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Mr.Fishy's page

1,526 posts. Alias of corey baird.


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Duncan888 wrote:

I been trying to come up with a prophesy.

When the champion falls.
Hero's revealed.
Alliances broken.
Allies found.
A city in peril.
An artifact created.
Sacrifices done.
A dragon slain.
The fish bowl cleaned.

Then the shadow of evil can be driven from this world forever. Or until some idiot opens the door, marked in five languages, do not open.

Mr. Fishy added a line and amended the last line.

So...What are the major plot turns? Champion falls; falls into evil or is killed? Hero's revealed, is that the party? Allies and alliances who's? Sacrifices, who's the hero's, their allies, or the enemy? You need to know, but a clue that could be misunderstood could be a plot hook.

This wizard what kind of carrot stick ratio is he using? If the wizard is competent as a leader; he will sent a capable officer or two. It depends on how brutal you want to be.

He who knows himself and knows his enemy will be victorious. Sun Tzu

Know the characters, do not glance, make notes. Known the players and their likely reaction to a situation. Account for the unacountable and prepare for it. You're looking to challenge not kill. Bad saves and critical hits kill, account for them.

"All war is based on deception," Sun Tzu. Two thousand years old book that military academies still teach.

Have a goblin mounted on a large lizard with a wand of empowered maximized burning hands, and a wand of silent image. A few extra goblins and their lizard are disguised as a large a pyro-hydra. The extra goblins attack in tandum with each other to create the illusion of a multible bite attacks. The mounted goblin, with the burning hangs wand, mimics a flame breath weapon. Even with levels on the goblins, this is not going to challenge an experienced group. By round two they should start questioning the "dragon". Illusions do not have to fool forever just long enough to offer an advantage.

"Lie, mislead, and deny, you're DMing." Mr. Fishy

Mr. Fishy is later but he total skimmed the last page.

Semi-hostile npc's Umm, anyone the party killed would be trucking to the afterlife. Most of those "Spirits" would be angry at the least. A few of them could be honored dead going to their rightful reward. The evil priest could command these transit souls to oppose the party.

War + Highway to "Hell"= Undead and lost souls, not all of whom are hostile; merely lost, confused and afraid.

In Greek myth blood of the living could feed the restless dead and grant them corporeal form and the ability to speak with the living for a short time. Could be the dead seek passage across the river but are with out the coin to pay the Ferrryman. What would a restless spirit do to rest at last.

With the war raging on the world above the underworld could be a chaotic mess the gates are flooded with the newly dead and the restless spirits of the fallen would were not properly buried.

Mr. Fishy will remain outside of the theology discussion...Mr. Fishy has a nonaggression pact......stupid nonaggression pact.

Add sneak attack but call it something else. It follows the rules for sneak attack [requires flanking] plus it can be used against grappled or handicaped enemies [Fear effects, sicken, entangled]. It would up the potential damage and remain situational. Bonus damage scales 1d6/4 levels.

Humanoid undead can wear armor and carry shields. A well equiped zombie is a pain to kill [DR 5/slashing + high AC] just slap some extra armor on it him won't complain. Not to mention the carrying capacity of an emptied rib cage...That's were Mr. Fishy keeps his bird.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hundred pages? So how many in the PHB, UM, APG, Any other spell/feat/race resource book used to make that character? That was warned that Undead Master may have problems.

You wrote a 100 page campaign...and run the Game and WARNED HIM.

YOU'RE A MONSTER! Mr. Fishy salutes you.

DO IT! If it works keep it, if not drop it. It's your game; you are allowed to alter things in the game even the RAW saids to alter the rule to better suit you. Tell your players that you trying a new system for traps and magic item id. It's only fair to warn them that the rules are being modified.

Traps working like haunts actully sounds pretty good Mr. Fishy might poach that one for his game.

As for the magic items, Mr. Fishy changed the basic weapon quaility rules. Master work became
Fine (+1 to hit +300gp weapon),
Remarkable (+1/+1 hit/damage +600),
Masterwork (+1/+1 hit/damage counts as +1 weapon, requires master craftsman feat to create, 1200)

Had a whole write up for armor and shields too. Masterwork weapons and armor were always forged legendary smiths and carried a history. Some were enchanted but had to be waken to a new wielder, unlocking magical powers.

Add item to loot and adventure hook to item. There is no wrong way to play as long as your table enjoys the game.

You could give the Brawler a "parrying" maneuver, as a swift action the Brawler could roll a CMB check against an enemy within his threat area to negate an attack. Each parry would replace an AoO. Combined with combat reflexes the brawler could beat an enemy bloody and prevent any counter attacks, would work better on weaker mook monsters but could slow down a tougher one.


@ OP
Here's your cookie for finding the exception to Rule Zero.

Ummm, Mr. Fishy would normally stand with the GM as final word but your GM is off the book. GMs are responsible for basic knowledge of PC's characters; class, race and special abilities that change the game.

Mr. Fishy collects character sheets every couple of sessions and ask at level up what feats/spells and the like are being added.

Your GM may need to run a practice game for a while; like a low lever dungeon crawl or a string of encounters to help him learn the rules.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Craft Cheese wrote:

Stats aren't "interesting for roleplaying purposes," they're numbers that mean whatever you want them to mean, even if you try to play them as "faithfully" as possible. You can roleplay just as well, if not better, by ignoring them.

Craft Cheese wrote:
STATS= they're numbers that mean what ever you want to

Then why dump any stat? The numbers mean what you want them to. Play a fighter with a 8 str, a 14 charisma, a crossbow and handle animal.

A few feats and 8 str + crossbow is a force. Faith to the numbers, good role play, and a solid ranged fighter. Win all round.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Rorschach was a scary man. Also "valiant" is subjective Superman isn't a hero he's a self righteous easy when you invulerable.

As for Rorschach, he was disgusted with the world. He was looking for the man that killed his "friend."

Mr. Fishy doesn't like to "dump stats" with out a reason. That said, Mr. Fishy doesn't sit your table.

Also a major arguement against charisma is the it has no in game mechanical value...well now it does. More classes use.

AND TROLL POINTS!?!?!?!? Please! Mr. Fishy needs the attention! The favored post helps...but Mr. Fishy the

66 Girtablilu, What the hell is a girtablilu.

SnowJade wrote:
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Sorry, Mister Fishy.

What seemed like a good idea? Mr. Fishy is going to be angry isn't he?

kenmckinney wrote:

When did it become the case that you could use basilisk blood to restore stoned allies? THAT is coddling your players.

Ummm, you might want to double check the basilisk entry. Cause basilisk blood does work.

Just found it.
This may take a minute.

58 Gnoll
66 Girtablilu
85 Darfellan
8 Orc
44 Nymph

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Hand the "PC" a tissue and a new diaper. See invisability 2nd level, or if that's above his pay grade flour 1 pound for 2 copper pieces.

The player metagames? You got one over on him, you hit him in the dignity.
If your encounters where designed to undermine any attempt at preparation on a regular basis, then he may have had a reason to complain. Mr. Fishy runs a complex game fill with tricks, traps and suffering for the stupid and arrogant. Mr. Fishy has had players get upset and curse him and leave the table...Mr. Fishy waved. Mr. Fishy plays and runs with wit and moxie, smart players do well. A#&@%&#s quickly learn to hate Mr. Fishy, as GM or PC.

Do you feel like the encounter was unfair? Because you were by the book on CR-vs-character lvl.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The Gods show not mercy to the proud.
The strong feed on the weak.
The GM must punish the stupid.

Was the swamp dangerous yesterday? Then it should be dangerous today unless all the dangers take weekends off. If the group has made "reasonable" preparations to rescue their party members, cut them a break. If they run in there naked without a plan B, well, stirges, leeches and swamp barracuda...Oh My! Have one wrestle a gator while the other keeps going.

Or have them discover an intellgent swamp dweller in need of assistance. They show kindness and their new guide show them a short cut that avoids the dangers of the swamp.

You haven't coddled them, they have a reasonable chance of success.

2 people marked this as a favorite.


Ended an arguement. Mr. Fishy wasn't even in the arguement and he still won.

Mr. Fishy agrees with the Maltese Pidgeon...There are worst things than death.

Killing you're party with unlimited resourses is pretty easy, Making a 8th lvl barbarian scream "Fire ball me for the love of god!"
Much more rewarding.

You die you make a new character. No one dies in Hell...Welcome to Hell.

Don't worry big fishy, the flaming peasant is taking care of the air breather infestation. Burn peasant burn...

Hey! Flaming peasanty pitch floats on the top and burns up all your...carry on burning peasant. [Turns off bubbler] may need to put on you helmet.

The thug archetype [rogue]+ Weapon focus, dazzling display, and imtimidating prowess + net, Makes for a pretty nasty NPC.

And if he's human he only has to be about 2 or 3 lvl. The net hampers any spell caster, dazzling display is 30' and the thug increases the duration by 1 rd plus if he get 4 or more rds he can upgrade to frightened.

Mr. Fishy used a similar write up [all rogue levels] with minions with nets and long spears. The party won the fight but it was a difficult fight with the shaken and entangled penalties.

Add a couple of 1 lvl warriors with nets. Or a swarm in a jar, spiders work well. The swarm attacks the closest living thing.

@ Hagfish you're here aren't you?

Good to be airbreather.

If life ever gets you down just remember these words... "AT LEAST I DON"T HAVE TO PLAY WITH MR. FISHY!" Then scream them it won't solve your problem but it might buy you time.

[grabs Fishstick moves him away from filter.] Damn... Mr. Fishy doesn't know how he should feel about this... Proud of the endless loyal to the cult of Fishy or disturbed by the endless loyal of the cult of Fishy...Alright airbreathers! Get outta Mr. Fishy's bowl/church. [Looks around] You guys are...Mr. Fishy is going with special...that's a good word for it.

Mr. Fishy's been busy with RL. But Mr. Fishy is looking to be around more often. The forums seem quieter, anger, and lacking the fires of Fishy rage...Like all the cool kids went home. Mr.Fishy saw a few champions of the old order...sanity.

Now every one is whining about this rule is broken or that class is a god. But the fire, the passion, the humor it's gone. It's like the forum has be touched by the Nothing or maybe it's under attack by the Negaverse, perhaps the last hope of the forum died quietly without the slime of crazy that Mr. Fishy excludes. [Mr. Fishy leaves an oil slick of crazy in his wake.]

Define low magic please.

1.No magic, no magic beast, humancentric, historical.

2.Extreme low magic, relic weapons from a lost age, "magic" restricted to far off lands and hidden places.

3.Conan, Magic is rare and dangerous, ancient cultures created marvels lost in time, wizards are feared and few.

4.LoTR Wizard exist and are very powerful people, magic monsters and races are common and known even if the layman never meet them. Magic items are special or old.

5.Typical PF, minus the magic market.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:

Ludicrously Awkward Mission that involves something immature you would find among groups of male middle school and high school students.
Players must disguise themselves as prostitutes and entertain drunk johns, for the purpose of achieving some goal?

We needed black mail photos...Mr. Fishy was playing the only female character...Mr. Fishy's secret shame.

yellowdingo wrote:
They no longer need us for breeding, just the heavy lifting

What's the difference?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mr. Fishy's railroad goes though a swamp...and then ends abruptly. Good Luck suckers.

Mr. Fishy rail road his player all the time, you kick the kings dog...get on the train. You eat WHAT!?!? Get on the train.

Mr. Fishy's hates in the AP where no matter how careful you are the villian still escapes or the secret info is revealed, choo choo... You have to go to point A and get item G or the game ends. the villian steals item G even if it's shoved up your butt.

Intimidate? Bluff? Diplomacy? BRIBE! The bastard is a slaver, that he's likey evil. Bribe him into helping, you don't mention the poison, or the real reason for the raid. Sign him up. CASH MONEY! Franchises...sell him the dream of his own slave outlet mall. No magic lots or RP no rail road. Have the captured slaver ask about a deal, he's evil and looking for a way out.

A charmed slaver buddy could provide intell and a good word for the players. He could be mentioned by the person hiring the party. If the party uses him more RP easier life.
Most players flow like water, path of least resistance, greatest gain. Point out the cost of a fight to the party; lost magic like potions, scrolls and the potential loss of tribesmen.

Add rewards like a bonus on diplomacy or add pay for keeping the tribemen and slaves alive.

It's not railroading to punish stupidity...or arrogance. It's actually fun.

Ummmm. You ever play with dolls or action figures or other kids? It's kind of like that only more chaotic.

Don't worry about making mistakes, mistakes are the joy of the game. You will suggest options that the party wouldn't think of because they "know better" like talking to a monster instead of stabbing it.

It's a game, you may love it or decide that it's a bit much and only play board games.

Pieces of advice,
If the GM is smiling you're doing well and in no danger.[Fishy smile.] ever seen the "Hangover"? Do that. The two availible characters "misplaced" the rest of the party. The adventure could be them back tracking looking for they missing friends. Neither are in any real danger, but the group needs to return a stolen pet or rescue a crimnal from the guard for infomation about what happened.

Or the two available players where kiddnapped and have to fight/sneak out of captivity and meet up with they friends.

Mr. Fishy and his wingman Rufie. Never remember the party but according to the cops and the news it was AWESOME!

"You don't know were I've been!" "Disease is the revenge of the weak againist the strong." "Death is not release, merely transition to a new pain." "Life is pain, Death is permanent, choose well." "Happiness is an illusion of the foolish. Misery is the vessel of the wise." "Drink deeply; never question the contents." "I have seen your soul it weeps black ichor."

For fun.
"Roses are red, Corpses are blue, guard me well and I may heal you...maybe."

Hats... Mr. Fishy uses hats, made from the skulls of his defeated enemies... and roadkill.

Be creative with the monsters. Have goblins throw jars filled with monsterous spiders or swarms. Cheaper and less deadly that acid or alchemist fire plus the casters get to burning hands party members.

Or hats.

Nice, how printable is it? Very colorful looks expensive... how do dungeons and wilderness map look?

Rynjin wrote:
Man if only there were this magical thing called "Armor Class" in the game, THEN there would be a "DC" like mechanic for martial characters!

STOP TRYING TO NERF THE FIGHTER. DC 10 fort vs sicken on monster guts,period.

chaoseffect wrote:

I can't say I care for Exalted combat much. It can be fun to decimate an army with ease, but as soon as you're facing off against someone else with motes it's just rocket tag; if you use a combo you will do enough damage to one shot another Exalt unless they use some sort of perfect defense, and if it's two on one then his partner will just do the his combo now that you used your charm for the turn. If it's one on one then it seems to be a game of who has more motes left.

Archers get three attacks but it take five minutues to...reload? Martial arts get 3 attacks and it takes 2 seconds to strike again!?!? 3 arrows, 3 shots was Mr. Fishy crafting the arrows on the fly? 1 attack recharge equal to unarmed maybe, it was a long bow, does shooting 3 arrows give Mr. Fishy arm fatigue?

The mote thing buged Mr. Fishy too. So Mr. Fishy dodged a lot. Combat and the skills where silly and the charms were bordering on punishment. But Mr. Fishy got to one shot a villain stealth means you can't block...SNEAK ATTACK!!!! for the win. Hopeful 3rd ed is better.

Have you tried Exalted? White Wolf did the 1st and 2nd ed. But Mr. Fishy saw a web site for 3rd ed that is being produced by the creative team not the a publisher. It's a lot like what you are describing over the top martial arts and supernatural warriors very high octane. Mr. Fishy managed to play a few types, the hyperkenetic archer dance across the battle field on the heads of the opposing army. Stealing arrows out of an enemies quiver and firing them. Played a warrior priest had a party member leap off Mr. Fishy's shield because he need a boost. Can't wait for Exalted 3rd ed come out.

Artanthos wrote:

I would rendering living living matter non-living matter is a pretty important change. One of the most important.

No saving throws attached to either.

Fine fighters has to roll fort DC equal to 10+ spell level when they hit a DC 10...Fort...Mr. Fishy will take that. Monster guts ewwwww...roll for sicken.

Artanthos wrote:

I've been on both sides of the table plenty of times, from both martial and melee perspectives.

Both sides have a chance to neutralize the other before they act. It is the rocket tag of mid-high level play where the person who wins initiative wins the fight.

Initiative? Are you suggesting that the wizard needs to go first? The wizard is so mighty that he waits until round 2 act so the fighter doesn't feel sad.

Mr.Fishy wrote:

Sure as soon as it "alters the fabric of reality" or we could give spell casters an eight hour cool down and then a one hour reboot...wait...
Artanthos wrote:

It very much alters the physical reality of whoever you hit.

It changes living matter into non-living matter.

"Physical" Fighters reality altering has a noncool down quailify tag, "Physical".

Mr. Fishy liked the idea of a cabal of wizards working together reaching across alginment to safe guard their "shared" world. It helps to justifiy why one crazy powerful wizard or demon doesn't go all scorched earth, if they do your cabal can stomp it out or "lead" heroes into the thick of it thus protecting they world and watching thier "brothers" at the same time. You don't want to drop a scroll in that room.

MrSin wrote:
Mr Fishy is making up a lot of things really. He's pretending the game is inherently balanced and that anything that went wrong is the players fault.

Never stated the the system is perfectly balanced. Mr. Fishy admits the system has many explotible faults. Flaws that "players" use to make characters that exist out side the RAI. You ever ride a bike? Mr. Fishy sees it kind of like that. The user has to provide the balance. Analogy!

Mr. Fishy stated that the rules are written with certain class balancing weakness inherent to the varying classes such as a cool down and reboot that is hand waved thus creating an imbalance in the game at the table. An imbalance that is addressed in the rule of the system but ignored in play. Therefore the balance issue lies on the side of the players.

You have brakes on your car, you refuse to use the brakes, you ram into things and then curse the car manufacturer. The fault lies on the side of the user. Another analogy...YEAH! Two more and we winning a prize.

MrSin wrote:
Mr.Fishy wrote:
The airship has a nuclear power cell that has an eight hour cool down after being fired five times. No armor and a 2 meter exhaust port; if you can bull's eye a wump rat you can cause a chain reaction...You seem to for forget the wizards crippling weaknesses.

Man, if you had the chance to pilot the Death Star wouldn't you take it in a heartbeat? Even if you only get one shot your bound to leave an impression...

Mr.Fishy wrote:
Player skill makes or breaks balance quickly,
You have this weird idea that game balance has nothing to do with the game... Quit that.

Death star like the wizard was crittically flawed, that flaw was ignored...

the rebels won.

The balance of the game is written in and then ignored. Mr. Fishy can't account for the GM at your table. The balance of any game can be shifted or out right thrown off, GM/Player problems. Look at the advice threads; some one ask a "how does this work" question and you get 2 answers, 4 fires, a monkey, a streaker, a different question and a 6 page flame war over the defintion of unconscious.

Mr. Fishy can't make that last bit up; really happened.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mr.Fishy wrote:

Or you could make them roll fortitude DC 10+ spell level every time they cast a spell. Failure= sickened for a number of rds equal to the spell level. Save for 1 rd duration.

That ought fire this bad boy right up!

Artanthos wrote:

Cool idea.

Can we do the same every time a martial does a full-attack action?

After all, its hardly fair they get to swing weapons all day without resting.

Sure as soon as it "alters the fabric of reality" or we could give spell casters an eight hour cool down and then a one hour reboot...wait...

EWHM wrote:

Mr Fishy,

But a system has to be balanced assuming some level of player competence and optimization. That's why for instance a fair number of feats are really underpowered UNLESS you're making one particular combination. What level do we want the game balanced assuming? Parties full of sword & board fighters, healbot clerics, and unoptimized blasters? It's not an easy question.

Mr. Fishy still agrees.

"unoptimized blasters" Isn't that redundant?

Player skill makes or breaks balance quickly, a good fighter will keep the monsters off the party, a good wizard will keep the monsters from swarming or running the fighter over. Clerics heal and support the fighter potition. If one player is out of step the dynamic fails and the party suffers.

Allow rogues to sneak attack without flanking and to ignore armor on sneak attack and the rogue becomes OP because you remove the balancing factor that was written in to the game. Every time a fighter crits the target has to roll fort or die (as coup de grace). Resting for eight hours is the spell casters balancing in game rule so use it. Next time the party rest anywhere not secure (inn) roll for encounters once per hour. If how long until the rest of the party has had enough of the wizards foolishness?

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