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People worried about +6 AC in a point Of the game where AC is irrelevant.

I wonder if some people ACTUALLY play the game, or is only theory craffing at all.

Why are you using a core Fighter, and not a Mutagenic Warrior, Eldritch Guardian or the Two Handed Fighter?

Thanks for the input, all of you.

To clarify more, the 9th caster ban is common with the people I play: They feel that the game became more gritty without playing another system, at least in 3.5. It's my first time GMing PF to they.

And while I plan the game to go up 12th, I can't guarantee that will end at this point, because I play with this guys for 16 years and sometimes small campaings go around for years.

I will stick with the PFS bans as they look very reasonable.

The point is to make a really low magic campaing, the Automatic Bônus Progression will be used to make sure the math isn't that screwed.

Gunslingers are present because gunpowder are common, and we use different rules to Guns (no more misfire or touch attacks).

Gonna read the PFS rules, thanks.

So, I'm going to run a custom game in a homebrew setting, and I need to know some exploitable or problematic Archetypes and feats.

My actual ban list:

Feats: Calculating Mind, Leadership, Sacred Geometry, all item creation feats.

Classes: All 9th casting classes (more a lore/flavor decision)

Archetypes: Vivisseccionist, Primalist, Master Summoner and Synthesist.

Any more sugestions? The game should last up to 12th Level.

What I did is let the players get Cleaving Finish without Cleave as a prerequisite.

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Fumble on 1 makes epic characters act like complete fools, I hate that rule with all my passion.

How to emulate the multiple spear throw?

Scud422 wrote:
Metal Sonic wrote:
2- Can you do something like that to armor, Lemmy? :D
I think the PieceMeal Armor rules are what you want for that.

Thanks pal, but this Paizo subsystem sucks major ass, and is not exactly what I'm looking for.

I think that Lemmy can get a system where is easy enough to make balanced armors. There is no reason at all to use a Padded Armor, a Half Plate or various armors in the system because they suck. In a system where I can have a Half-Plate and Full-Plate in different niches, I will be more that happy.

Two questions:

1- So, it's impossible to frente a Scythe in this system, or I have my math wrong?

2- Can you do something like that to armor, Lemmy? :D

I do say they stack. If a insight bonus to your Str stacks with a insight bonus to Attack bonus, I fail to see why they don't stack.

Imbicatus wrote:
A reasonable houserule is if you are not proficient in the armor, you will have a minimum ACP of 1 for light armor, 2 for medium armor, or 3 for heavy armor, because you don't know how to strap it properly.

Why punish martials even more with such stupid houserule? You want to have Magic Armor Proficiency to learn how to use a Mage Armor?

ACP != ASF, and the Monk have specific rules to armor use.

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Keep your houserules off a rules discussion. 0 ACP means that you can use the armor without any problem.

I hate the fact that the Real to Dollar conversion is atrocious right now...

Unfortunately it looks like the kickstarter won't make it. What a shame. :(

Shimnimnim wrote:
An ogre can carry a longbow, sure. But then he goes from 2d8+7 damage to 2d6 damage (also 3 less to his attack bonus), and any increase in this damage with a +str bow means also increasing the hell out of the bow's cost.

Make them use slings, it's free and will do 1d6+5 damage, instead of 2d6 with a bow. More thematic too, I guess.

Google Drive?

I want be a Vivesectionist to tear apart the enemies! :D

My Fighter revision can retrain all his Bonus Feats in the start of each day, and no one complained.

Bad design. Damage Reduction is a wonky mechanic, unfortunally.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
It hasn't been (officially) updated since 2013

Why you do it with us, Kirth? :(

The doc is updated? Please sent me a copy!


Jewelfox wrote:
Of course, we're playing Fate, not an adversarial / crunch-heavy system like d20 or any of its clones.

I think it only works because it is Fate, in Pathfinder that will be a pain in The ass...

My group use a 1 minute hourglass to you declare your actions and start rolling. We also roll all die that the action requires at same time, and if it requires too many rolls, use a virtual roller.

It's possible to have balanced weapons on a d20 system, if we can develop a good point-buy rule for them. Lemmy is making a good job with it.

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Pick a copy of the Path of War.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:

Yeah... no.

I've yet to see a point-buy system with any amount of crunch without crappy balance.

My experience with GURPS Fantasy and Mutants & Masterminds say otherwise. There are no martial-caster disparity in both these systems, and in M&M the scombos are easily noticiable because you don't need to look for unexpected synergies between special abilities because the rules are lighter.

It was that way in 3.5?

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For me a high-level martial should fight like the over the top fighting scenes of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

Massive jumps, impossible balancing feats, absurd riding skills, supreme endurance. Swim against a waterfall, run over falling debris, balancing on water, run for DAYS without getting tired, hold their breaths for hours.

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DM_Blake wrote:
Ah, yes, this old argument. Over and over and over with this. Every discussion on this forum about how something should work ends with this.

In a world where a well trained and experienced man can fight using only his fists against creatures with 16' to 32 ft. of height and WIN, how to chop a swarm is unrealistic or magical about it?

Woa, I was wrong. Holy shit.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Well, so much for "Fighters suck at high levels!"

I'm 100% positive that he just screwed the math. :p

Like how nate said in his post, this math is way off. Numbers please.

What used to be in 3.5?

Melkiador wrote:
While not as simple as the gloves of dueling, slayers have bloodstained gloves and lenses of the predators gaze to boost the studied target bonus. And the slayers robe can apply the bonus to saves against the studied target.

Oh boy, didn't know about these items, my Tiefling Slayer will LOVE them!

BadBird wrote:
Just to point out, Weapon Training plus Weapon Specialization & etc doesn't fare any worse that Studied Target. Throw on Gloves of Dueling and it does considerably better. Slayer is great, and much better for some builds, but I'm not sure exactly why people think it completely replaces Fighter.

Because you can be disarmed or sundered?

InVinoVeritas wrote:
So we end up with a fast fighter with a couple more hit points and worse armor, or a fighter who trades his feats for sneak attack. Doesn't sound like a winning combo to me.

Slayer is a Fighter with better skill list, skill points, better saves and faster access to feats because of Ranger Fighting Style.

GM Rednal wrote:
The Mythic Mania books have a fix for MVS. XD I would generally recommend people use that version instead.

Care to share the feat description?

Go play Mutants & Masterminds to have enough STR to smash even the Moon. :D

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Perhaps depending on how much the party's been hurt. Desecrating bodies though? No way.

Do you have any game text that references that multilate a corpse is a Evil act? As far as I know, only creating Undead is a Evil act.

MAYBE is not Lawful, but not Evil.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
You know, the Iconic Slayer, works for the church of Sarenrae.

And he's Neutral, so not a good example.

In the end people are saying what they consider Evil, but always lack system evidence to show that it's correct. It's hard to have a discussion that way.

Cerberus Seven wrote:

Actually, flexibility has next to nothing to do with Dexterity.

Escape Artist disagree with you...

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Sarenrae best waifu. <3

Cavall wrote:

Haha I feel the same way about rogues vs a bard that picks locks.

No one trusts a rogue. Everyone loves a bard.

Never dump Charisma, my friend. ;D

Cavall wrote:
I'm sorry you feel that way about being a good person. I don't see it that way at all, but we have a difference in play styles.

I ALWAYS play with Good characters, but the are always Neutral ou Chaotic. Honor have no place in the battlefield.

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Cavall wrote:
While it may not be evil to kill evil, it is a quick way to have a paladin fall on HOW you combat evil. Several examples of what makes for dishonorable combat are listed including poison, but it does go on to say "and so on".

To a Paladin, yes. The code forces the Paladin to be Lawful Stupid.

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Zaros Liserii wrote:

I can understand your reasoning, but you lack any evidence in text from the actual game to make this claims. I at least provided some text from the books from the "father" edition of Pathfinder to suport that it's not evil to kill a Evil being.

But in the end nothing of this discussion matter, because Alignment IS one, if not the MOST aspect of the game that changes to game to game.

Lemmy, awesome stuff, man. I'm really impressed.

Milo v3 wrote:
... and this is why I play without alignment.

Me too, for a long time. I use rules very similar to the Unchained Radiant vs. Shadow since 3.5, but I've named it Light vs. Dark.

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