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The unliving head of Jask lifted above the water, turned his unblinking red eyes in Sunny's direction and moved towards her.
He struck out with his clawed hands...
Claw 1: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 for a possible 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6 damage.
Claw 2: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17 for a possible 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 damage.


Jask gently took Sunny's hands.
"Here, let me help." He said, gazing into her eyes.
He raised his cobbled together holy symbol and channeled positive energy to heal all in 30' 1d6 ⇒ 3 hp.


Jask ran up, his darkly chiseled physique glistening with sweat under the sun as he reached out in concern for those injured in the rockfall.
"Is anyone injured? I can help with that." He asked, his eyes gazing into Sunny's.

Reijo wrote:
Shaking his head at the alleged daftness of his friend that he's now thrown under the bus, "Here ya go mate." Reijo tries to unlock Jask's manacles with the key he found.

The key fits, and turning it made the shackles binding Jask fall away clattering to the ground. Jask gingerly rubbed at the revealed scabbed and bleeding wounds where the metal had rubbed his skin raw.

Tears abruptly came to his eyes and he sank down to his knees.
"Thank you." He whispered.
He raised his hands to the air as if embracing the sun.
"This is the most free I've been in four years. Thank you; thank you..." He said with feeling.

Jask looked alarmed.
"Hey. Wait! How am I going to keep up shackled like this?" He asked, holding up his manacled arms.

Just a reminder Reijo, you found the keys to his manacles in the Jenivere's captain's cabin before it sank.

With a smile, Lord Sir Sosiel gestured a blessing of Shelyn, ushered you to a cluster of bunks arranged head to head in a spiral, and cast an exotic spell you probably never heard of before.
With the gentle tinkling of his ringed glaive, you fall into a sleep of wonderful dreams.

Sir Sosiel, chaplain of the army, came in looking embarassed.
"My lords and ladies, I fear I have only a pittance to offer after ransacking my tent..." He said, laying out a few scrolls.
divine scroll of detect law (CL 1)
divine scroll of pass without trace (CL 1)
divine scroll of doom (CL 1)
divine scroll of bane (CL 1)
divine scroll of gentle repose (CL 3)
divine scroll of tongues (CL 7)
He also offers (in the name of Shelyn) to heal to all to full, and restore any stat damage you've incurred so far.

Jask's expression soured.
"I have no idea. I was locked in a cage in the cargo bay. Last thing I can recall is the usual slop being served by that pig of a cook." Jask recalled slowly.
He shook his head and shrugged.
"Couldn't you guys see anything up on deck?" He asked curiously.

As it happens, none of you can remember anything before you woke up on this island. The last thing you knew was a vague recollection of meeting at the Captain's table for a dinner and discussion about their imminent arrival at Eledar.

Shaedeen wrote:
"What I meant was: What crime are you alleged to have committed that warranted you being locked in manacles and kept in a cage belowdecks for weeks on end? Those manacles are pretty high-quality--we might need your jailor's keys to spring you."

Jask frowned and turned his head back towards Shaedeen.

"Crime? Oh, right, you mean these." He said, shaking his shackles. "Perfectly straightforward. I was an initiate, working as a court clerk in Eleder. I discovered that high Sargavan officials were corrupt. I took my information to the Sargavan Justice. Turned out he was in on it. I escaped, took ship to Corentyn, hid out for ten years. Got snatched by an agent, put in manacles and put aboard ship by that Sargavan officer. Now I'm here." He said, then shrugged.
"How about yourself?" He asked, suddenly grinning at Shaedeen.
He seemed pretty straightforward in telling his brief overview of a tale.

Shaedeen wrote:
The moody teen glances at the man in shackles appraisingly. "Who are you?" she demands. More to the point, she adds, "And why are you in shackles?"

The man smiled politely at Shaedeen.

He is a middle-aged, plain-looking Garundi man with hair starting to gray and watery eyes.
"I'm Jask Derindi. I'm in shackles because that Sargavan officer, what's his name? Anyway, he thought I might object to being hauled back to that cesspit Eleder. And he was right!" He said, seeming strangely upbeat for being shackled and dressed in rags. "Had me in an animal cage in the cargo bay. Hadn't seen the sun since I was captured... Until now."
He turned his face up to the sunlight and onshore breeze, shut his eyes and smiled dreamily.

Int check DC14:
You seem to recall a uniformed man at one of the Captains Table dinners. A heavy drinker. Sir Tybalt Bourchier maybe?

The dark skinned man looked at his shackles disconsolately.
"Well met fellow passengers." He said ironically.
He looked around.
"Has anyone seen my jailor?" He asked curiously. "Handsome fellow. Uniformed. Drunk all the time?"

Irabeth pointed at a heroically built man wearing plate and robes of blue and white.
"Bishop Sosiel Vaenic of Shelyn. Head of Clerical support."
The man pressed his hands together and gave you all a bow of profound respect.

Aaron Kir unstrapped a bandoleer of six flasks of holy water (it had once held and has slots for ten) and tossed it to Kelden.

Lord Sosiel

Sosiel nodded.
"He's at the command tent right now, strategizing with the commander. Our tent is over by the river channel wall. There."

Lord Sosiel.

Lord Sosiel looked at Kelden in agony.
"I couldn't bear it if Aaron fell to the Demon's Blood again... But if we can stop it here, help get him clean again...
I don't know! Why would he go BACK to it after what happened last time?"

Lord Sosiel nodded to Kelden and walked with him outside the tent.

Listening to Kelden, Sosiel is shocked.
"What? No! What you suggest is flatly impossible!" He shouted.
Quieting down, he looked around first before whispering.
"I know because I share a tent with him. I would know if he were some manner of spy.
"I... had in mind consulting you about Aaron in any case. He has been suffering from nightmares lately. Ever since we entered the Worldwound itself."

Asa wrote:
”Barkeep, one meal, and a room for the night.”

The Barkeeper smiled.

"Sure thing honey. That'll be two silver pennies; and for one more I'll throw in some lamb cutlets." He offered, smoothly moving a glass of honeyed water in front of her.

Akil-Khalid wrote:
"Tell me good man, what has happened here in the last couple of weeks. Anything special?"

"Oh sir! You missed the great lottory!

"If you have not heard the news, The Ruby Prince has opened the sacred Necropolis here in Wati! Exploration companies have been granted permission to explore and return ancient treasures and objects of art and mystic power. That's a sore subject with the priesthood, fair warning there.
"It's been rough on the companions too. Deadly traps, massive curses, horrific undead things..."
He shook his head sadly.
"The Sand Worms haven't been back to base here in a week and a half. I don't think they're coming back at all.
"Most all of them have lost members anyway.
"See those three over there?"
He pointed over to a table where a trio of battered adventurers nursing some hard liquor.
"They're the most recent bunch to return. They had some success early on, but well you can see that they're the only ones left. I think they started with seven."
He slid a goblet of honey water over to Akil.
"On the house honey." He said with a wink.

Sir Sosiel

Sir Sosiel peered up at the old structure on the bluff.
"When you go up there, you should take some time to search the place. Historically, these chapels often had well-hidden caches of healing magic and supplies. There’s a possibility, however small, that these supplies are still hidden—they were typically stashed somewhere in the chapel itself." He advised.