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My FLGS dropped off my copy yesterday, and just getting into it. So far, I'm pretty darned pleased. I'm running Planescape via PF2e, and tons of entries are jumping out at me.

I'm also running Saltmarsh vis D&D 5e and see a bunch of entries that jump out at me for conversion use, as well as making me want to run Saltmarsh via PF2e and see how that plays out.

Bumping this, as there's now a Starfinder Compendium, Alien Archive (1), and the first two AP modules for Against the Aeon Throne out.

Anyone had any experience with these? I've been eyeing Starfinder again, and have had a great time running D&D 5e via Roll20. The modules and maps and tokens are key for me, in terms of that short cutting prep.

Any experiences?

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Darth Game Master wrote:
Is there information about the planes?

Briefly - page 10 is pretty much an overview of the various planes (Astral, Elemental, Energy, etc.). Each gets a sentence or two.

Luis Loza wrote:

One thing I'm hoping to hear is what people think about the Glossary and Index (Glossdex!) at the back of the book.


I'd love to hear peoples' thoughts on how successful the Glossdexes are so we can tweak them to serve readers better going forward.

Well, I was pleased to see the "Glossdex" in the World Guide. Still tbd on its use for the World Guide specifically, but I've gotten very good use out of the one in the Core Rulebook. I'm a fan.

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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
How's the map of the Inner Sea?

I really like it - it's a two sided poster map, but at the moment, best I can tell, it's two different styled versions of the same Inner Sea area. Covers from just above the Saga and Broken Lands down to just past the Impossible Lands.

Torillan wrote:
Kobold Press' Midgard setting is on my list.

Good one.

I'm looking to do my game this coming Saturday using the setting out of the Dragon Heresy 5e book ... sort of a fantasy Viking schtick.

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Right now, based out of Sigil (in the Planescape setting).

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The Planescape run in Pathfinder 2e last night went very well (one player called it an "elegant adventure") :) The five players unanimously requested more sessions.

For the next game - different players - I'm considering adapting the Norse / Viking-ish setting from Dragon Heresy (a D&D 5e adaption itself). Much of it is in the setting - there's various rules bits, especially shields, that I think are already or adequately covered in Pathfinder 2.

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Ran a game of PF2e earlier this evening at the local store. We had five players in total - party consisted of an Elven Sorcerer, and then all humans: Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Bard.

Super fun time. I was using Planescape, and so D&D cosmology, etc., although the PF2e Bestiary.

Been a while since I ran Pathfinder or similar crunch level; had a blast. I expect it would be more of a trial for the new rules and so one-off, especially with Planescape .. all five players were interested in more adventures with the same PCs and setting, and so I'll be looking to schedule more sessions of it.

Very pleased with the new edition of Pathfinder so far. .

Captain Phoenix wrote:
mavbor wrote:
There is also a mistake. One of the 5th level feats has a prerequisite of a higher level feat that has a prerequisite of the lower level one.
Thanks for buying the book and for pointing out the error. We're putting together an errata file, and we'll update the document as soon as we can.

I picked this one up a few days ago - quite like the presentation, trade dress, etc. - as I'm running Planescape based Pathfinder 2 e game this weekend.

We're chatting about the PDF a bit under "3rd Party Product Discussion" subforum as well.

Hmm, fair feedback re: those feats. I'll only be using them for NPCs right now, so "safe" ... but definitely something to keep an eye on.

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I told myself I was going to run Pathfinder 2e straight-up for a bit, and sure enough, failed my Willpower save at earliest convenience. I'm running a game in the old Planescape setting this coming weekend, and wanted to add some handrolled Aasimar and Tiefling NPCs to the mix.

Hence my purchase of Heaven & Hell: Aasimar & Tiefling Ancestries, from Rising Phoenix Games (via DTRPG). About 40 pages, it sets up both of the ancestries pretty much as advertised. I like the various heritages (Angelkin, Lawbringer, Pitborn, and Grimspawn among them.

Haven't had time to really use the pdf just yet or go deep on the various feats and such. From my general read, I'm pretty satisfied with it, even if only as a stop-gap until the official Paizo versions (and even then, good to have options).

Glad to hear the OP's positive experience with PF2 in play. I'm looking forward to giving it a trial run this coming weekend.

Nice - Near Space is definitely on my buy list.

I'm going to be running some Planescape. I've got a game booked for a week out, and looking forward to it.

At the moment, I'm not expecting to add a lot of rules-stuff. I'm running the game at the local game store (Black Diamond Games, in Concord, CA). I picked up my PF2e there, and wanted to offer a sample game for folks interested in the new edition.

Dropping in Planescape specifically got me three players locked in - I've got a total of seven. Since it's a "try the new edition", I'm going more or less rules as written, with some various Sigil and Planar lores and such.

Although, I'm already eyeing the Rising Phoenix (3rd party) Aasimar & Tiefling Ancestry pdf.

I'm currently planning on using them rules as written - got a game coming up in a week. I'm looking to use my Campaign Coins Epic D20 coins for Hero Points ... add a little flash to the table. ;)

I picked up a Beginner Box a few days ago at my local store out here. I was thinking demo potential, plus some of the useful bits like the play aid cards. I've already got a Core Rulebook, and set of various items.

I was pleased to see that I could fit my GM screen and Combat Tracker into the box, along with my Condition Cards, Critical Hit Cards, and a set of the Pathfinder Starship Decks tiles. Super handy.

I made a Vesk Spacefarer Soldier as a quick run through the rules. Pretty quick and easy, all things said.

James Jacobs wrote:
If anyone asks "why is there a trading post so far out in the middle of nowhere," I would tell them "That's a very good question!" Then, after they talk to Oleg himself, they'd find out that he's something of a misanthrope who's more interested in living in somewhere out in the middle of nowhere than running a successful business. In fact, Oleg's dissatisfaction with a new kingdom popping up nearby his remote home might be a fun bit of roleplaying to explore!

Heh. Well, that's where trading forts are supposed to be in general.

I suspect that Oleg's misanthropism will result in some great roleplay and tensions in the future volumes, as the PCs work to settle the lands. That their successful mission turns an early supporter into potentially an adversary should be lots of fun - especially if the PCs tap Oleg for more responsibilities in the settling lands ... very Deadwood-esque.

Of course, Oleg might also think about the money he'll be making thanks to the PCs efforts - further conflicting him.

I was able to give a first read (vs skim) through Stolen Lands over coffee this morning, and quite enjoyed it (and like what I see). It seems a very well done sandboxy with background plot. It's got a nice Keep on the Borderlands feel, without being a reboot, implemented as a campaign. That it tackles aspects of settling lands is right up with the "high level" (10th) play in Basic / Expert, wherein PCs could create holdings and whatnot.

I also enjoyed the tradedress and look for this series - both a rustic / wilderness feel with some hex map homage to the hex-crawl nature of the campaign.

I'm putting the Kingmaker series on watch / order for my flgs. :)

I just picked up Northwest of Earth the other week at my flgs, EndGame. While I'm only two stories in, this is a great read. I hadn't read any of the author's work up until now - my loss, but definitely a treat. Great prose and lots of raygun goodness. :)

Immaculate Brutal Hammer wrote:

Now, I realize that yellow is a few shades from crimson. But the previews for CotCT have got me thinking about using this AP as a basic framework for this idea. Granted, it's not even out yet, but it was the first thing that sprung to my mind.

Anybody else thought of something like this?

Well, I hadn't actually thought of that. But, after reading about CotCT and Korvosa, and having picked up the CotCT trifecta (PF#7, Player's Guide, and Korvosa guide) at EndGame this morning, I think it's an engaging idea. I've just skimmed the material so far, but from what I've seen, adding a shot of despair, insanity and Carcosa-isn-ness (and the King in Yellow) couldn't be a bad thing. Likewise, "The Court of the Crimson King" might lend an inspiration.

For the King in Yellow specifically, I'd recommend tinkering with the myth - perhaps mix it up with something red or crimson - give the play a new title entirely.

I'm actually at just about the same point in the campaign - heading into our 7th session, and just now descending into the Malachite Fortress. I just finished calculating the group's XP at 4,224 each ... I'm estimating they'll either be nearly done with 3rd, or just past 4th, by the conclusion of the Bazaar.

I've got a group of 6 PCs that I'm torturing ... er, I mean handling. ;)

So far, it's been a total blast.

That's exactly where I set it, per prior recommendations. Worked perfectly.

The group was very impressed when I brought out my Greyhawk gazeteer, the Paizo huge Greyhawk maps, and then zoomed them into the exact hex that held Cauldron way down there.

Oddly enough, my group just went for it, and didn't think of asking the guard to help. They send the locksmith off to the Temple of Kord (on of the PCs is a Cleric therein), and a-delving they went.

Just finished the character generation session earlier this evening.

We've got five PCs - thus far:

Cleric of Kord (human)
Wizard (elf)
Rogue (halfling)
Swashbuckler (human)
Psychic Warrior (human) (although, I'm inclined to have him switch to Soul Knife)

The first playing session will be in two weeks. :)