We just beat a core game, so what is next?

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Is there any thing to add legs to the game now that our party has gone through and beaten Rise of the Runelords? Are there some new senerios we can run? I know I could just cobble together something with the current locations and the like. But I was wondering if there were already post game lists of adventures or is all on us to build it up? Also we are curious about the other boxes but we are not sure if we can just buy the adventure packs or if we have to buy the core box as well. I don't see why we would need to buy the core box for the other games, but I don't know if the card lists and locations are different.

Only some thoughts (others will surely add more):

Replay to try out different characters (either from RotR or other sources)
Try the official Seasons or homebrew campaigns that use the RotR set.
Make your own scenarios.

The other three of the first four adventure paths (S&S, WotR, and MM) do require their respective Base sets, as they contain Location, Henchman, and Support cards that are needed throughout the entire path. They also contain different sets of low-level banes and boons (and Loot!). The plan with the new Core set forward is that you will combine the Core set with each new Adventure Path.

If you have also done the pseudo adventure #7, the one with just one scenario, the reward is that if you restart the CotCT adventure path with a new group, you get to start with one feat of each type, and they don't count for the feat limits.

A classic take might be restarting with this bonus and a new group, but in exchange for the added power increase the difficulty using one of the methods listed in the rules, my preference would be simply using the "Large" version of the locations that had a few more cards per location while keeping the rest unchanged.

Or you could start a new group with the Dragon Deman mini campaign, and maybe continue after adventure #3 if you want using random scenarios using the rules provided in this campaign.

By the time you have finished with that hopefully we will have a new Adventure Path to combine with the core set.

There are also some scenarios written by Ron Lundeen (who now works with Paizo) that use the older sets:


The Shield of Rannick path uses Rise of the Runelords cards exclusively. I haven't played it, but I did play his homebrew for Skull and Shackles and it was great.

Oh! And with regard to what to get next, the earlier PACG games work just like Rise of the Runelords: The big box has B and 1 cards, and you have to buy each of 2-6 separately. That's a lot, and they've stopped doing that now.

The last two things they've put out are the Core Set and Curse of the Crimson Throne. Going forward everything they publish will be something to inject into the Core Set. (You're always going to want a Cure spell and your Longsword and the Thieves' Tools and all the basic blessings... why buy those over and over? They're in the Core Set, and the Adventure Paths' boxes will only have the things you need for that path specifically.)

How did you do with the rules in Rise of the Runelords? If you had no trouble with the difficulty, I might suggest getting the Core Set and maybe CotCT next if you're looking at another Path to purchase. They made a LOT of changes, but if your group can handle it, jumping straight there seems the smart move to me. If not, you might want to pick up one of Skull & Shackles, Mummy's Mask, or Wrath of the Righteous next, because they're closer in feel to what you've played, and you can see a more advanced version of the game. (I would recommend them in the order S&S, MM, WotR if this is an issue, since Wrath is easily the hardest Path they've done. S&S is good fun and MM is more modern but still with somewhat advanced rules, closest to the big shift going to the Core Set.)

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Malcolm_Reynolds wrote:
Try the official Seasons...

More about that here: https://paizo.com/pacs

In particular, scenario PDFs can be purchased here (but mind, only the latest were written for the Core Set):

(Note: Paizo's site is wonky at the moment - I kept retrying and the pages did load)

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