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Gimme Chocolate!



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Derek Dalton wrote:
Small size isn't the problem. You are asking about a +1 template which opens a whole new can of worms. I've played small size and have no issue making a normal medium race small. The +1 template I would say no to because it adds more power to a starting character that other players do not get unless they are given equvilent power.


Lemoncherry Candyapple wrote:
So, if you were running a game where you allowed players to make a core character with a +1 template (which the Fey template is) and I asked if I could make a small fey half-elf, would you allow it or not and why?

Learn to read?

Taenia wrote:
One thing they did on the iconic was reduce her speed to 20' so that might be an option that does potentially offer a penalty. Keep in mind as well that most gear found is sized for medium so depending on class armor/weapons for example won't necessarily be sized for them.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. As for the size of gear thing, that's already been in the rules since forever because people play halflings and gnomes. A small version of a base race would have the same chances to find clothes/gear as them.

I wasn't looking at any bonuses to Dex or reductions in STR, just the size difference. So, +1 to hit, +1 AC, etc.

Plus, especially as others have said hosing her stats with the young template is definitely not on the table.

And yes, she's a paladin if that matters for 'flavor'

It's actually this character, and she was originally designed as a pixie paladin in 2nd edition (where pixies still had shapeshifting that was removed in 3.5 and Paizo didn't bring back but I did to a lesser degree, giving her Alter Self rather than the Polymorph pixies had in 2nd ed) but I recently decided to redesign her a bit less powerful while still keeping her concept. Hence why I was thinking of making her a small fey half-elf with the ability to turn into a normal sized half elf.

And yeah, people do make a good point that small and medium are both 0 RP. They balance out.

It's funny too, I thought I made myself clear, but apparently not.

"Ask your GM" means nothing to me because there is no GM other than me at this time. This is asking for rules/advice/what would you do...

That said, the reason I am asking is because I am thinking of running a game where I allow players to play with a +1 template, and so I was thinking of bringing Lemoncherry into the game too because some of the players who know about her really like her. So, was thinking of doing her the same way as the players.

Also, she will most of the time stay in her 'half-elf' form. She doesn't advertise that she's a 'pixie' and she wont' miss the invisibility because she saw it as dishonorable anyway (although later she can pick up vanish which will allow her to be invisible about the amount of time I had her spend invisible as an actual pixie).

Looks like most people think that just making her small instead of medium is no big deal, and especially since that's what Paizo did with the iconic kineticist...

I was recently thinking of making a half-elf character that is actually small sized. More specifically she's a fey creature (the template) and the intent is that her heritage is pixie. Her first level Fey power is to take the form of 'a normal specimen of its base creature' which would be of course medium... but her true form she's small because of the pixie heritage.

However, I was wondering what people thought would be the pros and cons from another GM's point of view on doing this.

So, if you were running a game where you allowed players to make a core character with a +1 template (which the Fey template is) and I asked if I could make a small fey half-elf, would you allow it or not and why?

What about a player that wanted to play a real life 'little person' (I am using that since there are more than one genetic condition that causes a person to be smaller, and because some words are considered not polite) and wanted to make a small human?



Lot of posts, so hard to read them all, but the way I see it, with magic you don't need technology as readily.

So, where is the biggest technological boom on Golarion (besides Numeria, which is all ancient alien tech, nothing original?)

The Mana Wastes. The one place magic is unpredictably dangerous, when it even works. So, they have guns. They have airships that run on gas and steam. Clockwork golems that continue to function even without magic.

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Pretty much Arshea (and posting this as my paladin of Arshea, though I wouldn't be a paladin myself lol)

As for why, well read her entry in Chronicles of the Righteous. Pretty much everything it says there.

The Lady is a Tramp

Storm Large

Hmm, okay thanks. I don't know for sure that she will destroy the book, I just thought of that because she IS a devout Shelynite and I was in another game once where players had a... disagreement... on how evil the books were and whether they should actually deliver them or not.

Course, on the other hand there is what Kalindlara said, after all she DOES have both Lore: Shelyn and Lore: Zon-Kuthon, so she's probably read it before LOL

Hey hate to 'bump' a thread, but anyone out there have any suggestions on what to do about PCs that want to burn the books?

Lu_Lead wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
They changed the Sleeves so you couldn't keep warm with a Cold Weather Outfit.

"The transformation changes only the appearance, including the feel, smell, and other sensory aspects."

So instead of physically changing the clothes, it simply tricks the wearer's senses into believing the clothes have changed? Wouldn't that mean that any effects (such as the +5 fortitude for cold-winter clothes) would be changed to a morale bonus instead? Because the wearer would actually "feel" warmer, and couldn't disbelieve it?

I'm sorry, I'm a little new to the caster systems, and I'm not quite clear on the ins and outs of how illusions work yet.

No, people were apparently getting sleeves then saying "I change it into a cold weather outfit, so I get the +5 cold bonus" when you don't. So the FAQ is sort of a clarification that it doesn't actually change the nature of the clothes, just their appearance. So it LOOKS like a cold weather outfit, everyone will see, feel, and think it's a cold weather outfit... but it's not and it won't keep you warm like a real cold weather outfit would.

What about players who decide to burn the books? I mean, one is the Unholy book of Zon-Kuthon and another is the Unholy book of Urgathoa. I really kinda always thought it was weird they didn't put something in there for "What if the players refuse to deliver the evil books?"

So, any suggestions on what should happen when the players show up in Lepidstat with two books missing and are like "Oh, those unholy books? Yeah, we threw them in the fireplace"

I ask because one of my players is an aasimar sorcereress who worships Shelyn (and I think she might also take variant multiclass cleric) and she has both Lore: Shelyn and Lore: Zon-Kuthon. So, I really think she's gonna go ballistic when she sees a copy of Umbral Leaves and chuck it in the fire.

Hmm, okay thanks. I'll just buy an extensive wardrobe. Much easier and can't be disbelieved.

Okay, I know the analogy isn't perfect, but I mean it as a sorta joke to my question.

If someone interacts with my disguise and recognizes it as an illusion, what happens?

1. They know its an illusion, but still see it.

2. They see me in my birthday suit because I was in a hurry this morning and just threw on the hat.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

They already sort of do this.

There are a number of spells that require material components, or a Divine Focus.

Divine casters use the focus.

Yes, but I mean spells that are just V, S, M. Period. Is there no way for a divine caster to get the +100gp value of their holy symbol like an arcane caster can?

So the False Focus feat can only be taken by arcane casters, but it lets them ignore up to 100g of material components by faking a divine focus.

Is there anything similar for clerics/oracles/paladins/etc? Like, they ACTUALLY have one... why can't they ignore material components too?

Actually think I might just ditch the narcissist NPC entirely... Would be better not to open the can of worms a narcissistic NPC is LOL

Hmm yeah I might not make her a full paladin then... maybe just a warpriest. Anyone actually played one? Are they any good and how do they measure up vs. a paladin?

Oooh you inspired me.. I have to sort of copy your source... since I can...and playing off Helena Bonham Carter's middle name haha

The Barber & his Wife

Johnny Depp

Weirdo wrote:
So you're interested in getting your PC to mediate between the paladin and the narcissist?

Not really, no... I mean that might or might not happen. I was also curious about it from a player standpoint, if I did have more than one player and so these were not NPCs but actual players, could they work together, or would I have to tell them to figure out who is rolling a new character?

On a side note on the evil alignment, my policy for alignment is I don't care as long as you don't PvP (disagreements are okay, as long as it stays RP and as I said, doesn't get into killing each other) or decide to go to New York when the campaign is in Los Angeles (both of which have more to do with player behavior than alignment...) The only alignment i truly tend to ban is Chaotic Evil just because the way most players play them, they are completely amoral psychopaths that don't get along with anyone.

Oh no no, nothing like that. They are actually both party NPCs in a one-on-one game where the player really wants to play Carrion Crown but doesn't want to deal with certain other players in our gaming group that seem to love to sabotage Carrion Crown the past times I've tried running it.

So, this is me trying to come up with some good roleplay opportunities for it other than just going from point A to point B as per the AP.

Get along was poor choice of words... work together despite the paladin code as long as she was trying to also get her to be less selfish.

Good points, both of you. :)

But, you think they could get along in the context of an AP (that is as far as the paladin code is concerned... yeah the narcissist is going to be hatin')? The Narcissist will still do the AP, she'll just be doing it for the material gain (think of the extravagant gowns she can buy with that 200 platinum being offered) and the paladin will be doing it for the good.

In a way, I guess it's a matter of when will the paladin of Shelyn decide "This woman is not going to change her ways, I'm leaving." and would she fall before that?

Okay, so first for those that don't know about it, there is a section in the Champions of Purity, Champions of Balance, and Champions of Corruption books which give some advanced (optional) alignment rules where you actually have a code of conduct to help with your roleplay. Each has 3 examples.

One of the neutral evil ones is narcissist, which is as follows.

Champions of Corruption (via d20pfsrd) wrote:


Narcissists see meaning and beauty in the world—but only when they look in a mirror. For narcissists, the world truly does revolve around them:

whatever makes them unhappy is a tragic injustice, and whatever pleases them is theirs by divine right.

Narcissists can be genuinely bewildered—or homicidally enraged—by suggestions that anyone else's concerns take precedence over theirs. The narcissist differs from the lawful evil tyrant in that he has no particular need for power or authority, so long as all his whims are catered to without question. It's only when those whims are denied that the true, uncaring evil of the narcissist rears its bloody head.

If you are a narcissist, you:

See everything in terms of its effect on you.
Are surprised, shocked, or disgusted when the world or other people don't cater to your expectations.
Are incapable of empathizing with others and can justify just about any horrific actions that serve your greater purpose.

Code: The universe knows what you want, so what does it expect when it doesn't it give it to you?

Now, how would a PC like that get along with a Paladin of Shelyn? The narcissist isn't about being evil for evil's sake, but she has that extreme selfishness that tends to evil.

Being so ugly on the inside yet (let's assume) beautiful on the outside, how would a paladin of Shelyn treat/work with such a person?

She fell because she left her toys at home and so was unable to perform her daily obedience to her deity, Arshea, all alone.

The paladin convinced a unicorn to serve as a mount.

Q: How many sprites does it take to replace a continual light coin?
Q: Are you sure they replaced it?

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Kullen wrote:
cybernetic half-dragon catgirl space marines.

Okay, that is absolutely silly. I would never let someone play that either. A Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl however, totally legit.

A mushroom of Fungal Crawlers.

A ________ of Goblin Skalds

A pudding of tyrant jellies

A _________ of silvanshee

For the record, when I GM I allow for an "Oath" slot where you can only prepare your "Oath" spells.


I'll give you 1 copper, and even that is too much.

Princes of the Universe


Oh yeah, nobody else embraced the Queen, so I did. Though in a way I wish someone else had, cause I am listening to one of my favorite songs that begins with a Q. Won't say it's name, cause that would take it away as an option... but oh how I would love anyone who chose it.

Seventeen NSFW

Alexa Vega

Bonus points if you recognize the guitarist in the video!

Honestly, I am just waiting for a Paizo employee to declare themselves the winner. How hilarious would that be?

880. You will not make assumptions on Arshean paladins promiscuity based on anything Voin_AFOL may or may not have implied.

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They did not break the ability to play a character of venerable age, in fact they made it even easier! Just play a dhampir and say "I want to be maximum starting age based on the die roll" and you too can be 80 yea... oh crap.. wait what? My maximum age is 75 cause you rolled a 5 on my 1d20+70 roll? Aw, man.

DrParty06 wrote:

Slashing Grace allows light weapons, but can only be used if other hands are unoccupied.

So, no dual-wielding? :(

Jessica Price wrote:

Well, first, the GM was accurate from a macro perspective of Golarion, but not a micro one. There are areas of Golarion that are sexist (some against women, some against men). Overall/on balance, Golarion's not sexist.

Personally, I probably would have adapted part of the world to give the player's character a place where she could have the sort of background she wanted. There's a lot of blank space in our campaign setting, intentionally, to allow GMs and players to do just that. Make up a village, make up a Kellid tribe, make up a religious sect, heck, make up a family with those assumptions.

Actually I just remembered... Kostchtchie... The most misogynistic deity I've ever seen in print. Don't know how I forgot about him considering Reign of Winter is one of my favorite APs.

Mr. Bubbles wrote:

Still, it would help to know *where* gender roles exist in Golarion, how they exist, and what kind of races or nations feel about people who don't fit into the gender binary.

Awhile ago, I read a post here about a woman who was a new player to gaming, and so her concept was that she was a woman who was always told the whole 'barefoot and pregnant is all you are good for' shtick, but that she fought hard and rose above it to be an adventurer. The GM was like "uhh... that won't work... Golarion isn't like that" because there really was no place in Golarion that he knew of that was that sexist... But, based on the fantasy and sci-fi tropes we've grown up with, she expected this new world she knew nothing much about to have a place like that.

Is it great that Golarion is a happy place of total gender equality? Yes, I really do think it is... However, especially when dealing with players who expect it to not be and make a character that rises above the inequality... what should that GM have told her?

Then as to the topic of transgender/gender fluidity, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the empyreal lord Arshea yet... As I understand it, isn't it part of her tenets to be be genderfluid, at least for awhile? Experience life as a man, experience life as a woman, then decide which is right for you.

Also, on the topic of gender roles in popular fiction, if you haven't already do check out the "Chicks in Chainmail" series (Chicks in Chainmail, Chicks and Chained Males, The Chick is in the Mail). It's a series of books with short stories about women who defy the fantasy tropes (not just the chainmail bikini trope the series is named for) in funny ways.

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Hama wrote:

While we're at it. Recommend me good Mecha and Cyberpunk anime please.

Mazinger Z (known as Tranzor Z when it was first released in the States) is pretty great.

Ruby Tuesday

Katey Sagal

You can restore 1st-2nd edition abilities to pixies... because you are the GM!

٨٦٢. This is not Rome, do not do as the Romans do.

This thread is grotesque! I smite it!

IHIYC is banned for NOT seeing everything through rose-colored glasses, and also for mind reading because I was literally thinking of that joke two hours ago.

I Always Get What I Want

Avril Lavigne

Note, if you are the type of person who can't stand when lips do not match words, that video is fan made using another of her songs... there is no official video of this song

IHIYC is banned for shark discrimination.

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