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Preliminary review on only a couple points - Grimtooth's traps & Mwangi


This is *only* a review on a couple points - things for which I was searching or which I just sort of noticed.

Overall, looks like a really interesting module with lots of action. Not much contact with Mwangi culture (for which I was looking) but a little bit. Huge pulp feel.

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Preliminary Review - strong, but has a pet peeve


This is preliminary, since I have read the book but not had the opportunity to use it in play.

Good: The setting is very strong. Excellent variety of locations and background on society and integrates well with Heart of the Jungle, I think.

Suggestion: a place to find some stat'd up NPCs outside the modules.

Pet peeve: It just had to be the case that what pretty much seems to be an emerging bad-actor group is the Ivory Cross, right?