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After the PC's returned Lamatar Bayden's corpse to Myriana I wanted to stress the urgency to return to Sandpoint quickly and suggested that traditional means would not get them back in time.

I don't have anyone in the group who can cast Teleport so I have come up with the idea of traveling to the Sanos Forest and using the portal to the First World that is said to exist there. I have an Unchained Summoner who is a First Worlder Archetype that is interested in conducting merchant business and setting up ties to the Witch Market so I thought this might also be a fun way to work that in. I'm also thinking of replacing his cohort that was killed at Hook Mountain with a Gnome from Sanos Forest to help in the transition.

Instead of Myriana being consumed with the reincarnation of Lamatar she is requesting that the group take his remains to the portal and suggest that once he is in the First World he can then be reincarnated and returned to her. I also thought about having him return in the form of taking on the personality of an intelligent weapon in the form of his magical longbow but that is another story altogether.

So once inside they will deliver a token from Myriana to someone or something in exchange for passage to somewhere near Sandpoint. I was thinking of doing something similar to a Narnia feeling of many doors or portals in a grove, or a Alice in Wonderland situation or Pan's Labyrinth but I'd prefer not to get too far off track. I was thinking they might see one of the The Tane but not encounter any of them, at least not in combat.

Any other ideas? What should they see, or do? Where should they end up close to Sandpoint?

All very good ideas. Thanks! I think I will keep Vorel bound to the house but I just had an idea that some of the materials used to make the guildhall might come from the Foxglove Mansion or maybe some items removed like paintings or minor artifacts might hold slivers of Vorel that could haunt the PC's, specifically the NPC wizard that way. I think that could be fun.

So I'm brainstorming about how and why I'll bring back Vorel Foxglove and what that will mean to my campaign.

I'm picking up my ROTRL campaign after a year off. My group is about to enter the Graul homestead and encounter that house full of nightmares and I can't help but think about the last time they went through a house full of horror, Misgivings.

My group didn't properly exorcise Vorel's spirit. I've been holding onto that bit of information in the back of my brain and was curious how that would all unfold later. I'm pretty sure they used fire to burn the patch of fungus from the cave wall which according the the AP the fungus will regrow in 24 hours unless the site is subject to a Hallow and Consecrate spell or dispel evil spell...none of which happened. Hallow and Dispel Evil are level 5 cleric spells which requires at least a 9th level cleric. The party is 8th level now (They were only 6th ot 7th level when they went through Foxglove Manor) so I'm thinking that after all the nonsense at Fort Rannick is handled and they have some down time maybe I will take them back to Misgivings to finally take care of Vorel. According to the adventure they should be around 10th level after completing Hook Mountain Massacre. I don't really want to sidetrack too much but I believe that if they wait too long this is something that would eventually come back to haunt them. (Wocka Wocka Wocka!)

The way I see it, Vorel is gonna be pretty pissed and wanting revenge...so how does that play out? Everything I've been lead to believe is that Vorel was a Necromancer which tried and failed to become a Lich so he was at least 11th level and I believe maybe even 15th level. According to the anniversary edition on page 90, anyone who attempts to light the house on fire will be targeted with fear, confusion, phantasmal killer, dominate person, or charm monster (CL 15)

Sooooo? 15th level Necromancer...maybe a Lich...maybe a ghost...does he possess someone that came by to loot the place, or maybe dominate them and send them out to harass the party? Does he bring back the recently slain Aldern somehow? Raise a bunch of ghouls or shadows or something? Maybe he reaches out to and dominates the ghouls who live in the Devil's Platter?

As I said before, the party is off at the Graul farm. One of the PC's, the party's Evoker has sort of been retired and is now an NPC stationed back in Sandpoint doing research with Brodert Quink and helping Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock and Ameiko form an Adventure's Guild to help protect Sandpoint and the surrounding area from all of the shenanigans that keep popping up. The town nobles have commissioned a guildhouse be built on Chopper's Isle for the party and other adventurers that are recruited to come protect Sandpoint.

Some other ideas I've had that sort of tie in to all of this are perhaps the NPC wizard was tainted by Vorel during their former encounter or maybe he goes back to investigate Foxglove Manor for his research and is dominated then. I also thought of working in the ghost of Jervis Stoot somehow. Maybe the dominated wizard wrangles up Ol' Chopper after his new found interest in necromancy...

Just brain storming...all comments welcome. What do you guys think?

So it's been a couple of years but I'm finally getting to run this again. I didn't get this going last time because we unfortunately had to take a break but it's time for full on Graulfulness to happen.

One idea I had to build on the tally mark idea that Lorax mentioned is to have written in blood on the wall in the kitchen "Look" with an arrow pointed down to a bucket in the floor...upon inspection it is discovered that the bucket contains eyeballs of several Black Arrows and unfortunate critters and passerbys.

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Xanesha, the lamia matriarch from Magnimar acquired Vorel's Legacy from The Skinsaw Man and then sold it to the Red Mantis agents. They would be in the area. Perhaps they recognized your PC from a chance encounter or perhaps X's sister paid them to track down the party after their repeated scooby-doo, meddling kids-esque shenanaganery.

I second the steam-punk class. Really I would love a book full of steam-punk archetypes but specifically for the Summoner and Alchemist. Clockwork companions and scientific gadget magic instead of alchemy would be sweet.

A western flavor monk archetype for the Monk or Brawler would be nice. Someone who could flurry with a staff and use their unarmed damage would be great.

If you make Mammy a witch like I did you could say she has a Fetish Mask instead of a familiar from the Scarred Witch Doctor archetype. Use that item as her fetish and say Lamashtu is her Patron. I think that would be perfect.

I very much wanted to do this same concept with a Gnomish cavalier and re-skin one of the mounts such as the ostrich, as a dire goose. Something that could walk, fly and swim, and lets face it would sound really awesome as it's charging. HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK!!!

I have a few weeks to prepare so I hope it's going to be epic with all of these suggestions. I fully intend to watch both of those movies again for sure.

Thanks guys these are great ideas. I definitely want to keep Mammy more mobile or I think she'll go down pretty quickly. Cook people is fun and also gives me a reason to flip over a cauldron full "Conan the Barbarian soup" which is cool.

The cornfield idea is something I really wanted to pull off and your fog bank idea is just the thing I was trying to figure out.

I think I'm going to change Rukus from a fighter to a beastmaster/trapper ranger making the Graul hounds actual animal companions and throwing in some ranger traps outside. Having Crowfood stealth around and snagging people into the fields will be a blast.

I've debated having Hucker or possibly adding a brother just like him sneaking through the house and popping out of secret doors and maybe pulling people back into crawl spaces or something maybe using the Brawler(strangler) class.

I've also been kicking around the idea of making one of the boys in the barn an alchemist throwing "white lightning" bombs from the moonshine still but then that also could be messy when all the webs catch fire...

I'll probably be throwing in some tetanus saves on jagged metal items and other nasty things here and there like broken glass and such. A scary looking tool shed might be just the place to do that.

I don't want to get too carried away with ogre spider venom laced weapons and traps but I will probably sprinkle some more of that in as well.

Yeah I had thought about bear traps after I posted this. You've got some great ideas there for sure. Thanks!

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About to run the Graul Farm encounter for my group. I ran this a few years ago for a different group and had a blast with it but I'd like some help with ideas of how to make this a very memorable and horrifying encounter.

I'm going to make a few changes here and there that I did before or that I've picked up off the boards like making Mammy a Gravewalker Witch and switching some of the weaponry out to give it more of a hillbilly horror farm feel like giving Crowfood a scythe instead, and possibly arming some of the other ogrekin with weapons designed for capturing and/or torturing like nets and mancatchers and such.
I also plan on wrapping the porch around the eastern side of the house and switching the rooms, kitchen A4, and Playpen A5, so that it will be more difficult for the group to bypass such a fun trap on the porch by just going in the "back door" that is oddly located right by the front door. I'll probably throw in some fly swarms especially in places like the kitchen to go along with the Fortitude save stink to actually mechanically disorient the party and to get a better feel of how disgusting the place really is. Any other fun ideas, mechanically or flavor wise to throw in? Has anyone tried throwing in some pit traps or such out in the fields for Rukus or Crowfood to attempt to chase or lure people into?

My party consists of:
Human Rogue 8 (Formerly a half elf, but is now a clone of the Runelord Sorcha-Thanks Shattered Star!)
Tiefling Witch 8
Half Elf Fighter 8
Dwarf Fighter 8
Half Elf Ranger 8 and wolf animal companion
GM PC Half Elf Cleric of Erastil 8 and firepelt animal companion.
NPC Elf Ranger Shaelelu Andosana

The party is about to encounter Rukus for the first time on the road.

I was using the Sandpoint Mercantile League to also operate as a bank.

Sonic sounds good to me...horrible pun intended. I also feel like fire has a hypnotic trance quality to it.

So I am running The Anniversary Edition ROTRL for my buddy who has reached the encounter with Nualia in area E4 of Thistletop in Burnt Offerings and I have been toying with an idea that I would like to gather some more suggestions and ideas from some of the creative minds here before going any further.

I can not supply the source but I read once here on the message boards someone stuck a teleportation circle off of Area C16 of Skulls Crossing in The Hook Mountain Massacre that was connected to another hidden teleportation circle within Thistletop and I thought that was pretty genius and plan to encorporate that into my own game and have decided to perhaps go another step and use this same magical principle to accidentally send Nualia and/or the PC's to a location in The Mushfens, either The Lady's Light or The Sunken Queen.

The idea is the magic in Thistletop is going wonky after thousands of years as already explained in area E8 Communication Room, and I would like to use this opportunity to send him out to some cool places in Varisia and maybe kill a few more goblins before returning to finish the adventure, or perhaps if separated from Nualia track her down before she causes anymore harm.

All of these ideas of dungeon delving in The Mushfens got me thinking about a certain diabolical trap I keep hearing about in Shattered Star: The Curse of The Lady's Light and how I would really like to throw this in somehow to this adventure and I think my player would really appreciate it too. I have never played or read The Curse of The Lady's Light so the question is, how do I make this work? Should I pick up the adventure and just work in what I can? Would it be too early to do this as that adventure assumes your party to be 5th level? I suppose I could complete all of Thistletop before sending the party instead of sending them during the battle with Nualia. I could also work in a similar trap in Thistletop but I want to work in the idea of the Teleportation Circle for earlier and I would also prefer the idea of the female rogue waking up looking like The Runelord of Lust and not the Runelord of Greed.

My player created the four party members and this is his first time playing Pathfinder. I control two of the players for role playing purposes but he controls all four during battle. Not that it totally makes a difference but the party is as follows:
Female Half-elf Rogue
Male Half-elf Cleric of Erastil
Male Elf fighter (GM PC)
Male Human Invoker (GM PC)
Shaelelu Andosana
Orik Vancaskerkin (recruited for his freedom)

They are currently in Thistletop areas E3 and E4 and the hall leading to area E5 and are in the first round of battle with Nualia, her yeth hound, Tsuto and Lyrie Akenja. They have defeated Bruthazmus and recruited Orik in exchange for his freedom.

So, any other cool ideas or suggestions?

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I think for alot of people it is easy to forget Nualia's intentions in this adventure. Tsuto is a play thing and nothing more really. I believe she would be more upset about the loss of Lyrie, who was researching how to find and free Malfeshnekor but she may have already discovered enough for Nualia to continue on her own. Nualia wouldn't really care about the loss of goblins either so it is unlikely she would pursue any of the characters out of revenge. Her number one goal at this point is continuing her ritual transformation into a half-fiend and then onto becoming a full fledged demon (most likely a Vrock) and the best way for her to do so at this point is "Third Ritual" from http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/demon which says,

"Third Ritual: At some point after the mortal contacts her demon lord (typically after the second ritual succeeds, but sometimes before), the demon sends the mortal a vision of a task that must be completed (such as freeing a bound evil outsider from a Material Plane prison or assassinating a powerful cleric of a good religion). This task is typically one of significance to the demon lord, and in many cases one that the mortal has no hope of completing until she grows more powerful. There is no time limit for how long the mortal has to complete this task, but she must maintain her weekly devotions to her demon in the time that passes in the form of regular worship and continued atrocities in the demon’s name. Additional burnt offerings to the demon, betrayals of allies, and assaults on innocents are popular choices. Once the assigned task is completed, the mortal must perform another ritual in honor of her demonic lord—a sacrifice consisting of no less than a dozen nonevil intelligent creatures offered in the course of no more than a single week. The mortal must make a DC 30 Knowledge (religion) check at the end of the sacrifice, but gains a +1 bonus on the check for every 5 additional sacrifices offered beyond the initial dozen. If the check succeeds, the third ritual ends and the mortal permanently gains the half-fiend template."

Her goal is not to fight to the death all cinematic style but to free the bound fiend in Thistletop and to use him, a servant of Lamashtu in his own right, to sacrifice all the people of Sandpoint to Lamashtu thus completing the Third Ritual. If the PC's wait too long to return to Thistletop this could indeed be what she attempts. I would suggest perhaps leveling them first before a showdown in the town square between them and Nulia, a Barghest and a handfull of yeth hounds.

I think Yossarian's suggestion of using the Mark Of Lamashtu is dead on gold but as I said I would tweak it to use for Lyrie and not necessarily Tsuto.

Evil Tendencies

Axe Wound

Witch's Brew

Quest for Sky

Aroden's Lost Children

Touch Attack

Random Encounters

why no skirmisher moves?

I'm fine with the classes that exist but I would like to see the following three archetypes that a few people have already touched on.

Swashbuckler! Maybe a fighter archetype that allows Rogue Talents in addition to Bonus Combat Feats. The Rogue Archetype of the same name didn't really do it for me. I would even be happy with a Fighter/Rogue Prestige class where maybe levels stacked with Rogue for Sneak Attack and Fighter for Combat Feat eligibility.

Artificer/Engineer! I think Alchemist would work best but a straight up steam punk version as mentioned before. We have the Mana Wastes in Golarion lets have some Steam Punk fleshed out.

Western Monks! I really would like to see some options for some non Tian/Vudran unarmed fighting styles.

I know this is not answering the questions of "New Classes" but that is my two cents. I think there are enough classes already.

Fantastic work!

Limpy "Little Hook" Rumgin

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Maybe blacks are jungle dwellers because they just are...just like Eskimos live in the cold, and so on and such with all the different races of humans...Our racial differences are actually used to adapt and live in our chosen locations. It is the same with animals...it is just geography and has nothing to do with oppression. I think this is used the same way every game system out there has a 24 hour day and a 365 day year...it is just what people are familiar with.

I never really looked at Gremlin stats and I'm not sure why but now I wish I hadn't. DR and SR...with some pretty good attacks? Those are pretty disgusting for low level pc's!

I have to agree with BBT. Ogres are nightmarish...Hills have Eyes without playing nice. Terror...absolute terror.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Your PC's corpse, or animal companion is fine too.

Not to mention the corpses of the baker, milkman, and dog walker that have been in the shed for a month...absolute horror.

Lord Worcestershire of Perrins wrote:
For a split second I was thinking you could do this PRC with any animal companion but read the fine print in Mammoth rider that the list of mounts replaces your existing animal companion. I guess my blonde haired/blue eyed Druidess from Sargava with a Huge Gorilla will just have to wait.
Phillip0614 wrote:

Well...the list does also include the caveat "A GM might expand this list to include other possible steeds."

So riding a huge gorilla isn't out of the question.

If that is the case looks like I may as well go for the gold with a traveling tree house and be a Treesinger archetype Druid with a Treant companion...wow that would be funny!

Pendagast, Cayhounds are the descendants of Thunder, Cayden's pet mastiff he had in life. They are basically intelligent, celestial beer drinking mastiffs...who wouldn't want one?

In a RotRL game I ran I had an idea to give the party cleric of Cayden Cailean a worg cohort re-skinned as a cayhound. It was a blast to role play.

For a split second I was thinking you could do this PRC with any animal companion but read the fine print in Mammoth rider that the list of mounts replaces your existing animal companion. I guess my blonde haired/blue eyed Druidess from Sargava with a Huge Gorilla will just have to wait.

I think the touch spell would come from the wand, and the reason I believe this to be true is because a wand of magic missle, or fireball shoots from the wand and not your finger as it normally does so why would touch spells be any different?

As everyone has already stated we are not fully aware of what Tar-Baphon is technically capable of, but just guessing with a hypothetical duel between these two, I think it would come down to whoever could get the advantage first. When they both are that good I think it comes down to who makes the first mistake, or who can take the most advantage of the situation. Chances are, two mind numbingly brilliant individuals such as these would not come to the showdown alone or without a few bags of tricks.

That being said I would say that the fight would never happen. A good rule to follow when you sit down at the poker table is to never bump heads with the other good players, and to always take advantage of the weaker players. I think the same good advice goes for high level spell duals. Two CR 20+ spellcasters with everything to lose would probably have nothing to prove to themselves by trying to take out the other guy for the heck of it.

I still think "see through illusions" means it makes whatever false vision transparent as in the example someone gave of seeing the house underneath the guise of a mansion or seeing exactly where the caster is behind the blur spell or silent image, and actually seeing the coridor behind the illusionary brick wall in the dungeon. You still actually see the illusion, you just see what is actually there underneath it. I don't agree that "sees through illusions" automatically means disbelief of an illusion, specifically in the case of a phantasm like the way mpl stated the common phrase, "I see through your lies." Both sides keep arguing to read it literally and I think we both are but disagree on what "sees through" mean.

I think if I conjur a dementor like wraith with Phantasmal Killer to come kill you and you see it with your eyes, which in turn uses your nervous system to send signals to your brain to function it does not matter if you close your eyes or not, to you it is still there. I think if you close your eyes you don't see it but you know it is still there the same way you know that the all to real psychopath in the hockey mask is still there if you pull your covers over your head even though you can't see through them. (Unless of course they were illusionary covers and you had cast True Seeing...yes I am a prick.)

So in the case of shadow evocations and shadow conjurations being defeated with True Seeing you bring up an interesting question. I would also agree that you realize they are illusions, and see through them (make transparent) but why do you still take 20% of the damage? Of course it is printed right there in the spell so that is of course why you do but why is that exactly? Because it is in your mind...and even though the nasty critter conjured from thin air to take a swipe at you still looks goofy and fake your brain still thinks a little that it can open you up in ways that aren't pleasant. I think this all works the same way that Phantasmal Killer would work if you recognized that it is an illusion but suddenly your brain is telling you otherwise when you have to make the save. Why can PK kill the caster that it is rebounded back to? Yeah you know it is an illusion because you foolishly cast it on the demon with telepathy, but now it is thrown back in your face...I don't think vision of any kind has anything to do with the save or die part of PK, but as we all have been saying, that is just my opinion.

I think later adding the phrase, "As a full-round action," to Spring attack wasn't needed. If you move, you can only make one attack, so why put that in there? It was pretty clear what that meant in my opinion.

It was a pretty natural train of thought to pair this with the Vital Strike chain of feats when I first opened my Core Rule Book and as I have always enjoyed playing more mobile characters it greatly appealed to me. I don't see any harm in allowing Spring Attack or Shot on the Run to work with the Vital Strike Feats because I think it is just tactical hit and run thinking. If I can move up and hit the "slugger" and do him damage and retreat without taking damage and prevent him from utilizing his advantage of the full attack and continue to "put the pointy end in the other man" until he dies well then what is the problem? So what if I missed out on 5-15 damage-if I didn't take 25 damage myself and have to waste actions on healing then in my eyes that is a victory.

I admit I am not up to date on all of the optimization that the cool kids are running these days but I think that just running up and trading punches has got to catch up to you eventually. If this combo is clearly so bad then why nerf it in the errata and punish people who favor that sort of character build?

I agree with those that say this is just the trend in GMing for those folks that just favor rolling high damage output and not really challenging the players. I assume these are the same parties that don't see too many puzzles and traps and have never had to wade through a room with 150 Kobolds.

I also remember I converted Ironbriar to the Inquisitor class which made him pretty nasty. I love the idea of Ironbriar being Tsuto's father.

I think Nosig just brought up a great point with lack of darkvision in a dark area. This probably negates alot of sight based illusions but actually seeing something in your mind should not matter how light or dark it is...

It would also be like saying that a person could defeat a 4th level save or die spell by just closing his/her eyes as an immediate action and that seems a bit much to me. I think if you close your eyes Phantasmal Killer would still work because it is in your mind and almost like a bad dream that kills you. I see things in my dreams all of the time without actually using my vision.

The thing about True Seeing is it isn't tremor sense or life sense, or blind sense. It allows you to see through false visions that you are able to experience with your eyes...you rub an ointment on your eyes, so it would be like using a magical set of eyeglasses contacts...when you close your eyes it wouldn't work. If someone were to remove your eyes or your sight it wouldn't work. and it wouldn't work on your other senses...you couldn't touch better or taste better and you couldn't hear better, so in my opinion it would not defeat sound based illusions.

Amazing work! Will be put to great use. Thanks! :)

Also I forgot to point out that even though Nualia is without armor, she most likely still is clothed, and even if she wasn't I doubt she would be tagged as a victim once she gutted the first SOB on the road who tried anything. This could be another clue as to what route she took though as say one of her attackers barely makes it back to town after watching all of his buddies die. Another reason they might take off to Magnimar.

In my opinion I don't see Nualia, a cleric/anti-paladin of the Demon Queen hiding out in the woods and selling furs to pay for her trip. I think she would be more likely to limp to a nearby farm and either steal a horse and flee, or more likely murder whoever is there as an offering to Lamashtu and then take their stuff and then move on to Magnimar. Remember when she fled to Magnimar the first time she did not have any of the things you listed. She was able to acquire them and she can do so again. If you are looking for areas in the campaign where she can return there are plenty of them:

Naulia's Story

It is mentioned that she hooked up with The leader of the Skinsaw cult in Magnimar years before. I believe this is where she goes again. From there on there are several possibilities.

The Skinsaw Murders


Once she hooks up with Ironbriar maybe she sets up shop at the saw mill where the PC's encounter her again when they investigate the place.

Maybe she doesn't make it to Magnimar at all and is instead found on the road, unconscious and nearly dead from her wounds someone generously takes her to Habe's Sanatorium because she is clearly quite crazy. ;) This would most likely be your best shot at reaching out to her if she is redeemable.

I'm sure if she does hook up with the Skinsaw Men, Xanesha will take an interest in her, and either keep her close as a body guard/associate or send her out to scout on Foxglove's progress. She could be encountered scared out of her mind, and perhaps wounded in the Foxglove Manor, yet again maybe another chance for saving her.

The Hook Mountain Massacre


Let's say Nualia does hook up with the Skinsaw Men and by default Xanesha, then that would also explain why she would be with Lucrecia. She could be working for Lucrecia and waiting for the PCs in Turtleback Ferry to either ambush them or as a lookout to sneak off and meet up with Lucrecia at Fort Rannick once the party gets there. She could also be caged up in the dungeon at The Fort too if say Lucrecia was angry with her for allowing her sister to be slaughtered by a group of rag-tags...another spot where they could work together.

Fortress of the Stone Giants


So if Nualia is involved in anyway with either of the Lamia Matriarchs she could have been sent up the ladder to speak with Mokmurian as an adviser on Sandpoint. As I said before in my previous post, I think she would very much like to return to Sandpoint with an army of Stone Giants and a Red Dragon to finish what she started in Burnt Offerings. This could be a nice showdown as everybody now has a few levels under their belt. It is also suggested in the campaign that she might have completed the ritual and actually have become a full fledged demon. This part of the story could be a good spot for that.

Sins of the Saviors


Something else to think about is by now, Xaliasa, the Scribbler is awake and the same urges Naulia had to bust down the brick wall in the smuggler tunnel should be ramped up to 11 by now. Perhaps instead of a sinkhole she is the one who leads the party underground to the entrance of Lamashtu's Shrine. If she makes it this far, her madness has probably consumed her and she is in full on hate, I am a demon mode.

I am sure there are plenty of other places that she could show up but those are all that I can think of at the moment.

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She is pretty far gone...she killed and sacrificed her father to her god...pretty much the same with her monster baby. Her mission is clear, burn EVERYTHING. She hates everything about her former life including her appearance. She was tormented her entire life for what she was and she wants more than anything to become a demon and serve her goddess. I don't think you can bring her back from that. In my opinion she flees. She is whipped and knows it. If you think she burns the stockade down on the way out then maybe she does but she doesn't face the party to die in my opinion. I say she runs to Magnimar with a heart full of hate for Sandpoint and the party members. I think her plan is the same as it always has been.

Maybe she comes back later with a dragon and an army of stone giants...that might work.

Agreed! This would be something perfect for People of the North.

Looked up both feats. Brutal Throw was from Complete Adventurer and is a combat feat. Axethrower is a Regional Feat from Player's Guide to Faerun. They do the exact same thing but Axethrower had restrictions on race and such. Looks like Brutal Throw would be the correct feat if you were allowing backwards compatible material. Thanks for the info BBT!

I don't remember what book it was in but in 3.5 Forgotten Realms there was a feat called Axe Thrower that allowed you to use your strength to attack on thrown weapons.

These are all great ideas guys thanks! I have only made it to the battle at Fort Rannick and I don't have my notes in front of me so I can't tell you everything I did so I will just give some examples of some classes I changed. I made Tsuto into a Zen Archer/Sniper who escaped jail in Sandpoint and popped some urban sniper/gorilla warfare at them in Magnimar from some pretty far distances before they finally caught up to him in the woods outside of Turtleback Ferry. I made Mammy Graul into a Witch thinking that a gross inbred blob would be more likely to get her magic from outside sources than studying spellbooks. I made Dorella Kreeg an Undead Sorcerer based on the comment that she received her magical ability from a near death head wound...this isn't a huge deal but I like the idea of the Grasp of the Dead ability bursting through the floor all poltergeist style. That is all I can think of at the moment.

Dotted with evil laughter! I am not there yet myself so I am sorry I cannot contribute but it sounds like you are going to have a great night of gaming. Please let us know how this goes!

I don't remember who it was that posted this but I saw on the Rise of the Runelord section of the messageboards someone in their homegame said that Razmir was actually Xanderghul which I thought was rather fitting and awesome and also adopted that in my game.

James I am very excited to see the write up on the Runelords in Shattered Star though. That should be alot of fun. Thanks for the heads up!

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There is the Adoptive Parentage racial trait from the Advanced Race Guide. You could be human and gain all of the Elven weapon familiarities including the rapier.

Adoptive Parentage: Humans are sometimes orphaned and adopted by other races. Choose one humanoid race without the human subtype. You start play with that race's languages and gain that race's weapon familiarity racial trait (if any). If the race does not have weapon familiarity, you gain either Skill Focus or Weapon Focus as a bonus feat that is appropriate for that race instead. This racial trait replaces the bonus feat trait.

I was looking at this feat as well and liked the idea of going to Ranger 5 before going to Barbarian and using the Lead Blades spell to take the primary hand damage to 3d6 and the off hand damage to d8 although this might not be as practical.

Whichever way you choose to go remember Truestrike will add to you CMB.




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