Advice in pricing this wondrous item


A needle that allows the user to use mending to fix damaged objects that would normally be fixable with needles (such as torn cloth or leather). No thread or whatever would be required. It's a spell in a can, for sure, but potentially a handy thing for non-PCs. Let's say it is command word activated and takes the 10 minutes that would normally be used for casting to use the needle. And like the only other needle I saw, it won't take up a slot.

OK, here goes:

0 level spell, so 1/2 price of 1st level spell
caster level 1
command word activated

so this sound likes it should cost 1/2 * 1 * 1800 = 900 so far...

It's slotless, so it double the price: 900 * 2 = 1800

1800 gp? Is this correct? I feel there should be a big discount for restricting its use to cloth, leather, etc. rather than the full set of options the spell would allow. But I don't know how much it should be. Is there a rule on this?

Please let me know where I have made mistakes, if any. I'm not saying this is a great item or a in a great deal for an NPC. I just want to get some practice pricing items and this was a simple place to start.

Make it a thimble and occupy the ring slot to bring it down to 900. Compared to the Traveler's Any-Tool for 250 I believe requiring the appropriate craft check to repair may knock it down to 500 if the duration is kept.

Shadow Lodge

Items that have to be held to use are not considered slotless for pricing purposes. The price increase represents the lack of opportunity cost that occurs when choosing between same-slot items. Holding a needle means you can't hold a weapon, shield, wand, rod, etc; in effect it's a "held item" slot.

Given it's also limited in materials I'd probably drop it down to 750gp.

Thanks very much for the advice, and for the tip about the Traveler's Any-Tool.

Sounds very cheap considering the fact that mending cast by a 1st-level practitioner only works on objects weighing at most one pound. Unless this needle keeps that limitation? Can this thing fix a sail or a heavy backpack?

blahpers, good point.

Maybe the normal use of the needle is like mending and once per day, it can do a big repair, acting as make whole, with its 10 cubic ft/ per level (minimum of 30, since it is a second level spell, right?). 30 cubic feet would be 5x3x2, which might be enough for a sail and certainly enough for a tent, backpack, or saddle.

This additional power should have a base cost of 1800*3*2, before being adjusting, right?

I think 1 per day should involve a discount:
Divide by (5 divided by charges per day).

Charges per day = 1
5/charges per day = 5
So divide the cost of the 1/day power by 5.

1800*3*2/5 = 2160

So the needle would cost 1800+2160 = 3960 before markup for slots or material restrictions, etc.

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