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Hi everyone!

Thanks for signing up for my We Be Heroes table for Outpost III! As is usual for my ACG tables, we will be using Google Hangouts to facilitate game discussion. I will probably be setting that up in the next few days and sending you all a Paizo PM with a link to join the group. If we don't get at least 3 players, I'll probably build a char and join in.

I'm looking forward to running this adventure, and I hope everyone has fun playing!


We Be Heroes?
The Crookedtoe goblins are a small tribe that was very nearly wiped out during the Goblinblood wars that engulfed the Chitterwood 20 years ago. They only managed to survive after the more aggressive, violent members of their tribe were killed and the remaining goblins fled far to the north, finally settling in the Southern Fangwood, where they took to hiding in the deeper sections of the forest. In a remarkable change of long-held tradition, the surviving goblins intentionally chose to curtail their ancestors' violent ways. A young and energetic leader named Velkik claimed to have had visions of the sun speaking to her, and she soon came to hold sway over the tribe, preaching the ways of redemption and peace. She subtly turned the tribe's obsession with fire into veneration of the sun, effectively creating a community devoted to Sarenrae, although because Velkik has no formal religious training, the community's faith is far from mainstream. Over the years, chief Velkik has introduced radical reforms: instead of being caged, goblin young are merely leashed, for instance, and reading and writing are not outright forbidden, although there is still much nervousness around the practice.

Perhaps more significantly, Velkik changed the way the Crookedtoes kept their voracious appetites sate. Instead of raiding nearby settlements, the tribe turned to hunting and gathering for subsistence. Under her leadership, the tribe has managed to avaoid conflict with any nearby humans; they have even made peaceful contact with a few travelling merchants who pass through the area. While the occasional rogue element arises in the group, Veliki keeps a close eye out for anyone who displays too many "classic" goblin behaviors.

But change is in the air. A foul miasma of death and decay has crept in to the lands of the Crookedtoes and food has become scarce. Animals in the forest seem to have fled, and the tribe's scouts have reported a rise in undead sightings. Worse, the tribe's best scout, Grimeye, has gone missing.

(Every now and then, you have a strange thought that maybe you aren’t a goblin. Maybe it’s because your character card says “Human” or has a distinctly un-goblin name like Kyra. Then you recall you are a goblin, the world needs heroes, and you’re all it’s got.)

Goblins burn and goblins chew
Everybody says it's true!
But we also brave and strong
Fighting villains all day long!
Watch out monsters,
Guard your toes
'Cause we now be great heroes!


  • You gain the Goblin trait in place of any other race trait (Dwarf, Elf, Human, etc.).

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    Good evening,

    I just realized that the story book that was included in my copy of the Curse of the Crimson Throne PACG box is missing 6 sheets of paper from the middle of the book (pages 19-30). I was wondering if it was possible to get a replacement.


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    Blessing of the Savored Sting second power says:

    When you would fail a check, discard this card to reroll the dice, adding 2 dice to the roll; take the new result. If any other blessings were played on the check, banish them. You may use this power even if you played another blessing on the check.

    Pre-Core, this was effectively a 'freely' played blessing, since it could be played on a check no matter who had already played a blessing.

    Post-Core, this power can only be used if the person playing Blessing of the Savoured Sting has already played a blessing, but it does not work if another character had blessed the check.

    Could this power be updated so that it can be freely played again?

    Suggestion wrote:
    When you would fail a check, freely discard this card to reroll the dice, adding 2 dice to the roll; take the new result. If any other blessings were played on the check, banish them. You may use this power even if you played another blessing on the check.


    Emerald Legacy
    by Francesco Silvestri (Doppelschwert)


  • You may never seize ships.
  • To build the vault for these adventures, start by adding all of the cards from the listed products to the vault, then remove all Basic and Elite non-blessing cards whose level is at least three lower than the # of the adventure. Ignore any instructions on the Adventure Path card related to banishing Basic and Elite cards. (modified from Adventure Path rules to use Org Play-style rules).

    New Rules: Facilities and the Upgrade Box:
    In this AP, you are travelling through the Shackles on the Shirofune, a fortified Tian ship. Since it acts as your base, it houses a number of ship facilities that are able to help you in improving your deck by giving you a new way to acquire cards, and for this we need the Upgrade Box:

    Before starting Emerald Legacy, you must first define the Upgrade Box. There are two options:
    - Choose up to 3 class decks or
    - Choose a base set and all of its expansions according to one AP
    At any point during the game, the Upgrade Box contains of all cards from the option you choose whose adventure deck number is at most the adventure deck number of the current scenario. If you don‘t own any additional products, the Upgrade Box coincides with your SnS box.

    In the setting of the AP, the Upgrade Box represents what kind of resources the ship facilities can provide for you, and your choice corresponds to who was hired for working in the facilities. To make your life easier, here are a couple of suggestions, as well as a thematic recommendation:
    Tian Xia (recommended) - 3 out of: Monk CD, Pathfinder Tales CD, Ultimate Combat CD, Ultimate Equipment CD
    Osirion - Mummy's Mask AP
    Cheliax - Hell's Vengeance CD1, Hells Vengeance CD2, Inquisitor CD
    Licktoads - Goblins Burn CD, Goblins Fight CD, 1 out of: Alchemist CD, Barbarian CD, Gunslinger CD
    Greenfaith - 3 out of: Druid CD, Hunter CD, Ranger CD, Ultimate Wilderness CD
    Conspirators Occult - Adventures CD1, Occult Adventures CD2, Ultimate Intrigue CD

    In order to access the upgrade box during the game, you first need to unlock the Ship Facilities at the end of scenario 0-B; afterwards, each character may visit one ship facility after each scenario and the card itself contains all the necessary rules. (Note: We will be using the recommended Tian Xia set, with Monk, Pathfinder Takes, and one of the two Ult decks TBD. This will also likely be tweaked to work BEFORE scenarios and swap cards in like MM traders.)

    In order to save space, the Ship Facilities refers to boons that are covered by facilities. A boon is covered by a facility if there is at least one skill that is listed on both its check to acquire and beneath the facility.

    New Rules: New Feats:
    In this AP, you are travelling on a gigantic ship called the Shirofune, which is among the most advanced ships on Golarion, and can be considered as a seaborne fortress that is constantly improved by its crew. To reflect this within the game, the Shirofune is designed to be similar to an actual character, which means it will improve with feats along with your party! In the following, we take a look at those feats:

    When you are told that the Shirofune gains a facility feat, use the Ship Facilities card.

    These are the analogue to skill feats and will improve your access to the Upgrade Box as explained on the previous page.

    When you are told that the Shirofune gains a cargo feat, use the Cargo card.

    These are the analogue to card feats and allow you to start the game with multiple plunder cards stashed below your ship after you unlock the Cargo card in 0-C. Take note that the power of the Cargo Table overrides the SnS rulebook; instead of stashing one additional random plunder card below your ship as the rulebook suggests, you only start with the number of plunder cards as given by the Cargo Table.

    When you are told that the Order of the Raging Wave gains a power feat, use the role card of the same name; this works as for any other role card, and the same limitations apply.

    The Order of the Raging wave are seafaring monks that Hiro hired for his expedition, and you can summon them through your ship to cover your party‘s weaknesses; however, they want their share of the loot!

    When you are told that a villain gains a power feat, check one of the boxes in that villains powers section. While encountering such a villain, all of its checked boxes apply, and none of the unchecked boxes apply.

    In this AP, you will be facing the party of Masao as rivals; they are his champions just as you play the part of being Hiro‘s champions. Throughout the AP, these rivals will grow in strength just like your party does and they will unlock additional powers based on your story progression.

    New Rules: Sidequests:
    Some scenarios have a Sidequest box comprised of a description, condition and reward. When you win a scenario while the condition of its sidequest is fulfilled, add the listed sidequest reward to the scenario rewards and mark the sidequest as completed on the sidequest table.

    The last new mechanic of this AP are sidequests in certain scenarios. Trying to complete them will usually increase the scenario‘s difficulty, but will also give you additional rewards. While they are completely optional, you should be aware that they will influence your relationship with your rivals and will ultimately decide which ending you will get. However, the endings are complementary and neither is strictly better than the other, so don‘t feel pressured into completing sidequests if you stop having fun while doing so!

    Adventure 0: A New Journey

    Life has always been tough, but lately it‘s been tougher than usual. While your merry band of adventurers has been making a name for itself in the recent years, the competition in Absalom is quite experienced as well; ever since you've set foot to the metropolis, it has taken much more effort to find suitable jobs, and your expenses have seen a steady rise as a consequence. So far, you've been able to break even somehow, but given the fickle stability of a life as adventurer, you decide that it might be better to find a job that will take you into a more profitable region of the world – the sooner, the better.

    As you ponder the possible destinations to follow your interests, a foreign man enters the tavern you are currently sitting in. He seems to be from the Dragon Empires, a distant continent to the far east of Absalom, and his exotic clothes perfectly emphasize his noble and stoic demeanor.

    You don‘t get much time to question his motives, as he readily proclaims to everyone in the tavern that his lord, Yamashi-sama, is calling for intrepid adventurers to join his ship for his latest expedition. The goal, he continues, is nothing less than the Shackles, a coastal region infamous for being ruled by fearsome pirate captains and their swashbuckling underlings.

    While he doesn't give any details about the goal of this expedition, the promise of appropriate compensation is enough to grab your attention – what better way to get out of this town?

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    This afternoon, my two oldest children and I just finished Curse of the Crimson Throne. We had a marathon day were we finished 4 scenarios to end the campaign. I was playing Ezren, my son was playing Kess, and my daughter was playing Lem. We had a great time playing this entire adventure path.

    But the point of this post is the final combat check of the game. We were prepped to encounter the villain and set things up perfectly for a massive final roll by Ezren. This is how it happened:

  • Lem had previously played Shapechange and chosen a hand size of 10. At the start of Ezren's turn, Ezren handed Lem a card. Kess did the same at the beginning of her turn, so Lem had 12 cards in hand.
  • Kess encountered the villain, and defeated the first combat check. During this encounter, she displayed Lyrune-Quah Moon Maiden, which also added +1d6 to Ezren's combat check.
  • Ezren took the second combat check, first casting Boneshatter to use his Arcane skill: d12+6+2d12.
  • Then he freely cast Enhance for +8
  • And freely cast Quickened Ray for +2d6
  • Revealed Academae Scholar for +1
  • Freely reloaded Ring of Splendid Security for +7
  • Freely revealed Headband of Mental Superiority for +1d4
  • Kess then recharged Blackjack's Dagger for +1d4+1.

    Here's where it starts to get a little crazy: Remember I said Lem had 12 cards in hand? Well that's relevant because one of those cards was The Beating.

  • Lem buried The Beating and all other cards in her hand to bless the combat check 12 times, +12d12.
    That gave Ezren a massive 15d12+3d6+2d4+23.

    Also, one thing I left out: Before the encounter, Ezren played EMBIGGEN. So that 15d12+3d6+2d4+23 was actually 15d20+3d10+2d8+23. Having rolled all those dice, Ezren rolled a whopping 194 on the final combat check of the game!

    ...But he figured he could do better. So he spent his last hero point to reroll all the dice, and managed to beat the previous roll: 211.

    The best part was we really didn't have to take much time to set up for this kill - almost everything was naturally in place when we got to the villain. We went one extra time around the table simply so Lem could choose hand size 10 and the other two could pass her a card. (Ezren managed to draw a couple extra useful cards as well.). It was a silly, but very fun way to finish off an excellent adventure path!

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    I would like to propose a change to the "Building the Vault" section of the rules.

    Before Guide 6.0, there were several options for building the vault, but they all basically amounted to the same thing: you would remove all Basic/Elite banes (either as you encountered them or when setting up the box), and you may remove any Basic/Elite boons from the box.

    The sanctioning document for Curse of the Crimson Throne effectively does the same thing. Adventure 3 says to "Start with all level 0, 1, 2, and 3 cards from the Core Set and the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path, then remove all Level 0 non-Veteran banes and you may remove any Level 0 non-Veteran, non-blessing boons.

    However, Guide 6.x tells us that when playing pre-Core adventure paths, to use these new rules instead: "Start by adding all of the cards from the listed products to the vault, then remove all Basic and Elite non-blessing cards whose level is at least three lower than the # of the adventure."

    There is no option anymore to keep Basic or Elite boons that may be worth keeping around. This affects several Loot rewards (like SoFF-Scorpion Whip, Filter Hood, Compass, Camel. SoTT-Monkey), as well as Sunburst Market in MM-based games and the reward power in SoTT that lets you take a Basic boon from the box instead of a Plunder card.

    My suggestion is to update the wording as follows:
    "To build the vault for a scenario in one of those adventures, start by adding all of the cards from the listed products to the vault, then remove all Basic and Elite banes, and any Basic and Elite non-blessing boons whose level is at least three lower than the # of the adventure."

    This would bring it much closer to how it worked previously and how it works in new APs, and fixes certain rewards that players may find useful in those particular APs.

    Discussion goes here.

    Year of Rotting Ruins

    Lastwall is dying, and the Whispering Tyrant has killed it.

    A noble nation of paladins and knights, Lastwall was created to watch over the prison of the undead Whispering Tyrant. The notorious lich was locked away 900 years ago in the province of Virlych in neighboring Ustalav. Ever vigilant for the lich’s return, Lastwall also protected civilized lands from orc hordes, roaming undead, and other evils.

    Yet in his imprisonment, the Whispering Tyrant planned for his freedom and his revenge. Armed with a devastating superweapon of his own design, the Whispering Tyrant obliterated Lastwall’s capital of Vigil and blasted open his prison. Now, the lich who tyrannized the Inner Sea region a millennium ago has returned. His undead minions and mortal cultists travel freely through Lastwall, slaying its guardians and shattering its castles. Lastwall’s final hope is the white-walled city of Vellumis, a trading port on Lake Encarthan. Lastwall’s remaining bureaucrats organize fleets of evacuees from Vellumis daily, shepherding people out of the dying nation to safer lands.

    Yet hard times are times for heroes. The Pathfinder Society, a world-spanning group of treasure hunters and lore seekers, maintains a presence in Lastwall. Few Pathfinders in Vigil survived, and those who did rushed to Vellumis to aid the evacuation efforts and rejoin with Vellumis’s Pathfinders. From Vellumis, the Pathfinders can coordinate rescue efforts in the Lastwall countryside and take the fight against evil into haunted Virlych itself.

    Some have given the dying nation of Lastwall a new name: the Gravelands. Yet even in the grim face of death, champions must rise.


  • At the start of each scenario, examine a new Harrow blessing. Its harrow suit is the harrow suit for the scenario. When choosing deck upgrades, treat Harrow blessings that match the adventure's harrow suit as being level #.
  • Each character records the supporters they rally, the supporters they uncheck, and the supporter feats they gain on their own Chronicle sheets. (When there is a choice regarding these, each character makes their own choice.)
  • When a scenario includes the Base, shuffle all supporters rallied by at least one character into it. Each character may only play supporters they have rallied and may only use supporter feats they have gained.

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    i don't think this has been raised in the forums, although I know there has been plenty of chat about it in various PbP games. One of my biggest issues with the process of converting characters is how the +1 to feat caps is applied.

    Using Season of Tapestry's Tides as an example, there are several bonus feats granted. A card feat for completing Adv 2, a power feat for completing P1, and a skill, power, or card feat for completing Adv 5 (lets assume we pick skill feat, since we can't get more than +1 of each feat anyways). Additionally, a character that earned their role card before converting would have gained an extra power feat.

    If we start a brand new character to play through TT using Core/Guide 6.0 rules, that character will earn those rewards (except the bonus feat with the role card), and all their feat caps will be increased by 1. No problems here.

    But if a character has already played part of TT and then converts, deciding WHEN to convert becomes a big issue. For example, if you convert immediately after finishing adventure 5 and tiering up to Tier 6, your only feat that will get the +1 to its cap is Power feats. After adventure 5, your character will have:
    -6 skill feats
    -7 power feats
    -6 card feats
    Only Power feats is higher than your tier, so that's the only one that will get the boost.

    If you were to convert immediately before the last scenario in adventure 5, all of your skills will get +1. This Tier 5 character has:
    -6 skill feats
    -6 power feats
    -6 card feats.
    All 3 feats are higher than your tier, so all 3 get +1 (and then you'll get a free hero point for the Adv 5 reward instead of another feat).

    This problem occurs in a lot of different situations, and makes it even tougher to make the switch from the old rules to the new. I would like to suggest that instead of determining how many feats you have compared to your tier, that if you have earned any bonus feats (either from a reward or as a result of earning your role card), you get +1 to the cap for that particular feat type. This will make transitioning much smoother.

    Hi! I'll post more info as we get closer to the start of Gameday, but in the meantime, please go ahead and dot into the Gameplay and Discussion tabs.

    Hi! I'll post more info as we get closer to the start of Gameday, but in the meantime, please go ahead and dot into the Gameplay and Discussion tabs.

    Discussion Thread.

    Gameplay Thread.

    Discussion Thread.

    Gameplay Thread

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