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I am recruiting up to 4 more players to play Curse of the Crimson Throne (using the sanctioning rules for Organized Play). I will run this PbP game on the paizo.com forums, and I will also be playing in this game. Recruitment will be open until Saturday, June 6 at 8:00AM EDT. On Saturday, if there are more than 4 players signed up, then players will be determined by lottery.

NOTE: I am also recruiting up to 5 players for a Dragon's Demand (DD) game here. You may sign up for the lottery for both games, but you may only play in one in order to allow for as many players as possible to join in. (If a lottery is not needed for either/both games, then this restriction will be relaxed). I will first roll for players for the CotCT game, and then roll from the remaining players for the DD game.

Curse of the Crimson Throne is a 25 scenario adventure path taking characters from level 1 to level 6.

1. Ownership: You will be required to provide proof of ownership of any products that you intend to use in this game (Class Deck, Core+CotCT sets, promo cards).

2. Experience: For this game, I would prefer that players be familiar with the basic Adventure Card Game rules. If you aren't familiar with the Organized Play rules or playing games by post on the Paizo forums, that's not a problem - I'll be able to help you figure all that out.

3. Posting Frequency: You should be normally be able to take at least one turn per weekday and once over the weekend. (Ideally, you will also be available to occasionally pop in to roll a temp close check or help fight off that pesky Zombie Nest that someone stumbled into.) But this is just a general rule: everyone understands that life happens outside these forums, and you might not be able to post for a couple days for whatever reason. If that happens, please just let me know.
3a. Botting: If you haven't posted for about 24 hours (and don't respond to a reminder), for the sake of the group, it might be necessary for me to take your turn for you. This keeps the game moving, and helps prevent everyone from losing interest in the game.

4. Group Discussion: I typically use Google Hangouts to facilitate game discussion Before we get started, I will ask you to send you an invite link to the hangouts discussion. (I can be convinced to use Discord, if the majority of players would prefer that).

I would like to play. No problem with any of the requirements.

Primary choice is Core Ezren.

If we have no Arcane casters and no healing then Kasmir.
If we have an Arcane caster but no healing I'll play a divine caster. Several options.
If we have both Arcane and Divine then maybe Core Valeros or maybe Hakon.


I'm tentatively interested. Perhaps playing Salim the Inquisitor or Angban the armored Gunslinger.

I would like to join this game. I'm good with the posting frequency and the use of Hangouts.

I would like to play Cogsnap from the Alchemist CD but I am open to playing any character, really. I will have to figure out what deck combination I'm using once I look into the options.

I'm looking at Sajan, probably from the Core set.

Seems like I might wind up being the only pure caster.

My Ezren build would have a few ways to heal himself but not many options for healing others unless I go the Alchemy route which wouldn't kick in until tier 4.

5 player parties don't need a lot of healing but it couldn't hurt. I like discussing characters so here is a bit about the characters I'm considering.

Core Ezren - Recharges a spell + another card to explore. Will eventually gain a big boost to his non-int checks and be able to draw cards during his turn. Would have a few healing options but they would be 1 shot such as Cure or heal a small amount such as Life Drain or Leech.

Grazzle - Can heal allies in an efficient manner wherever they are.

Kasmir - A bit below average arcane caster but has lots of healing options. Albeit local only.

Maznar - Divine caster so some healing. His main gimmick is he can reveal an animal ally to add 1d4 to ANY local check.

S&S Alahazra - Divine caster so some healing. Her gimmick is she recharges divine cards to examine the top card of locations. And once she gets her role she can encounter any boons she finds while doing so.

I'm fine with any of those options so just let me know if you have a preference.

Actually I want to play Ezren in part because I'm so often the party healer. I'm sure we will manage regardless.

So I'll lock in Core Ezren using Arcane, Occult, and Support Adventurer's Packs.

I would like to join this but the caveat is that i can't start for approximately 2 weeks or so. I am recovering from shingles in my eye (sigh).

How about a start date of Monday, June 15th? We'll lock down players tomorrow, then we'll need a little bit of time to finalize characters and get chat set up, so it's only a few days later than I expected to start anyway.

Works for me!

It will be a months long AP. A couple of weeks is fine with me.

Recruitment is now closed!

Looks like we have 3 people with confirmed interest, and two maybes. If eddiephlash and Kulko are both interested, then I will roll between the 5 players for the 4 spots. Please confirm before June 7, 8:00PM (roughly 36 hours) if you are interested.

Thank you!

I'm definitely interested.

While I am interested in principal I am probably not able to keep up with the posting speed. I also just started an PF1 AP as GM, and if you are enough people without me its probably better you play in your current setting.

If anybody drops out and the game is in danger of not happening feel free to contact me.



I'm thinking of playing Radovan again. I've been wanting to try the Pitbound Bodyguard role he has. I've already played him with the Sczarni King role. haven't decided yet on what decks or adventure packs i will be using. he can be a little weird in pbp (ive run out or random monsters for him before) so if folks dont want me to play him, thats fine. There are plenty of characters to choose from.

So, our five players are: Katlyn99, eddiephlash, WilderRedbeard, Bigguyinblank, and myself. I've created the Discussion thread, and we can move there to discuss character builds.

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