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Gordo has moved his family into a cave complex in the canyon wall. Other hard to live with monsters are moving into the canyon. It's becoming a very bad neighborhood.

Sovereign Court

Grodd and Farael spent a little over two hours looking for Trevor, but the man was nowhere to be seen. Shrugging, the two deities headed back and Grodd once again received many hugs from the children. Later, after some light drinking at the local inn, Grodd and Farael where approached by a small group of fey:

"Can we help you?" Farael asked

"Both of you come with us, please! " one of the fey (a female huldra) replied.

When the group refused to speak anymore, the two deities realised that they had no choice but to go with them.

The fey lead them away from the city, down a valley road and continued on to a great waterfall. Seeing the group of fey walk into the waterfall without worry, Grodd and Farael quickly followed suit and found themselves in a secret location. While they were clearly in a cavern, it was none the less cleaned and polished with a great amount of architecture crafted into the walls. As Grodd and Farael were lead into the centre of the cavern (into a small but just as grand building) they were greeted by a nixie. However, unlike the rest of its kind, this nixie was was the size of human while still retaining all of the features that give its species away.

Before Grodd or Farael could say anything, the water fey spoke:

"Greetings, New Eldest and mighty Fallen One. I am Kerria, a nixie and priest of Shelyn. It was I who asked for your presence as your assistance would be most appreciated."

"I notice that you are larger than most of your kind." Farael says, hoping to get some answers.

"Indeed I am, for I wished to be bigger and it was thanks to almighty Shelyn herself for granting it." Kerria replied.

Obviously you called my friend, Farael, as 'Fallen One' but why did you refer to me as 'New Eldest'? Grodd asked, trying to be involved as best as he could (for he was still in awe of what was transpiring).

"That's easy!" Kerria said with a cheeky smile on her face. "Your godly energy has fused with the magic of my homeland, meaning that as you were changing into one of us - the land had become bound to you and only the Eldest themselves have that sort of bond and power." Kerria's smile now widened. "Speaking of of which, I'm surprised you didn't see any of them already!"

"What do you mean? " Grodd asked, fearing the answer.

"Don't you know, Gorilla Grodd?" Kerria replied. "You're all the fey ever talk about! In fact, The Green Mother herself has a particularly keen interest in you!"

Grodd's face paled in horror as realised what Kerria meant and Farael couldn't help but look at Grodd with a cheeky smile on HIS face before turning back to Kerria.

"I don't think you brought us here to talk about my friend's love life, did you?"

"You're right, of course." Kerria replied, herself getting serious and smile disappearing. "As I said earlier, I'm a priest of Shelyn and my fellow fey and I have formed a recent cult of worship to her known as 'The House of Ballads' as we dedicate our lives to singing and storytelling. But recently, we have discovered a vile plot that threatens us all!"

Kerria then signals for two fey to bring forth a recently deceased body, which is placed in front of the two deities.

Immediately both Grodd and Farael recognised it as one of Nevara's reapers! But the evil druid's appearance was drastically different from when it was last seen, the hands and feet were now vicious looking talons and a pair of black feathered wings were spread across the reaper's back.

"What's the meaning of this!?" Farael demanded.

"From what I understand" Kerria began, "is that after Nevara was defeated, her remaining followers fled. Eventually reaching a place called 'The Cloudy Fortress' (unfortunately, I don't know the location but it is believed to be in the mountainous northern region of the continent) where they made a deal with the worst kind of Syrinx you could possibly imagine the dreaded 'Court of Owls'." Kerria shuddered slightly before continuing. "Apparently, the court agreed to resurrect Nevara in exchange for the reapers' loyalty. So now, the reapers are all strix and the court itself serves Nevara - who has indeed been resurrected - who knows what will happen if she's allowed to go unchecked! It could be down right -"

"Enough!" Farael interrupted. "We have heard enough, please allow my friend and I to go back home and rest so that we may discuss this more with you tomorrow."

"Very well, you may take your leave." Kerria said, gesturing them to go. Soon Grodd and Farael were back in the city and both of them decided to have have another few rounds of drinks at the inn before settling down for the night, although Grodd decided to to drink stronger ales than Farael due to the shocking revelation of being a celebrity in the fey world.

Learns the spells Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead, Raise Dead, Resurrection and True resurrection.

Far to the east, past the Island of Paizo lies a land unexplored and untouched by the other gods and races. It is a strange land, where dreams and thoughts gave the first breath of life to a people known as the O'Khamphi. The O'Khamphi live both in the material and ethereal realms. Each O'Khamphi is shaped by thoughts and dreams, ideas and ideals. The come in many forms, depending on their birthing paragon. O'Khamphi of the Forge are well muscled and lumbering, working stone, wood, glass, jewels, and metal into masterpieces. O'Khamphi of the Dead are tall and gaunt figures cloaked in robes wearing funeral masks that show the joy and sorrow of a loved ones passing. O'Khampi of Life take many trains from flora and fauna, each unique, but recognizable by the seasonal change it's fur, feathers, scales, and leaves take on. O'Khamphi of the Blood are fierce warriors, some protectors, some raiders, and all worth ten or more fighers from any race. There are countless other O'Khampi, ones of stone, of water, of air, and fire. There are O'Khamphi of business and law, of chaos and greed, of good and evil, of everything and nothing. When they die, they reincarnate as a new O'Khamphi, their memories and experiences stripped to give way for fresh ones. But always there is one O'Khamphi of the Dream itself, to which all O'Khamphi give deference to. He or she keeps the balance of things, and is always knowns as Amasu, or the First Breath.

-In the Temple of Dreams, the current Amasu looks at a dream projection globe showing the world, showing the tides of things and ideas in motion. Finally, he sighs and shakes his head and turns to his advisors, Bureaucratic O'Khamphi with 4 arms and 4 eyes, constantly writing things down and cataloging everything.-
"Send word to the shores to have the ships be ready. It is time we join the world in all it's problems. I foresee a change in balance that will cause nothing but catastrophe without our intervention."

-He looks again at the map before walking away, a troop of Blood O'Khamphi falling in behind him as he makes his way down to the crown jewel of the O'Khamphi fleet, a mighty ship capable of traveling through the air, on the water, and under the sea. Silently, shadows gather and disperse around the ship, sneaking O'Khamphi of Secrets joining as his personal special forces team. Back in the Temple of Dreams a distorted reflection of Amasu looks out through a reflective surface and chuckles silently. As Amasu is the O'Khamphi of the Dream, this reflection is the O'Khamphi of the Nightmare. It disappears before the ever vigilant eyes of Bureaucratic O'Khamphi can catagorize it. Far away, in the Temple of Dogon, the distorted visage of Amasu peers through the reflection off a slaves eyes, knowing it's nightmare won't soon end.-

"Not much has been happening, so I've designed the super sandworm. It's bigger than a purple worm, it tries to eat anything not made of sand that walks around making vibrations, it then excretes raw spice made of moisture, positive energy, and stuff. Since people can make drugs that keep creatures young, let them see into the future and past, turn the white of their eyes blue, and make them even more paranoid about death, they'll come into the dessert looking for it. I've put them in the driest, sandiest, desserts, and plan to watch the fun."

"My avatar brought them in their larval form, a manta ray shaped thing that quickly grows. I didn't set foot on the world. My avatar can shape shift into a gargoyle like form and drop them from a safe distance."

Dark Archive

I enteer in to a strange world many gods have come have bult destroyed and saved I shall add a race in my image of tiny thing that buld tiny house that are hiend under ground I teach the mhow to run how to hid and who to destract.

I enter into a world, seemingly forgotten my its creators while in the process of creation. I envelop the world in mists, a requiem for the forgotten, and glide off again into the dark letting the shroud burn away in the sunlight.

Mists created by a god, allow monsters from banished worlds to slip through. Lots of vampires, werewolves, and advanced flesh golems sneak through. The balance between the kingdoms is unbalanced as they blame each other for these intruders.

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