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Mr.Fishy's page

1,582 posts. Alias of corey baird.


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thegreenteagamer wrote:

We still need one player. We moved the game to two of the players' house in Mandarin. That's a bit further south than Cool Stuff was. We're running a Savage Worlds conversion of Fallout.

Thanks for the nod. Mr. Fishy was beginning to wonder if someone bleached the bowl.

Mandarin is further South, but still pretty far. Mr. Fishy is looking for something closer to home. Thank you Green Air-breather.

Mr. Fishy is looking for air breathers to umm... "game" with. Mr. Fishy has a few ideas if anyone lives near Mr. Fishy.

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Finally, got those shark?.... Where are Mr. Fishy's sharks? More than one. Mr. Fishy is going to sent an angry letter to the shark dealers. There are too many air-breathers in here.

Mr. Fishy, ummm, missed some of you. Still searching for a real fight.

A conflict of philosophy and wit. Mr. Fishy misses the Tier Wars... So much trolling. So many straw man arguments balanced on the single dice roll, ignoring any semblance of logic or realistic expectation. The fires were hot and the battles raged for much stupid.

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Sounds like Air-Breather talk to Mr. Fishy.

7 people marked this as a favorite.

So no one else has an issue with people wearing the skins of dead sentient creatures?

Mr. Fishy's line of air-breather skin accessories was not well received. Apparently murdering creatures and wear them is wrong...

Unless they're on the kill list.

Evil dragons OK. Evil Human, not OK....Air-Breather logic.

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Mr. Fishy just wandered in here and he is without a clue...And sadly Mr. Fishy did not put ranks in....Mr. Fishy just don't know.

Mr. Fishy thinks there is a fear that a fighter with 4+int per level would break Pathfinder...Or something.

Mr. Fishy does not understand... Did Fighters become god monsters, while Mr. Fishy was away?

Last Mr. Fishy heard fighters were still in the game because the wizards felt bad about making martial unless.

Mr. Fishy lives south of Jacksonville... Very south. FLGS is about the farthest Mr. Fishy would go. Mr. Fishy is glad you found a game.

There are many who would disagree. Mr. Fishy is a cunning Fishy, but is also an angry Fishy. He is filled with sarcastic.

Mr. Fishy will never let the temple to his greatness fall.

>YAWN< Mr. Fishy returns... Why is there a Mime floating in here?

Mr. Fishy is looking for air-breathers or other creatures to game with. Mr. Fishy has two Pathfinder campaigns;

Children of the heroes of the the Broken Tusk War, your home valley is again under attack and you must rise to be the heroes of the new generation.

Tyraxthae Wakes,
Someone has awoken an ancient evil and you need to travel the empire to recover the keys to prevent the release of a greater demon lord.

Mr. Fishy will check back this weekend.

Which side of Jacksonville? Mr. Fishy and his Trollop are looking for a couple of players. Weekends would be best and we could meet at a shop. We played every week at Hammer Hall a few years ago, but the shop closed. Plus the member of the group all moved out of town. Mr. Fish has a campaign or 5 written and waiting for players. Let me know. Mr. Fishy will leave contact info, if there is a response.

Mr. Fishy runs small groups so he started making henchmen. Party hires a henchmen to follow them around and soak attacks and help with puzzles, like standing on a plate or pulling a lever. Working out the puzzle is still PC work.

Mr. Fishy has played in games with GMPC's who were handled poorly.
But Mr. Fishy has seen them handled well to and it can improve the game by giving the players a connect to the world they might no have otherwise.

However, the NPC has to be handled carefully or he become a Gandalf figure. A GM device to save the party from an overwhelming encounter, rather than a tool to help the party. Mr. Fishy prefers to let the party decide if they need help. Mr. Fishy will add a NPC for limited run if that NPC is a story character.

Flirting isn't a sin...enjoy it is.

TarkXT wrote:

But please by all means run. There's a serious lack of GM's vs. players in terms of numbers.

Agreed. Mr. Fishy loves to GM but some times it is nice to play in some one else's game and just coast. Mr. Fishy doesn't need to win to have fun in a game. That said Mr. Fishy given a good team will wreak your encounters.

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Shhh...they don't know Mr. Fishy has a....Mr. Fishy has to go.

memorax wrote:
Again I will not give a DM special consideration simply for doing the same I do as s DM. I'm not saying it's easy and that a DM does not put in some work. The worst thing to do is to throw that into players faces. As well as bring it up over and over. I'm a DM myself. Doing the extra work comes with the position. I choose to do it.

That part of what Mr. Fishy is talking about, the you GM like I told you to or else mentality.

You're right the GM did choose to put 20 hours into a 6 hour game this week. He did keep track of your 3-6 character party plus you 1-5 NPC regulars and your side quest and the main story line and the subplot and each players personal goals and GM notes on the villain and his people, write all of the encounters and add treasure to them that is level and wealth appropriate...Yeah totally the same. You have any children cause they make writing a game every week soooo much easier.

Not every Player is a selfish brat, Mr. Fishy admits that.

But any GM worth his salt is way more invested in his game than any one player, so show some basic, it is not common anymore, courtesy to the Player that choose to sent their week preparing for your game.

Not every GM uses AP or Modules, some of us write our own games and we feel that we have earned the right to a certain level of control over that game. If you don't like it then when you run, run the game your way.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Mr.Fishy wrote:

EX.2 Feudal Japan; heroic fairy tale about a group of samurai, all human group.

Player: I want to be a fox spirit...with magic.
That's sort of not a fair call on your part, though, because you said, "Feudal japan fairy tale." Playing a kitsune is fitting into your guidelines perfectly, in my opinion. Especially considering that they can just turn into humans whenever they want to anyway.

1. There were no rules for a fox spirit PC.

2. Magic was very loose and I didn't need a ten minute turn every round while the fox worked out his next spell.

3. It was a power issue, he want special powers without restriction in a low powered game.

I would have allowed a spell caster.

Final And this is what sticks Mr. Fishy asked that the party be made of samurai serving the same lord. Simple request. The player didn't ask to play a kitsune, he refused to play unless he could play a kitsune. The whole table is hostage to that one player. If he doesn't like a call or a game he ends the game, table be damned. Mr. Fishy has seen it and heard other players complain that he crashed their games or some one else's.

Seems less stalker-ish.

Joynt Jezebel wrote:
Mr.Fishy wrote:

If the GM is a ham fisted, thank him for his brutal abuse and learn to beat him. Mr. Fishy cut his teeth on a hyper competitive GM. He taught me to be cagey.

Mr Fishy- What you are describing is a GM who is competing with the players but sticking to the rules. In this case the PCs can win if they plan well enough, though it is difficult.

Such GMs are not ideal and it isn't the right approach to GMing. But you can win.

But they are not the worst kind. A truly bad competitive GM changes opposition during encounters, has things occur that clearly could not [why was there no chance of noticing that?] and, if need be, will not stick to the rules.

No the rules were used against Mr. Fishy. The bastard cheated...Mr. Fishy still learned to out play him and win a few. That's why we played DM got you last. Mr. Fishy values those games because they taught Mr. Fishy to play. Not just the numbers but the game, play the game and win with wit and moxie not just leaning on the numbers. It also showed Mr. Fishy the foolishness of party killing, killing your players is easy when you have unlimited resources.

The real challenge is making the players think your trying to kill them and they got one over on you. Cursing their successes, lamenting the fall of your carefully crafted villain, whose only weakness was being shot by a silver arrow blessed by a one eyed priest they rescued on the way here...meddling kids.

Mr. Fishy wrote:
"Screw the players if they didn't like it they wouldn't be here."

Mr. Fishy

Most player realize you let them by but if you ham it up enough they pretend to not notice.

GM rule of thumb, never sent them into a fight with no way out and no win.

Mr. Fishy always leaves a way to win or to escape.

Fight's good for you. Ask Mr. Fishy's Trollop. Mr. Fishy fights with her on the daily.

If the GM has less than a year then yeah he has no idea how to run an encounter without being to easy or to hard. GM'ing is an art. The CR's don't account for player/GM mistakes or extreme rolls,(three ones in a row, or a round of crits). Mr. Fishy has lost more character to crits than anything else. A 1st level goblin ranger with a bow crit, max damage, 9*3=downed PC.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

If you what to run every rule on the SRD fine. Mr. Fishy will get his dice and make a character by your rules.

When Mr. Fishy runs the game he expects the same. The GM have double the work minimum in most games. That is why Mr. Fishy doesn't fight with the DM, disagree, trick, or cajole, but not fight. GM said no Mr. Fishy drops the issue. However Mr. Fishy has GM'ed for players that literally throw a tantrum to get there way...They refuse to play if they can't be what ever unreasonable character they want to play.

Ex.1 Low magic no outsiders or dragons in the world
Player: I want to play a half-fiend.

EX.2 Feudal Japan; heroic fairy tale about a group of samurai, all human group.
Player: I want to be a fox spirit...with magic.

Both player refused to play unless they could play characters outside of the requested boundaries.
Everyone else managed.

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:

@bioboygamer & Wildfire Heart

You guys seem to be at odds against each other a lot on the forums. Do you actually enjoy playing together? Perhaps you should find different groups to play in (if thats an option)?

Mr. Fishy played with a guy and the games were little more that DM punishment got you last...We were cruel to each other...The point is Mr. Fishy doesn't have to like you to game with you.

@the bard, If the GM is a ham fisted, thank him for his brutal abuse and learn to beat him. Mr. Fishy cut his teeth on a hyper competitive GM. He taught me to be cagey.

Ignore the box. Look for tells in the GM not just the game. The dungeon is filled with automatons? Figure out the primary objective and use it to manipulate them. If the ruin is built by a lost people drop a bardic knowledge roll to learn there language then start looking for passwords or symbols that the automatons react to.

If the GM is serious about fixing you problem that should give him an in game way to make you more useful.

Also is the GM new? GM's are like people a GM with 1 year's experience is a baby and one with 10 years is a toddler, Mr. Fishy has nearly 20 years and he still has a rough night time and again.

5 people marked this as a favorite.
TriOmegaZero wrote:
People seem to think that when someone says 'player' they are automatically excluding the DM from that group. Which is sometimes true, and sometimes not. DMs are players too.

WHAT MADNESS ARE YOU SPEWING! GM's are not people! GM's are released from there prisons to run for the "players." GM's to bow to every whim and demand of the table and never complain or challenge the players right to the game they have magnanimously agreed to play. GM, slave, GM.

You and your crazy GM's are players too talk. Madness.

Mr. Fishy was in a GM interment camp...Mr. Fishy would run the session then go back to his cramped little bucket.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mr. Fishy, joking, stated that the rocket launch was the sniper's weapon of choice...Mr. Fishy's oldest guppy went to school, where he informed the Coast Guard, speak in his class, that the Rocket Launcher was the sniper's weapon of choice...

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Starbucks comes out with a new the same. You don't have to drink it and no one hates you for refusing to try it. Paizo drops a new book some one is going to ask to use it regardless of your opinion of the new.

Mr. Fishy doesn't mind the new books it's the let me play the new stuff or else entitlement mentality of player that gripes Mr. Fishy.

His training could be from Drow witch hunting. His exile could be caused by an enemy caster, an attempted gate or summoning could have gone sideways and the character is lost in the multiverse.

If he's alien he wouldn't know where to go to find his way home...Farscape is a good example.

Or Terra Nova, the trip was one way, even if the character wants to go home he has no idea in hell where home is or how to get there. If he helps take this island then he has a place to search from.

His quest home could be used by a morally questionable character to control him to a point. An only friend you've got con. This island has a ruin with some ancient dwarven markings and maybe a secret lost dwarven vault that could help lead him home.

Or you could have been exiled by a rival, sent to perform an assassination unaware that the spell that sent you was one way and irreversible. The character knows the ritual he just needs a few things...things that he can find on this island...he hopes.

That help any?

snickersimba wrote:
I was merely wondering since I wouldn't want anyone to get in trouble, Paizo staff can get cranky randomly at us for doing something slightly wrong, like breathing incorrectly.


A character sheet would help.

Mr. Fishy needs make sure you have properly identified a "munchkin".

1. Is the character powerful?
2. Is he powerful because he is well played and crafted?
3. Is the character seem to be created to disrupt the game or is it a side effect?

A munchkin makes and plays a character that is intended to disrupt the game. Munchkins are selfish and inconsiderate of the table. Is these player a "Munchkin" or an over zealous power gamer?

Power gamers can disrupt a game and do need to be checked but "Munchkins" should be punished for their crimes against the table.

You're looking to take him down without getting caught at it. So, he seems the power gamer over the line.

For the Power gamer: Greater Shadow, shadows, rust monster...Destroy his gear and lower his stats temporally.

For the Munchkin you have to present GM superiority. Use the rules better than him. Construct an NPC that negates his abilities and turns his strengths against him, the rules. Use touch attacks, damage his stats not his HP, and remove his armor without rolls, make it his choice. Offer him a berserking weapon.

At 12th level debuffs help, but mostly just washout his advantages.

Mr. Fishy has had players make super beaters, it's fine as long as they, understand that their playing in a group.

Mr. Fishy doesn't sit at your table, so proceed with caution.

Mr. Fishy needs Saves and Touch AC. 12th level barbarian/skald...

10 people marked this as a favorite.

Mr. Fishy can and has made a playable character in ten minutes without a book...Mr. Fishy has also seen a player spend two and a half hour making a character. Mr. Fishy has been asked to run for weird and outlier concepts, not because of a character idea or a story line that needed to be explored but because. The reason was because...

Mr. Fishy enjoys options and creative freedom. Crayola makes a box of 64 piece crayon box...Mr. Fishy thinks that's awesome...He also thinks that trying to cramp 64 different colors into one picture is stupid. If you want to cram every option into a game Mr. Fishy is cool with that. Mr. Fishy will grab his game bag and roll up a character.

Asking Mr. Fishy to cram also your stuff into his game isn't fair. You want unlimited options, then you run them...You GM.

Mr. Fishy will play in your game with your rules. Please do the same.

It's not the bloat; it's the entitlement that players bring that irks Mr. Fishy. Paizo does sit at this table, Paizo does get a vote.

>Fishy< Damn airbreathers...Mr. Fishy isn't wear pants...or being nice.

@Wraithstrike: So you been camping the bowl?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Does it have tentacles? Then accord to Mr. Fishy's research, YES...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

:Swims in bowl: The Fishy has returned.

OK. Do you have an anal retentive rules lawyer in your group?
Are you that guy?

If you answered "NO" to the first question, then no.

If you answered "YES". Pack a lunch and a s$%% proof umbrella cause you are about to unleash a s**% storm.

If you are "that guy." Mr. Fishy can't help you, no one can.

Umm...also 10 rounds is a minute...then 100 rounds would be ten minutes...right?...

If you have an issue with using abilities too often set a cool down time on them. Weekly abilities only work once a session unless there is down time, or the equivalent. The same for daily powers, reset after a rest like spells or set a cool down for uses. Dawn, Midday, Sunset, Midnight, pick a time that a characters power reset. Once chosen it does matter how many hours are in a day. Creatures adapt to active rest cycle. Active in the day resting at night. The Rounds per day wouldn't matter then.

Spell durations that last for more than rounds are GM Fiat. Unless you have an in game time piece. If your players are reasonable and you are fair it shouldn't be an issue...Unless you have a rules troll.

Or a murder like 'crows', or a 'nest' like snakes. Or a 'flight' to ironically reference their supposed link to dragons.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Bunch of Air-breathers...Mr. Fishy didn't see one non air-breather named...undead do not count. Mr. Fishy is offended.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Zone of truth, second level clerical spell...standard practice during debrief following missions involve the following: grievous injury, death, or semi-permanent magical affliction. Cost about 60gp/casting for a three minute interview, 20' radius means several interviews at once. Or the company cleric can cast it as part of his duties to the group.

All within reason to ensure the security and reputation of the company.

As for the punishment you lose him you retrieve him. No pay. Also you forfeit the cost of restoration or burial. Probation duty, half pay until debt is cleared. Reduction in rank, hazard duty for a month.

The Characters are on the stick for allowing a member to die. Players are not punished...mostly.

Do you like your players and do you what to see them cry?

Build a hierarch of undead with a shadow dragon at the top. Shadow dragon, wraith with cleric levels, allips, victims of the wraith's cruelty, and shadows.
If you are feeling nasty a few ghouls with ranger/rogue levels lead by a barbarian ghast. I prefer the classics with class levels it's more work on the front end but you're less likely to forget important abilities.

And remember incorporeal creature with blind fighting can attack from under the ground and thought walls. Invisible attacks plus no strike back because of cover. Shadows are fun for bring down powerful characters. At tenth level the party should be able to undo any ability damage.

Good luck.

Please quote the rules you feel justifiy your stance.

Mr. Fishy has quoted from the SRD a rule. Please do the same.

No you're wrong is not a valid arguement.

Batman killed criminals in the early books he had a Super Man intervention that toned him down.

Comic Book Code.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Found under the "ride" skill not handle animal a different skill.

Guide with your knees, found in the ride skill allows you to "command" your mount. It does not state the nature of the commands; however, combat is stated in the description.

Fight with a Combat-Trained Mount: If you direct your war-trained mount to attack in battle, you can still make your own attack or attacks normally. This usage is a free action. Free action order Fluffy to kill.

Guide with Knees: You can guide your mount with your knees so you can use both hands in combat. Make your Ride check at the start of your turn. If you fail, you can use only one hand this round because you need to use the other to control your mount. This does not take an action.

Two abilities of the RIDE skill that allow a player to control a mount in combat without any actions. Freeing up a full round action perfect for charging.

Ssalarn wrote:

Gee, lets just shift the bolding here...

"If you direct your war-trained mount to attack in battle, you can still make your own attack"

If, you command your mount, you can make an attack. This does not allow you to command your mount, it allows you to make an attack.

Lets try it with different subject matter.

"If you eat Skittles, you can fly like Superman".

That doesn't give you Skittles, it lets you know that you can do something if you do. You still have to go buy Skittles.

So your argueument, minus the requested rule quote, is Mr. Fishy needs two feats to eat the skittles in his hand.

Got it.
Mr. Fishy doesn't need ride. He will max out handle animal and spend a move action to command his horse to carry him, no riding because that cost feats, into battle.

The DM has unlimited resourses. Mr. Fishy has a character sheet that the DM is allowed to review at anytime. ROUND ONE, FIGHT! If the DM is on the level then Mr. Fishy plays...nice. If the DM is a power tripping jerk, well. Mr. Fishy as and will go rogue. It is not pretty.

So explain because it says, "guide with knees/ This does not take an action." and "If you direct your war-trained mount to attack in battle, you can still make your own attack"

You quoted it Mr. Fishy quoted it is there a animals can't attack rule some where?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Candy Gram!

srd wrote:

Guide with Knees: You can guide your mount with your knees so you can use both hands in combat. Make your Ride check at the start of your turn. If you fail, you can use only one hand this round because you need to use the other to control your mount. This does not take an action.[b]

Fight with a Combat-Trained Mount: If you direct your war-trained mount to attack in battle, you can still make your own attack or [b]attacks normally. This usage is a free action.

Did Mr. Fishy miss a page? Mr. Fishy doesn't have his book, but the srd is usual accurate.

Attacks require a full round action. and Guide with your knees is a no action on a failed roll you lose the use of one hand. Lances are one handed when mounted or has that changed?

Auren "Rin" Cloudstrider wrote:
i wanted to play in a Sandbox game, but i don't really have the confidence for one, due to dealing with countless powermad DMs whom forcefeed their plots to the players and at the same time, the paralysis that comes from being put on the spot derived from never having a chance to learn improv due to a guy whom hogs the spotlight with his speeches and a controlling current DM whom while he may use character backstories as adventure fodder, still includes a main foe and main plotline and railroads, even with the side adventures.

Ummm. Mr. Fishy is sorry for you. Have you tried poison? Or playing a wierd character, like a goblin cavalier, or a A tengu monk kensai name Bwk Bwk?

Some DMs are power hungry tyrannts and Mr. Fishy can help the tables. Learn their tells and plays. Most people have a routine pattern that they follow. Learn the pattern and out manuever them. You might get an ECL on every character, but at least you get to watch the power trip fail. Horde items and bring them out at unexpected times. Keep an extra dagger in your boot. Or a smoke stick in your quiver.

Just make sure your actions are justified. High ranks in diplomacy and bluff help to, it gives you a mechanical defense against rules lawyers.

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