Charismatic assasin - Build advice.


All hardcovers, 25 PB, 2 traits, character wills tart at level 2.

So, I'm thinking about an evil assassin that use bluff and disguise to make everyone believe he is a good guy and not a treat but that is efficient by killing others in melee (by surprise if posible). As you can see is not a very narrow concept since it does not need any particular class mechanics to do it.

So, what class would you recommend and why? (I'm open to multicalss too).

I'm sorry that I cannot help with mechanics (is the Assassin eventually a useful a PrC??), but I would recommend that he or she has a jack knife and fancy gloves. Those seem essential.

Bard. Your high charisma synergizes with your spell casting, you get multiple illusion and enchantment spells (including Misdirection) to throw people off the trail, enough skill points to put into the various skills you'll need, and using buffs you can be a very capable melee fighter.

Use the Dervish Dancer archetype for proficiency with a Kukri, and the ability to inspire courage yourself completely internally (despite the name, you do not have to actually make use of perform: dance)

An inquisitor with the conversion inquisition (wis instead of chr for social skills) would work pretty well also. It wouldn't actually be a high CHA character, but it would be very good at bluff and diplomacy.

THe inquisitor would work mechanically, but thematically I would prefer the character to not be tied to any deity.

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Ninja works with high CHA, might use the high CHA to qualify for the Rakshaza Bloodline through Eldritch Heritage to be much harder to detect, plus you eventually get mind-reading protection and the ability to fully hide your alignment.

You can also pull it off with a Mysterious Avenger or Daring Infiltrator Swashbuckler, higher damage and accuracy and some cool tools (Avenger can hide identity well, Infiltrator has bonus to Bluff and Stealth) but no Sneak Attack or Invisibility which are both fun. Perhaps you could mix these up with the Ninja?

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You can always just go Slayer. That's sorta the default assassin class, and gives targeted social bonuses to boot. You'll need some way to conceal your Alignment eventually, but it ought to work.

Alternately, an Empiricist Investigator with the Student of Philosophy Trait can do this trick entirely via Int with no Charisma necessary, and can (at 4th level plus) manage the Alignment concealment via Extracts, and is a much better skill-monkey...if not quite as good in a straight fight (at least at low levels, they catch up at higher ones).

Bard, as suggested, also definitely works. Nobody expects a vicious assassin Bard. You also, like the Investigator, get Undetectable Alignment on your list.

It really depends on what you want to do mechanically which class you should go with for that concept.

1-3 level dip into wash seems really good for anyone going for a dexterious build; your character doesn't HAVE to though.

Grand Lodge

Kitsune Ninja. (you must wear orange)

I think the biggest thing to keep in mind with a hide in plain sight/disguise concept is that it is not an assassin, but a spy.

As such, the Assassin PrC will be helpful, but the Master Spy PrC is better.

I would build 5 levels Ninja, 2 Sin, rest as Master Spy. Once you hit 6 in Master Spy, you could go back to Assassin, but that is your call. (Death attack stacks starting level 1 Spy)

Death attack is a terrible player ability. It's too difficult to set up and almost requires solo play over being in a party.

In a group the best kind of assassin is the one with save or die spells. Rakshasa blooded sorcerer should do the trick. Your kill cantrip is bleed. Your 1st level kill spell is Sleep (I think we all know what that does). Your 2nd level kill spell is Aboleths Lung. Seriously, check that out.

At 3rd level spells your options explode! Deep Slumber, Hold Person, for immediate kills. Cast Hydrophobia on whoever failed their save against the Aboleths Lung spell for abject cruelty. Also, Call the Void is another great way to get stealth kills in.

Finally, a rod of silent spell is so much your friend.

Just some thoughts.

assassin prc is intelligence based so it's out from the start.

Charisma based assassin? Try Arcane Duelist, Chelish Diva, Archeologist, or Dervish Dancer Bard! Even Base Bard works.

You will have the skills, you will have the base stats, you will have the damage!

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By melee, do you mean scuffles and large scale battles? Or can he stab them in their homes? Because I made a rouge who was a pretty good charisma based contract killer. He was garbage in traditional combat, but he was a ridiculous effective political assassin.

He was a demonspawn tiefling rouge with the beguiling liar racial trait and diplomacy, disguise and bluff all maxed out. I also had the feats deceitful and skill focus to boost his lying. Then I took the rouge talents convincing lie, honeyed words and charmer so I could re-roll any lies that failed. You'll of course need high charisma to lie and high dexterity to sneak, but the other stats are really up to you. Strength and intelligence are obviously more important than constitution though. If you go tiefling, you can also pick up may or claw and take the bite, so you'll always have a weapon that can deal a lot of damage in one hit so that you can coup de grace people in their sleep.

After that, all you have to do is sneak or charm your way into your mark's bedroom and bite their throat out in their sleep. I actually went as far as to sneak a war hammer into a palace to assassinate a queen.

A hat of disguise and glamered weapons are also highly desirable.

If you want to do what the guy above recommended, take the Sczarni Swindler archetype.

If you want to be more combat based, you cannot go wrong with Daring Infiltrator or Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler.

I'm inclining for bards and prioritizing bluff, not totally decided though

Dervish dancer

=== Stats ===
Str 16,Dex 14, con 14,Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 16
=== Defense ===
AC: 14 (+2 armor +2 dex)
Hp: 16 (2d8+4)
CMD: 16
=== Saves ===
Fort: +2
Ref : +5
Will: +2
=== Attacks ===

Scimitar: +4 (1d6+4, 18-20/x2)
Or with arcane strike
Scimitar: +4 (1d6+5, 18-20/x2)

Kukri: +4 (1d4+3, 18-20/x2)
Or with arcane strike
Kukri: +4 (1d4+4, 18-20/x2)

=== Traits===
Focused mind
Savant (act)

=== Feats===
1. Arcane strike, skill focus (perform(act))

=== Skills ===
Perform (Act) (bluff, Disguise) (2): +13
Perform (dance) (1):
Perception (2): +4
stealth (2): +7
Use magic device (2): +8
Sleight of hand (2): +7
Knowledge (local) (1): +5
Knowledge (arcane) (1) +5
Climb (1): +7
=== Special ===
Versatile performance (Act)
Battle Dance (inspire courage, countersong): 11/rounds per day
Bardic knowledge
Well versed
Low light vision
Elven inmunities
=== Gear ===
Leather armor

=== Spells ===

Daze, Read magic, ghost sound, prestidigitation, sift.

1st level (3/day, DC 14)
Charm person, Vanish, Silent image.

Use these ability scores instead and grab Weapon Finesse and Dervish Dance. It will be worth it.


Just because you have 25 PB doesn't mean you should spread stats around so far. This will let you have a much better hit chance and damage, reflex, and AC. Why dump Wis? Just having good will progression isn't enough and your character will do tons of damage, so you don't wanna fail Dominates.

You don't need int either, so no need to grab 12.

If you start at level 2 you have 1000g at start so grab a MW Chain Shirt and a MW Scimitar. A few potions of CLW too, some knotted rope and a grappling hook. Keep the leftover as savings.

I'm currently playing a summoner assassin by level 12 I can stunning fist and coup de grace in the same turn, with only one level of monk ( master of many styles) and will be 19 summoner (Shadow Caster) currently working on a dice roll to get stats I plan on doing the build with point buy and see how fun it is. Its really easy to pull off with the stats I rolled now but this is a rare occurence I will just need to wait and see. Not only do I have 18 ac no armor but with mage armor and shield that's 26 plus combat expertise that's even more then there is fetchling that gives me 50% miss chance in dim light pretty much making me a tank as well while my eidolon flanks for +4 to hit and sneak attack damage

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