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If you're willing to change the way you think a bit, I would recommend FATE Core or even the FATE Accelerated Edition. Both are "pay what you want" in pdf form from DriveThru, etc. (meaning you can legally download them for free, if you want).

Personally, the Fate system has become my "go to" gaming system, especially when I have an idea that I can't figure out how to immediately translate into another game. It works for me because it's focused more on a narrative approach to gaming using Aspects (short, descriptive phrases) to describe character abilities, personalities, backgrounds, etc. Aspects are also used to describe scenes ("Dark and Stormy Night", for example) or items ("This Was My Father's Lightsaber"), rather than crunching numbers, min-maxing, etc.

It can take a little getting used to if your group is mostly used to killing things and looting the bodies, but it's actually pretty user friendly overall. Definitely worth a look.

But yeah, it doesn't really matter what system you use if the players just want to roll dice and kill things. You might need to have a "round table" type discussion with all of them and just say you want to step outside the box for a little bit and try something different. If you think they'll be really resistant to the idea, pitch it as a "one shot" game or brief series of two or three sessions and then make sure you have a really cool premise that they won't get bored with. That way you won't need to lively it up by throwing in the obligatory fight scene.

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I used to work for a pest control company (Terminix) and yeah, bed bugs are nasty business. I personally never treated for them (I was the roach, ant and rodent guy), but I've had to identify them in the course of my inspections. They've gotten so bad in recent years, that the company had a guy whose sole job was bedbug treatments.

Fun fact, the word "bug" originally applied to bedbugs. It's only in modern times that we use it as a generic term for all insects.

Also, if you want to see something else that's horrifying, look up bedbug reproduction. They call it "traumatic insemination" for a reason.

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Great thread!

I got a couple for Cayden Cailean:

The Real McKenzies and their ode to the common manDrink Some More

"Pickled" is a good one, too, but I couldn't find a good video for it.

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RQ6 has received a lot of praise since being released last year and now Design Mechanism is running an indiegogo campaign to get a really boss hardback edition of the game out there.

I, for one, am thrilled. I never played any of the earlier editions of RQ and honestly only picked up this edition because I had money to burn at the time and had heard a lot of good things about it. But man, am I glad I did. It's easily one of my top 3 "go to" games.

So if you've been on the fence about this game up until now or you're just looking for a great game with high production values, this is for you.

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page 55 is a full page illustration. Not a single word on it! :P

--Blood & Treasure

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For what it's worth (not sure if the OP knows this or not), but Charnel Houses of Europe was not a game in and of itself. Rather, it was a supplement for White Wolf's "Wraith: The Oblivion" game where players took on roles of the ghosts (or wraiths) of the dead. CHoE itself dealt with the horrors of the Holocaust and the effect it had on the society of the dead.

I haven't read the book in a long time (sold off all my gaming books but for a very select few) back in '03 before I moved to NY, but I remember liking it. I also seem to recall it being controversial.

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Hey Ulrich, I might be interested in DM'ing for you guys. I sorta stepped away from Pathfinder (and rp'ing in general) for a bit, but I'm looking to get back into it again. I was kind of on an OSR kick for a bit there (and one of these days I WILL run Dungeon Crawl Classics! :P ), but I find myself missing Pathfinder lately... I just really love the production values, the customization, the support from Paizo, etc. Plus, I've almost always been the DM/GM and I really miss it.

So, if you guys are still looking, shoot me an email and we can get together and talk. You can reach me at


P.S. I live in Omaha (well, LaVista specifically, but close enough :P )

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The elephant is the only mammal that can't jump.

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Yeah, I was quite surprised to see that Omaha had a Society presence. I tried emailing Clint about the Monday game at the Coliseum, but haven't heard back yet.

And I have a question for you regarding the PretzCon games... can I just "who up and jump in" or do I need to preregister or how does that work? I have to attend a funeral this Friday and I work on Saturday, so I'll only be able to attend on Sunday, but I was curious.

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I'm cautiously optimistic (just as I am with D&D Next), having been a big fan of Tweet's work on Ars Magica and Everway. Still have my Everway set in mint condition after all these years. I also really like the stuff that Pelgrane has been putting out, particularly Trail of Cthulhu.

If 13th Age (or D&D Next for that matter) somehow manage to attract fresh blood to our hobby, or bring back lapsed gamers, than that's a good thing. But I agree they have their work cut out for them with D&D Next looming in the wings.

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Woops! Looks like I screwed up on my email there... should be, not hushmail!

Told ya my brains were pickled! :P

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I have fresh brains!

Well, pickled anyway. :P

I'm fairly new to the Omaha area myself, having just moved here last summer. I've been lingering in gamer limbo this whole time, so I"m definitely down for getting in with a game. Personally, I'd prefer face to face rather than PbP. I also haven't GM'ed in a really long time, but I'd be willing to give it a shot if everyone's either unwilling, unable or too burnt out to be the GM! :D

and I hadn't even heard of that Game Shoppe. Here I thought I'd been to every game store in this town so far! I'll definitely have to check em out!

Feel free to email me at Hope to hear from you all soon!

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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but after seeing the nifty new maps of the Realms, Athas and Eberron offered by Gale Force 9, I couldn't help but wonder if they were going to offer one of Golarion at some point?

Then I started thinking.. and while this may not be feasible in any way, why not go one step further and offer up an actual *globe* of Golarion. Kind of like those offered at and so forth.

Since we're talking about plush goblins and whatnot, why not shoot for other Golarion related wish fulfillment items! :D

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What Would Tyler Durden Do?


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Obviously this should be the focus of an epic quest and I agree that it should be an Artifact or Device rather than a traditional weapon. Like the index finger of the God That Existed Before Creation or somesuch.

And rather than simply killing lots of devils or demons, perhaps it should be more ambitious in it's destructive capabilities and actually eliminate/dissolve/erase Hell or the Abyss from existence itself.

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I, too, would buy a case of these little guys the instant they were offered... no joke.

And as Elyas mentioned above, I *know* my dog would love one for herself... especially if I sewed a squeaky into it! :P

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Totally awesome and totally bleeding with roleplaying/story potential... my only concern/question is this: How big is this Bag of Holding? Can you actually fit the rogue's body through the mouth of this bag? Is it duffel bag sized or change purse size?

While I understand that it's "bigger on the inside", you still have to be able to fit stuff into it in the first place, right? I might be fuzzy on that part...

Otherwise, I agree that it's saving your comrade from a fate worse than death, especially if he's shouting at you all to run!

And no, I don't believe that in this case it's an evil act for your CN character to "grant mercy" to your friend... CN folks still have feelings and loyalties and such, they're just more individualised.... case by case basis kind of thing... I'd say it's an excellent opportunity for an epic, emotion filled moment in your campaign... and sets up all kinds of story arcs down the road...

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Atavist wrote:

The first creators liked Jack Vance's magic system so much they used it for their game.

And rearranged his name to make their master wizard.

*facepalms for not realizing it before*

Tricky, tricky.

>Goes all in on the facepalming action<

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It's definitely a tough workout... I was surprised at how out of shape I was when I started it... so I ultimately decided to start with the regular P90 series instead and sort of work my way up to the P90X.

I just started as of the 1st of August and I feel great... the regular P90 workouts are about half the length of the P90X, but they're nothing to laugh at. So I would suggest to Lunalynx that that might be the way to go, at least initially. As with the P90X though, you need to be very aware of your diet or else you won't see the results you want.

And if you can find a friend or someone to do the workouts with you, even better! For me, personally, that's been the hardest part thus far... I love how the workouts make me feel, but it's hard to get motivated sometimes. Being lazy is so much easier! :P

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Omelite wrote:
Mr. Fox wrote:

I noticed that it's possible to increase the Base Speed of an Eidolon through the Limbs Evolution (thus growing extra pairs of legs). It's also possible to increase an Eidolon's Climb, Swim and Fly speeds through multiple Evolutions.

My question is this: How does one increase the Base Speed of an Eidolon with the Serpentine form? 20 feet is rather slow... and I don't want my nice, sleek serpent body to suddenly start sprouting legs just so I can move faster. Am I missing something somewhere?

RAW you have yo take limbs(legs) and that gives you actual legs (making you trippable).

If your GM is kind, he may let you take a 2-point evolution that does not give you legs and only increases base speed by 10ft. I would certainly allow my players to do this, since the serpentine form is the least min-maxed of the base forms and thus I don't think I'd be creating a balance issue by allowing this.

Hmm, that definitely sounds reasonable.

I just don't like the "having to take legs" thing. And while I know what I would personally allow as DM, I was mostly wondering if there was an Evolution or a RAW thing that I wasn't aware of... not having UM yet and not being a PFS participant.

Just seems strange to me that you can grant a Serpentine Eidolon extra Swim, Climb, etc., movement but not it's Base Speed. If I had to houserule it, I'd probably make it a 3 pt Evolution or something.

Just wondering if there was something "official" that addressed this.

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I noticed that it's possible to increase the Base Speed of an Eidolon through the Limbs Evolution (thus growing extra pairs of legs). It's also possible to increase an Eidolon's Climb, Swim and Fly speeds through multiple Evolutions.

My question is this: How does one increase the Base Speed of an Eidolon with the Serpentine form? 20 feet is rather slow... and I don't want my nice, sleek serpent body to suddenly start sprouting legs just so I can move faster. Am I missing something somewhere?