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Leshy druid of the leaf with leshy familiar..

Lil overkill?

Double Shot (2 actions)
You shoot twice in blindingly fast succession.

Make two Strikes, each against a separate target and with a –2 penalty.

Both attacks count toward your multiple attack penalty, but the penalty doesn’t increase until after you’ve made both of them.

So what's the attack/ penaltys?

Is it like power attack where you make 2 attacks but at -0 (as it uses. 2 actions at once),, then if you attack as your 3action it's at -10?

So I read it as like power attack but instead of no penalty, you take -2 on rack attack..or is it 1 atk -2, 2nd atk -7,3rd -10?

The part that really confuses me is this...

, but the penalty doesn’t increase until after you’ve made both of them.

MagnusPrime wrote:
On the chr sheet under ancestry, what is the first slot "Special" used for?

Ii figured it out...

The only Ancestry with a special ability is the Halflings ability, Keen Eye.

On the chr sheet under ancestry, what is the first slot "Special" used for?

RicoTheBold wrote:

Links first:

- Black and white manual fill only - no calculation (v1.0)
- Black and white with calculation (v1.2)
- Color manual fill only - no calculation (v1.0)
- Color with calculation (v1.2)

I'm creating a new thread for this rather than having it buried close to 200 posts deep in the main character sheet announcement thread.

Quoted below is a post I made in the character sheet thread. I ended up going ahead and making the "manual fill only" version for anyone who hates automatic calculation. I also ended up updating the calculation sheets one more time to fix a bug in calculation order that made Arcana work only intermittently (thanks MaxAstro for pointing out it wasn't working).

The text/images on the sheets themselves are unchanged; it's just the form fields that are added.


I wasn't super pleased with the fillable version that was floating around; some little things were bugging me like some unaligned/sloppy field placement, borders left on some checkboxes, etc.

I created fully-fillable versions of the original sheets with automatic calculations for basically anything with a proficiency (AC, weapons, saves, perception, skills, class DC, spells), Maximum HP, and bulk capacity. Proficiencies use the little TEML boxes for calculations, so checking them on the sheet is actually relevant.

Because I hate automated sheets that make it impossible to use fillable fields that don't change much (if ever) and or print default numbers in the fields you might want to manually fill out because they change - say, if you're only printing a new sheet every few levels and are otherwise filling in numbers by hand with a pencil...most of the automation gets disabled if you leave


If you don't mind I have a question for ya...

im creating a sheet of my own...and I like the work done here..
im having an issue with the ClassDc equation..
I cant get it to give me a total..
I have Strength score as STRENGTH, and Strength mod as STR MODIFIER,
looking at the code I cant figure out what I have to change from the code used in your sheet to work

how do you get the pregens? I don't see a link anywhere

Thank you paizo for the players guide!

Level 5 spell: breath of life....
....reduces its dying condition to dying 3?

Vic Wertz wrote:
MagnusPrime wrote:
According to amazon the playtest books can still be this reliable because I missed the official preorder deadline through paizo..?
Amazon has their own inventory to sell, just like any other game retailer. (They should be aware that these products were limited to a single printing, so they shouldn't be selling more copies than they have on order from their distributor, but that's not something I could personally guarantee.)

I preorderd, heres hoping I do get it. of cource ill get the pdfs but would be cool to get the physicals..

According to amazon the playtest books can still be this reliable because I missed the official preorder deadline through paizo..?

if its not in the core rulebook then why is it in the sajan (iconic monk) statblock for core pregens for society? and core for that matter?

MagnusPrime wrote:

from warren,mi..

would like to get a wrath of the righteous campaign going or join a group. anyone in the warren area?

my email is:

from warren,mi..
would like to get a wrath of the righteous campaign going or join a group. anyone in the warren area?

from warren nd looking to play or gm wrath of the righteous

my question is the prc requires skills Knowledge nobility, but isnt a class skil, so how do you require it? without it being trained? am i missing something?
im planning th fighter archetype(andori swordlord with the prc

the problem I see with a magus, 9and im building a bladebound one with a bastard sword) is getting around all the fire, cold, electricity resistance...sorry if that's a spoiler for anyone. is there a way to do sonic/force instead of elemental? without house ruling it?

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Buddah668 wrote:
John Templeton wrote:
Mechanically it might be a no no but honestly I think you're stepping away from the Spirit of the Rules and focuing on the Letter of the Rules.


Mechanically speaking, I'd suspect someone is trying min/max damage with a two weapon fighter, so using the biggest hardest hitting sword fits the bill. My approach would be allow it with the large penalties, making it inefficient over the more conventional two weapon types. Still if the rolls favor the player, they'll have a great story to tell later. A -6 (-2 for the two handed primary, -4 for improvised) to hit with the primary hand is a hefty penalty to overcome, even with magic. I'd even look at tacking on an additional penalty to the secondary weapons attack rolls.

I'd also allow large creatures to wield the great sword much like a bastard sword. It makes for an interesting monster as a boss. So yes I've dealt with the main subject before.

From a role play stand point. What makes a better improvised weapon tale? Charging and ogre chieftain with a Great Sword in one hand and some other hefty weapon in the other. Or two weapon rending the barkeep in a tavern brawl with a pair of bar stools.

My interest is im building a magus with magus from crono trigger as inspiration...the obvious weapon is the scythe but magus requires a one hand free. and in my opinion if you spent all your time fighting with only that weapon youd train yourself to use it one handed at some point. from a mechanical rules pov its no but from a story pov (not trying to min/max) I believe you should be able to do it if you take weapon focus with the scythe. but its just me

Dal Selpher wrote:
Nobody thinks that Magus should be a... well... magus? =P

That's how im building him, but I think a normal scythe would be a lil weak, maybe a polearm instead? ( a lot of pictures of him show the weapon having a long shaft like a glaive but with the long scythe blade...any thoughts anyone?) but proilly will go kensai magus.

I sorta wish there were some rules on creating the classes..
im working out a samurai/fighter class.
basically the samurai with bonus feats,armor training, weapon training (exotic weapons, or the katana/wakizashi to hvy blades)

Stratagemini wrote:

Am I the only one who sees the champion path abilities and thinks "Hello Incredible Hulk?" Aerial Assault, Devastating Smash, Sweeping Strike, Wall Smasher and To the Death?

Tell me that doesn't sound like the Incredible Hulk.

especially with the barbarian archetype that makes it like the hulk as is?

thanks for the help and clairification guys

now let me ask this my atual weapon is a glaive, would I have a second atk with it?, I mean I would only get a 2nd atk with the glaive at lv 6 right?

that's what I thought, the issue brought up was I didn't because it wasn't a flurry of blows atk, and I didn't meet the req of 2 atks at lv 6(+6/+1)...

sorry I forgot to add, if I would get 2 attacks, when would I get a third?

so im a catfolk barbarian (mad dog archetype) lv5, with the cats claws feature so natural claw attacks.
I have the feats that make it a d8 dmg
BUT the debate is how many attacks should I have as part of a full-round action/attack? 1 or 2?

now my understanding is that they are natural primary weapons, so full bab unarmed so no penalties. you technically wouldn't get a second atk till your bab is +6/+1..
but most cats/creatures have 2 claw attacks with only a bab of +2, so..
the debate 1 atk or 2?

im not a monk with the flurry or 2 wpn fighting feat, so....
whats the ruleing here?

ps sorry if this in the wrong place.

my mad dog barbarian at lv 5 has a con score of 14 (mod of 2)
so at 4th lv when I get rage I get 6 rages per day . 4+con(2)
so would you still get 2 more rages at 6th level?

my current chr, is a lion-folk barbarian2/ranger (beast master) 3. his story is his kindom, ( a jungle treetop city) was destroyed and he lost his 2 lion pet/companions he raised from kittens. but is surprisingly reunited with them later( when I reached lv4 or 5 beastmaster ranger).

and was just saying that this mad dog build might work better but don't fully understand its rules.

im sorry.
the war beast feature replaces rage powers you would normally get at lv 2, 6, 10, 14, 18.
you gain the rage ability at lv4. not that I fully understand what the barbarian lv -3 means...
it lists rage powers that compliment this build...but do you even get any rage powers?

I just saw this too. im chr is a Lion-folk barbarian 2 ranger(beast master) 3..
to be just a barbarian with an animal companion sounds much better to me1
im confused on the rage power as well
also it lists rage powers that complement the mad dog....but war beast at lv 1 replaces your rage you get rage powers at all then?

im playing a lion folk, barbarian2/ranger(beast master)3.
I have 2 primary claw attacks and when I rage I picked up the bite so this blog helps as I was confused as well

im a lv.6 monk / lv.4 ninja.
so at lv 6., with +4/+4/-1
how many attacks do I get?
and bab=monk lv would be 6 right? his str bonus is 4.
2 sais (one in each hand)

so how many attacks and what would be the damage?

im neew to pf and really confused here

18 / 13 / 8 / 3
18 / 13 / 8
so does this mean he gets 4 attacks with main hand and 3 with off hand?