Council Bluffs, Iowa - DungeonMaster Needed!!!

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Thus far, we have a group of 5-6 confirmed players. Some of use have dice, playmats and Pathfinder Rulebooks (PDF & Hardcover) but we need a DungeonMaster and also miniatures before we can start playing.

until such a time as when we can find a proper DM, I plan on running a few modules that I have but they can only last so long.

We're looking for a once-a-week, face-to-face game (Pathfinder).

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WOW! To bad that we don't live closer together! I have been playing Pathfinder since it came out and DnD way before that, plus have the minis. Any of your local Game store have any place to put up and ad or place to set up and play?

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Hey Ulrich, I might be interested in DM'ing for you guys. I sorta stepped away from Pathfinder (and rp'ing in general) for a bit, but I'm looking to get back into it again. I was kind of on an OSR kick for a bit there (and one of these days I WILL run Dungeon Crawl Classics! :P ), but I find myself missing Pathfinder lately... I just really love the production values, the customization, the support from Paizo, etc. Plus, I've almost always been the DM/GM and I really miss it.

So, if you guys are still looking, shoot me an email and we can get together and talk. You can reach me at


P.S. I live in Omaha (well, LaVista specifically, but close enough :P )

Email written and sent!

Thanks, Matt!

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