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Thank you. I have received the updated email.

I got an email today stating that Pathfinder Adventure Path 144 and 145 are going to be sent roughly at the same time. However, is it still possible to cancel my subscription after having received Pathfinder 144? So I still would like to receive Pathfinder Adventure Path 144 and do not want to receive Pathfinder Adventure Path 145.
If this is not possible, then please cancel my subscription after Pathfinder 145. Thank you in advance.

Could you please cancel my Pathfinder Modules subscription? I sent you an email about it, but probably it has never arrived. Thank you in advance.

I agree that the players have to be really convincing in order to pull it off. They have already made some attempts, but Nualia has rejected them all so far. After all, she has practically sold her soul to Lamashtu. But I know my players: they will not give up without a fight.
It will lead to some interesting roleplay. Depending on that, and how hard they try, they will either succeed or fail (after a lengthy process).
I am familiar with the content in the Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide.
I also plan to make Nualia a relative of the PC in my group who is also an aasimar, so that she as a paladin will have a personal interest in the redemption. After all, Nualia's real parents are never mentioned. In my campaign she is the PC's cousin.

Thanks for all the ideas and input. It gave me a lot to think about. The players left Tsuto alive as well, so if they can kindle real love between Tsuto and Nualia, this could actually redeem them both. I also like the idea of a side quest, and the idea of sending Nualia to Habe's sanatorium. It is also a good idea to let my PCs talk to various people in Sandpoint to make them see the error of their ways and apologize to Nualia.
I think it is also essential that Nualia will get rid of the demonic arm and the scars.
My players like to roleplay and also usually write elaborate back stories. In fact, there are 2 PCs with a back story similar to that of Nualia (a lonely, isolated childhood) and both had a different response to it. Neither of these PCs is evil.

Two of my players have antagonized Jubrayl right from the start. He has been sending thugs after them and will be sending some more, as he thinks them nosy and meddling with his affairs. He wants to get rid of them. I still have to see where this goes, but I am planning on adding an extra location in The skinsaw murders (a safe house) where they can hunt him down.

My group has captured Nualia and wants to try to redeem her. One of the characters is also an aasimar, and one of the other characters has had a very lonely childhood, just like Nualia, and though he has become lawful good because of it, he sympathizes with her story. They tried talking to her, but this cannot be that easy, if it is at all possible. Nualia has sold her soul to Lamashtu after all. However, I would like to give my players a chance of getting through to her, but it should be difficult, so that redeeming her will be a real achievement. What would be good ideas to make this work?
The group consists of a (LG) paladin, a LG inquisitor, a NG witch, a LN arcanist and a N sanctified rogue.

Name: Pamina Hemelrijk
Class/Level: aasimar paladin 3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings, in the catacombs
Catalyst: Nualia
What Happened: The group had been chasing Lyrie and she had fled to Nualia's room. Nualia and Lyrie decide to set the trap and wait for the group to run into it and then attack. However, the group is clever enough to suspect a trap and the rogue uses stealth to find it and disable device to disable it. So the trap has been disabled and the whole group is in the corridor running up to Nualia's room. They decide to open the north door and are faced with the yeth hound. The arcanist then decides to warn everybody to withdraw so that they lure their enemies to do battle in the room next to the entrance in order to have more space. Everybody retreats except Pamina the paladin, who storms into the corridor and attacks Nualia. There she gets stuck between Nualia and the yeth hound, while Lyrie fires magic missiles at her. The others try to shoot the yeth hound with silver arrows, but cannot reach Pamina because they keep missing it. Then Pamina manages to wound the yeth hound with a smite evil, but then it's Nualia's turn. She scores a critical hit and Pamina dies. A tragic end after a heroic fight between two aasimars. The others have used all their treasure to pay a raise dead for her.

This is a very useful thread. I will be starting this campaign with my group coming Sunday. We have just finished Reign of Winter and I let them choose the next campaign - it is this one. I am looking forward to running it.

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I would like a conversion guide, too. I also own a lot of PF/3.5/3.0 material, which I still use a lot. So I would appreciate a conversion guide from PF2 to PF.
If conversion would become very complex or even impossible, that would be a reason for me not to buy adventures anymore, since it would be easier and less time consuming to run the older adventures and adventure paths.
I have already decided not to buy Starfinder since I will probably never run these adventures, even though the quality is probably very good.

This is a nice read, BulgarianFirstborn, and brings back fond memories. My group had 5 characters as well, but they had lots of problems with these adventures, especially with Rohkar.
I hope this remains a fun campaign for you.

I seem to recall that the lights on the towers have invisibility purge, so that might help.
That said, my players figured this out and then invisibly stayed outside the range of the lights, so yours might do the same.

We have finished the 6 adventures of the campaign. I am continuing the campaign with an adapted version of Witch war legacy.

(which the group is now playing - they had a lot of trouble with the shoggoth and defeated the linnorm, not killing him because of its death curse, but pushing the unconscious and regenerating linnorm off the waterfall into the giant camp at the foot of the waterfall)

I am going to finish the campaign with a second visit to earth: this time the PCs will have to climb to the top of Mount Everest. They will be attacked by yetis (and among them a sort of paragon yeti which the yeti tribe worships as a deity), but also by an undead version of the Red Baron in his red airplane. I am so looking forward to that encounter.

I still remember the bard in my group beginning to realize that he was standing in the middle of a mine field because the druid's animal companion stepped on a mine.
Such good memories!

This was great fun to read and I like the solution your players came up with. However, did Solveig not have a relationship with Bella? She won't be pleased.
Which is worse? An angry dragon or angry Solveig? :-)

Well, they have to liberate the hut first before they can leave.

When Logrivich is defeated, do not forget to have the revolutionaries brag about all the treasure they found, so that the players know what they have missed.

After book 6. Otherwise that adventure will be way too difficult. My group defeated Elvanna last Saturday, so we will be starting next time.

I used the Irrisen book a lot for providing extra flavor and context in Whitethrone. I also used Cities of Golarion. I added some extra plotlines with the stilyagi and the theatre, because one of the players is a bard. It provided some memorable encounters.
I also used the cold sisters in a later stadium of this campaign.
We are almost at the end. The group will probably fight Elvanna next Saturday. I am going to add some Irrisen stuff (again from the Irrisen book) and then play Witch war legacy, with some adaptations.

This reminds me of my own group. They were o so scared of the dragon. Saying things like: "We are not supposed to attack him now! He is a foe for a higher level!"
The advantage was that they did tackle the whole tower first.

Perhaps you could spread some rumor that Logrivich isn't a real dragon but someone who pretends to be a dragon (with one of the many polymorph spells). The rumor should be convincing enough to make the kobold player believe it. The kobold should see it as sacrilege.
Then let the player deal with it if he discovers he has killed a real dragon after all. Makes for some drama.

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If you want to see why Tashanna is different, read Witch War Legacy. It has details about the fate of Tashanna.

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I played up the parts having to do with Kostchtchie, since I will be running The Witch War Legacy at the end of the campaign. I played this up as a conflict between male and female forces and reinforced all the elements related to this conflict. In this way disconnected combat encounters suddenly did not seem so very disconnected, and Marislova got even more interesting. (For a while my players even feared their (male) characters would also become female.)

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That is really a fun scene!

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I will thoroughly rewrite WWL. I have put this under a spoiler button just in case.

First of all I am going to add an extra faction (which they will meet later in an adventure I am going to write myself). Further, it is now Elvanna's granddaughter and not Elvanna who has sent the patrols, and joined them, because she fears what Baba Yaga might do to her now Elvanna has been defeated and hopes to find something that she can use as a bargaining chip, such as Kostchtchie's torc. The PCs are going to receive a warning from Princess Cassisoche, with whom they are more or less friendly and who wants to flee south with her friend Ilya in order to avoid Baba Yaga's wrath.

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Nazhena not only occurs in the encounter with Thora Petska, but Radosek Pavril also works for her. The players hear about her several times in the first adventure. I also had the villagers of Waldsby tell about hear and fearing her (including Nadya, who is married to one of the PCs in my campaign). I also made it very clear (via NPCs) that Nazhena was spying on the group via the mirrors. So when they met her at last, they really wanted to kill her.
I partly rewrote the second book by adding some encounters and adapting some others. However, I usually do this, because I have more than 4 players and also adapt a lot to their backstories. I also added quite a bit of stuff to the third book.

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We are playing this campaign with 5 players and I run most of the encounters as written. Sometimes I add some monsters. The campaign has been dangerous enough so far, with a number of near-deaths and 2 deaths. We are in the 6th book now and we have had a blast so far. Rasputin must die was a great success. It was one of the reasons I chose to DM this campaign.
Please note that the players will have an easier time if they have a lot of fire attacks/spells and that a wilderness oriented pc is really useful, especially in the first two books.

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We have recently started on The witch queen's revenge. However, our campaign does not end with this adventure, since I am going to add The witch war legacy to it (and some home-made stuff tailored to the PCs).
So we will be busy for a while.
And then we will see. I have a slight preference for Strange aeons, but my players will have a say in it as well.

Use the treasure as written. If you add treasure, your PCs will end up too powerful.

I have put this under a spoiler button, since this is basically not a DM thread, so players might read this.

The abilities for the hag's coven you can find in the bestiary. I guess you can use the same or similar abilities.
I do not really understand what you mean by the second question. Do you mean that the monastery in the first world is returned to the material plane? Then yes, that is the case. When the PCs calibrate the world anchors, the monastery from the first world basically replaces the ruins on the material plane. I hope this answers your question.

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Well, you need fire to burn her XD.

Lady Argentea facing her own doppelganger. That is epic!
My group took along Nadya. She is married to one of the PCs now, and pregnant.

Yes, I can imagine!
In my PC group the most important tactic has been fire so far. With devastating effects.

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Or have Radosek kidnap or arrest a beloved NPC so that they have to free him/her from the pale tower.

They have +14/+9/+4. I think it is because they are huge, not large.

Dalindra wrote:
As they approached he threw a grenade on them.. which held a captured trench mist that reanimated the corpses and attacked.

My PCs took some of these grenades with them as well, so perhaps they are going to use them. Sweet anticipation...

Since these are magic items, I think they would be difficult to destroy with an arrow. Magical fire, however, might do the trick.
My players have actually taken out the guards of all the towers one by one, and then used disable device to dim the lights. It was a memorable night, with nearly 2 PC deaths and one of the towers burnt to the ground. And blinded soldiers trapping themselves in their own barbed wire (because one of the PCs lured them there after they were blinded).

I roleplayed the date, but I added some minor plotlines for the other PCs as well (having to do with the resistance and such) and alternated between them.

Thank you. I can always invent my own legend of course.

Thanks, but that is the one I already found. I guess this means that there is only a satirical picture, not a real fairytale. Perhaps I can invent one myself.

Does anybody know which fairytale tells about Baba Yaga fighting the infernal crocodile? There is a 17th century picture about it on the internet, but not the fairytale itself.
Does anybody know whether Bremagyr is based on a fairytale or on a historical person?

We have a while to go yet.

My players have just arrived in Akuvskaya. The hut was a rollercoaster ride: one PC locked in the mirror of life trapping, and later, when the window had been broken, was feebleminded by the derghodaemon. In the candy room 3 PCs failed their saving throws and started to eat candy. Two of them fell asleep and one suffered from nightmares from the bogeymen. Later, when they were finally fighting the bogeymen, he was stil shaken when he finally killed one of them with the words: "I ... am ... not ... afraid ... of ... you!" (This in a scared voice).
When they passed the coffin man (by killing him, because they did not dare to play cards with him), they exited the hut and looked upon the ravages of Akuvskaya in the deep silence of a wintry morning in Siberia. I described the village and they said: "Ok, let's investigate!" They started walking and flying away from the hut. Then the world exploded around them.
They got lots of damage and one of them got trapped in one of the minefields, but they survived. What followed, was serious enemy fire answered by lots of damaging spells and the use of illusions to draw enemy fire away from the group. Then the rogue flew invisibly to the tsar tank, opened the hatch and climbed in to start killing soldiers...
They have won this round, but they are seriously intimidated and have not even met Rasputin yet. (They have not yet investigated the fire). We played much longer than usual, until deep in the night, because my players were so excited they did not want to stop playing. This is such an exhilarating adventure, maybe the best I have run in a while. Thank you, Paizo.

My group has a sorcerer who specializes in fire spells. Yes, he is very effective, but also very vulnerable. There are enough creatures with cold subtype for him to shine, but he needs the others to protect him from danger so that he can do what he does best.

I had the kids run into danger for the first 2 encounters. The players took all kinds of security measures, warning the kids not to wander too far away, or not to leave the sleds, etc. Then I had them recede into the background. The idea was that the measures the PCs took, were effective.

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Perhaps replace the human legs with shoes? You can make it magical shoes. Or boots.
It brings to mind some fairytales, such as puss-in-boots, Cinderella and the red shoes (from Hans Christian Andersen).
Perhaps they have to find a cobbler who makes special shoes. Then the cobbler needs special leather, which is the hide of some monster, and special nails (e.g. the stings or nails of some animal/monster). And special shoelaces (the hair of a nymph, a korred or some other creature with lots of hair). Of course the ingredients come in threes, as fairytales go.

This is a nice idea. Especially when later they arrive in Waldsby and can see with their own eyes what they have prevented in Heldren. It links the two villages even more.

You could just give the gelatinous cube a larger area to roam. The kobolds could then just hide somewhere and wait until the 'ghost' has passed.

You could also let them have pets (either as druid or some other class with an animal friend) or as trained dogs.

I am so looking forward to this!

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