we can at least show that progress is being made??

Thinking of making up a gnome swashbuckler/skald or swashbuckler/bloodrager. To get the dex to damage with one handed piercing damge.

Any suggestions?

Dark Archive

After getting raised from the dead last night, I got to 7th level and got access to 4th level spells.

I am a conjurer who is focused on snowball and flurry of snowballs. I have displancement, haste, mad monkeys, summon monster III, stinking cloud, and fly as third level spells.

What would you suggest for 4th level spell choices?

Dark Archive

Well, now that I can afford a headband of intellect, I know that it gives me ranks in one skill equal to my character level.

Does this skill have to be an INT based one?

Grand Lodge

So, I'm going to be painting a Mendevian crusader as a gorum battle cleric. Any suggestions on color scheme?

Silver Crusade 4/5

I propose making current players who already have an active tiefling not eligible for the 1 xp exemption on a new tiefling? Likewise making current players who already have an active aasimar not eligible for the 1 xp exemption on an aasimar?

The whole reason this exemption was made was for players who have not yet played these races, who have limited play opportunities, or have only recently started playing pfs?

4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Memphis

With concerns on how to run the pyramid construct showing up in the GM threads on these boards at least a week ago, why was there no direction given on what tactic the construct used?

With all the talk on the boards of comments similar to:

This is way to rough for these pregens! I'm not gonna run this as written!

How does that support the whole run as written philosophy? How can you say my experience of having a DM who ran this module to the best of his ability as written is the same as all those whose gm's change tactics and made the module easier?

With many of the GM comments coming from 4 and 5 star GM's on both sides of the fence it makes me wonder how consistent the experience of PFS really is from GM to GM and city to city.

First PFS game is tomorrow and I would appreciate any advice. I see him as a big fun loving guy with a soft spot, until the fight starts. Using domain abilities for a little damage boost, spells for buffs, channels for out of combat healing.

Human Level 1 Cleric of Gorum
Domains: Destruction and strength:ferocity subdomain
STR 18 (16+2)
DEX 12
CON 10
WIS 14
CHA 14
FeatHD1: Toughness
FeatHMN: Extra Channel
Traits: reactionary, ???

Trained skills: Perception +3, Heal +6
Favored Class Bonus: +1 hp
Greatsword 2d6+6