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Ring of Freedom of Movement + Ring of Protection +5

Boots os Speed + Winged Boots

It is more easy a level 20 wizard take you as a familiar than you take him

A level 20 wizard kill cthulhu in a round with time stop + delayed blast fireball

The designer cry every time a character is droped at level 10

IMO medium is a well balanced class

Medium Spirit Dancer ability Dance of Infinite Forms -> best Lv20 ability of the system.


A level 20 party Non Mythic can kill Orcus

Get an animal companion and Pack Flanking feat.

Charge with your animal companion.

problem solved.

A character who has not yet acted during a combat is flat-footed, unable to react normally to the situation. A flat-footed character loses his Dexterity bonus to AC and Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD) (if any) and cannot make attacks of opportunity, unless he has the Combat Reflexes feat or Uncanny Dodge class ability.
Characters with Uncanny Dodge retain their Dexterity bonus to their AC and can make attacks of opportunity before they have acted in the first round of combat."

if you charge in the first round all your attack will get the targets who not acted yet flat-footed.

How Surprise Spell works on spells like Spiritual weapon or Wall of Fire?

Ok i understand now, but it is not so clear. thanks

I disagre.

the item says
"When this item is worn by a character with the wild shape ability.." -> UMD allow me to use as a character with the wild shape ability

"...,the caracter can use that ability one additional time each day"
for the item effects i have the wild shape ability with 0 uses, so the item allow me use 0 + 1.

And If i use UMD to emulate Wild Shape class feature to Druid´s Vestment than use the Mask of Giantes, it is ok?

If i use UMD to emulate Wild Shape class feature i can use the benefits of Mask of Giants or i actualy need to "cast" Wild Shape ?

Best initiative wins

true_shinken wrote:

Brazilian here.

Has there ever been a non-north-american Superstar?

Brazilian +1

Yes, in a normal game is impossible.

I think this is about a simulate duel players vs Cthulhu

I try this:

Bonus Feat - Dodge
Str10 Dex32 Con24 Wis24 Int24 Car20

1-Fighter- Combat Reflex
2-Urban Barbarian - Crowd Control, Controlled Range
3-Ranger Guide - Ranger Focus, track, wild empatty
4-Wizard- Arcane Bond(Weapon), Arcane School(Foresight), cantrips, Scribe Scroll,Forewarned, Prescience
5-Sorcerer-cantrips, eschew materials, Bloodline(Draconic), Claws
6-Shadowdancer - Hide in Plain Sight
7-Assassin - Sneak Attack +1d6, death attak, poison
8-Master Spy- Art of deception, msaster of disguise, sneak attack +1d6
9-Dragon Disciple -Blood of dragons, natural armor +1
10-Rogue - Sneak Attack +1d6, trapfinding
11-Magus Kensai - Arcane Pool, Spell Combat, Diminished Spellcasting, Canny Defense, Weapon Focus
12-Antipalino - Detect Good, aura of evil, smite good.
13-Cavalier - chalenge, order(cockatrice), tactician(Ouflank)
14-Bloodrager- bloodline, blodline power, bloodrage, fast movement
16-Slayer - Studied Target
17-SwashBuckler - swashbucker finesse
18-Verminou Divine Hunter -Vermin Companion, Vermin Focus, Lucky domain
19-Oracle - Mytery(Waves), revelation(Water sight), curse(tongues)

1-Mobility, 3-Deiceful,5-Iron Will,7-Skill focus(Stealth),9-Extra Rage,11-arcane strike,13-Spring Attack,15-blooded arcane strike,17-Slashing grace,19-
quick draw

Equipe:Manual +4 con, sab,int. Manual +5 dex
headband +6sab,int, car. cinto+6 dex,con.
falcata +5keen, chameleon ring, cloack res+5, hast boots,rod Quicken minor.

Bab +10/+5

For:+25 Ref:+24 Von:+26

Fast Healing 1
Fortification 25%


1 round- chalenge+studied target+haste+ Hide in plain sight(+50)
2 round - obscure mist Quicken+true strike+ Hide in plain sight(+50)
3 round - rage+ranger focus+spring attack+death attack(DC 19)+ Hide in plain sight(+50)

Hit:+33(+53) vs Ca-dex
Dmg: 1d8+23+3d6 17-20x3

Yes...10 percent isn´t a problem

I have not used because of skill penalities and max dex bonus too.

Skill Junkie wrote:
Hello everyone I'm new to paizo but have been playing pathfinder for over a year I was just wondering if in your opinion I should take the arcane armour training feat for my arcane trickster. (By the way I am currently a Lv 2 rogue and my party is primarily composed of ranged characters, also I have read both arcane trickster guides I just would like some more opinions) thanks


Last time i played AT i have not used armor.

A wizard 20 non mythic can solo Cthulhu

If Cthulhu has the chance to use their wish to replicate antimagic field it almost impossible to win.

Oracle. I´m playing a halfling Oracle at the moment...high dex and cha.

It is the same spell and the same effect:2 evolution points.

Once i played until level 40 with 3.5 system

Any conclusion or FAQ for this topic?

A Magus Kensai/ monk can use the magus perfect strike to maximize the monk unarmed damage? like a large monk hitting 4d8 maximized per hit or more?

Zen Archer/Magus Kensai

Monastic Legacy + Robe keep the base damage 2d10

Permanent enlarge: 4d8

Wand of Strong jaw(buff standard): 8d8

Gravity Bow(buff swift):12d8

Weapon +5
Str +5
W.Sp +2
Deadly aim +10

7 attacks (flurry)
12d8 + 22 damage = 84d8+154 total

With Magus Kensai Perfect Strike = (84x8)+154 = 826

Yuukale wrote:

Leonardo, I'm trying to keep this to Pf-only (despite compatibility being... possible)

Monk(Zen Acher)/Magus(Kensai)

Multiclass zen archer with kensai for max damage

Slacker2010 wrote:
Litany of Righteousness wrote:
Calling down a litany of anathema, you make an evil more susceptible to the attacks of good creatures. If the target is evil, it takes double damage from attacks made by creatures with a good aura (from a class feature or as a creature with the good subtype). If the target also has the evil subtype; when it is hit with attacks made by creatures with a good aura, it is also dazzled for 1d4 rounds. If this spell targets a nonevil creature (or one that lacks the evil subtype), it has no effect, and the spell is wasted.
It says in the spell that you have to have class feature or Good subtype. Detect Evil (I assume that the spell you are referring to) does nothing to dispute this.

If you read the Paladin class feature Aura of Good you wil see that it doesn´t give you a good aura, it only says that your aura is equal your class level.

Aura of good says: "see Detect Good"
Detect Good says: "see Detect Evil"
Detect Evil show that every Aligned creature HD 5+ has an Aura.

If you think that only a "class feature" can active this spell so Paladins can´t use either.

Read the "detectar evil" spell to know how the auras work.

It works normally without multiclass, see the rules.

Named bullet allow hit vs touch AC within 30ft.
Iquisitor can cast litany spell to double the damage vs evil creatures.

Fighter is a more regular class 1-20 but inquisitor is a rocket after lv 10

Inquisitor can hit vs touch AC within 30fts

Chess Pwn wrote:
So since using a bow uses 2 hands, vestigial arm wont give you more or let you dual wield bows because you'd be generating extra bow attacks. Using a bow uses 2 hands and using two bows uses 4 hands. thus you'd be making 4 hands worth of attacks which is clearly disallowed. This also fall under this FAQ

The extra 'hand' is not attacking, it is just reloading the bow, the same way it could reload a crosbow, a sling, a gun.

And you can make a similar build with Syntesist Summoner, using limbs evolution, i didn´t see any FAQ for Limbs evolution.

Bow Inquisitor damage:

1d8+ 4d6 g.bane + 7 judgment + 5 weapon + 5 str + 1 bracer + 8 deadly aim

1d8 + 4d6 + 26

within 30ft + destruction aura : 1d8 + 4d6 + 36

within 30ft + destruction aura + named bullet auto crit: 3d8 +4d6 + 128 + staggering

RaizielDragon wrote:

I can see both sides of the argument, and if the intent is for vestigial arms to not be able to assist with a two-handed weapon, that is fine, but it doesn't seem so clearly explained, even in the FAQ that was quoted.


..and i´m not forcing no one to agree with me. So, don´t do the this with me.

Claxon wrote:
No, you cannot wield two two-handed weapons even with vestigial arms, because you only get one primary hand no matter what. Two-handed weapons require a primary hand and an off-hand.

Not true. You can quote where that is write on the book?

Claxon wrote:
Beyond that, vesitigial arms don't grant additional "hands".

"The arm can manipulate or hold items as well as the alchemist’s original arms (for example, allowing the alchemist to use one hand to wield a weapon, another hand to hold a potion, and the third hand to throw a bomb). The arm has its own “hand” and “ring” magic item slots (though the alchemist can still only wear two rings and two hand magic items at a time)."

RaizielDragon wrote:

Can the extra arms for the Alchemist assist with holding a weapon, without contributing to more attacks?

For example: Left arm + extra left arm wield a greatsword; right arm + extra right arm wield a great sword. You are still only getting two attacks per round for two-weapon fighting. The extra arms are just letting them be 2-handed weapons.

Now do the same for two bows. Does that not work? It's not an extra attack beyond the 2 you would get for dual wielding two ranged weapons. It's just letting you use a bow in each hand for the two-weapon fighting.

That´s what i think.

Changing subject, you can make a great damage whith a inquisitor:
Destruction domain: Destructive aura + named bullet + staggering critical.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
You can interpret it incorrectly if you want. I have no problem with that. But when you start posting incorrect information on the boards, I will correct you.

You can interpret it incorrectly if you want. I have no problem with that.But when you start posting doubtful information i will disagree with you and whait for a real quote that really show that my informatio is incorrect.

It is pretty clear to me in the part that i bold and in the rest of the the quote that the arm doesn´t guive you extra attacks but can attack and hold weapons. So for me i´m right. If you interpret different it´s ok, you keep your version i keep mine.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:

No it doesn't. The vestigial arm doscovery specifically states that it does not give you any extra attacks or actions, therefore no matter how many vestigial arms you have, you cannot dual-wield two-handed weapons.

If you want to wield to bows, you need to be a race that naturally has 4 arms, like the kasatha (sp), and take Multi-weapon Fighting.

"Benefit: The alchemist gains a new arm (left or right) on his torso. The arm is fully under his control and cannot be concealed except with magic or bulky clothing. The arm does not give the alchemist any extra attacks or actions per round, though the arm can wield a weapon and make attacks as part of the alchemist’s attack routine (using two-weapon fighting). The arm can manipulate or hold items as well as the alchemist’s original arms (for example, allowing the alchemist to use one hand to wield a weapon, another hand to hold a potion, and the third hand to throw a bomb). The arm has its own “hand” and “ring” magic item slots (though the alchemist can still only wear two rings and two hand magic items at a time)."

Yes, it works.

Human Vivisectionist Alchemist 20
Final relevant stats
Str:32 Dex:40

Vestiginal arm x2
Transformation formula

1-Proficiency long composite bow
3-WF bow
5-Point blank
7-Precise shot
9-Deadly Aim
13-Rapid Shot
15-Improv TWF
19-Greater TWF

Composite Bow +5 adaptive x2
Boots of speed
Archer bracer, greater
Sniper goggles, greater

Attacks: +32/+32/+32/+32/+27/+27/+22/+22/+17
Damage: 1d8+29
Sneak: 1d8+49+10d6

Justin Sane wrote:
Leonardo Trancoso wrote:
A multiclass Monk/Magus has the highest damage of the system.

[Citation Needed]

Actually curious.

Buffed Monk has 8~12d8 base damage

Magus has Accurate Strike to hit vs touch AC and Kensai variant has Perfect Strike to maximaze the damage.

A multiclass Monk/Magus has the highest damage of the system.

Think big and dont be afraid of mess up the scenario

Read the Epic level handbook creatures.

Sneak Attack: If a rogue can catch an opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from her attack, she can strike a vital spot for extra damage.
The rogue's attack deals extra damage anytime her TARGET would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the TARGET actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the rogue flanks her TARGET. This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and increases by 1d6 every two rogue levels thereafter.

If the spell can't have a target it can't sneak


Its a situational buff just to show the build at max power. You can get the buff from a ring to.

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