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Please cancel my Pathfinder RPG subscription. Don't get me wrong, though, I still love Pathfinder.

People from states with a lower population than mine do NOT deserve to have a stronger legislative voice than I do.

Agreement? Disagreement?

I know that sometimes, for the sake of balance, we must limit some abilities to uses per day. This is understandable, however when extended to extraordinary abilities not tied to some kind of resource resivoir, it bugs the heck out of me. What could the in-game reasons for the limitation possibly be? An example of this is the Cavalier's Tactician ability. I can't figure out an excuse for the per day limitation that doesn't involve a suspension of disbelief.

What do you guys do? Just chalk it up to luck? Like, the situation only presents itself so many times per day? I personally hate the concept of luck, karma, fate, and any other similar construct. I dunno, the whole thing bugs me.

Don't get me wrong; I do think some make sense. Spiders only have so much poison in their glands, after all, but stuff like Tactician boggle my brain.

At level 6, the Desert Druid gets to shapeshift into a vermin (in my player's case, he chose spider as his default go-to shape) as if he were a 4th level Druid with the exception that, when determining special abilities, he gets to use it as if it were Beast Shape IV. This gets him the Web and Poison abilities.

Reading up on Transmutation, I find that any special abilities gained from this sort of shapeshifting have a DC equal to if the transmutation spell itself had a DC to avoid. As it stands, this makes the poison and web saves equal to 19 (10 + 6 spell level + 3 wisdom modifier). Is this right? Neither of the two entries in the core rulebook regarding Supernatural Abilities say to alter this DC to base it on caster level or anything like that.

I don't really have much of a problem with the DC, I don't see it as an issue considering the caster is giving up Large Size and, with it, buckets of damage to get them. I just want to make sure I'm not screwing something up here.

Note... if my player took spell focus: transmutation, would the DCs of his shifting abilities increase by +1? Again, I don't really see much of a problem with that... just wanted to check.

Dorje Sylas wrote:

Combat combo manuvers would be very welcome. One good extension would expand into those odd place where skills and combat manuvers combine.

Two I think of, actually 3.

1) Climb the Giant. Talk about our classic fantasy move that has never gotten good treatment in any official writeup that I know of. CM + Climb.

2) Combined with the above, Unwelcome Rider. For when PCs end up hanging form some bigger flying creature or even ground based one.

3) Combat Toss, to pass a companion a handheld item in the middle of a fight or in other situations.

I like Silas's suggestion of a maneuver for climbing creatures 2 sizes larger than you. It's something that players do all the time and I have to wing it. Suggestions and refinements are more than welcome.

(Combat Maneuver)

A successful Climb the Giant maneuver results in the climbing character entering their opponent's space and holding onto them. Neither the attacker nor the defender are grappled, but the attacker gains the Bucking condition. To perform a Climb the Giant check, the attacker rolls a standard maneuver check, though their opponent does not get any bonuses for size. If the check is successful, the attacker must make a climb check as if their opponent were a surface. Consult the climbing table on page 91 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook to set the DC and apply the -4 modifier for Bucking.

The Climb the Giant defender may, during their turn, either use a simple grapple check (without their size bonus) to grab the creature. A creature grabbed in this way is no longer Climbing the Giant, but grappled as normal. If they wish to truly rid themselves of their attacker, the defender may Roll and Shake. This is a full-round action which increases their opponent's Bucking modifier from +4 to +14.

On any round the attacker makes a successful Bucking check, the defender loses any dex bonus to AC versus the attacker.

This condition constitutes Violent Motion which is aimed at throwing you from a mount, a perch of some kind, or an opponent you have targeted with a Climb the Giant maneuver. This condition assumes you are trying to hold onto the creature or object doing the bucking. From here out, we shall refer to the creature being Bucked as the "attacker" and the creature or object doing the Bucking as the "defender"

Each round the attacker is Bucking, they must make a climb check DC equal to the defender's CMD without size modifiers. If you fail, you begin falling off. If the attacker succeeds in the roll, they may perform a single standard action and any free actions that are relevant to the situation.

While falling off, the attacker moves one square towards the nearest edge of the defender. If the attacker is adjacent to that edge, they instead fall off and take lethal damage equal to 1d6+1 per size category the defender is above medium). The attacker may take no actions during a round they are falling off from Bucking.

While Bucking, the attacker receives a flat -4 to all rolls and may only use climbing movement. The attacker may move freely within the space of the defender. Using the climbing table on page 91 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, the attacker can even climb underneath the defender.

The attacker may choose to throw themselves off as a free action if they succeed the Bucking roll, but you still suffer the effects (in essence, they may perform an action, then throw themselves off or just throw themselves off and perform no actions. The attacker may let go as an immediate action, but if the defender moves during that turn, the attacker will fall off at a random point in that movement (GM's discretion).

I wanted to share what I learned regarding Psionics from the Rules Q&A at GenCon with Sean, Jason, and James. Thanks go to them for your openness and the time they took for us.

Psionics, while kind of inevitable, is not in the cards any time soon mainly because Jason would be removing some of the sacred cows of 3.5 Picnics such as the ability to just nova all your PP with your most potent powers in one encounter.

------- my thoughts:

I think with the new Words of Power non-vanecian system, less people will be clamoring for 3.5 style Psionics and the designers will be able to broach the general concept of Psionics objectively and with a clean slate.

Needless to say, that is MY hope for the system-to-be. Certainly, I am not saying that 2e Psionics was great, but at least it felt different; not like 3.5 which, to me, felt like just an alternate magic system for people who didn't like spell slots and liked spell customization. It seems that Words of Power will satisfy that preference.

What do y'all think?

OMG! My wife and I signed up for this GenCon event not necessarily because we have a heap of rules questions to ask, but because this is going to be a frightfully amusing nerd gripefest. I can't wait for this because it amuses me when people like me cry.

I thought that I'd never use Fractal Terrains or Campaign Cartographer again after I got my Mac. My pop had a copy of Windows XP Pro laying around so I bravely forged ahead and ran Boot Camp and installed it.


It was way easy to do. I'm installing all my Windows software as we speak! I'm super excited because I have a ton of additions to this software; like $250 worth that my players chipped in to get for me (at 100xp per dollar LOL).

I'll pick up [link=""]Parallels[/link] at some point, but the dual-boot works for now.

The game has a DM for a reason. There have been a few ridiculous arguments on these boards regarding what creatures or characters can or cannot do by the rules versus what they should or should not be able to do based on the laws of physics. The common sense of the Dungeon Master should be enough for people to adjudicate these types of things effectively. Common sense is a tool that the DM is certainly allowed to use and apply in a game. It's also up to the DM (in MY personal opinion, of course) to alert the player when there's something that their common sense doesn't flag as a Bad Idea but their character might be able to discern as such.

Does every single bit of common sense ruling have to be portrayed somewhere in the rules for these folks to be happy?

I think that it's a testament to the Pathfinder rules, actually, that such trivial "oversights" are being highlighted. They're so ridiculous as to be amusing.

I was wondering if it wouldn't be very difficult for Paizo to help out us DMs who are more story-oriented and not quite so savvy with the whole balance thing. I want to request maybe a list of Core Classes, Prestige Classes, and maybe Feats and Spells which have been published which are most compatible and balanced with the Pathfinder rules. I don't think it would be a copyright violation to just do a list of names, would it?

I think Feats would be a bit time-consuming and Spells certainly would be, but a list of Classes and Prestige Classes, I think wouldn't be too hard to do. I'm not asking for an explanation why one class is chosen and not another (although SOME on these boards might, I really don't care about them).

What does everyone else think?

My father has never been good with money. My father has never been good with making the right decision. My father has never been good with keeping contact with his family. He's always been a conservative man who likes to keep to himself and not deal with things directly. He's always been a "take things as they come" kind of guy.

This has worked out for him until now.

Now Dad's heart is working at about 15% thanks to the high-cholesterol diet and smoking habit and he's extremely senile thanks to the above and a history of alcohol abuse.

This is fine, you know, because he made his choices and he's free to do that. It's America after all.

My problem is with his financial problems. My sister (who lives in Indiana in the same town as my Dad) said she called Medicaid a month ago and she tells me they said to her that they won't want his Medicaid checks for 3 months and that she could use those checks to take care of his business. Last month, she bought him some clothes for the nursing home, paid off his landlord, and bought a dumpster so that this month she could pay to have his mobile home disassembled and taken away. The month after that, we were going to pay for his cremation ahead of time.

Medicaid has sent her a letter saying that Dad owes them his February Medicaid check and every check thereafter.

We are so so so confused. Can anyone help us sort this out? Why would they tell us one thing then turn around and expect something else?

My poor sister is trying to do the honorable thing. She also has to live in this tiny little town where everybody knows everybody so she feels like she has to pay off every debt Dad ran up and get rid of this trailer herself.

I do understand the concept of taking care of your elders (after all they took care of you) but my father mad BAD DECISIONS for which we are now paying. I'd just as soon wash my hands of the situation, but I have to respect my sister's needs. She has to live with these people, as does her son and husband.

Is running up my credit card debt the only thing I can do right now? Does anyone have experience they can impart upon me? I'm truly at my wit's end!

That post was supposed to go somewhere else.

I went on a long scavenger hunt this morning and found this tee shirt in the game room:

This is safe to look at. LOL

And this year we're staying in the adjacent hotel!!




An organization similar to the Gunslingers from the Dark Tower exists in my campaign and these abilities are fresh off the top of my head for the new classes. You may find some of the abilities below have slightly vague or arbitrarily defined descriptions. This works for me, but you may want to fix it for your game if you use it.

Order of Ka
New Cavalier Order

A Cavalier who follows the Order of Ka is usually, but not always a Gunslinger. They must follow the ways of Ka and do all they can to hold the fabric of reality together. Disruptions in the thread of space-time must be eliminated regardless of personal cost. Also, Ka dictates your path and you must do its bidding. When your path is clear, you must follow it.

Edicts: The Cavalier must seek out and destroy that which disturbs the natural order and protect the lives of the common folk in that order; if commoners must die to protect the natural order, then so be it). What this means in the campaign world you adventure in is up the the Dungeon Master.

Also, at times, the GM will present an moral dilemma to the Cavalier and explain that a certain path is the will of Ka. A Cavalier who fails to follow the path set by Ka has Forgotten the Face of Their Father.

A Cavalier who fails to fulfill an oath (lower-case "o") or vow has Forgotten the Face of Their Father.

A Cavalier who loses control of their emotions in a tense situation that requires finesse and wisdom has Forgotten the Face of Their Father.

A follower of Ka who has Forgotten the Face of Their Father shamefully receives a cumulative -1 to all ability checks, saving throws, skill checks, attack rolls, caster level checks, and initiative checks per week until they atone (through glorious deeds) or make right the difficult situation they created. A Cavalier who has reached a total of -20 to their checks no longer feels shame, is suddenly cleared of all penalties, is subject to an alignment change, and becomes one of the GM's NPCs.

Sometimes a liege, Dinh, religious leader or other important figure can cleanse you of your shame, sometimes with but a word, especially when Ka is being a right b!+ch.

All who follow the Order of Ka or who are in a Ka-tet inherently know when someone has Forgotten the Face of Their Father on sight.

Many people do not invoke their actual Father when this shame is felt, but someone else close to them with whom they've had a deep rapport.

Order Abilities:

Ka-tet (Ex):

At 2nd level, the Cavalier may form a Ka-tet. This is a group of friends or allies with whom they have been spending a meaningful amount of time with (such as adventuring or working in close proximity) for at least one month. An individual remains a member of the Crusader's Ka-tet for at most a month after they leave the presence of the Crusader. Other members may be added to the Ka-tet as long as they fit the above criteria. A Cavalier may only have up to six members in their Ka-tet at any given time, though the DM, of course, may override this.

When a member of a Ka-tet falls in battle, all members gain a -2 to all saves and skill checks for 10 rounds. This penalty applies for a week and doubles if a character dies.

There are three main benefits to being a member of a Ka-tet.

Ka-tet members know when one of the other members is being forced to make a Will save (though the individual themselves might not). The range on this ability is 1 mile per Cavalier level of the highest-level Cavalier in the Ka-tet.

Ka-tet members may pass thoughts onto another member as a free action. They must be able to see each other to use this ability. The number of words that may be transmitted is equal to the Diplomacy check of the person trying to communicate.

Members of a Ka-tet, when within range of the Cavalier, receive a +2 morale bonus to all Will saves. This bonus increases to +4 if it is a save versus an ongoing effect and another member of the Ka-tet is attempting to shake them out of it (not necessarily literally).

One From Many (Ex)

By level 8, a Cavalier and his Ka-tet work as one mind and body. In battle, they complement each other in ways that other fighting groups can only dream of. They come to rely on each other and are stronger for it.

Once per day, all members of the Ka-tet may take a -1 penalty to one of their good saves, but increase another of their saves by +2. This lasts until dawn the next day.

Also, when the Cavalier makes an attack action, he may take up to a -5 to his attack rolls until his next turn. He may grant any member of his Ka-tet within line-of-sight a bonus equal to add this penalty to their attack bonus for 1 round.

Harsh Reality (Ex)

Ka can be a cruel mistress. A follower of Ka must be prepared to accept this. The Ka-tet of a Cavalier who follows this Order no longer receives a penalty when an ally falls or dies. Additionally, The Cavalier receives a +4 bonus to all Will saves.

You Have Forgotten the Face of Your Father
New Inquisitor Judgement

This Judgement increases the saving throw DC of any ability, spell, or skill effect that the Inquisitor uses against their foe by +1. This bonus increases by +1 each round after the first to a maximum of +3 on the fifth and following rounds. At 10th level, all of these bonuses are doubled.

New Domain

Granted Powers: You are a devoted follower of Ka. It's not enough to let luck guide your life... destiny beckons instead.

Kas-ka: You wisely listen to the will of Ka and your actions are often rewarded. Once per session, you may instantly and retroactively declare that any single d20 roll was a 20. The DM, who is the arbiter of Ka in his campaign, has final say in whether to allow it or not. If the DM does not allow you to make this declaration, they must give you an additional declaration (in addition to the one you just didn't spend).

Ka Like the Wind: Sometimes we get caught up in our own machinations and we must simply open our arms and let Ka take us where we must go. By level 8, you gain the ability to listen to the threads of fate and can perceive Ka's road. Once per session, you may cast Divination as an extraordinary ability with 100% accuracy.

Domain Spells: 1st—true strike, 2nd—prayer, 3rd—lesser geas, 4th—divination, 5th—geas/quest, 6th—find the path, 7th—spell turning, 8th—moment of prescience, 9th—foresight.

Someone shoot me in the face, please.

There's always a great deal of discussion on our boards about whether this or that class is up to snuff for one reason or another opined by a member. Some of these conversations degenerate into horrible arguments, some have their civil moments, others end in delightful non sequiteur (my favorite).

I am wondering if folks are just trying to figure out changes just for their own game...?

Or do people think the criticism will spawn alternate class features...?

Or, does anyone really think that, after months and months of playtesting, Paizo will use valuable resources coming up with changes to these classes?

Which is it for you?

I really only see one thing and that's a lack in options at the moment. People really want the classes to do more than they can right now. They want them to do more than they, IMO, should be able to do right out of the box either due to idiom or balance issues.

I fully expect, as the months move on, that Paizo will be putting out great content for us to use, including new classes and feats to sate people's thirst. I think there are rumblings of other things too, but I don't want to engage in conjecture at this point.

At any rate, I hope we can guide our comments to the perspective of what we'd like to see in the future rather than ranting about a class you think is horrible just because it doesn't fit in your game or it doesn't meet your personal expectations. I promise, they do meet the expectations of many others who are not you.

Set your DVR, people. Samurai Jack is like Conan the Barbarian meets Kung Fu meets The Dark Tower meets Star Wars. It is an amazing show and you can start from the beginning if you start watching now. Check your local listings.

(and that's the novels about Conan, of course)

I put in my new card #. I just want to make sure this isn't in limbo requiring more information from me.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This topic was derailing another thread so I started a new one.

I don't have "magic item shops". I do, however, use the % chance based on GP limit presented in the PRPG. I assume that, if a player is buying a Handy Haversack, they probably found it at the Adventurer's Guild or from a bag shoppe. A +2 longsword was probably bought from a weaponsmith or the city guard.

I houseruled that the moment someone in the party fails their % chance, that item is not in the city and they must wait a period of time before the % chance increases a bit, to a maximum of 70%. How much it increases per week depends on the size of the city.

Cities with hospitals generally always have some curative potions, scrolls, and wands on hand for sale (best way to fund the hospital, actually).

I have a player who has rolled a Witch (to replace his dead Summoner). The party fought an Ice Golem on Friday. For 5 rounds, the Witch declared the use of Evil Eye. Every time I told him that the creature "passed" his save, but the player continued to use the ability believing that he was gaining the on-save effect.

As a Supernatural ability that doesn't specifically say it is Mind-Affecting, the creature should have been affected. I ruled that it was not affected because the ability says:

APG Playtest wrote:

Evil Eye (Su): The witch can cause doubt to creep

into the mind of a foe within 30 feet that she can see.
The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following
(witch’s choice): AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving
throws, or skill checks.

This created a slightly uncomfortable moment at the table where the player felt I'd unfairly judged the ability. I feel that the spirit of this description clearly intends for it to be a mind-affecting ability. Please mark it as such if it is. If not, please reword the bolded text to eliminate confusion.

If there is a general rule that I am missing regarding will saves and creatures immune to mind-affecting, please forgive me and post a link to the PRD because I can't find anything on the subject.

No, really. It's even better out of context.


My favorite so far: "Mr. Fishy doesn't even wear a loin cloth. Mr. Fishy rages with it out."

I would like to discuss the concept of logical fallacy in the discussions here on the message boards. Being aware of logical fallacy is important to any argument so that you can get your thoughts in proper order and make a convincing argument.

However, my main reason for bringing this topic up is that some people use fallacy as a WEAPON. Sometimes arguments break down into a series of intellectual broadsides where one person or group trades shots with another in a rapid and lively discussion.

Sometimes, someone's argument can break down and they become desperate. In these situations, that person might declare a fallacy to hurt their opponents' point. Never mind that, in reality, the opposing viewpoint actually has validity even in the presence of fallacy - because sometimes life really is like that. The person declaring fallacy is so desperate to be right about SOMETHING that they force their opponent to qualify their remarks with less broad definitions.

This is kind of arrogant behavior in my opinion. I think it's good to point out that there are instances where another person's argument might be invalid, but screaming "FALLACY! FALLACY!" doesn't really make them wrong either. All it does is put the ball in your opponent's court, forcing them to admit that there are instances where their argument might be false and making certain that YOU don't have to admit that THEIR argument might be true in some cases.

What it comes down to is ego. If your only defense is "FALLACY!!!!" then you might want to just admit that the other person has a point with a few caveats. It might be a sign of weakness in the eyes of some, but a truly thoughtful and intelligent person will not see it as such and it will actually add weight to your caveats because you'll be viewed as a reasonable individual.

Which brings me to my second topic...

Why do some people pounce on someone when they admit that either A) they're wrong B) they were partially wrong with caveats or C) someone else was right about something. It shows maturity and humility when someone admits they're wrong. It can strengthen their credibility. Some people will, instead, see it as a sign of weakness and they'll attempt to crush the person further, attempting to rout their opponent.

This is BAD FORM. You should be ashamed of yourself if you do this, in my opinion. I'm not sure what can be discussed about this second point. I more or less just wanted to put it out there to let people know that others are on to them and they aren't acting in obscurity.

I have noticed a lot of people might be interested in a martial class that fights well against Spellcasters. I think that this class, out to full 10 levels or with a 2 or 6 level dip would be pretty nice.

It's a rough sketch. I think it has just the right balance of general abilities and specialized abilities that we've come to expect from prestige classes. I dunno. Any thoughts?

Prestige Class SKETCH

Spellcraft 5 Ranks
Base Attack Bonus +5
Iron Will

Class Skills: Climb, Craft (any), Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (any), Spellcraft, Survival, Stealth, Use Magic Device

Skills Per Level: 2

Base Attack Bonus: +1/level
Fortitude save: bad
Reflex save: good
Will save: good

Proficiencies: all martial and simple weapons, all armors and shields except for the tower

Special Abilities
Level 1: Supernatural Skill
Level 2: Martial Counterspell
Level 3: Draining Strike
Level 4: Supernatural Skill
Level 5: Dispelling Strike
Level 6: Advanced Supernatural Skill
Level 7: Improved Martial Counterspell
Level 8: Supernatural Skill
Level 9: NADA!
Level 10: Advanced Supernatural Skill

Supernatural Skill: Every time you get this ability, pick a skill: Intimidate, Jump, Use Magic Device, or Stealth. You must have at least 5 ranks in this skill to use the ability associated with it. You gain one of the following as a Supernatural ability:

Jump -> Fly at your augmented land speed as per the Fly spell for 5 rounds per day per level.
Intimidate -> Your Demoralize makes enemies Frightened. You may use this once per day per level.
Stealth -> You may be invisible as with Invisibility for 3 rounds per day per level.
Use Magic Device -> You meet all the requirements for the use of all wands.

Martial Counterspell: Any spell which visibly targets the Spellhunter may be deflected by their shield or weapon as per Dispel Magic using the Spellhunter's Base Attack Bonus in place of Caster Level. If the Spellhunter rolls a natural "1" on their counterspell check, not only are they affected, but so is the item they were attempting to deflect the spell with.

Draining Strike: Whenever the Spellhunter hits an opponent with spellcasting abilitie, they may, even without knowing their opponent has spellcasting, drain 1 spell level by giving up 5 damage from the attack. For every 3 additional damage they reduce their attack by, they may remove one more spell level to a maximum of 9 spell levels. This is done after damage has been calculated and may not exceed the total damage dealt. The target of Draining Strike decides which spells or spell-like abilities are drained by this ability. They may choose to remove higher-level spells if they so wish to avoid losing lower-level spells they feel to be more important at the time.

Dispelling Strike: Once per day per even level the Spellhunter has attained, they may cast Dispel Magic through their weapon when striking an opponenent or touching an ally. This works as a targeted dispel.

Advanced Supernatural Skill: This ability replaces one of your Supernatural Skills. Making a Supernatural Skill into an Advanced one requires 9 ranks in the skill.

Improved Dispel: The Spellhunter's Dispelling Strike and Martial Counterspell now act as Improved Dispel Magic instead of standard Dispel Magic.

Jump -> Fly at twice your augmented land speed for 5 rounds per day per level with a +5 to your fly skill.
Intimidate -> Your Demoralize makes enemies Panicked. You may use this once per day per level.
Stealth -> You may be invisible as with Improved Invisibility for 5 rounds per day per level.
Use Magic Device -> You meet all the requirements for the use of all scrolls, wands, and staves.

I didn't want to derail other threads or go off-topic by imposing my feelings rather than adding to the discussion, so here I give my opinion. This is a dumb, pointless exercise that doesn't help anyone make or play their character better. It's just creates reasons to whine and dud ammunition to detractors of certain classes.

I hate it.

One of my players wanted to try the Summoner and I agreed. He's basically playing a person born with deformities and he had an "imaginary friend" as a child who became his eidolon, a creature from the firmament between the Dreaming and Arcadia. The creature has become manifest and now protects him. Great concept.

I have a high-magic world, so the medium-sized snake with funny, glowing eyes and rune on its head coiled around the PC as he walked about the borderland city didn't cause much of a stir. In fact, the character's own physical deformities caused more of a problem with the locals than the snake.

As far as combat goes, at level one the snake was good at harassing.

The Summoner being able to cast Enlarge Person on the snake was great. Please DO NOT change this. It is great for the class. The snake tied up a lot of enemies in one encounter thanks to this.

My player chose to focus on Strength as a secondary attribute for his Summoner and gave himself a longspear. He gave his snake reach. Between the two of them, they were very good at controlling a WIDE portion of the battlefield.

The summoning ability was poor. He used it once during the adventure. An action to cause a single creature to spring into being and do a charging smite at an enemy. At one point, the PCs had to hack through two feet of ice. Several PCs were tied up doing this while the others stood watch.

The PCs were ambushed because all three watchmen rolled poor perception checks. If the Summoner had utility summons (a minute or longer), there would have been far more people on watch and a greater chance of not being ambushed. I know I've kvetched about this on the boards, but this really is what happened.

My suggestion is to give the Summoner's daily summons either the ability to use the summon monster spell OR to create a 10-min per level or even an hour-per level laborer which will not engage in combat.

I'll post stats later. I use the 16, 15, 14, 12, 10, 8 array for medium-echelon NPCs.

These are the stats for Santa in my campaign. Every year at the actual time of Christmas (whether it's Christmas in the game or not), the PCs get a present. The present is usually something that really fits their characters, often something unique and sometimes scalable with XP contributions (though I'm not doing that part this year).

Last year, I was running a social/city-based campaign and one of the characters was evil. So, I gave him a lump of coal that took him quite some time to realize there was a diamond hidden in it (in fairness to the player). It was just funny.

I know that there have probably been Dungeon Magazine articles devoted to this in the past, but it's my 2cp. :)

The Yulefather
CR 25

Str 24
Dex 16
Con 22
Int 25 (100)
Wis 27
Cha 29

Fort +14
Ref +11
Will +24

AC 29
CMD 45
SR 35
DR 10/-
HP 252

BAB +12
CMB +19
Melee +5 defending whip of speed: +25/25/20/15 (1d3+7 nonlethal)
Whip continued: +4 to disarm and trip, +15' reach, armored foe restriction
Telekinetic Fist +15 touch (1d4+12) 10/day

Scribe Scroll
Craft Wondrous Item
Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Craft Staff
Forge Ring
Craft Rod
Maximize Spell
Heighten Spell
Extend Spell
Combat Expertise
Improved Disarm
Improved Trip
Weapon Proficiency (Whip)
Defensive Combat Training
Greater Trip
Greater Disarm

Special Abilities:
Casts Spells as a Level 25 Transmuter
Physical Enhancement (Dexterity) +5
Telekinetic Fist 10/day
Change Shape 25 rounds/day
Ultra Spell Mastery (Time Stop)
Warp 10

Red Suit of Yuletide Excellence - Grants the wearer a +5 enhancement bonus to all attributes except Dexterity, grants a +6 armor bonus to AC, and 10/- DR. This is an artifact.
Belt of Freedom - Wearer is always under the effects of a Freedom of Movement spell and also gives them a +10 to balance checks.
Ring of Protection +5
Amulet of Natural Armor +5
Gloves of Arrow Snaring

Ability Explainations:
Warp 10 - The YuleFather is capable of occupying every point in the Omniverse at a time. While using this ability, The YuleFather increases his Intelligence to 100 and is capable of performing One Billion actions per round. This Ability only works on the 24 th evening in a Month called December on a planet on a specific plane in a specific multiverse. The day the YuleFather is capable of doing this on your plane may be different.
Ultra Spell Mastery (Time Stop) - When the YuleFather casts Time Stop, it lasts for 1 hour.

Link to stat block on my website

I know, right???

(Combat Feat)

Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +5, Climb 5 ranks.

Benefit: As a standard action, you may climb onto the back of a creature two sizes larger than you or larger. To do this, you must successfully grapple your opponent adding to the standard grapple check your ranks in Climb and any bonuses to Climb you possess from feats, character traits, racial traits, spells, magic items, or class abilities. If successful, you move adjacent to your opponent as if you were grappling, but neither you nor your opponent gain the Grappled condition.

While there, your Gnat Fighting opponent may not attack you or target you with spells. You cannot perform any action that requires more than one hand because you must hold on with one of your hands and your knees. The exception to this is that you may move at half speed while Gnat Fighting so long as you do not leave base contact with your opponent. You incur attacks of opportunity as normal, INCLUDING your Gnat Fighting opponent (the movement temporarily exposes your position).

Your opponent may make a successful standard grapple check to dislodge you.

You may disengage yourself from Gnat Fighting at any time, but must make a successful jump check to avoid taking damage from falling depending on the size of the creature you're engaged with.

I have heard some muttering on the boards about a "Rituals" system that might be in development at Paizo. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have a skill-based ritual system in my campaign which is available to any character (spellcaster or otherwise) and revamping that system was next on my to-do list. However, if Paizo is going to do the work for me, I'll move on to my next bullet point.

Thank you.

I was inspired by defensive martial arts styles such as Wing Chun for this feat, though it need not only be useful for a monk. Thoughts?

Bait the Attacker

You are proficient at leading your attacker into a position which is beneficial to you.

Benefit: Whenever you are fighting defensively, you may pick a baiting target. Whenever they attack you, you gain +1 to a counterattack pool. If you ever stop fighting defensively or if your baiting target stops attacking you for more than one round, you lose all of your counterattack pool. At any time, as an immediate action, you may gain a bonus to melee attack and damage with light or double weapons equal to your counterattack pool. This bonus only works against your baiting. After your round of counterattacking, you lose all bonuses from your counterattack pool.

Lead the Attacker

You have learned to truly exploit those who are eager to spill blood.

Benefit: In addition to gaining a bonus to hit and damage, during the round you make your counterattack with the Bait the Attacker feat and with at least +3 in your counterattack pool, your baiting target becomes flat-footed for the duration of the counterattack. Note that the flat-footed condition does not only apply to attacks from you.

My friends and I noticed that there's a possibility some animals carry rabies in Pathfinder. I also noticed just about everyone who contracts the disease will survive it.

I'm not poo-pooing the concept that perhaps the people of the Pathfinder campaign setting have gained some kind of latent immunity to the disease, but I just wanted to make a comment regarding this.

1 person in the entire world in all of recorded history has ever recovered from this virus without getting the P.E.P shot within a reasonable amount of time. Others who have survived have done so only with severe brain damage. Everyone else just dies. Once it hits your central nervous system, there's nothing that can be done except MAYBE amputation of the limb that's been bitten.

The good news is that if you're bitten by an animal, you can get a series of shots. If you get them within 10 days (read: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!) you're almost sure to be cured.

I don't want to get all crazy over this but I didn't want people who didn't know this to look at that and be unconcerned if they were ever bitten by a wild or strange animal. If that happens, see a doctor IMMEDIATELY and always keep your animals' vaccinations up to date.

Rabies on Wikipedia

Thanks for your time.

A small section on Companion magic items would also be nice. In a fantasy setting, I'd like to see items like the horseshoes in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook for different animals.

...I lost my credit/debit card and had to have the card replaced. It should be arriving in the mail soon and I'll update my account with the new card number when it does.

I am hoping to get some feedback on the Character Traits I've come up with for my campaign thus far. Any feedback would be incredibly valuable. These are all a work in progress and I plan on making more, hopefully, with some constructive feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Loopy's Homebrew Character Traits

I hear everyone talking about the monsters in the Bestiary PRD. Where is it? I can't find it in the link I have to the PRD. Am I blind?

Can I subscribe to this?

Please don't reply to this thread if you aren't an official source. I think my requests are getting lost the fray.

Anyways, I'd like to start the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription. Should I just order it, then you can stop the order of the Beastiary and grant me access to the PDF?

I was hoping to get my Pathfinder Bestiary upgraded to a Pathfinder RPG subscription (I have a previous post detailing this). Now the Bestiary has shipped. I would like to subscribe for all future products and also would hope that I can download the Bestiary PDF as well.

The problem is that when I go to subscribe, the web app tries to charge me for the Bestiary. Will I be charged for the Bestiary again? Can I subscribe without buying the Bestiary again and is it too late to get the PDF as a free download for subscribing?

Please advise on what I should do.

Any comments are quite welcome.

Loopy wrote:
I placed this order for the bestiary weeks ago and it's still marked as "pending". Is this the case for everyone or is it a glitch?

There, I found a thread. PG/products/paizo/bestiaryRelease&page=2

Is there a statement elsewhere on the site? Might help if there isn't.

I placed this order weeks ago and it is still pending. Paint a sadface on me. Is this normal for everyone or is there an error?

I run a campaign that's been going for quite some time and one of the things that's cropped up is this concept of Primordial Power which is the very basic stuff of Creation. I'd like some comments on balance for this system and this class. Any comments on balance are most welcome, but I hope that any comments on the concept in general, if they must be made, please make them after reading the bit about the history of it.

I did try to develop a Sorcerer bloodline, a variant cleric,and also a completely different system... I even tried integrating Psionics for this, but none of it really seemed right and much of it didn't really work out.

If you are using IE, please excuse the wisearse comment at the top of the page.

Primordial Power:

Primordialist Class:

Primordial Enhancements:

Feats (scroll to Primordial Feats heading):

I definitely plan on making more Feats and Enhancements as time goes on and welcome any suggestions. Some of the Feats may seem useless to the Primordialist (such as Primordial Tap) but keep in mind that all characters in my campaign have a PPP reservoir and can take advantage of the feat, even Fighters and Wizards and monsters.

If you are having trouble figuring out what I'm talking about regarding the relationship between Magic and Primordial energy, the analogy I'm going to give my players is this:

Wizard casting = coding magic in C++
Sorcerer casting = coding magic in Visual Basic 6
Cleric casting = coding magic in .net either c# or VB
Primordialist Casting = coding magic at the bit level

Our group is implementing a houserule that adds any bonus you get against fear effects to your opponents' DCs to demoralize you such as the bonus Halflings and Fighters get.

I'm not a mathematician so this is gonna seem silly to those math-minded folks out there. :)

Given: Paizo has attempted to build classes which fill a general niche in game which are based on standardized fantasy roles.

Given: Base Classes (especially Core Base Classes) should be constructed in such a way that several different specific concepts can be generated from the base.

Given: To this end, Paizo set out to build a character class that, right out of the box, can cast a large number of spells and function in the middle of melee combat.

Given: Any other character who spends part or most (rather than all) of their time in the thick of combat gain 3/4 base attack bonus.

Given: The Cleric receives 3/4 base attack bonus. Clerics can deliver touch spells easily and they can often hit with their weapons.

Given: Most classes for whom most of the characters built will be full-time front-line melee combat builds such as the Fighter and the Paladin receive heavy armor as a bonus feat.

Given: The Barbarian recieves many special abilities, some of them involving mobility, and has specific conceptual challenges which precludes the class gaining heavy armor.

Given: The Cleric is not, in most builds, either a front-liner nor is it, in most builds, a melee combatant.

Given: Classes who spend part or much (rather than all) of their time in melee combat receive light or medium armor and sometime shields.

Given: Clerics receive Medium Armor and regular shields. This is better than the Bard or the Rogue receives and the same as the Druid, Ranger, and Barbarian receives.

Given: Full Cleric spellcasting can be very powerful. It includes many buff spells and restoration spells of all kinds. Cleric spellcasting can keep a party of adventurers from dipping below baseline in a system that has become very status-heavy. With healing, some fairly decent offensive capabilities, and no armored casting complications, Cleric spellcasting is no small bequeathment. It is a fully-functional and multi-feature class ability that deserves a great deal of respect.

Given: The Cleric receives full spellcasting, up to and including 9th level spells.

Given: The Cleric receives two domains, each with special abilties that can be both powerful and useful. This also includes bonus spells, including 9th level spells which may or may not be on the Cleric spell list.

Given: Saving throws can make or break a character, especially in high-level play.

Given: The Cleric receives two good saves, both of which are often involved in spells and abilities which take a character out of combat and, sometimes, out of commission.

Given: Partial-combat characters receive d8 hit dice to help them survive melee combat.

Given: The Cleric receives d8 hit die.

Given: Channel Energy either heals the living or harms undead or vice-versa dealing 1d6 per odd level. A character with this ability basically gains an additional spell-like ability that can be used instead of spontaneously casting away his prepared spells.

Given: A Cleric gets Channel Energy several times per day.

Given: Feats are used to further improve upon a character, sometimes specializing that character in a certain direction.

Given: If you can take a feat to do something, it does not necessarily have to be added into a character class if that thing is not useful for all builds or concepts of that class.

Given: Multiclassing can be used to effectively mix the traits of classes.

Given: There is currently no way of making the Cleric more "spellcasty" with its Cleric spells using multiclassing.

Given: It is easier, with base classes, to make a character more effective as a combatant than a spellcaster if they have started out as a spellcaster.

My opinion is thus:

The Cleric's balance was "spent" on spellcasting because it IS relevant and useful because it's easy to multiclass as a fighter or Paladin. It's not necessarily as easy to create an even more middle-of the road character who may not cast as well, then needs to go into some ridiculous prestige class to make their spellcasting better. Taking a Cleric and giving it Fighter level1s is effective and easy by comparison.

They wanted Fighters and Paladins to be front-line characters. Can you make a build or two that aren't? Of course, the system is robust, but they are the best characters for the job.

To be honest, though, multiclassing is NOT required.

The Cleric, out of the box, is not meant to do that. You can easily buy feats to make the Cleric more fighty or even multiclass. You can also buy feats to make the Cleric more casty or healy.

A healy cleric will probably take Selective Channeling and Extra channeling. A casty cleric will take spell focus and spell penetration and probably play an Elf to top it off. A fighty cleric might take weapon focus, exotic weapon proficiency, and a variety of weapon feats that are not the explicit purview of the Fighter (who is and should be the ultimate general combatant).

The domains are fun and powerful. Each one gains special abilities which help make your character even more unique. These domains are built to make sure they don't alienate a particular build, for the most part. I think that's why heavy armor isn't included in any of these domains.

A Cleric's power is also pretty well-spread-out. You don't wait for anything really. Your spells and channel energy just get better and better over time. You just eagerly await any powers attained from your domains at around level 8 or 6. Sometimes a domain does give you a bit of a capstone at 20, but at that point, you've already spent 20 levels being a complete badass at what you do whether it's standing right beside the fighter, healing and thwacking, on the 2nd line healing, or in the back lobbing death spells.

I love Clerics and I really really love the Pathfinder Cleric. Good job fixing the balance issues, Paizo. Most of all, good job fixing the blandness and increasing player choices.

I hope to play my Sun Elf Cleric of Sune healy-spec to level 20 when I'll be able to do an AOE heal for 10d6 damage upwards of 14 times per day and where the Protection Domain gives me the highest saves in the party and grants all my allies a similar bonus to saves and AC during important battles. And, fun enough, he will also be disarming people with his whip at about a +30 or so. BONG!

I'll keep everyone posted on his progress.

Either I'm terrible at writing Slashdot articles or /. doesn't think that Pathfinder is important enough to post an article about, because they keep ignoring or denying my PF articles on their site. I don't think they understand the gravity of what Paizo has done, how important the community involvement piece is, and how ridiculous Wizards looks right now.

I'm not going to presume that Paizo wants Slashdot's attention in this matter, but I do believe that Pathfinder is "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters." If anyone in the community is more influential at /. or better at writing articles than I, I might suggest you do so.

I really hope that /.'s decision isn't based on who writes their advertising checks. That would make me very very sad.

The web-based Harvest Moon Campaign World is set on Earth several thousand years in our future. It has a drastically different cosmology from the standard d20 multiverse. This campaign has been ongoing for over fifteen years and will be making its Pathfinder conversion this fall.

The storyline so far has seen holy war resulting in the deaths of every deity in the Pantheon, leaving divine power solely in the hands of mortals. Due to a cataclysmic event involving a machine from The Black, a ring of volcanic activity has been spewing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere almost constantly for a millennium, causing a vast ice age. The Earth is covered in glaciers, and the last great wyrm, Wintersfoire reigns in the North with millions of cursed Snow Elves and enslaved barbarian tribes under his sway.

Only a determined few remain to defend the warm territories from the advancing threat, but they fight in splintered groups, uncoordinated. Their only saving grace is the advent of Technology and Primordial Power, both of which give them an edge over the forces of Wintersfoire.

Rules included shall be full technology integration with Gadget feats similar to Item Creation feats which any player can take to create completely non-magical devices from the industrial age and later. A full list of Gadgets shall be available listing their powers and the Science score (a new skill type) is required to build them. Primordial Power is a new twist on the Psionics system, representing the powers of pure Creation lying in the deepest recesses of the Earth and our souls. Alternate Character Classes, Class Abilities, and Feats shall also maintain a primary focus.

Of course, a full, detailed history of the world, a complete Atlas, and a full description of the Harvest Moon cosmology shall be made available.

Harvest Moon is about forging through life while the last dregs of sand pour steadily through the hourglass. All player-characters are destined for greatness if they choose to grasp for it. Every living being can make a difference in the conflict at hand; the only question that remains is do they have the mettle to face it?


During the last Harvest Moon Campaign, I'd created my own system. It was bloated but allowed for massive character customization. The storyline was set entirely in the City of Jerusalem during the backdrop of the world's last Holy War. Political and tactical intrigue were the focus.

I'm going quite the opposite with this one. I will be strictly adhering to Pathfinder for established rules and the foundation of the campaign will be Adventure. Of course, an arcing storyline cannot be avoided in my campaigns, but it will be more of an epic adventure than a localized suspense thriller.

I hope that you'll all enjoy the Gadget system I'm creating. The gadgets will be balanced against magic items, but, of course, with the added factor of being completely unaffected by anti-magic. Each feat will represent a type of gadget: Build Vehicles, Build Firearms, Build Power Generators and Capacitors, Build Energy Discharge Devices, Build Energy Field Generators, and so forth.

If you'd like to take a look at the lore or peruse the last character creation method I used, feel free to go to the website:

When the new, Pathfinder-Compatible site is up with the new rules and the updated setting information, I'll post an announcement here.

I know that some of the discussions have gotten a little heated around here regarding some of the changes, be they from 3.5 to 3.P or from the beta to the "production" version. I just want to say, even all this disagreement hasn't even come close to reaching the horrible, epic, Book of Vile Darkness, vitriolic evil that is pouring forth on the Blizzard boards over the new expansion for WoW coming out next year.

Congratulations, Pathfinder players. We are better than them. Always knew it. Now there's solid proof! Nyah nyah nyah!


I am really trying to wein my players from Prestige Classes with the switch to Pathfinder. We hatessss them. Most of the 3.5 PrCs are totally useless now anyways because the new Cores do their job better. At any rate, one of the things that isn't really possible with any great amount of usefulness is a Cleric/Wizard. It's a tough sell. My response is a Theurge base class.

Note: The Theurge keeps his bonus feats and may spontaneously cast cure spells.

Wizard Alternate Class
Remove: School Abilities
Remove: Arcane Bond
Replace: Wizard Spellcasting with Wizard/Cleric spellcasting missing a caster level for both at levels 2, 6, 10, 14, and 18
Add: Combined Magic at levels 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, and 20
Add: Spell Synthesis at level 13 and additional uses per day at levels 15, 17, and 19
Add: Heal as a class skill

Critiques are welcome.

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