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Dark Archive

Oh Good One but you still lose.

This thread isn't dead. Go away. I win.

I'm the original "dead guy" and I win.

Shadow Lodge

I'm the original undead

You're the old and busted, I'm the new hotness.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anne rice was writting about and your almosttwo decades out of print.

I win.

Three decades.

Anne Rice is timeless.

*Facepaw.* Oh, dear.

Now look, you made me smear my guyliner.

*annihilates Ann Arbor*

Well, I have more work to do, even if it is Michigan.

Thank you.


Stay away from Detroit!

What, Detroit is sacrosanct or something? So take out Cleveland.

Nah, Detroit's a work in progress. I'm not done there yet.

*Facepaw.* No, I'm not surprised. Keep your mitts off the Twin Cities, though, or I'll bring my dad.

I'm not going there. I desire funnel cake. Off to California next!

Which is where we'll be waiting for you. (Goes off to get the Holy Water cannons ready.)

Those don't work on me. I shower in that stuff daily. Builds up my immunity.

Dude, it's California. We see weirder things every day and laugh.

I know. I was born there!

Detroit. Been there in the 80s. I'd like to say thank you to the automobile industry. They help me so much.

Stay away from Las Vegas, thoses my stomping grounds.

You can have Vegas.

Where? We're in the North Bay.

Where what?

Matt Damon.

Shadow Lodge


Or beverly hills

Only hillbillies come from there. It's not worth messing with.

El Dios De Los Almas Perdidas wrote:
Where what?

Where in Cali were you born (just in case your native soil is in any way effective, even though you're not technically a vampire)?


I've driven through it on the way back from Arizona. Hmmm. Sounds like your migrating instinct has kicked in.

I don't miss it. Not much I miss about living in Southern California .

Too crowded?

*erupts from SnowJade's torso in a spray of blood and organs*

Dark Archive

"Wow that's gotta hurt. " Stomps on the all the little Slaadlings. They screech and become mush under his plate booted heel.

"Hate those things ....Looks like I win again."

Murderer! Never show your Face on the Slaad Thread ever.

Lantern Lodge

It's Ok they were a liitle to lawful for my taste

Grand Lodge

I win, I always win.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Obey your betters: Drop out.

Hey, I already gave birth to those things over on the slaad thread. I refuse to be pregnant on all the threads.

Slaad eggs cross threads. Just the nature of the beast.

Begone Slaad! Flee ye beasts of chaos or face the power of CANON!

YAAR, I be havin' a cannon.

Silver Crusade

Chaos Rules Supreme

*stick tongues out at Gruumash .*

MY BABIES!!!! *Hackles fully raised, Butt-Wiggle of Death locked and loaded.* Gruumash, you have pushed the Mommy Button.


Pfft? I don't agree with the role of women as defined by the Colonial Imperialist here, but you might want to take note of some of the rest of the content.

No, I disagree with the sentiment that a collection of data streaming through the internet can feel attachment to imaginary parasites.

I prefer real things, like my win. In response to your other question before you were unceremoniously defiled, I left So. Cal. because I was barely scraping by with entry level jobs and living with five other people really sucked.

If a collection of data streaming through the internet can't feel attachment (or anything else), then your preference for your win is on pretty shaky ground.

I hope your situation has improved as per jobs and roommates.

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