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My players decided that they want to try AoA. I like the AP as a whole but not the beginning with the call for adventurers and all.
Has anybody here used a different beginning?

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It depends on how different you want it to be.
Perhaps it's just a monthly town hall meeting and Calmont starts the fire.
Perhaps the hall is used as part of a weekly market and Calmont starts the file.
Perhaps the characters hear about the deed and seek it out. Remember that the characters should develop a relationship with the town and want to protect it.
Perhaps one of the characters is a bumblebrasher who was out of town at the time looking to join an adventuring party and the party has returned to Breachill.

What is it, what you don't like about it? Easier to help if we know..

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Personally, I liked the opening.

Mostly because it set up an excuse for the PCs to be there, and to adventure together.

Also, establishes Breachill as a town where adventurers are respected. Plus from then on you can call the PCs “heroes”

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