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The consensus seems to be teleportation magic or (for younger, slower dragons) hasted pegasus or other fast mounts.

Thanks very much for your help.

How can you catch a dragon that is flying along at top speed, say, running away? Forget whether chasing it is a good idea. Once it is, say, a mile or two away, wouldn't it be pretty much out of range of ground based attacks, and now it would need to be chased?

There are lots of ways I can think of to engage the thing once it lands or when it is close, but the speeds I saw in the PRD look very fast. Little critters start at 100 and the terrifying max size ones were 250 fly. I didn't see anything that could catch the big ones. Air elementals can fly at 100.

Teleportation, I guess, or some very long range (sight?) level spell?

I'm especially looking for a flying creature or mount or maybe even a magical device (like wings of flying) that could do it, rather than a spell.

The old guys are really, really fast.

Abraham spalding wrote:

If you use the built in search feature on the pfsrd website it will populate as a google search. However if you look right below the "web" and "image" tab you'll see subtabs for the different sections on the pfsrd website.

This will allow you to search for "pain" related feats, spells, skills or magic equipment (and so on) separately.

Cool. Thanks very much for the tip.

Abraham spalding wrote:

There is also Delay Pain.

The best fit for my purpose is delay pain. I figure if the source of the pain goes away before the spell wears off, you never feel the pain.

Thanks for the help.

PS: I didn't look at my search results carefully when I searched using "pain" as a keyword. I thought there were 12 results (and that something wasn't working)...not 12 pages of results.

I didn't see one in a quick look. Maybe if I look more carefully at removing conditions?

I am specifically looking for the equivalent of a magical epidural nerve block.

Bandw2 wrote:
Renegadeshepherd wrote:

Cool, thanks!

Where is the Lore Warden to be found? A lazy check of the PRD didn't turn it up.

mplindustries wrote:

Slayer is basically thought of as one or more of the following:

1) Fighter with more skills

2) Ranger without the nature crap

3) Rogue with more BAB

Should solve your problem nicely.

You are my heroine! I just looked at Slayer in the PRD and it is exactly what I was seeking. Thanks!

(I'm assuming the heroine part, from your icon.)

I don't know most of the million classes and archetypes out there, so I am coming to the experts. Class needs to work for humans.

What I'd want for this purpose:

Take a fighter
Add lots of skill points per level
Remove or reduce whatever class features are needed to balance out the new skill points (bravery, maybe some of the weapons training?)

I'd also want to make some more skills class skills - a lot of them are rangery stuff.

But why not a <hunter, ranger, whatever?>
I don't want to start a flame war, but... I just don't want this PC have a pet built into the class or any magic.

Should I just play a different game?

This AP sounds like the area is more than a little like the old Dr. Who episode "The Face of Evil." Not everything, but the tribe and technicians, crashed ship, etc.

I have not purchased or read this AP. Am I totally off the mark?

The way I see it, some siege engines are just the sort of weapon you'd use against really BIG, SLOW monsters. I remember using them for just that sort of thing in a PFS Convention Special...

How about a Ballista Bolt in the eye? Not so Colossal now, are ya?

The thing that occurs to me is that Barbarian (from the 1st Edition AD&D Unearthed Arcana) was not rage-based and was more "low tech wilderness." Do I remember this correctly?

Besides, it was Conan the Barbarian, not Conan the Berserker, that everyone loved. Loved so much that they made movies, comic books, and Thundarr the Barbarian.

They should just call the class "superhero" because apparently "rage" can power anything, including climbing or doing energy damage. And like the Hulk, you can make yourself enraged at the drop of a hat and turn it off.

While reading before bed, I found some examples (everyone else probably new about them):

1. Ring of Forcefangs - Heighten Spell, magic missile
2. Ring of Retribution - Quicken Spell, fireball
3. Greater Slaying Arrow - heightened finger of death

#3 is written that way, but either it was just an editing error or maybe back in the CRB they hadn't settled on how to write it up.

My magic duck call is one of those little things you blow into that sounds like quacking, to lure ducks to their doom while hunting. It's a very silly item.

Thanks for the help.

Cool, thanks.

Great information.

Under the requirements, are the spell and feat listed separately, or together?

shout, Concussive Spell


Concussive shout

I guess, practically, it doesn't make a difference.

Now, for my magic kazoo...

Let's say I wanted to create a magic duck call that, upon command, would not quack, but would instead have the effect of a <Concussive> Shout spell. So it would act like shout, but modified by the metamagic feat Concussive Spell.

The creation rules would list...Concussive Shout? Shout and Concussive Spell?

1. Is this rules legal?
2. Is this really stupid, in that there is always another spell to use instead of the feat? In some cases, maybe, but what if there isn't?

If I can make an item that actually follows the rules, is priced properly, and is original, I'll be happy. Baby steps.

OK, since the contest is anonymous, I should avoid getting dinged for asking dumb questions. Are shields armor? They are sort of the same section, but not exactly.

Sorry I am so behind on this.

At the risk of revealing how cheap I am, is there any way to get a good look at items that have been published outside of the sources that feed the PRD? There are so many APs, modules, etc. that I am pretty sure any idea of mine that is not really stupid is likely to be published somewhere. I have several modules and PFS scenarios and 3 APs. But there is so much more.

I have some ideas, but others probably know better. I know of Archives of Nethys, the Paizo PRD, and d20PFsrd. I cannot afford to buy the entire Paizo lineup to check for conflicts.

Aura weak grammar; CL 0th
Slot hand; Price 100 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

This is a template test

Requirements BigFeat, blasto zappo, lots of dirt; Cost 10 gp

Just checking - I'm the kind of guy who will be DQ'd because of a formatting error.

Is there an approved template or templates for these types of items this year? I have the Core Rule Book and can see what is on the page, but there have been several additional, more recent, books put out since. Is the CRB format still good?

I meant the Disabling Strike Mythic Champion ability. Or a "Debilitating Blow" with the Called Shot for attack.

OK, this was sitting there and I missed it.
Universal Mythic Hero Path Ability

Display of Strength (Su): As a free action, you can expend one use of mythic power to attempt a feat of Strength, gaining a +20 circumstance bonus on one Strength-based skill check or Strength ability check. Alternatively, you can use this ability to apply a +20 circumstance bonus to your Strength score for a number of hours equal to your mythic tier for the purpose of determining your carrying capacity

That'd help with the lifting thing. The other attack things are good for the fighting part.

Thanks for all the good examples!

Cool. Thanks for the tips.

I figure the Barbarian turns into Green Stone when he takes his Earth Elemental form and rages, right?


I didn't adjust for size. 102 tons for for the titan be 5 times his weight, which is very impressive. Much better

What I mean by really strong is something like:

- when faced with a monster that is immune to weapons, the PC tears the monster's arm clean off (like Beowulf did to Grendel. Beowulf had the "grip of thirty men in his hand")

and at a really mythic level

- when a big object is falling over and threatening to squash something immobile but important, the PC can keep it from falling, at least for a minute (like the oil rig scene from Man of Steel or the wall scene from Spiderman (2?))

I cannot figure out how to do it. I understand that this gets into the realm of Superheroes, but I'd like to see how it might be done anyway.

Elysian titan in PRD
Strength 45
"Elysian titans are 70 feet tall and weigh 20 tons."

"Tremendous Strength: For Strength scores not shown on Table: Carrying Capacity, find the Strength score between 20 and 29 that has the same number in the “ones” digit as the creature's Strength score does and multiply the numbers in that row by 4 for every 10 points the creature's Strength is above the score for that row."

OK, heavy load for Strength 25 is 800 pounds.

45-25 = 20 = 2*10. So I should multiply by 16 (4 squared?) or 8 (4 doubled?)

Assume 4*2= 8. 8x800 = 6400 = 3.2 tons. So a heavy load is about 1/6 the titan's weight. For an average human is is 100 pounds, say 1/2 his weight (gross rounding here). Seems the titan is too weak under this assumption.

Assume 4*4 = 16. 16*800 = 12800 = 6.4 tons. Now the heavy load is about 1/3 the titan's weight. Still weak.

What am I doing incorrectly?

I have several PFS scenarios, independent modules, and three APs (Serpent's Skull, Carrion Crown, Rise of the Rune Lords). In only a couple cases, the big problem the players need to stop is NOT a bipedal intelligent bad guy (one is a set of three BIBGs and a big blob, the other is an aboleth). Otherwise it's a BIBG.

BIBGs include anything that more or less has a bipedal "person" shape and is intelligent. I realize this is an imprecise classification.

What are some good APs, modules, or PFS scenarios that DON'T have the main rival be a BIBG?

Spoiler tags may make sense here...

Serpent's Skull does have a last minute appearance by Ysiderius, who probably doesn't count as a BIBG, but he only shows at the end as a terrible surprise and doesn't run the show.

And I am guessing Dragon's Demand's big foe is the dragon, based on reviews.


Thanks, Bali. The Cyclops story I knew of but had forgotten. I didn't know about the Gilgamesh and Enkidu vs. the Bull.

Good point about the Justice Society. I should go back and look at comics for designing PCs vs. Solo Baddie fights. Especially the magic heavy JSA stuff from the Golden Age.

Maybe I can cook up a villain, say...Floda Reltih, who can have some magical items that create a dominate person field to keep those pesky PCs out of his business. It's worked before.

Thank you for the many modern examples and for the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (1950).

Oh, and I thought of another one: the three professors vs. the Dunwich Horror. That's a solo nasty outsider vs. 3 PCs. And the story is pretty old (written 1928, published 1929).

Superheroes, yes. That's the big one in modern stuff.

Thanks for the examples. I'm was thinking how the advice for boss fights is often "add some help to even up the action economy." That got me wondering how many times I've seen:
heroes vs. big + help
heroes vs. big
hero vs. big

in direct combat (everyone "rolling initiative") in Old Stuff (say LotR and earlier).

I'm sorry that I cannot help with mechanics (is the Assassin eventually a useful a PrC??), but I would recommend that he or she has a jack knife and fancy gloves. Those seem essential.

[Moved this from Gamer Talk, where it had no takers and was being pushed down by other threads]

I am not that familiar with all the old stuff, but I cannot think of too many examples where 2+ good guys fight 1 bad guy.

I can think of:
- Beowulf and a sidekick vs. the dragon (dragon dies, Beowulf fatally wounded)

- Herakles and a sidekick vs. the hydra

- Anyone shooting Smaug uselessly and Bard killing it. Was anyone shooting besides Bard?

- Aragorn, Boromir, and Gandalf against the balrog. Only Gandalf engages with it. The other guys were moving up when the bridge fell.

- Merry and Eowyn against the King of the Nazghul

Are there others from stories from before, say, 1960? Did I mischaracterize the ones I listed?

OK. Thanks for the information.

When I click Factions links from the Paizo > PFS website, I get the old lists, not the current list.

I know this has been brought up before, but I wanted to take a look at this in a way that is not criticizing the decisions. And maybe Paizo staff, if I am very lucky, will comment.

Some of the key places seem pretty much to be operating - or at least have fashion, ships, and architecture - our of the early 19th Century. Especially via the artwork. I'll get back to that.

Andoran, Taldor, Ustalev, Galt, and others in "Civilized" Avistan seem to be early 19th C. in dress, in ships and in architecture.

Is this mostly an artifact of the art used in depicting the people and places? There's no getting around Andoran (post-revolutionary USA Northeast) and Galt (revolutionary France). But what about the others? It seems like maybe they have tech and some societal structures from that time period.

Paizo folks - Should we should be encouraging Taldane PCs to dress like Mr. Norell and Jonathan Strange, not Gandalf?

Does anyone have experience rewriting published adventures to avoid classes, spells, etc. you didn't like? I haven't had much success doing that, but I don't have much practice. Encounter balance would be the hard part, I'd think (and have been my problem when I've tried).

I am thinking of writing up something that needs kayaks and canoes of varying sizes.

I play RPGs to socialize with my buddies. PF is the game of choice, and Paizo keeps it that way by putting out lots of canned scenarios. That's really the key - high quality scenarios so we don't have to make them up to play.

blahpers, good point.

Maybe the normal use of the needle is like mending and once per day, it can do a big repair, acting as make whole, with its 10 cubic ft/ per level (minimum of 30, since it is a second level spell, right?). 30 cubic feet would be 5x3x2, which might be enough for a sail and certainly enough for a tent, backpack, or saddle.

This additional power should have a base cost of 1800*3*2, before being adjusting, right?

I think 1 per day should involve a discount:
Divide by (5 divided by charges per day).

Charges per day = 1
5/charges per day = 5
So divide the cost of the 1/day power by 5.

1800*3*2/5 = 2160

So the needle would cost 1800+2160 = 3960 before markup for slots or material restrictions, etc.

Thanks very much for the advice, and for the tip about the Traveler's Any-Tool.

A needle that allows the user to use mending to fix damaged objects that would normally be fixable with needles (such as torn cloth or leather). No thread or whatever would be required. It's a spell in a can, for sure, but potentially a handy thing for non-PCs. Let's say it is command word activated and takes the 10 minutes that would normally be used for casting to use the needle. And like the only other needle I saw, it won't take up a slot.

OK, here goes:

0 level spell, so 1/2 price of 1st level spell
caster level 1
command word activated

so this sound likes it should cost 1/2 * 1 * 1800 = 900 so far...

It's slotless, so it double the price: 900 * 2 = 1800

1800 gp? Is this correct? I feel there should be a big discount for restricting its use to cloth, leather, etc. rather than the full set of options the spell would allow. But I don't know how much it should be. Is there a rule on this?

Please let me know where I have made mistakes, if any. I'm not saying this is a great item or a in a great deal for an NPC. I just want to get some practice pricing items and this was a simple place to start.

OK, thanks Christopher!

I think I will submit my "useful to normals" stuff online outside the contest, as a way to make sure I am doing things properly.

Two questions

1. Up this thread (back in August), there was a discussion about whether or not it is a good idea to require ranks of a skill in addition to one or more spells and Craft Wondrous Item. I'm thinking of entering an item this year that would require a skill. The core rulebook and APG items don't appear to have skills attached, but some in Ultimate Equipment do. For example, if I wanted to enter a loom that can weave 10x faster than normal (useful to non-adventurers), I would want Craft (weaving). What is the RPGSS take here - is this a loser choice? Just skip the craft?

2. What is the RPGSS take on items that are useful, but not useful to adventurers, per se? I assume total losers, but I want to ask. In my thinking, an item that is very handy to some sort of non-adventurers may a) be super cool, b) may come in handy for adventurers at some point, c) be worth money and or some reward for obtaining. Are all RPGSS supposed to be, essentially, gear for PCs to use on the adventure? I assume yes, but...


What map products go with this scenario? If answering means spoiling, please ignore this question. I wanted to buy the map and let the GM use it, to save him some dough.

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