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Mar Nakrum wrote:
I'd like to play in a pbp Whispering Way themed Kingmaker game, though I would settle for morally ambiguous or evil Kingmaker. I will run said campaign myself on Tavern Keeper if there aren't any takers by Friday, with the caveat of a GMPC.

Make that Discord.

I'd like to play in a pbp Whispering Way themed Kingmaker game, though I would settle for morally ambiguous or evil Kingmaker. I will run said campaign myself on Tavern Keeper if there aren't any takers by Friday, with the caveat of a GMPC.

CaptainFord wrote:

I personally have a love of Reign of Winter. All of the APS are cool, honestly. And I have been chomping to do Gallows of Madness for... forever, honestly.

So, my choices are

1. A1
2. C1
3. Legacy of Fire

My choices as well.

That might be better, yeah. Something earlier than that would suit me as well.

Basically what MordredofFairy said about low/no-magic.

The cameos can be fixed by having it in a different time period, but if the players all want to fan-girl it up I suppose they can, though that probably means they don't have solid backstory material to deal with stuff like that.

I'm more of the mind of characters from different houses banding together, for one reason or another, and sharing their different viewpoints through group story development. Sort of like most games of Legend of the Five Rings.

I would like to play in a game like this, or would run it if we could all pass the GM ball around. What say you?

Inspiration has gripped me, I'm working on the backstory now.

I'm thinking about doing a halberd-centric Mesmerist, that Vexing Daredevil would be amazing, if only it could affect mindless creatures.

Reminds me of Clive Barker's Undying, which I love.

Indeed. All further questions and such should go to the linked thread.

You know what! This is what. I look forward to seeing everyone's concepts.

I'm calling it a prelude. It will be in the same genre as the AP, and will dovetail into it when I have it in hand at the beginning of August. It starts with everyone having amnesia, so we'll do the prelude and have everyone meet each other, then everyone wakes up in an asylum. It'll be like the Hangover, if the Hangover was written by Clive Barker.

W E Ray wrote:

The second, Chambers' original, is easily my favorite though since he's your least favorite it probably won't make it. And number four, Entropy personified, is also quite appealing.

Depending on where you go with this: character creation, campaign direction, setting & atmosphere, I would be quivering in a corner with excitement to apply.

Expect a HEAVY Knowledge and Diplomacy PC application in some manner.

The Chambers version is actually my second favorite, my least favorite is the "Lovecraft". You don't mess with Evil Dragon Groetus. This is what we'll be working toward.

YoricksRequiem wrote:

I am 100000% interested in this. I'd lean towards the second and third options. Entropy personified feels very interesting, but at the same time, the short stories that featured the Play were my favourite of those in "The King in Yellow". It was an interesting way for madness to spread, I thought.

Either way, I'm super interested.

I wasn't meaning to disregard the play in any iteration, it's an iconic part of the Mythos.

I noticed that the Hastur themed Way of the Wicked died, which is a sadness to me. As a diehard Carcosa Mythos adherent, I would like to rectify the lack of yellow colored madness and usher in the Strange Aeons Adventure Path!

Before we get started though, I want to gauge the interest of the community in the version of Hastur you'd be interested in working with.

The Lovecraftian (Derleth) tentacled Old One that looks like a giant flying face alien, sort of a yellow Cthulhu, trapped on a distant planet. This is the one Pathfinder seems to be the most interested in representing, and the one most popular in modern depictions. It's okay, but it doesn't have the same sort of dread that some of the depictions bring to the table. I'm sure the AP will flesh him out for us, but "Let's summon Hastur" lends itself to a one dimensional approach, something even the Chaosium "source material" has had a hard time dealing with.

There's Chambers' original, on the surface a yellow version of Poe's Red Death, with a book instead of a plague. Compared to the tentacles and flying space monsters of the Lovecraftian Hastur, it's kind of boring. After picking apart the material though, I've come to this conclusion: the King in Yellow is a galaxy-touring draconic deity that is actively perusing people to make them a part of himself/his realm. Evil Dragon Groetus in Pathfinder terms.

And finally, my personal favorite, a manifestation/personification of Entropy. This version came out of the old Delta Green rpg, a modern take on the Lovecraftian Mythos. With this, I feel like you get the best of both worlds. Entropy personified can't help but be an alien, uncaring god - it's inimical to all life after all. It wants to feed, and will keep on feeding until it exists alone, as the Last King.

Obviously, neither of these two versions are trapped on some far off planet, though they could certainly still reside there; they are active forces in the cosmos. They're all the same concept actually, just at different levels of symbolic depth.

What do you think? Is this something you'd be interested in? What's your Hastur preference?

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Nice going Wolin! It's not a bad spell list, at least.

Just a handful of months left now.

Mittean, thank you for your feedback. I don't think I would be a good fit for the game. Good luck to you, and to everyone who submitted a character.

Link to relevant material.

I'd like to get some feedback on some things I'm considering.

Born during the coterminous conjunction of the Material Plane and Mabar, _____ was naturally predisposed to the working of negative energy. The trauma of his birth led his mother to insanity and veneration of the Dark Six, vainly trading her despair for communion.

Caught between this and his devout father's adherence to the Sovereign Host, ______'s upbringing was contradictory at best. Predisposed, as he was, ______ grew bitter and Machiavellian, concluding that religion only led to madness. Unwilling to heed either parent's dreams for his future, ______ left to pursue his own agenda.

From his native Breland, he traveled unto Karrnath, seeking the necromancers there to further understand his connection the Endless Night, and occasionally falling in with the cultists of the Blood of Vol. Still, each group only saw in _____ a means to their own power.

Rejecting, again, the machinations of others, he returned to Breland. His father, long awaiting his return, arranged work for his prodigal son in Sharn. _____, having no other prospects, begrudgingly accepted his father's proposal.

______ spends his labor as a lesser clerk and guardian for House Medani. Off duty, ______ delves the City of the Dead and the University district in equal measure, hoping to uncover some inherent meaning in a universe without any.

Which of the armors available in the pathfinder material best represents this armor?

Damn fine. Thank you for the invite. I'm going to go brush up on my Eberron knowledge and be back soon with a proper entry.

Heh, ended up changing Marris' class to better fit into an online campaign I was running.

I am going to put some effort into running a Lost Medium for Strange Aeons this summer, I think it would be a great fit.

Secret Wizard wrote:

Appeaser Cleric could be fun as well (from Agents of Evil).

I think arcane casters could be fun as well.

Protean Sorcerer does totally fit the bill.

Getting temporary access to domains other than Void and Madness aren't something I'm interested in. The issue is that running a cleric limits my options. For example, if I run Hastur as the patron, I loose out on Madness. I could go CN Azathoth, or worship the pantheon as a whole, and run positive energy, a neat twist, but I don't want to play a healer.

Protean Sorcerer is neat, but it doesn't sing my song.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Or Aberrant.

The Long Limbs ability doesn't have a place in my heart.

DebugAMP wrote:
Black-Blooded Dark Tapestry oracle

I don't like the Dex penalty.

Takhisis wrote:

If you like the fluff of the dark tapestry but don't like the shapeshifting, and your DM is ok with 3rd party products, then I wholeheartedly recommend the Old Gods Mystery from Kobald Press. In case your wondering, it's basically fluffed as a "worshiper of eldritch horrors/lovecraftian monsters"...a sort of "cthulu cleric" using the oracle chassis in place of the cleric one. It's on the SRD, too...I've posted the link to it's SRD page for your evaluation. I think it fits exactly what your looking for since it fits the "dark tapestry" theme to a "T" without a heavy shape-shifting focus.

The Link: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/oracle/mysteries/kobold-press- --oracle-mysteries/old-gods

That's not bad! You're shoe-horned into some mediocre abilities at the start, but overall I like it. It's adds some paperwork, as a 3rd party mystery, but it's officially on my short list. Thanks for sharing that with me.

Nathan Monson wrote:

if you do a sorcerer, you should use the Starsoul bloodline/ the void touched Wildblooded version.

What kind of role do you envision this character playing, Im a big fan of the psychic spell list, but the oracle has way cooler class features; you could split the difference and use Variant multiclass or the eldritch heritage feat chain to pick up the Starsoul bloodline powers.

I built a black blooded Dark Tapestry oracle, and he's not working out as well as id hoped; if I were to do something like it again, I would probably do dual cursed to pick up the extra revelations, and use variant multiclass as above. although the black blooded archetype is very cool.

Void Touched suffers from being more about bringing the void of space to you, rather than about the things that dwell there. You're right, the Oracle is conceptionally more robust than the Psychic. I'm always interested in taking the Eldritch Heritage feats. Thank you for your insight.

Captain Morgan wrote:

Seems like the Oracle of Dark Tapestry is the best bet? There's exactly ONE revelation that is geared towards Shape Shifting, and none of it's spells are. (And you seem interested in Disguise; Many Forms is an amazing short duration Disguise.) Wings of Darkness is incredibly useful, and you get amazing spells like Black Tentacles. Wings of Darkness is also incredibly useful, and Pierce the Veil + Deeper Darkness is great.

You can further tweak your character with some of the really baller archetypes, like Dual-Cursed or Spirit Guide.

EDIT: OK, and your final revelation includes some shape shifting too, but are you actually playing to 20? And even so, that's just one more tool in the...

You're right, on all counts. I appreciate it.

The Raven Black wrote:
What about a Summoner with the trait for cultists of the Old Ones that boosts your summons ?

Do you mean Second Tongue? That'll work for any of these caster classes actually. I did consider the Summoner, but it didn't have the scope I was looking for.

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QuidEst wrote:
Mar Nakrum wrote:

Hey Mark!

Any news yet concerning the Harrow Medium?



Here's hoping they can make room for it. I knew it was a fool's hope to have it before Strange Aeons; I'll just have to go with something else.

I'm putting together a character, as per title, that I'd like to eventually run. However, I don't quite know what to do for the class. As it stands now, the race will be teifling, using the rakshasa-spawn (+2 Dex/Cha -2 Wis) as a fill in for something descended from Leng. Whether I keep detect thoughts or switch it out for the bite attack is still in the air.

The current contenders for class, and the ideas I'm considering are follows:

Dark Tapestry Oracle: I'd like this a lot more if it wasn't so geared toward shape-shifting. Love the cloak ability though, even if the stealth bonus doesn't do that much for you (since the class doesn't have precision damage). Being able to contact the outer gods as a class ability also hits me in the right way. Oracle also has access to Symbol of Insanity, which is something I'm interested in. Disguise as a class skill.

Abomination Psychic: The psychic magic is great. SR? Thank you. Great kit overall. Another bonus is that the psychic doesn't have to depend on their patron deity to get by. Disguise isn't a class skill. Doesn't get Symbol of Insanity.

I've given the arcane 9th level casters a look, and I'm not feeling them for the concept.

If anyone has any insight on developing the concept, your input would be much appreciated!

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Hey Mark!

Any news yet concerning the Harrow Medium?

I'm interested to a point. I haven't played 5th, but I've been itching to play in a game like this.

Unfortunately, I need to cancel my Pathfinder Campaign Setting and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscriptions.

Thank you for your help.

rorek55 wrote:

Interesting, though, if you wish to merely run a FF type game, may I introduce you to this-

[url=http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?173958-Final-Fantasy-d6-%28Complete-System%29] FF D6 system!

either way, color me interested, I may or may not participate in the playing though. Depends on my time schedule

I haven't looked into that ruleset yet, I hear its pretty easy going. I'll make sure to give it a look soon.

DekoTheBarbarian wrote:

I would be interested in this, FFXII is one of my favorite ones in the series, and would enjoy playing in it.

One question I have about it, though, is how are you going to do the non-human races like Viera, Nu-Mou, Moogle, and Bangaa? Not to mention, Seeq and Gria?

Race building rules from Advanced Race Guide probably.

Here's what I'm thinking:

A round-robin style Pathfinder game set in FFXII's Ivalice.

That's about as far as I've gotten with the idea. If enough people are interested, then I'll spend some time developing it further.

If you're interested and have suggestions, or your own ideas, let's talk them over.

Aldous Beauturne wrote:
I've held off reading the other group's gameplay and discussion threads, because I don't want to spoil anything. But I thought I'd ask here if it is OK to read those threads?

Don't worry about it, go ahead.

How's the other gameplay shaping up? Differences, similarities? I imagine that at some point things will diverge quite a bit, but I'm not sure we're there yet.

Actually, the games are already developing some diverging themes. Game A feels more mystical and game B more gritty. Group A, in spite of their initial bickering, has already made it to Chaste, though they didn't have the encounter with Guy Severin. I'm throwing things in based on who's in each party.

It wasn't my intention of running two GMPCs, but now I am. And I'm okay with that.


I'm bowing out, nothing I'm thinking up grabs my interest. Have a fun game everybody!

I'm going to give this a shot. Probably going to put something together from Occult Adventures.

Seth86 wrote:


You can be CE if you want, but i do t see you surviving long if you play a blood thirsty killer. This is an unknown world to all aboard the ARK Ship. But in short. NO. No alignment restrictions

Now, that depends on who you're murdering doesn't it?

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James Jacobs wrote:
(and the Chambers fan as well)

I appreciate the inclusion.

James Jacobs wrote:
Misroi wrote:
Will we be headed to Carcosa at some point in this adventure? Or, more accurately, is Carcosa coming for us?
** spoiler omitted **

Fingers crossed then.

In case anyone was curious: Bēl-Ṣullulim is ancient Babylonian, it means Lord/Master of the Dark/Obscure. Thought it was an appropriate appellation considering the games' theme.

Samy wrote:
PCs *are* the winning team...

Depends on your perspective. Try looking at things on a cosmic scale.

Axial wrote:
Mar Nakrum wrote:
Personally, I'd prefer it if the AP's end boss was a powerful servant of a Lawful deity, if you get my drift.
I don't get your drift.

I'm talking about joining the winning team.

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This thread is for everybody playing, watching, or curious about the Shadow of Ascanor games. All of the concepts that were submitted to the game impressed me to the point where I wanted to see each character's story unfold, so instead of leaving anyone out, I split them into two games.

It's interesting to see how the groups have already started to differ in their approach to the game with their introductory posts, and I love both. I feel like I'm running a Vincent Price double feature!

Alignment restrictions?

Hmmm. I'm very interested, I'll spend some time thinking on a character.

Personally, I'd prefer it if the AP's end boss was a powerful servant of a Lawful deity, if you get my drift.

Zombieneighbours wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Funnily enough it is a state of affairs not dissimilar to what you are describing that tends to bring horror gaming fans and old school fans to a table.
And yet not every player of Pathfinder is a fan of horror games like Call of Cthulhu.
I was unaware that every player of Pathfinder was a fan of overland hex crawling and kingdom building.

I love both!

RDM42 wrote:
Meh. If you are going to do that you might as well borrow something vaguely like the humanity path mechanics from white wolf. The various morality roads and whatnot.

Hahaha! No thanks.

Krensky wrote:
This whole thread is why my games have Alignment (Caden Cayleen) and Alignment (Asmodeus) as opposed to Alignment (Chaotic Good) and Alignment (Lawful Evil), and those only apply to character who choose to take on that burden (be they clergy or just very faithful lay folk)

Totally stealing this.

I generally enjoy banning good alignments from my games, for philosophical reasons.

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