The 5th sentence of page 55...


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"Upon overcoming your fear, you become a scourge to your enemies."

~Ultimate Campaign


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"Insomniacs also pray to Uskyeria to bless them with deep and restful sleep." —Chronicle of the Righteous

"Both appeared to be staring straight into Graz'zt's own eyes."
--Our Lord and Master, but not a terribly good fiction writer, Come Endless Darkness

"The goblins wear armor and have weapons nearby, but they don't have shields (AC 15)."
--Carla Harker, Strange Bedfellows

"Tie off on the inside at station 1 with the other thread (step 27)."
-Keith Smith, Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume III: Exposed Spine Sewings

"If Orik surrenders, he does what he can to ensure his continued well-being."
-Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

"If the rage one year was Hungary water and Baldini appropriately stocked up on lavendar, bergamot and rosemary to cover the demand - here came Pélissier with his 'Air de Musc', an ultra-heavy musk scent."
-Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

"The extraordinary amount of $100,000,000 was the minimum sum on which they agreed." -Basil Rauch The American Interest in Cuba: 1848-1855.

Remember that's in 1840s dollars.

"The fingle Sword hath the vantage againft the fingle Rapier"

From Paradoxes of Defence, by George Silver.

"Written on the brick beneath it was a sign reading DO NOT TOUCH WITHOUT PERMIZION."

--The Wind Through the Keyhole, Stephen King

Or, that a cursing should come upon you for the space of many generations; and ye are visited by sword, and by famine, and are hated, and are led according to the will of the devil.
Book of Mormon.

I tend to read my scriptures in the evening.

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Liz Courts wrote:
"Insomniacs also pray to Uskyeria to bless them with deep and restful sleep." —Chronicle of the Righteous

What page is this on?

"He lifted a naked kindjal from the table and held it up."
- Dune, Frank Herbert
('He' being the valorous Gurney Halleck)

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"The relationships we enjoy today were nurtured during those years when it would have been very easy for me to chase every professional prize and ignore what mattered most at home."
- Dads & Daughters, Dr. James Dobson

"Not long after that, a janitor wheeled his cleaning cart into the gent's room to give the place it's hourly clean-up."
-Age of Aztec, James Lovegrove

Liberty's Edge

"I wanted to talk to you about Vampire Jesus, but I can just leave some literature downstairs, if that would be better..."
- The Hole Behind Midnight, by Clinton Boomer

"Dear Mr. Barry: If you are still alive, do not bring your car or yourself anywhere near the dealer."

-- Bad Habits, Dave Barry

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Dancingweasel wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
"Insomniacs also pray to Uskyeria to bless them with deep and restful sleep." —Chronicle of the Righteous
What page is this on?

My guess would be page 55.

"'But there is something unnatural to this plane.'"

--Gord the Obvious, in Dance of Demons, the exciting conclusion to Gary Gygax's Greyhawk saga!

"After about a year of feverish renovations, it opened as a public museum on August 10, 1793, a date that was chosen because it was exactly one year after the fall of the monarchy."

-- Disarmed: The Story of the Venus de Milo, Gregory Curtis

I bet Comrade Anklebiter never guesses what they're talking about!

Vive le Galt!

"The Convention which launched the Workers Party was quite successful and harmonious, and it gave a big impulse to the development of the movement."

--James P. Cannon, The First Ten Years of American Communism: Report of a Participant

"As the animal became a woman again, those warm brown eyes never left Jadira's face."

--Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter, Red Sands: An Arabian Adventure

"I'm scared too."

A Fortress in Shadows - The Fire in his Hands by Glen Cook

"Portioque fancies himself an alchemist, and has studied the effects of various bodily humors for many years."

-- Shards of Sin, Greg Vaughn

Yes, I finally got around to reading the Shattered Star AP...

"From time to time, rebellious prisoners were dragged away, never to reappear"


"Doomdog has been a legend in the land of Toct since time forgot. His image is carved on temple pillars. That is, it was carved there until Princess Vian slew her uncle, King Uzhiram of Toct, with warlockmade poison smeared on the claws of his cockatoo"

Not *a* sentence, not on page 55, but much better

- Both from Brak the Barbarian, by John Jakes

"Amantius could not stop himself ending the missive with complaints." (Highly appropriate for me, it must be said).

From Warrior of Rome 5 - The Wolves of the North by Dr Harry Sidebottom.

Good genre fiction by a guy who knows his history. (Bloody should, he teaches classical history at Oxford).

"Kothar grumbled - the brunette was a shapely siren - but a promise to help Queen Elfa was a promise he meant to keep"

- Kothar - Barbarian Swordsman, a ripe steamer if ever I saw one. Gardner F. Fox wrote it.

"Without the ability to control how and when these outbursts arrive -- and thus, unable to charge for them properly -- Augustille no longer works the streets."

-- From the NPC description of Augustille, AP #63, The Asylum Stone, James L. Sutter

"Glenwood Apartments (not its real name) in Old Orchard Beach is advertising a room at $65 a week, share bath and kit with a woman described to me on the phone as "a character, but clean"--and I think, hey, that could be me or at least my new best friend."

--Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America

Grand Lodge

page 55 is a full page illustration. Not a single word on it! :P

--Blood & Treasure

The Exchange

"Or maybe the bastards just didn't have consciences." - The Bear and The Dragon, Tom Clancy

From my favourite book:

"The Taurans've been here at least a year - maybe they've learned how to communicate with these... overgrown teddy bears." - The Forever War, J. Haldeman

Nowhere near page 55 yet, but I wanted to beat Limey to the punch:

"Belshathla shrugged."

--Thongor Fights the Pirates of Tarakus by Lin Carter

You snooze, you looze, Limey!!

"Her growth culminated in her seizure of the Pale Tower from her own mother, an act that only raised Nazhena's esteem in the eyes of her great-great-grandmother."

-- From the NPC description of Nazhena Vasilliovna, AP #68, The Shackled Hut, Jim Groves

Scarab Sages

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"And he winked at me, didn't he."

-- Alien in the House by Gini Koch

Great series. Recommend everyone read it. Great mix of humor and serious.

The airlock door shut, sealing the prisoners from view, while the transport platform descended to its original position on the floor of the amphitheater.

-- Man of Steal by Greg Cox

Too bad it sticked so close to the movie script. I would have liked it to be more fleshed out.

"We agree eventually on the opening, which, after every comma has been vetted, reads:

'SUMMARY: Seasoned consultant with experiences in Event Planning, Public Relations, and Speechwriting is prepared to provide leadership advancing company brand and image.'"

--Barbara Ehrenreich, Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream

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The flames were bright enough to show her all the watching folk, the soldiers formost among them, surrounding the warehouse.

The Wizard's Mask by Ed Greenwood


I gave him a smile.

Infection by Laurel K Hamilton


The woman hired half-incompetent staff, and then treated the tavern like her own personal prowling grounds.

The Arrivals by Melissa Marr

"But now, thanks to technology, I scratch with just one hand, while using the other to be productive on my cell phone."

--I'll Mature When I'm Dead, Dave Barry

"All this gives us a unique opportunity of conducting our work legally, unhampered by the trammels which fascism and occupation have attached to our comrades on the continent."

--Ted Grant, "Preparing for Power" (1942), The Unbroken Thread: The Development of Trotskyism Over 40 Years

"Obviously the other planes had been glimpsed and the legend makers had speculated freely from the fragments of knowledge thus gained."

--Michael Moorcock, The Swords Trilogy

"The first sentence [in a passage that Lenin is ruthlessly demolishing] is obviously wrong, since the action of the masses--a big strike, for instance--is more important than parliamentary activity at all times, and not only during a revolution or in a revolutionary situation."

Vive le Galt, mofo!!

V.I. Lenin, "Left-Wing" Communism, An Infantile Disorder

Btw, the sentence that is obviously wrong? By, I think, Anton Pannekoek: "When the capitalistic system of production has broken down, and society is in a state of revolution, parliamentary activity gradually loses importance as compared with the action of the masses themselves."

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"I hope you'll remain confident of your strength, intelligence, and highly developed skills as a professional warrior, whatever ordeal you find yourself facing."

- from a letter written to then US Army Captain Jason Amerine by his father, quoted in The Only Thing Worth Dying For, by Eric Blehm

"Now all were active against the hounds."

--Michael Moorcock, The Bull and the Spear

Which is boring. Let's see if there's a better one in the three-for-one volume, The Chronicles of Corum:

"He sighed."

Nope. :(

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I always thought Moorcock was boring. I had to have his Elric stories come out in comic book form in order to enjoy them.

"Of course, sir," he murmured, hitting the release for his straps.
- Hellfire by Jean Johnson

"No," Kris said, drawing the negative out to emphasize her chagrin.
- Freedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey

He escorted her down the cramped aisle to the hatch, one large hand on her shoulder.
- Freedom's Choice by Anne McCaffrey

Runt had become like a part of my family and I had no intention of giving her back now.
- Cat's Claw by Amber Benson

Well, boring fifth sentences on page 55 aside, I have, thus far, found Moorcock to be far from boring. But I haven't gone much further than the early seventies with him.

The Exchange

The woman was smiling in a lopsided way, in spite of the weight of the earrings and the evident discomfort of the necklace.

- Alexander McCall Smith, Tears of the Giraffe.

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Everything had happened within perhaps three seconds, during which time Carter had been frozen.

- Peter David, A Rock and A Hard Place

At home:

"But one of the things that makes music different from painting is that it is dynamic, changing across time, and what moves the music forward are rhythm and meter."

-This Is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin

At work:

"Fur split his skin."

-The Poison Eaters and Other Stories by Holly Black

"But on the whole his life ran its course as he believed life should do: easily, pleasantly and decorously."

-- The Death of Ivan Ilych, Leo Tolstoy, collected in The World's Greatest Short Stories

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It would kill him if he continued.

Shattered Pillars by Elizabeth Bear

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Deep-6 FAWtL, Patrick Curtin

"Neither of his mother's spells was able to follow him into what was, by trading custom, a tiny area of Mingol territory, though the Mingol's tent did begin to sag with an unnaturally large number of ice crystalsm which the Mingol oldsters, wizened and nimble as monkeys, beat off janglingly with poles."

--Fritz Lieber, "The Snow Women," in Ill Met in Lankhmar

Now, that's what I call a 5th sentence on page 55!

Negroes with Guns by Robert F. Williams, alas, had no sentences on page 55, just pictures.

The one on the bottom, to be specific. The top one, alas, is not in the book.

"The second case, being straight-forward, creates few problems of interpretation."

--Eugene D. Genovese--The World the Slaveholders Made: Two Essays in Interpretation

Which is a hell of a lot more straight-forward (I don't think I've ever seen a hyphen between those two words before) and a lot less fun than the third sentence:

"From the beginning, therefore, plantation slavery in the American colonies of Spain and Portugal represented an extension of the essentially seigneurial socioeconomic system of the metropolis; that is, unlike the Anglo-Saxon variant, the mode of production that arose in the colonies proceeded in essential harmony with that of the mother countries, though not without sharp conflicts of interest over the division of the spoils."

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