What is your favorite druid build?

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So, Druids! Never played one, But want to. Just not sure what kind of druid to make as they seem to be able to be built so many different ways... So I ask here!

What is your favorite Druid Build? Do you prefer to play as a shapechanging melee druid, Or a caster druid? Any archetypes you like? Tell me about it! :D

I've only played one, a Dwarven Bear Shaman. But if I could go back I would pick another archetype. There are feats that allow you to cast spells while shapechanged. once I was able to be a earth elemental practically all day, that's what I did. Earth elemental, cast spells, smash things.

I like the Wolf Shaman for the Travel Domain... going down the Dimensional Savant feat path.

I like the Wild Whisperer for access to the Effortless Aid Investigator Talent.

I like the Green Scourge-Skinshaper because it's different, and opens up some creepy infiltration options... like people of the forest sneaking into civilization... or Hags sending Changelings into society...

I like the Menhir Savant-Planar Extremist ex-Druid, because it has flavor... and an Eidolon.

And any Druid archetype that does not trade away Venom Immunity works fabulously for a Racial Heritage [Ogre] build focused on Stench. Grab a Yzobu for your Animal Companion, because they stink, too. Corrupted Flesh/Improved Stench/Toxic Strench/Pungent Stench can all be had by level 13... Amplify Stench is on the Druid spell list... so, at level 13, your Stench with Amplified Stench looks something like this:
120'; DC (20 + Con)
Nauseated + Poison + Sickened 15rnds

Is VMC allowed?

I really like Nature Fang Druids VMC Cavalier. Order of the Blossom gets Sneak Attack that stacks with the 1D6 you get from Nature Fang. And the Crocodile Domain, if you so choose.

Druid VMC Cleric can be good, too. If you worship Brigh, you can have both Druidic Herbalism and Divine Alchemy.

Druid VMC Sorcerer [Draconic Bloodline] is a fun base for a Kobold Scaled Disciple/Dragon Disciple. Pick a Deinonychus Animal Companion, so you can be a pair of little, angry lizards. Rawr...

Huh, I didn't even know I liked Druids this much. Lol.

It really depends on what role(s) you want your druid to fill.

Summoning? Dragon Shaman
Casting? Menhir Savant
Weapon damage? Nature Fang
Living large? Goliath Druid

There are really so many good options for the druid. It’s hard to pick just one. Even the base druid is a pretty great generalist.

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I like the Reincarnated druid for tough campaigns because he just! Won't! Die! This seems rarely actually necessary but it's a fun concept.

Otherwise, I like the frontliner druids, mainly Nature Fang (with crocodile domain for extra sneak attack) or Green Scourge (maybe dipping in monk to flurry with your shillelagh).

Also, note that the Eagle Shaman gets flight at level 5, which is certainly useful.

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