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What is the weirdest cohort you PC's have had?

Last game session.

Clockwork Servitor given a level of Gunslinger and a pistol to carry.

Basically R2-D2 with a gun.

Name: "Fido"


Hmm I have actually only ever had one.

He was based on Badger from Firefly and his name was Grundleskin.

He was also a pistol wielding gunslinger who sort of a led a group of ruffian sailors. All of whome joined up with the Player Charaters after they proved their worth to this bustling oceanic city of commerce.

He spat a lot.

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An awakened Giant Centipede with levels in Ranger. He his the personal body guard for the lame halfling Oracle of Nature with a wolf mount. That halfling also happens to be the leader of the local kingdom (Kingmaker), whom is dealing with lycanthropy.

Yeah... it is an interesting and long series of events.

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A Sword Caddy.

Stack his knowledge skills, give him handy haversacks and each encounter he says to the PC, "That looks like a troll, i have a flaming sword that would do nicely here" pulls it it hands it to the pc.

A Pegasus Champion (at bottom of the pegasus entry) with Ranger (Falconer)levels; his pet is an eagle.

Nobody ever thought to take the leadership feat in any game I ever played.

I must have a boreing group, we did nto take any "weird" cohorts.

I have to admit I do like the "Sword Caddy" idea though.

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Only once in one of the games I ran, a kobold sorcerer.

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Threeshades wrote:
Nobody ever thought to take the leadership feat in any game I ever played.

The new Mythic rules and the Warden path grant one really early.

While we never had a cohort i our parties there was this one time (we played an evil party as we sadly always do), where we got an undead servant as a quest reward, it was a homebrew creature, a skinless humanoid with blades intead of forearms, which was extremely quick and agile.

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Not actually cohorts per the feat, but interesting things the group had following them.
IN a legacy of fire game, the sorcerer build an intelligent chariot that kited them all over the place.
Then in an old 3.5 ravenloft game, same player, different character, built a floating latern, intelligent, who's main goal was killing undead..With no knowledges to let it know WHAT an undead what...Kept running around asking "Undead? undead?" ...It also had the ability to throw fireballs...Was interesting to say the least.

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Once had a dog that would occasionally talk to me while nobody else was around. I thought it was just the DM having a bit of fun, and eventually would try to "Son of Sam" the game by having the dog be possessed, or something similar. It turned out he was a Hound Archon in dog form. One of the LG deities sent it to me for reconsecrating the tombs of priests that had been turned into undead. Best 25 gp worth of silver dust I ever spent.

i made a deal with a dm where we wanted to play ravenloft, and i (solo player commanding a party of 4 characters) had to use the "hallowed witch": divine/arcane priestesses of hala prestige class for all 4 characters.

prestige classes for ravenloft 3.x were notoriously weaker then the wotc counterparts.

i took the leadership feat and the dm converted a second edition adventure using the clerics of hala.
the cohort in question was a human/nosferatu fighter/devoted defender (prestige class found in 3.0 sword and fist.)
the cohort balanced out what i had lost for the sake of theme.

all five "clerics of hala dressed in the same manner so most enemies didn't know if they were attacking a more vulnerable player.

we leveled all the way to end game with this party, a feat in ravenloft in and of its self. (level 18)

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Knights of the Inner Sea includes a new feat, Squire, which gives you leadership with just a single cohort character starting at level 3. :-D

i rarely get to have a cohort. but some of my most fun cohorts were fairly unconventional.

most of them played around with the race builder and took lightly modified feats to fit their concepts. and most of them weren't too optimized.

Not counting familiars and animal companions and such, I think I've only ever had one character with cohorts of any sort.

My character was a Fire Genasi Cleric of Kossuth (the god of elemental fire in Forgotten Realms). Wherever he went he had a trio of mephits tailing him - a Fire Mephit, a Steam Mephit, and a Magma Mephit - all of whom were constantly praising his amazing awesomeness and generally making sure that anyone around were aware of what an extremely important and powerful person they were dealing with.
The rest of the party thought them a pest and a plague. xD

Intelligent sphere of annihilation. Very creepy!

we had a Gnome Barbarian, who for whatever reason kept finding weapons of bane this and bane that. So he got the leadership feat to have a cohort follow him around carrying a bag full of weapons, he called his weapons after golf clubs and called his cohort "smithers"

So when he saw an enemy that he had a bane weapon for he'd say "Smithers, the sand wedge please"..... "Mwahahahah, excellent!"

In a RotRL game I ran I had an idea to give the party cleric of Cayden Cailean a worg cohort re-skinned as a cayhound. It was a blast to role play.


In a heroes unlimited campaign one of my players was playing a classicly built wolverine clone and we gave him a pet honeybadger... He gave the honeybadger a wolverine costume with the little pointy mask and the little pointy boots and it had a voracious appetite for leather... While people were monologuing it would be munching on the toes of someone's boots...

Even though ultimate magic spells out that a summoner can eventually make their eidolon look similar to a nymph or succubus or angel I still catch some crap for my eidolon just being a bipedal female with plans to do such a thing...

If my eidolon can look like a close approximation of "whatever the caster thinks it should" then i'd rather it be a hottie than a zoidberg. Call me crazy.

ahh heroes unlimited... My first character had to drink a steroid shake to "bulk up" as a limitation so he could afford his powers.

Then I learned how to do limited power pool.... ohhh ahhh.

what a game.

Loved their knock back system, no one was ever staying put in that game.

I have an Inquisitor with a Weapon Bearer Squire Cohort and he crafts Bane weapons constantly.

He has +5 Bane weapons with each weapon having the maximum number of Bane abilities.

Can't remember how much that is off the top of my head...

I had a awakened clockwork servant as a rifle caddy for my drow gunslinger. PC was played as a great white hunter on safari. Little bugger tried to kill me on several occasions, little rascal.

Ishmell wrote:
I had a awakened clockwork servant as a rifle caddy for my drow gunslinger. PC was played as a great white hunter on safari. Little bugger tried to kill me on several occasions, little rascal.

Makes your name all the better!

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Not a cohort by the rules, but the party befriended an ink devil (from kobold quarterly issue 1 or 2) who lived in the extraplanar spaces connected to their first bag of holding and served as the librarian of the bag, keeping track of what was put in and out of it. He was agoraphobic and disliked leaving the bag (such as when the barbarian turned it inside out).

Pendagast, Cayhounds are the descendants of Thunder, Cayden's pet mastiff he had in life. They are basically intelligent, celestial beer drinking mastiffs...who wouldn't want one?

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Fiendish Flying Carrion crawler with pounce.

can you say tons of saves vs paralyzation?

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