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narchy wrote:
I have made a more detailed version of the Radiant Festival map :)

Very cool map. Could you upload one without the names on it? I would like to add the german names

What is it, what you don't like about it? Easier to help if we know..

Okay, thank you all. We just finishes the session, where our alchemist were given his extra time from Pharasma to finish his business in the world of the living and set it to 1 year. So as I know my group, this should be enough to complete the AP (I don't expect mch downtime..) but IF they decide to surprise me it could lead to an interesting moment, where time runs out for him and he ultimately has to face his trial before Pharasma.
Group (and especially the alchemists player) had a blast how I substituted the simple and boring "pay us 300 gp and we resurrect your pal" by a short sidequest to the boneyard to negotiate with Pharasma herself. Intimidating level 9000 for our level 4 party :D

Yep, I know, just asing for experiences..
Background is that our alchemist died and now they want to resurrect him. But as resurrection being an uncommon ritual, I don't want it easily be available in Breachhill. They went to the Schelyn temple. There the priests have created a magic device, which can transport them to the River of Souls, where they have to find the soul of their friend, and then makle their way to Pharasmas palace, to negotiate. Pharasma will ultimately decide, that she will bring back him to life, but he has to do something for her. But I want that also be very limited, like the "you have 10 years but then come to hell" deals from supernatural. I thought that 1 year would be appropriate, so it could be, that they complete the AP in that time, but also could be, that his time will come and the player has to roll a new character.
That would be the case I prefer, that both could be. Bad would be, if it definitely will take longer to complete the AP, because even without much downtime it will definitely take longer than a year, and worst case would be, if there is definitely no way, that this 1 year mark would be relevant at all, because even with extended downtimes the AP will never take a year to complete

I haven't read through the whole AP yet.. How long does the AP roughly take for the heroes? I'm talking about ingame time. I know this is highly individual, but an approximation like "a few weeks" or "a year or two" would be enough

That must be because yesterday I said to my group "wait with creating a new character, tomorrow there will be another pdf for you"... :/

Russell Akred wrote:

How does the community access this boon of resources without alerting those that would take it from them?

The torch itself is an exceptional hot burning forge, the description says lots of starmetal smiths come there to do their work, so do smiths that work for Technic League. With plenty of decks of the main debris of the Divinity to explore and the taxes they grab from Torch Technic League does actually see no reason to change this status quo at all. Additionally Divinity should be full of habitat module size reactors and even bigger reactors up to the drive that creates wormholes.

I'm looking at the floorplan from Dead Suns Module 1 and the artworks

It's not some liberties, that would be no big problem. It's more like it doesn't work at all. Look at the size of the cockpit (exterior model), with the info from the interior map you should get a rough idea, how big a creature is in comparison to that. and then look at the area where the escape pods and the cargo holds should be. It's not that it's bulkier, that would be totally acceptable (fuel storage), it's more the other way round. There is absolutely no space in these areas for these rooms.

The difference is even more when you look at the Hippocampus from Dead Suns, which is a Ringworks Wanderer. The exterior model looks more like a fighter, with space for one, maybe two medium size creatures. Absolutely no way to fit a cargo hold and.. this is my biggest concern, a life boat? What? That should be roughly the same size like the whole ship. Where is the turret? Even if you disregard the info from the Dead Suns module, and look at just the example from the core rulebook, two cargo holds in that thing? Maybe if you consider a glove box a cargo hold..

It's not some liberties that I dislike, it's the huge differences that just can't be explained. (No, don't pull the "magic"-card here..)

I think I will change the whole Malakar thing, because I really don't like that arc of her wanting to be captain herself and the PCs just stumble upon her computer viruses.

In Ruined Clouds I added two players to the group, a bad moment, on such a remote world, but hey, have to work with what I have. So Gevalarsk Nor sent them to support the group after analyzing the data he got from Hebiza Eskolar..back in Adventure 1. They got some basic info about the Empire of Bones and Admiral Serovox, and they have the objective to kill him.

They also know, that on board the EoB there is another double agent, and that will be Malakar. So she will cover the PCs approach through the hangar and provide them with the viruses, and then leave the ship.

Did anyone try to recreate the Sunrise Maiden in a game like Space Engineers, Starmade or Starship Evo? Currently trying to build the ship in Starship Evo and I think, that it's not possible to match the outer design with the floor plan. The cockpit is totally different, from the outer perspective there is absolutely no space for the escape pod room, the laboratory thing on the left side or the cargo holds..
Especially with this being the iconic player starship in the whole series I find it really sad, that the designers paid so little attention to their design being plausible..

Yep, seems rebuilding the ships would be appropriate

Wow.. What did I do wrong in space combat? Or is having 6 players that can man stations THAT strong? My players leveled the sunrise maiden to level 7 and they mopped the floor with the fearful symmetry. I boosted the shields of the Azlanti to 200 (50 in each sector), so it matches the players shield generators. Still the Symmetry did not even sctratch the hull of the maiden. Very far away from being able to send over a boarding party. Hell, my players came up with plans of boarding the Symmerty, but then the self destruct kicked in.. Which was the only "weapon" that was able to penetrate the Maiden's shields..

Regarding your first question: I play via roll20, so I have tokens for all creatures. But you could print them out, glue them onto a washer and glue an epoxy sticker on top of it, to give it a nice 3D-like effect.
You can find my Iron Gods tokens here (german site): Click

Regarding your second question: I think that is correct. I think I handled it that way, that the first character had to roll a reflex throw (after he failed the spot check I secretly rolled for him)

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Jaegermonster General wrote:
MerlinCross wrote:

Has this been covered?

G4 the wind Tunnel.

Furkas summoned 6 belkers. 2 of them died during experiments in the wind tunnel. 3 fly around and lay claim to the room after Furkas' death.

We're missing a belker. Unless it's the advanced Belker from earlier in the tower.

The sixth belker is Harrison Ford.
So, ... stabbed through the chest with a lightsaber?

Or running around in the tower, constantly having a bad feeling, and yelling at everyone to never tell him the odds?

Mind blown.. :D

Regarding the "Why should they walk" question: My group landed on Eox yesterday. I made Pact Port the only place where they can land their ship, then take a 2.5 hours monorail ride to Orphys. So hopefully when they come to the point where they embark to the outskirts, they find it too long to get back to their ship first. If they want to take a hover craft for the travel, I let them, but then the ambush will contain EMP-Mines to make them crash.

Regarding the fact that casters would use them as meat shields to hide behind, and hiding behind large creatures has rules-wise absolutely no effect, you could just stick with the cyber-modified Kellids, but make them significantly larger ones, just narratively (as it would have no effect anyhow), whether they really are especially large individuals or this is just an effect of the modification (like Captain America)

Just give him a non timeworn pistol or rifle. I dont find these too overpowered. Yes, they are vs touch, which makes them hit nearly every time, but the damage is more on the low end, and a lot of monsters are immune to 1 type of energy. Plus: hardness applies.

Nice idea, but actually I like the idea of putting them into prison a bit more. Reason is, they will continue to keep a very low profile. So the resistance will never contact them, and they would soon run out of options. Another reason is, one of them stayed behind in a tavern with casandalee (which Khonnir transfered into an android body, liked the idea more to have her as an npc rather a device in a backpack). The barkeeper of that tavern actually has contacts to the resistance (he quite insisted that the PCs would spend the night in his tavern, so that he could make contact with the resistance. The PC could then make a plan with the resistance to free the others.
Well, that actually kind of makes reason 1 obsolete.. But I still would like that to have some harsh consequences, because just giving them the advice to replace it wold be just another "Yeah, of course we will do that.. scratch that, we will kill that guy anyway.." quest..
But I have more than a week to think about that. ^^

Well.. turned out they did not intervene, even after one more scene, where tech league henchmen arrested a guy because they had suspicion, that he carried technology (he clearly did not). So my party did not get arrested. But after the session I realised, two of them are aligned good. Hmm.. Should not do anything to the "lawful" axis, the rightful regime punched through their laws.. but the good axis of that two characters might get a little bump.

But a question: They just visited the palace, staying in the visitor area, but entered the garden and got attacked by that alien vine. They killed it, of course. But how would the palace guards react? Or Kevoth-Kul, who imported and cultivated that plant from a far away land (maybe that was quite expensive..)
I play with the thought, that Kul would be very upset (-> Area C14)

Oh I have a bad feeling that I will imprison my player characters today, when we continue the AP. Last session they finished VotBC and had a nice amount of money for shopping, and loaded up some nice tech stuff. And now they come to a city, where showing tech is strictly prohibited.
I told them, because their characters should know this, looking forward to see how they handle this. Maybe they see the tech league in starfall as some small combat encounters, like when anyone wants to take their tech items, they will simply fight their way out of it. I think I will strengthen the image of the tech league in starfall by letting a small scene happen, where a few gearsmen brutally arrest a group of npcs, who failed to keep the deadline of selling their stuff to a league official. I fear my players won't get the message, try to help that poor npc and then get overwhelmed and arrested.. :D

I would make that whole dinner thing kind of bizarre, like pseudo royal, but let's face it, they are bandits..

I think the Steel Hawks have been the leaders before the lords of rust came, so they would definitely want that position back. Redtooths could demand a greater territory or a higher position in the chain of command. Or even demand to share the leadership of scrapwall between the two gangs.

Let the gangs offer things that include the PCs, like redtooths promise the steel hawks, that the pcs would serve them for 6 months as elite guards and train their troops

Maybe a tactics of distraction. Do you get sneak damage with a rocket launcher? :D

Time to do some necromancy on this thread.. I think I found a quite nice way to edit this. The statement however stays.. It's a lot of work. I think I spent 2.5 hour on this file:

Unity Introduction

It's german, but basically the first text unity says to the players (the invitation to the godmind).

I recorded the speech from google cloud text to speech (german Wavenet-C, pitch change: 0, speed change: 0.85) and imported that into audacity. Then first step was duplicating the track, changing the pitch of the duplicated to -6%. Then (after mixing the tracks to one track) the rest was just changing pitch and tempo in some parts of the track, creating that up and down in pitch and tempo. For some parts I copied out single words or sentences, played them lagging behind with changed pitch and tempo again. It's very much experimenting here, what sounds good. Also experiment with the volume of the additional tracks.
After that, I merged all the tracks into one, and again duplicated it, giving the duplicate a -6% pitch. Then again: merge to one. Over that track I laid a reverb effect (again play with the values, I chose a significant smaller room size, like 20 or so..).
Then I duplicated that track 2 times, and changed the Pan for one track completely to the left, and to the right for the other track. After that I chose segments, that play only left or only right, replacing the segment with silence on the other tracks.
Now I downloaded some sound files from System Shock 2, where the nice ambience sounds come from. Laid the low hum (lowloop.wav from the ambience folder) under the track, the creepy effect (nerve1.wav - nerve7.wav from the ambience folder chained together and looped) and the babbling background voice (sh2bab_1.wav - sh2bab_6.wav from the shodan folder, again chained and looped).
Last thing was the "intro effect", which is basically a recording of the ingame scene (you can find it on youtube) and the file shodoor5.wav from the shodan folder to blend it together.
Finally a fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end, that's it.

Here you see an image of the tracks (in the second stage, so the speech track is already mixed together)

Unfortunately a really good SHODAN like recording is a metric crapton of work. But I want to do somenthing like that, too. Don't have found a good technique for it yet..

Also she could use a rope to get down from the observation platform

Ok, found the fusion. I think I will alter the houserule to a bonus of +1, with a maximum of 3 actions (= +3) and will ditch the fusion.

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Why too powerful? You sacrifice the ability to move, also you can't get a second attack. If you want to get a higher bonus, you even have to sacrifice a full round to aiming. A fuull round + the move in the next turn to get the full +6. Seems not too powerful to me.

In Star Wars you also have scopes and stuff, nevertheless there is an aim move action, which grants you a bonus die, which is also stackable.

The fusion? Which fusion is that? Wait, you need a fusion to aim a weapon? "You don't hit, please take your time to aim" - "I don't know how to do that, I can only shoot from the hip, because my rifle does not contain a fancy magic..". Sounds stupid to me..there should be an aim action ;)

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DA - Digital Arts
A producer of entertainment and VR/AR-software and games, mainly known for their top seller games "Battleground", "FIFA" (Fédération Interstellare de Football Association) and "Addiction for Speed", which are released in new versions every year with only marginal improvements, but each with a virtual marketplace where you can buy various ingame items, that give you greater winning chances or new game content.

I thought about a houserule for aiming:

Move action
As a move action creature can aim with a ranged weapon. Aiming grants an +2 aiming bonus to the next attack with that weapon. The aiming bonus is cumulative (to a maximum of +6). The next attack after aiming must not be a full attack action. If an action is made between an aim action and the attack that is not an aim action, the bonus expires.


Think I will use it, though I will have to use the code and translate it to german for my group. On the other hand, maybe I will "only" make a non-interactive video out of it, because we play via roll20, and I find it quite annoying, if every player opens the website for himself..

Ok, I think I will just remove the part "no latent/carrier" and go on with the disease track. They are still on day 1, so no big problem for me..

totally forgot the disease track.. Thanks ^^

What's the problem about Void Death? As far as i read it, it only causes a problem when an infected character dies. But it does not make you die any faster. 2d4 hours after you died (in most cases by a natural death by age, because a lot of gaming groups don't let their characters die in combat, only as a punishment for acting stupid..) a void zombie rises from the body.

Anything I missed? The Akatas infected every party member, but I don't see why this should cause any problem at all, until anyone dies. And even then, because they know they are infected, ther is plenty of time to airlock the infected dead character.

A tilted polar axis should be enough to have a warmer south pole. At least in one season. Note that temperature differences between seasons would be huge (with a warm south pole you would have an exceptionally cold north pole, but that would switch in summer/winter.

Maybe it would be an idea not to double the monsters but give them a second initiative slot and a few more hp. The main issue I see is that he gets hit 8 times before he can hit again, instead of 4 times..

I have run my first starship combat last session, it was.. hard to manage. But once you understand how it works, it's really fun.
Nevertheless wrote a massive roll20 script to aid me in starship combat :D

Just keep in mind, it is supposed to flee at 50% hitpoints!

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Let them install a hangar module with 1-2 small fighters.

With a little help from another thread I let him find a crystal ball, which when he studied it, pulled the group into the plane of maelstrom, on a floating island with a tower.
When they entered the tower, they had to fight a few Cacodaemons and a Venedaemon. They found a library room with a shelf, that contained every book, they just want to read. So if they need information about.. say.. poisonous plants, they just grabbed a book about botany. But every book they tried to remove from the room just disappeared, as soon as they went though the door.
When entering the second floor of the tower it was completely ruined. There they found an arcane and an alchemistic laboratory, the first containing a fireball trap, the second containing some burning undead.
The third floor was a cave, with crystalline floor, where they fought a Bebilith. After reaching 50% hp, the Bebilith shattered the crystalline floor, revealing cooking tar below.
After the fight they found another crystal ball, which when concentrated upon, brings them back to the material plane.
After that the oracle was able to trigger one of two effects when concentrating on the ball:
1) Get released from his oracle curse (vision) for 1 hour once per day
2) Get sucked into the maelstrom, to use the library in the tower or the tower itself as a place to rest (the crystal ball on the material plane is of course still there and can be stolen, what may cause them to reappear somewhere totally unintended, after leaving the maelstrom)

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We just started book 4 now, and we always forget about the horse of the samurai. In fact it is even hindering most of the time (you can't take it to the dungeons, travel with Longdreamer to the valley in book 4 - but how to take the horse? And so on..)

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Maybe it just should be "mostly dead"

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I tried implementing the new death mechanic in our game yesterday. Our sorceress was hit by an arrow and went to -2 hp. She went to 0 instead and got "Dying 1". The save DC i set to 10 + Monster CR, which came out at 15 (CR 5, party is level 3).
Our oracle sabilized her immediately, and then healed her for a few hp. Turned out to be good, she failed 3 saves during the battle.
When the battle was over she rolled a fourth save and finally got back up. She now has the Dying condition + staggered (which comes closest to losing an action in the new rules). She will lose both conditions after a 4 hour rest.
Both me and the group found that mechanic very cool and we stick with that

Oh, of course you are right, absolutely impossible in a fantasy roleplaying game...

No, it isn't a big deal at any level. Even if you can't cast the spell for yourself, a higher level NPC can do it. If you can't pay for it, you owe him a hell of a favor (side quest..) for that.

Hm, seems to be too unclear now to implement it in my running pathfinder games. Actually I like the new system really much, because it really prevents situations like "Help me, I'm dying here" - "Let me heal you a bit" - "Thanks, I charge the dragon again" - "Oh, I'm dying again, heal me" - "bzzzt" - "Yay, I'm healthy, I charge the dragon!", ...
The new system is more like "You were knocked out by this gargantuan beast, you were nearly dying, you just can't stand up and charge into battle just 6 seconds after having every single bone crushed to dust, you have to recover". I prefer the second situation much more

So if I get this right, if you get to or below 0 hp, you gain "Dying 1" and get unconscious. Next round: You have to make a FORT Save. You make it: Lose Dying condition, but still unconscious.
You don't make it: "Dying 2". On Dying 4 you are dead.

So what now, if you are at Dying 3 and get healed? You have positive hp, but still unconscious and at Dying 3. What if you make the save then? Are you up and ok, losind the dying condition? Or does it only bring you up to "Dying 2"? (which would make much more sense to me)

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I make the tokens myself, but I don't print them out, I run the game on roll20. But before we moved online, I started to print a few of them, works very nicely also.
click (Filenames in german)
Oh, I started doing a red outline for enemies, switched to a uniform purple for all tokens after a while, so my players can't see whether a creature is enemy by just looking at the token


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