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Under the Speaker for the Past Shaman archetype, it says this:

ACG wrote:

Mysteries of the Past: A speaker for the past...

...adds the spells from the ancestor and time oracle mysteries to her class spell list (at the cleric level for those spells).

However, many of the bonus spells are not on the cleric list. I see a few possible interpretations of this:

a) You only get the spells which are on the cleric list (like spiritual weapon) and not the ones which aren't (like time stop)

b) You get all the spells on these lists and the bolded quote is clarifying that you get the bonus spells at the class level that you begin to cast those level spells rather than the level after (as oracles begin casting X level spells 1 class level after clerics)

I'm hoping for option b (who wouldn't want to get disintegrate or time stop) but I would guess it's option a. I'd be open to other interpretations. Just wanted to get a second opinion.

I've heard the verdict on Swashbuckler Weapon Training and AWT, but what about the feats like Cut from the Air? Same problem or no? I love the idea of essentially expanding parry to projectiles and eventually spells but would I have to take martial focus first?

I enter into a world, seemingly forgotten my its creators while in the process of creation. I envelop the world in mists, a requiem for the forgotten, and glide off again into the dark letting the shroud burn away in the sunlight.

I steal all of Pulg's breakfast cereal, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Deprived of the ability to break his fasting, Pulg shall starve. Muahahahahahaha, another brilliant plan!


210) People who interrupt game to post in the Forum Games Forum

211) More cheese than any lesser munchkin can handle

212) That one time your first level PCs coup de grace the book five villain.
To be fair, I let them get away with that and it didn't actually destroy the game. Did make more work for me and degrade the story a small bit though.

Sorry to Necro, but...

Personally this just feels a bit cheesy but it's something I've been wondering too and I hope I could get more input.

I would like to add something though:

Price +1 bonus; Slot none<; CL 5th; Weight —; Aura faint transmutation
When the wielder confirms a critical hit with a confounding weapon, she can spend 1 panache point to attempt a combat maneuver to disarm, reposition, sunder, or trip the target as an immediate action, gaining an enhancement bonus on the combat maneuver check equal to the enhancement bonus of the confounding weapon. This combat maneuver does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The wielder can't use panache gained by confirming the critical hit to activate this ability.

Identical bonuses do not stack (except for rare cases like dodge) so the wording of this text would imply that you do not normally add your weapon enhancement bonus to your weapon based combat maneuvers. I haven't seen the addition of weapon enhancement bonuses RAW addressed except under the "add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects" umbrella.

I really like the idea of it, but it is so cheesy, I want it to work but feel ashamed.

Couple of rule interpretation questions here:

Can you power a lucky/flamboyant weapon with your own personal grit/panache or otherwise restore the weapon's internal reservoir?

The Call Out feat locks an opponent into an duel as per Ultimate Combat. How does this affect allies of the challenged? Are they prevented form intervening? Actually, just how does the feat work in general?


In a more conversational vein, what is your favorite role-playing system outside of Pathfinder? Do you still get a chance to play it?

Hey James,

Is there any particular in-game explanation for magic item slots? After all, you can totally wear pauldrons and a cloak normally but they're incompatible as magic items.

Has anyone researched the way and why of magic items interacting with the body? In particular, head and headband, why are they different? Extra weird since head encompasses the areas above and below headbands.



Can we look forward to more expansions to the Equipment Trick feat and, if so, what sort of things?

Might there be more hybrid type classes in the future?

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Constructive ideas:
What if you implemented a post or thread creation cooldown for new accounts?
Or just a delay between account creation and when you are first allowed to start a new thread.

I won't say whether or not my ideas are actually any good but we need to find some solution.

Battle Stations!
The Paizo Forums shall not fall!

"The Magicians" by Lev Grossman

A book about a late high schooler obsessed with the Narnia-esque Fillory books, only to find that magic is real. The book follows the next six years or so of his life at the magical academy Brakebills and beyond. It doesn't have the perfect innocence of Harry Potter and Brakebills isn't just a place of happiness and wonder. It isn't a children's book by any stretch of the imagination.

I found it a rather good read, it's the first book in a trilogy but could easily have been a stand-alone, wrapping up the majority of the loose ends before presenting the concept for the second. The character was interesting, he was flawed, but not to the point where I hated him. His role is important, but also more like a supporting character, but in a way that you don't really notice that. I think an important part of things is that eventually, he was the one who was broken and remade, the one who was left behind and made it back.

The book does get... weird... at times. If you are comfortable with "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, then this should be fine. (American Gods is also a good book which I would recommend, along with his other works, including, but not limited to, Neverwhere, Stardust, and Good Omens (with respects paid to Terry Pratchett, may he rest in peace))

So... What have you lot been reading?

It is but the key ring you acquired earlier can open it. Beyond is a large room.

An area along the south wall is enclosed in a cage of thick iron bars that extend from floor to ceiling. Within the enclosure sit seven black iron chests. To the north, the stone wall has collapsed, revealing a rough-hewn tunnel.

There is also some manner of undead in the room.

Next post will delay until other members have posted or this has been resolved in normal game time.

At present you may decide whether you are still in the torture chamber (now devoid of a talking raven) or if we pretend you've been following Daddio Jr. in which case you are just in front of a heavy iron door.

To recap the the past week, the smooth talking thief arrived and proceeded to steal just about anything he could get his hands on, after killing a certain raven, he proceeded across a ledge over a pit of caustic ooze and through several secured chambers.

To recap this week, no one showed up in the first half hour. No progress was made.

To be able to post, you must create an account. I would appreciate it if you could go and type up your character stats on your profile page (in the description section is fine) or send me a copy of your character sheet.

How to format your posts:
At the bottom of the posting menu (the box that you type in to post) there is a part that says: How to format your text (show)

From this list Bold shall be used for what you are saying.

Normal text is for describing player actions.

Italics are for emphasis, and GM use as certain descriptions.

ooc is for describing the mechanics behind an action (see example below)

Spoilers should only be looked at if you meet the conditional at the top. Mostly for GM use. Some spoilers are dice rolls and should never be looked at.

Dice are how you make your rolls, all rolls for this part of the campaign must be made with this function. The preview button allows you to check your roll so you can write your total within the post and possibly add some flair to it.

Example Player post:
I comment, "What a peculiar place!" and search the room thoroughly.
Careful Overcome
4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 6) = 11 -2 dice, +2 Careful, 0 total, failure
It goes... poorly.

Example of GM spoilers:
Read all of them for now, and learn.

Never to look at these.

Understanding Overcome 2:
If you understood, you are allowed to look at this.

Only those whose names appear should look at these.

In this game, you have four actions:

Overcome: allows you to overcome an obstacle of some nature. Pretty simple.

Create an Advantage: you create an aspect with a number of free invocations determined by your success.

Attack: you attack.

Defense: you defend.

So what are Aspects for and what's an Invocation?
Aspects are things you can invoke that describe the situation at hand, be they your skill with arms or the fact that it's pitch black in the cave you're traveling. You have 5 on your sheet just describing you. When you Invoke an Aspect, you spend a Fate Point (unless it's a free Invocation) to gain a +2 to your roll. The Aspect must be relevant. Pitch blackness might grant a bonus to sneaking, but it does not help you to see.

So how do I get Fate Points?
You start with 3 at the beginning of each session. Additionally, you may gain more when your Aspects are invoked against you (this can be more than just your Trouble Aspect and could be any aspect on your person).

So how do actions work?
You choose the action you are taking. Choose your Approach to the problem. You roll 4 6-sided dice. 1-2=-1, 3-4=0, 5-6=+1. Total your score (the cumulative from the dice, your Approach score, any stunts that add to the action, and any bonuses from Invocations). Then you see if you succeed or not. When you make it by 3 or more, you succeed with style.

What's the damage stuff?
You take damage from various things. Damage in combat is the difference between the attack roll and the defense roll (assuming the attack came out higher).
In any case, when you take damage, you mark off up to one stress box and as many consequence boxes as you like these are located at the bottom of the character sheet. The stress boxes are not progressive, the 1 box absorbs 1 point of damage, the 3 box absorbs 3 points of damage. There are no ill effects to marking off stress boxes.
Consequences also absorb a number of points of damage equal to the number beside them. These boxes create Aspects with one free Invocation against you. Not good. If you cannot absorb all the damage, you are taken out in a fashion narrated by your attacker.

Stress goes away at the end of the scene.
Mild Consequences too.
Moderate Consequences heal after the end of the following session.
Severe Consequences remain until the end of the scenario.

How to build your characters:
For those of you late to the party, here's how to make your character.

1) Determine who you are, get an idea for what you do. Try to fit the setting, in this case, fantasy.
2) Look at this sheet and fill it out as we go
http://www.evilhat.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Fate-Accelerated-Cha racter-Sheet.pdf
3) Create your aspects:
a) High Concept: defines who you are, stuff like master burglar, wandering eccentric, pig rider of doom.
b) Trouble: what gets you in trouble or complicates things, stuff like paranoia, avarice, "look, a shiny!"
c) The other three: skill sets, were you trained by the arch-mage or "I make things go BOOM!"
4) Assign Approaches: these are how you character goes about things and what they're best at. Your approaches are on the right side of the character sheet, Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick, and Sneaky. Each gets a value, the values you can assign are +3, +2, +2, +1, +1, +0. High is good.
5) Create Stunts: a stunt is listed in one of several formats, you gain 3 stunts for free.
a) Because I am [awesome in some way], I get a +2 when [Approach][Action] in [a certain situation].
b) Because I am [awesome in some way], 1/session, I can [do this].
6) Set your refresh: your refresh is three, at the start of every session you are reset to 3 fate points. More on fate points later.

If you are confused as to what some of this means, don't worry, read the next post.

This is the ooc (out of character) thread. This is where one should ask rules questions or continue on strange banter (such as about the injuries to Crisp Rat/Chis Pratt). Essentially stuff that isn't relevant to the story or immediate stuff going on.

To recap what has occurred in the IRL game so far:

You arrived in the town of Belhaim, a small town in the declining empire of Taldor. While resting at the Wise Piper Inn, a thunderous boom shook the town. The Witch Tower had collapsed. Kobolds were found in the rubble. After going there, the local Baroness, Lady Devy, asked that you expendable foreign lot investigate the ruins.

So far there have been two giant centipedes, a disappearing prisoner, and a talking raven. You are in the torture chamber with the raven.

122. Just because



I rig up the door to the closet to drop a jester's cap on krevon's head, thus causing him to be jettisoned out the airlock when next he chooses to change his clothes.

If elves and orcs can create half breed offspring with humans that are also true breeding, why are there no half orc half elves?

krevon wrote:
98. Don't forget taxes!

101. Or death!

Lord Snow wrote:
Minion GM wrote:
Lord Snow wrote:

Finished reading Firefight - as usual with Sanderson, the last portion of the book was a blaze of several hours where stopping is not really an option.

Coming up next... not sure. Haven't decided yet. Probably CIBOLA BURN (THE EXPENSE 4). Having found out that the TV show will most probably be coming out after the fifth book, I feel like reading the fourth now.

** spoiler omitted **...

Hey! Fellow Sanderson fan! I've been thoroughly engrossed with his Cosmere setting, would you recommend th Firefight series to me? What's it like? Have you read his Cosmere books?

EDIT: Saw the other thread. Clearly you have.

Well, The Reckoners (the series to which Firefight belongs) is not part of the Cosmere universe. Also, it is aimed to YA so I'd say certain aspects of it are not quite as good as what you expect from Sanderson.

However, it is hands down the best YA I've ever read. A lot of solid action, humor, an interesting setting and some awesome plot twists. It's a lighter read than his other stuff but I really enjoyed it. So yes, I recommend the books if the YA label doesn't scare you off.

Thanks. I don't think that it will scare me off, I'm only just on my way out of that age group, and that's if you really push it. I hadn't really been sure about reading his other books outside of the Cosmere setting, but I think I will now... as soon as I finish my increasing backlog of books to read. I'll get there eventually.

Split Personality

For a brief moment, I was winning.

Granted! A pack of them have begun to follow you around yelling magic missile to no avail.

I wish I could game more often

Of Mice and Men

I bar my closet from the outside and have my house fumigated.

15,129 posts on the wall, 15,129 posts...

Your evil twin Goop comes to foil your plans.
The naming convention work for OOTS, right?

Failed d4

Granted! I'm sure we delivered them some time. Don't know where they went though.

I wish for more cool, rainy days spent relaxing indoors.

95. Because the cake was a lie

All that is gold does not glitter.

90. Because I've lost track of what number we're really on already.

Monty Python actually

Urban Dance Squad
Just one real life alternative when Googling UDS

Sanderson wrote:


Hoid’s backstory series is still going to be one of the last Cosmere sequences I do, so don’t expect this until Stormlight is completely done. (Both sets of five books.)

Hoid! I get that I won't see this book for twenty years, but Hoid! I know I'm late to the party here but Sanderson is awesome. I've got to finish reading all his older works in time for his new ones. With how much he plans to write for this universe, his series' will occupy the rest of my life.

On a related note for rather long lived settings: Did you realize that Ender's Game isn't done yet?

Lord Snow wrote:

Finished reading Firefight - as usual with Sanderson, the last portion of the book was a blaze of several hours where stopping is not really an option.

Coming up next... not sure. Haven't decided yet. Probably CIBOLA BURN (THE EXPENSE 4). Having found out that the TV show will most probably be coming out after the fifth book, I feel like reading the fourth now.

** spoiler omitted **...

Hey! Fellow Sanderson fan! I've been thoroughly engrossed with his Cosmere setting, would you recommend th Firefight series to me? What's it like? Have you read his Cosmere books?

EDIT: Saw the other thread. Clearly you have.

SmiloDan wrote:

Agents of Light and Darkness by Simon Green. The second volume of the Nightside series.

Huh, never heard of it before, but it sounds interesting. I'll check it out after I resolve my responsibilities with my other books. Thanks.

Readerbreeder wrote:
Minion GM wrote:
The Disappearing Spoon, a book about the periodic table of the elements
I'm curious, what did you think of this one, Minion? My daughter read it for a STEM class she was taking and it looked interesting. After a lifetime of pushing books into my kids' hands, it would be interesting to flip that on its head for once!

Sorry for the delay. It is actually quite the good read. I'll admit, I've been getting sidetracked by the other book I mentioned, but it's definitely a book want to keep reading. Admittedly, mine is for class just like your daughter's though, and I've fallen a bit behind.

If you want to know more about what it's actually about, it essentially goes into the stories behind the elements. It talks about the creation of the transistor and poor unloved germanium, bromine's failure in German chemical warfare, element hunting and Bunsen and the spectroscope. It might follow a certain theme for several chapters but it goes from one person's story to another, a highlights reel, if you will, of the periodic table. I'm less than half-way through and there's sure to be more page turners. I do recommend this to those who enjoy learning and factoids.

87. Rust monsters

As old as I've ever been.
As young as I'll ever be.
As close to winning as I'm likely to get.

Bring out yer dead!

The drums call to you krevon, they call.

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