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Thanks H2Osw!

Stupid question, where do I redeem to code to get the items?


Don't worry about me I'll be here (and I'm sure the other will too :)) when you get time again.

But if you wanted to cast meta magic spells faster the arcane bloodline would seems to me to be a better choice. Doesn't waste a feat. Action economy with a familiar with a wand as well.

Change into earth elemental form and hide in the floor?

I must say I'm really enjoying this. :)

I want to know what the Orcs' story is and why we were duped.

Hopefully we'll get some answers now not axes thrown at us!

Sounds pretty cool to me. PFS is definitely the place to start.

I agree I think it's going really well. Pace is good. Feels like we are making progress but not rushing. I can't think of any improvements really. :)

It's an intriguing story and I have some suspicions (but my character is in the dark! :) ). I will be interested to see how it plays out.

I would suggest to her that runs a one shot as a dry run. That way you can all see how it works and if you have fun.

Chacter nearly built.

I've not played any D&D for over a year so its take a while to remember how it all works. Plus I never built a character who wasn't level 1! :D

So many decisions. I should have picked a fighter or something simpler.

I'll finish it off tomorrow. :)

Anyone else having problems sometimes with the paizo site? Couldn't get on it last night. Stat block nearly rolled up prd not working held me up a bit. Just got to the the equipment.

Am I too late to apply?

I've really been fancying some Pathfinder for a while and your GM style seems perfect to me.

A one shot seems a good place to start playing on the board.

Bit late to roll up a character tonight but should be able to do the background tomorrow and roll it up Wednesday. :)

Let me know.

I would probably have any non-core (CRB, APG, UM, UC and the bestiaries) as rare. They would only be available in specific locations and more likely be found via role playing than simply stating they want to learn it.

How to you run combat?

"The orc takes a blow to the face and now looks seriously wounded."


"The orc takes a blow to the face and now looks seriously wounded. He is reduced to 8hp."


I like the later to be honest. Abstracting damage or not knowing it exact hp does mean you don't 'calculate' everything but I quite like the tactical combat aspect - with cool descriptions to make it come alive.


tl;dr I would do both. I would also plan what to tell the PC's if they exceed the knowledge check DC by 5, 10 and 15 ahead of time. Assuming you know what opponents your party will face (which you often will).

Those are the only two Pathfinder answers. There were rules for this is D&D (PHB2?).

Ask your DM.

There's a guide for Zen Archers.

Dwarf and Human are the best choices I believe.

Zen Archer is much better. Problem will be levels 1 & 2 but I believe the early PFS games aren't too tough? Reasonable Dex will allow you to hit.

Google reveals:

There are also many, mans (manymanymany) threads on this full of good advice.

The Ultimate Archer thread is a great comparison of all the different options for Archers...

I believe Zen is the best due to its defensive abilities mixed with major offensive.

It is a weapon - shields are listed in the weapons table so 3000 gold.

But what real benefit do you think you gain from a very strong shield? Resistance to sundering? +1 to hit (master work)?

These a few threads on 'must have' magic items. Search would kick up some stuff.

There this:

Items every adventurer shouldn't live without.

This is kinda related:

Useful low level scrolls

Can't say I remember seeing a guide. However these IS a pinned list of guides in the advice folder.

I am sure I have read that Pathfinder specifically rewrote the text of explosive runes to prevent 'hand grenades' which were quite common in 3.5.

However I just check and it seems to be the same.

Deyvantius wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote: do realize maintaining a Bardic Performance is a Free Action, and that you can maintain it while spellcasting, right?

Because you really can, and thus have no need of Lingering Performance to do spellcasting.

Also, it's a Move Action at 7th, not becoming Swift till 13th, just FYI.

MY bad on the swift, but I don't see how someone can maintain a Performance (Oratory) while casting spells. Maybe dance or instruments, but not oratory. I try to limit myself before the DM steps in because they usually go overboard.

Short answer: Magic.

Longer answer: Because that's what the rules say. Same reason you no longer need to play the lute or whatever to perform with an instrument and one of the things that really improved the Bard in Pathfinder.

Proper answer to satisfy a picky DM: Search for the post from the developer that specifically addresses this point.

Make them have to do it.

It can be better to have campaigns start in a cell deep underground and then have to escape "but I don't want to" doesn't work here.

Ship wreck off the coast, they need to survive and then escape.


What happens when the box is taken by the undead? Does it make them even more powerful?

The newly very powerful Undead now attack and invade the city. Have the guards barely able to fight them off if you don't want the city to burn. Can a scribe, or a Wizard mention that there is a rumour of an artefact of great power that should never be allowed to fall into the hands of evil and give a description of it.

Basically have their actions have consequences. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it. Have a hunter see the Undead carrying off the chest from the cave, after he saw the party leave. Have them hauled in front of the magistrate who questions them about the chest.

As 'punishment' they can either be sent to the slave colony, thrown in the dungeon, hanged or whatever OR get the chest back.

In sort make them want to do what the story means - but try to make it logical.


Have someone (extremely rich) approach them about rumoured golden chest recently stolen by goblins from his sunken ship. Offer a huge reward for it. Have them go back to the cave but its now been taken. Either by the undead, or a third party - do they steal the box from them? Fight them for it? Offer them a reasonable payment - but knowing they will get more from the rich man...

There are many ways to do it. Try to herd them, not push them.


Finally - "What DO you want to do?" is a reasonable question. "I spent money on this AP so that I can run this game for you guys" is a reasonable response!


Another thought: Most heroes are reluctant. Frodo didn't wake up one morning and think "You know what? I fancy walking to Mordor."; many heroes have their families killed and are forced into a new life.

If you are planning on running an AP then it probably makes sense to give the players and idea of what they will have to do and tie their back stories into the AP and the world.

"My character doesn't want to do that is not possible if they write a character specifically who WOULD want to do that."

Daronil wrote:

It's not gimping something to make it playable...if a party is stuck behind a DC 30 Disable Device door because they don't have a rogue it makes for a pretty boring adventure.

Narrativist here, not simulationist or gamist...:)

In the world with no rogues there are no locks?

I would argue that having the whole game/story contingent on getting through one door is boring.

Do I just say "we kill them all, next encounter" if we don't have a fighter?

Challenges that are common: fighting monsters, talking to NPC's, traps, locks, extreme climates - all of these can be overcome in a number of ways and any prepared party should be able to deal with them - or prepare so that they can.

By limiting the 'challenges' to things within the easy reach of the party you really provide no 'challenge' at all.

Unless there are things that the party cannot do there are no boundaries. A story seems such much more vivid and real if there is verisimilitude in the game.

A narrative which progresses only in a certain way - i.e. we never run into a door that cannot be opened - means thats the story is really already fixed. If we cannot get through the door then something else happens.

If the story cannot cope with this its not taking the best advantage of the cooperative nature of the game.


Any real 'adventuring party' will know of the existence of locks! There are so many creative ways to get through a DC 30 door. List list written out in one go off the top of my head in about a minute and a half:

Gun powder in the lock, saw off the hinges, scrolls of warp wood or stone shape, fabricate (make something from the door), crowbars, earth glide around it, summon something stronger.

Wait for something to open it, bash them over the head an interrogate them. Be invisible and listen for the password. Be invisible and wait for it to open and sneak through so you can open it for the group once whatever came in has gone.

All of these make for a compelling narrative...

Challenge the party to be creative - you may get some memorable stories this way!

BigNorseWolf wrote:
EEEEEEEK! and run is a perfectly valid way for a scout to solo the encounter.

Quite. Surely this is the only way for a lone scout to do it? They need something like Vanish, or a potion of Invisibity, or Gaseous form etc etc to aid it.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Scouting is risky. Actually i'll go past that: its suicide unless you can solo a level appropriate encounter. You're going to run into something that doesn't care what your stealth score is: they've got scent (which roflcopters stealth if it does anything), and darkvision: which means if you're standing in the dark with a stealth roll of 107... you're still just standing in the middle of a lit room as far as they're concerned.

You need cover or concealment to stealth. That comes from the DM. If its not there then its not there.

Scent doesn't negate Stealth. It just reveals your presence. Not where you are. You should be able to get away.

Any scout will have Dark Vision too so that's not really an issue. Peek around the corner and see if there is anything there. Your Perception should be through the roof so you should see most things before they see you.


My groups 'scout' is a Druid in earth elemental form using earth glide and only showing the top of his head from the top of the roof. Any trouble he just ducks back into the stone.

Outside he could just as easily be a tiny bird.

It is tough to be a decent scout without magic though.


Rogues need to do something as well as combat I feel. Make use of all their skill points. Reasonable Cha and be the face.

Real problem is though that I would almost always rather have a Bard. At least they fixed that... :D

Precise Shot jumps out. But I assume you're building a switch hitter so potentially not necessary.

Iron Will at some point but probably not now.

Rapid shot looks good.


I would focus on Archery and not take too many melee feats.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Boldstar wrote:
Again, where is the stealthy character

When/why is a stealthy character neccesary? How often is it even POSSIBLE to sneak anywhere with your party clanking along behind you, much less a good idea to do it?

When the party wants to and GM let them.

Knowing what's coming is a big help. However some GM's don't seem to like it and so its 'not allowed'.

I dislike "xp". Going *ding* in the middle of a dungeon just doens't make much sense. I would always do levelling 'off camera' during down time. When they have time to practice new things.


A trait might be a good reward for a major thing.

GM of mine did that. +2 to Diplomacy because I talked a bunch of hostile monsters out of attacking a village.

I then led them to a safe place where they would not be disturbed (as a Sorcerer, this was after my party all ran away. A victory for Diplomacy!

Got back to the village to hear them saying I had been killed but they had slain all of the monster to try and claim the reward...


Good rewards:

The obvious: Loot

Reputation - NPC's recognising them, favours that can be called in

A base - someone in a thread said their players were looking for a 'base' in a town. They got one after rescuing an NPC. They can now stay in his attic - this is a great reward.

For bigger thing maybe a Trait - but these should be logical rather than the choice the player.

boldstar wrote:
Maybe it is my age showing, but I am really hating hearing the "rogue is obsolete" talk. Not sure if it is true or not, just hate hearing it. What about one of the squishier characters dipping a level of rogue? That should cover in-class skills.

This a Good Thing

"Who wants to play the healer?" *groan*

"Who wants to play the rogue" *groan*

Not forcing someone to 'have' to play a class can only be a good thing.


You only need perception to see traps. They can mostly be sprung safely with a little thought which is a lot more fun that "I roll disable device".

Why do you need UMD? Can't you just use ranger wands?

Morphelis wrote:

1) One more thing, as far as resting in a dungeon goes. If the PC's run out of spells or want to heal up, can they just set up camp in a room of the dungeon they have cleared and rest for the evening?

2) I imagine if they try this I can do some sort of random encounter that might or might not happen.

3) If they get interrupted, would they lose the benefits of an 8-hour rest?

3) I ran a group in 4th edition DnD last year where the party rested after every fight (although in 4th you were pretty much back to full strength after a nights rest).

4) Some of my players are from that group and I am worried that they might take an extended rest (multiple 8 hour spans) to heal up fully before pressing on, which kind of defeats the purpose of a dungeon crawl. Advice?

1) Yes. The players can always do what they want. What happens after they do it is where you come in. :D

2) Could do, up to you really. But if you broke into a bank, knocked out the guards then camped before opening the safe what do you think would happen? :D

If they did it really stealthily and quietly maybe they could get away with it. But someone's going to wonder why the guards didn't come to get their dinner.

3) I agree I love the strain injury rules and would always play with them: 0fGQ/edit?pli=1

4) Firstly if they, and you are having fun that it the 'purpose'. But yes, if they rest before each fight they are playing 'easy mode'. You need to stop them doing this really.

Its is called the '15 minute adventuring day' and is a common 'problem'. Do a search as this has been discussed a lot before. :)

This is a good start:

Morphelis wrote:

Okay cool, he actually opted not to apply the acid to the darts and just throw the vial at a group of goblins. So the questions that have arisen from today's session.

1) The rogue took as a rogue talent rapid shot and was wondering if during his full round attack, he can target more than 1 creature? Or if both arrows must be aimed at the same creature?

2) Also (this might better be directed to a RotR thread, but whatever) in the adventure path, under Tsuto's gear it listed a composite shortbow (+1 strength), does this +1 strength imply that the wielder gets a +1 bonus to his/her strength score?

3) One last question, I only have access to the Core Rulebook (I am working on getting some money together for the APG and GM Guide)

4) I do not know the rules for tumbling. Today the rogue was tripped by a goblin and then surrounded by 3 of the little buggers and wanted to roll out of the situation without provoking AoO's. Can you shed light onto the general rules for tumbling and how to apply roll/tumble to this situation?

Again thank you all!!

Added numbers to your post to make it easier to answer:

1) This confused me for a second, as I needed to check it was the same as the feat. :) They took the Rogue Talent: Combat trick and picked the feat: Rapid Shot.

They can shoot 2 target if they want.

2) Not surprised you didn't find this its kinda hidden. If you go to the equipment section and read the Composite Longbow section:

Longbow, Composite: You need at least two hands to use a bow, regardless of its size. You can use a composite longbow while mounted. All composite bows are made with a particular strength rating (that is, each requires a minimum Strength modifier to use with proficiency). If your Strength bonus is less than the strength rating of the composite bow, you can't effectively use it, so you take a –2 penalty on attacks with it. The default composite longbow requires a Strength modifier of +0 or higher to use with proficiency. A composite longbow can be made with a high strength rating to take advantage of an above-average Strength score; this feature allows you to add your Strength bonus to damage, up to the maximum bonus indicated for the bow. Each point of Strength bonus granted by the bow adds 100 gp to its cost. If you have a penalty for low Strength, apply it to damage rolls when you use a composite longbow.

For purposes of Weapon Proficiency and similar feats, a composite longbow is treated as if it were a longbow.

Basically as long as you have at least a +1 strength modifier you get +1 damage.

3) If you don't have the money you can get all the rules (for free, on this website) here: To be honest though while you are all learning I would stick to the Core Rule Book only.

You may find the Bestiary 1, 2 & 3 helpful.

It also has the Game Masters Guide! :)

I would only buy the CRB - to look up stuff in the game but to be honest go with what you think makes sense if the game is getting slowed down too much. Just say that you are making ruling to keep the game moving but 'next time' it will be according to the rules which you can all check between games.

4) The rules for tumbling are under the skill description for Acrobatics (Tumble used to be a skill in D&D but not in Pathfinder):

Interesting Regional Feats:

Arcane schooling - treated as having 1 caster level for using wands and scroll (so no UMD). Really nice but not for you.

Blooded - +2 initiative, +2 perception (spot strictly), cannot be shaken. Would make sense from your background.

Bloodline of Fire - +4 saving throws vs fire and +2 on caster level for spell with Fire descriptor. Could make a nice blaster. Especially if stacked with some Sorcerer bloodlines.

Discipline - +2 Will saves, +2 concentration - Not bad if you want to cast whilst in melee.

Dreadful Wroth. Sounds interesting. Probably not that brilliant but I like the flavour.

You are terrible to behold in battle, and few foes have the heart to face you without quailing.

When you charge, make a full attack, or cast a spell that either targets an enemy or includes an enemy in its area, you gain the frightful presence ability for that round. Each enemy within a 20-foot radius of you must succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Cha modifi er) or be shaken for 1 minute. Regardless of its success or failure on the saving throw, any creature exposed to this effect is immune to your frightful presence for the next 24 hours. This is an extraordinary morale effect.

Fleet of Foot +10 move speed, at most Light Armour. Interesting.

Magic in the Blood - Not sure if there are any races that would make this worthwhile.

You have a knack for getting the most out of your innate magical abilities. You can use them more often than others of your race can.

You can use your racial spell-like abilities more often than you otherwise could. Any ability that is otherwise usable once per day is now usable three times per day.

Mercantile Background - Sell at 75% of value (instead of 50%)! Once per month buy something at 75% of value. Break the WBL. But probably will just be adjusted by you GM thus in effect do nothing.

Militia - Gain proficiency with all martial weapons

Mind over body - Quite good.

At 1st level, you may use your Intelligence or Charisma modifier (your choice) to determine your bonus hit points. For all subsequent levels, you use your Constitution modifier, as normal. In addition, you gain +1 hit point every time you learn a metamagic feat. Furthermore, if you can cast arcane spells, you get a +1 insight bonus to Armor Class.

Otherworldy - You'd need to change race but Dark Vision 60 feet and +2 to diplomacy. Interesting for a Sorcerer to make better use of the Diplomacy.

Strong Soul - You gain a +1 bonus on all Fortitude and Will saves. Against death effects, energy drain, and ability drain attacks, this bonus increases to +3. - Decent

Tattoo Focus - Add +1 to the DC for all saving throws against spells from your specialized school. You get a +1 bonus on caster level checks (1d20 + caster level) to overcome a creature's spell resistance when casting spells from that school. - Possibly not worth it if you are not focussing on Save based spells since you have split stats.

Twin Sword Style - Shield bonus vs 1 target if wielding two blades, stacks with animated shield or buckler. Interesting flavour. Probably not brilliant.


Bloodline of Fire, Tattoo Focus, Otherworldly might be worth looking at further but Militia is potentially the best if you don't want the HP, Fort save and feats from Fighter.

Mercantile Background is clearly broken - if your GM doesn't factor it in to CR. But he will if he's sane. :)

Make sure you take the Lame curse so that you can Rage Cycle (end rage and restart is the next round, immune to fatigue at level 9, 8 if you took 2 levels of oracle). Then use all the nice 1/rage abilities every round. :)

An oracle's curse is based on her oracle level plus one for every two levels or Hit Dice other than oracle.

Lame: One of your legs is permanently wounded, reducing your base land speed by 10 feet if your base speed is 30 feet or more. If your base speed is less than 30 feet, your speed is reduced by 5 feet. Your speed is never reduced due to encumbrance. At 5th level, you are immune to the fatigued condition (but not exhaustion). At 10th level, your speed is never reduced by armor. At 15th level, you are immune to the exhausted condition.

Lame is cancelled out by Fast Movement


Not sure how that fits in with the Rage Prophet but I'd have thought it could lead to some good stuff.

No 3.5 stuff.

Only regional feats and equipment.

Mechanically dumping cha is not as bad as dumping int.

Flavourwise sorcerer fits but flavour is whatever you want it to be.

Dropping the feat for another +2 to an ability could be good.

There are several ways to get caster levels back ioun stone being the easiest.

Potentially the extra feat from fighter is good but depends if you need it. The hp will certainly help.

Your stats must be very wrong because that's a 31 point buy:

Mad Jackson wrote:
I disagree that this is Forrest Gump. Gump always knew the right thing to say and right action to take. Gump would be 7 INT, 18 WIS.

Me too but for a slightly different reason:

Cha 20

Bullied at school, didn't appear to have many friends a college - though made the football team, one real friend in the army. Doesn't scream Cha 20 to me.


I wouldn't put his Wis quite as high as 18 either. Champion Table Tennis player and good soldier - Dex is clearly his highest stat, with a bit of Str and Con.

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Crysknife wrote:
Roll your reflex save hidden, put on a big smile and say rejoice for the natural 20 you rolled.

How dramatic. How pointless the game gets when people do this.

A related note:

Except under extreme circumstances people do not act directly in opposition to their alignment:

LG people only act Chaotically or Evilly under extreme circumstances.

True Neutral people have no real qualms about acting Chaotic Evil one day and Lawful Good the next.

Neutral Good people can act Chaotic, or Lawful and not change alignment. They only become Lawful Good or Chaotic good if they stop acting in the opposite way. Acting Lawful Good for a period does not change the alignment to Lawful Good it is NOT acting Chaotic that does it.

Its what you won't do which is what defines your alignment, not what you will do.


In other words a Person stays Good so long as they don't do Evil; acting continuously Neutral does not make you Neutral - Neutral acts are neither Good nor Evil and therefore have no effect on Alignment. If you are Good doing Evil acts makes them Neutral. Not doing Good acts makes you Evil.


Its so hard though because someone who acts Evil 70% of the time and Good 30% of the time seems Evil but it probably Neutral. 90% 10% probably Evil but not happy about being Evil perhaps?

Its not a perfect system.

My opinions:

I apply several tests:

Evil, Neutral, Good - Fairly simple on this one:
Is it selfish (evil), selfless (good) or not (neutral)? In others words why you do something is important, but it is not the only important thing. 'The greater good' can become evil over time.

Chaotic, Neutral, Lawful - Does it follow a set code of traditions and laws set down by a group or is it a matter of free individual choice?
Is is conservative or radical or not?

  • Hanging bodies of dead bandits up as a warning to others. Distasteful but so is hacking off their heads. Could be Lawful if this is the tradition of the members of the group. Is the motivation selfish? Example of Evil could be torturing them, hanging them in a gibbet to rot, if they believe they cannot enter the afterlife if their bones are separated then deliberately doing this etc
  • Promised a bandit he would live, then killed him anyway. Tricky. Again depends on why they killed him, and what they meant when they said they would not kill him. "Help us and we will let you live." and then killing him after he doesn't help you is not Evil. Killing him after he did help you is Evil. Breaking your word is somewhat related to Chaotic but not directly the same thing...
  • Killed a wild animal (bear). Depends why you did it, looks true neutral to neutral good to me. Killing the bear because it looked like fun could be Chaotic Evil...
  • Killed a wild animal (boar). Neutral good if done for free, or true neutral as simply asking for a reward for taking a risk is not really enough to be evil

Its about why as well as what.

Some Random Dood wrote:
So if a spell causes cold damage, isn't that the same thing as having the cold descriptor? I can not see any difference between a spell that has the cold descriptor and a spell that does cold damage, because they are the same thing.

Where does it say that? It doesn't. Thus not RAW. RAI - possibly, hence speak to your DM.

I would probably allow it.

D&D has terrible rules it really does...


The answer to all these question. Rules are rules. Fluff is fluff. You can change fluff as you like - so long as there are rules to support it.

Racial heritage - tooth and nail sharpening is perfectly acceptable...

The magically reloading great crossbow is in the core book. It's martial and they mislabelled it composite longbow. There are so many feats needed to make crossbows worth it. Just reflavour a long bow. The strength in the composite "cross bow" represents the difficulty in cocking the bow.

Sorry I assumed 20 point buy and human. Hmmm. Will have a think but basically drop the int by 1 and buy more stats with the extra points.

Medium load reduces your speed by 10 and your Dex max bonus to 3 and that's it (oh and max run speed). If you carry your expendable stuff in a sack worst case you can just drop it.

Frankly I think that's a good trade for 20 Int.

Once you level a bit buy one of the many magic means of carrying stuff.

However I would go:

Str : 7
Dex : 16
Con : 14
Int : 19
Wis : 10
Cha : 7

2 extra HP per level, extra dex (initiative, AC, CMD, improves touch and other ranged attacks).

I don't like dumping charisma as I like talking in game but if you do I would do it like the above.


Action economy is supposed to be one of the best things in D&D. An extra pair of hands using a wand seems like the best bet.

I guess a very limited number of spontaneous spells is ok but doesn't see brilliant to me.

Right. Tanking.

By this I assume you mean using defensive abilities to take a lot of hits from your enemies to prevent them attacking the more vulnerable members of your party?

The main question is how do you stop the (intelligent) enemies running past you and attacking the casters?

In MMO terms you need something to manage the aggro. Fighters in D&D typically do a lot of damage. They control enemies by killing them.

If you want to take on a battlefield control role as a fighter you need do do more than take abilities which allow you to 'tank' hits. Especially ones which halve your damage!

I am sure others are better placed to give you builds, there have been a lot posted on here over time so you could search some out yourself.


Mobile fighter seems odd choice for a 'tank'. Move and full attack at mid levels is decent but before then you always want to be moving - meaning one attack a turn.

Fighters want to be making full attacks as much as possible to maximise damage.

Shield of Swings seems terrible to me, drink a potion of Shield.

The build seems more like a lightly armoured fighter who darts in and out of combat, its not screaming 'tank' to me.

Elemental Spell (Metamagic)

You can manipulate the elemental nature of your spells.

Benefit: Choose one energy type: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. You may replace a spell's normal damage with that energy type or split the spell's damage, so that half is of that energy type and half is of its normal type. An elemental spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you must choose a different energy type."


Rime Spell (Metamagic)

Creatures damaged by your spells with the cold descriptor become entangled.

Benefit: The frost of your cold spell clings to the target, impeding it for a short time. A rime spell causes creatures that takes cold damage from the spell to become entangled for a number of rounds equal to the original level of the spell.

This feat only affects spells with the cold descriptor. A rime spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.

I thought it would work but looking at the actual text it says "spells with the cold descriptor" not "deals cold elemental damage". The Elemental Spell metamagic only changes the damage type it does not add the "cold" descriptor.

RAW I don't think it works. Check with your DM.

Gobo Horde wrote:
Lightbulb wrote:

If you like roleplaying why not introduce a weakness into your characters? Now intelligence, charisma, or wisdom could make for some interesting and memorable characters.

Much more interesting than straight 10's in them all...

A lot of people do not realize what a 7 actually means. They see a negative and think brain dead. To put this into perspective, a 10 means your average joe shmo, a 1-2 means your an animal, a 3 is the bottom threshold to still be considered an intelligent thinking entity. A 7 is 3 points below average and 4 points above completely stupid. your actually closer to average, just not very smart.

Quite so. Sadly most think that a 7 in anything means you are a dirty min-maxer who cannot be trusted and cannot be a role player because clearly you are 'cheating' to get higher stats.

Also some (many even) think that 7 int makes you too stupid to talk properly, or cha 7 makes everyone hate you.


Playing someone a little slow on the uptake or dour I think is more fun than playing someone who is just average...

This is for 3.5 but the advice is still applicable I'd have thought:

It would be translucent to anyone who passes their save and remain solid to others - but probably all would pass their saves with the bonus from someone telling them its an illusion.

I think that its meant to mean that it looks like whatever you make it look like. It does not take on whatever form pops into the persons head. For example a spell that made you appear to be the most beautiful person in the world would make you look different to every one as everyone would have a different opinion on that - this doesn't work like that it looks like what it looks like.

If you like roleplaying why not introduce a weakness into your characters? Now intelligence, charisma, or wisdom could make for some interesting and memorable characters.

Much more interesting than straight 10's in them all...

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